Chris Webby - Change The World Lyrics

Crazy world we live in man, now more so than ever
You know we're at a pivotal point in history
If shit keeps going the way it's going right now
Man, I don't even wanna think about it sometimes
But you have to, you always gotta be aware of what's going on around you
No one man or woman can change the world by themselves

[Verse 1:]
I'm a hundred percent made in the USA and ain't nobody gonna change that
But how many people can we have our nuclear missiles aimed at
Before somebody steps up and aims back
That how they startin' to react all over the map
Got the weapons to attack for an oil contract
Average American's a travelin' man
Given a gun and boots send um to Iraq and Iran
US gettin' that oil money that is the plan
Against mother fuckers with bombs in that back of the van
Shit you gotta see it from a different side
The safety of America is livin' a lie
Your enemies don't give a fuck if they live it and die
Or bombs that can change the world in a blink of an eye
So I live for the day when I step in the ring
Because tomorrow is definitely not a definite thing

[Hook: x2]
I'm not here to change the world, I'm just doin' what I do
A lot's going on right now I'm just tryna make it through (true)
And I'm not here to change the world, I'm just giving you a point of view
But, I'm a do my part but then it's up to you (do)

[Verse 2:]
Yeah, while you at home worryin' about payin' the bills
Scientists workin' on some new ways to kill
Everybody need to light a fuckin' j and chill
Cause if it stays this way, be afraid for real
I'm not sayin' everybody gotta be best friends
But it's to the point I can't watch CNN
While we should be goin' forward we all headed backwards
If it ain't a war it's a natural disaster
We took the world and we ripped it up
And now mother nature's pissed at us
And we fuckin' with a force that we can't controll
And if we don't change somethin' we'll pay the toll
Generations before us said it's not my problem
Thanks a lot guys now it's on us
I'm just doin' what I ought to do
Because it's time to make a change and it starts with you (do)

[Hook x2]

[Outro: Guitar Solo by: David Webster]
[DJ Drama:] David Webster let it talk to um!

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Chris Webby Change The World Comments
  1. Garion Newingham

    Still bumping in 2019 and I'ma still be blaring Webby when I'm 50

  2. Shoomoo 33

    Still relevant to this day!

  3. lance Yergens

    this needs more plays

  4. Chief Douce

    always loved this song and the message

  5. Aimee Fawn

    Pivotal Point in history - Be aware what is around you #facts

    Since Sway when he called out Elites I hope it starts something because I dont like to think about it sometimes...

  6. Riley Chovanak

    Where did webbys flow go now a day's

  7. jake pelto

    You gotdamn mf'er!!! Just when I think I found your dopest song I find this lol.

  8. Adam Carlos

    Wanna see more than 815k views. This guy webby needs millions of views. Holy fucking 🔥

  9. Krissy Bousquet

    Luv thiz one

  10. Brian Scholefield

    So respect is where it’s at,? I understand to a point yet “I’m just doing what I do”


    listen fellas, I slept on webby for years. I finally took the time to check it out around october last year. I kick myself everyday for sleeping on him. You guys dont even know what your missing out on. Check them raw thoughts and be ready to have your mind blown!

  12. borderlineloki


  13. SpideyGrandma :D

    Fuck the system we need change

  14. Janna Lillie

    It is nice to see successful people still have a moral code, so many people make money and decide they dont need to care about the rest of the world. ✌

  15. Joakim Wennberg

    Original is still better

  16. Babykarnival Johnson


  17. Shane Abel

    Webby and Russ???? I think it should happen

  18. Ben Derisgreat

    2018 this song is to true

  19. Daniel Valencia

    Knew I recognized this somewhere. - Found a new appreciation for this one because of the original version is good too. XD

    Oliver Scorsim

    Who did the original

    Jonathan Raudenbush

    Oliver Scorsim ten years after

  20. mikey schrill

    Better then Jetta, Jetta ruined this song.

  21. Sean Johnson


  22. Eckbud

    five years later, more relevant

  23. :::seean::: ::sison::

    this not being on spotify just ruined my day

    Christopher Butcher

    For real

  24. Dekker Pellonari

    this shit is absolutely beautiful

  25. Njivice Njivice

    My favorite artist and my favorite song

  26. Nicole Sheetz

    Only for webbys songs do I wish there was a option to "love" a video, because liking it just doesn't do it justice. #ChangeTheWorld 💔

  27. P gAR

    Truth Movement

  28. Nathan Strickland

    I hope this dude don't get wacked for exposing the topics he hittin on he dope as hell

  29. Som 6oose

    He needs to do a song like this but about 2016-2017 these two years are the worst I've ever lived in

  30. lance carr

    the truths you speak man are unreal we both tryin to open the eyes of the unwilling. this needs to happen keep opening eyes web your a soldier and key peace in our way out love ya man keep keepin it real- stretch

  31. UFC Fan

    Best song webbys done

  32. Way High Radio


  33. Way High Radio


  34. Brandon Esquivias

    the best singers are always underrated

  35. Thaddeus

    Underrated Greatest Of All Time

  36. Virtually Rs

    holy shit this is underrated

  37. Music Dreck

    Lyrcs pls. It's awesome

  38. michelle king

    he's so underrated why are people listening to garbage mumble rap like lil yachty while they could be listening to this rap that still has passion in what they are saying and not just saying what ever with a good beat so they can make money

  39. Jesse Brown

    2017 fuckes

  40. Jesse Brown

    webby knows what he's saying I leave for marines January 17.

    Wolf Deluxe

    Jesse Brown thank you for your service

  41. Scrapyard Atwood


  42. XxLilBreezy

    what is the i strumental

    B B

    he sampled i´d love to change the world - by "ten years after"

  43. Dylan Miller

    wayy too underrated

  44. Justin Crawford

    how tf do ppl not listen to this guyyy but bump kanye with no lyrical talentt


    Actually Kanye is pretty talented. I love webby and he's definitely more talented in my opinion but it's not to say that Kanye has none. I mean he made some pretty good tracks back in the day like diamonds from Sierra Leone and Jesus walks etc.


    exactly, lil uzi what, lil fuck pump, etc

    Adapted MC

    Dude you must be retarded to use kanyes name like that in a hiphop conversation.

    Adapted MC

    Just listen to the gossip files track and if you still talk shit listen to college dropout, late registration and my beautiful dark twisted fantasy lol

    Upen Comeing

    I can't love this comment according to youtube...But i genuinely love it in real life.

  45. Sweetie Rose

    probably the ugliest guy ive seen ... and heard

  46. Spencer6392

    Why is this not on iTunes?!?

    CPxx 9

    This song is in a mixtape and he doesn't put those on iTunes because he likes to show his respect to his fans by making all his music besides the ON EP There Goes The Neighborhood and his one album Chemically Imbalanced. If you want the song go to datpiff and download it and put it in itunes.

  47. Tyler Nelson

    yes dude this song needs to be heard by everyone holy shit.. haha he literally knows people come on think about it.... its all a lie. were ALL being stupid... lets all pull it together humans. ya dumbass's.

  48. Robert Carnahan

    sick theme bad ass dude

  49. solo dolo

    webbys way to underrated

    Xxxgamer KidxxxX

    colton30 that is sooo true dude

    Mythic Mapper

    The great ones seem to be
    Eminem was at first.
    token, Joyner Lucas, Omar Linx (and he works with zeds dead smh), E-dubs was too.


    RIP e-dubble

  50. John Grome

    its tight that he got his dad playing guitar on this track.. thats whats up

    Ashleigh Watson

    his father ? whos his father?


    +Ashleigh Watson BIG DADDY WEBBY. hehehe


    +Ashleigh Watson Guitar played by Dave Webster


    @ThePureMCG™ anyone knows if Dave Webster was or is in any bands. he really looks familiar

  51. Matt Pascal

    i feel like dizzy wright secretly appears for one bar in every CW song lmao but they sound so similar

  52. halvor holtet

    probably the most underrated rapper today

    Michael Barnett

    100% agreed

    Tru Tecknique

    +halvor holtet most def I fucks wit webby all day.

    Jesse Keister

    Yea but he's starting to really get out there

    Aaron Jackson

    Jesse Keister if only the was true

    Aaron Jackson

    He still is

  53. Herb Weedon

    is that curtis snow?

  54. Bigin Alabama


  55. Anthony Coraggio

    The world needs to realize this guy

  56. The 89uuu Venture Brothers for life

    dope song I love it

  57. Chase Gazzola

    ide love to change the world their all to stuburn though

  58. gorge stoob

    *I love the message in this song, its The Truth.* If Chris Webby can realize this stuff and make a song about it, then why Isn't everyone else waking up? I mean it's pretty fucking self-evident we need to change the world, but still nobody makes any change. We have become comfortably numb in our illusionary lives. *Wake up and Google: "The Truth Contest"*

  59. unsigned luck is no excuse

    I'm not gonna change the world, i'm just sitting here and smoking a blunt:) One if the best songs iv'ever heard

  60. Kyle Westlake

    *_The world won't change until people learn The Truth of Life. Luckily, it's been revealed in a entry to "The Truth Contest". It's called "The Present" and it's revolutionary. Go to www•TruthContest•com, or google "The Truth Contest"_*

  61. Andrew E

    Curtis! #snowondabluff

  62. evchamo2

    that security guard is seriously un fit! More work on the cardio than the weights buddy.

    Madness for the masses


  63. Skittles Party

    I have yet to find a single song by Webby that I don't like. I don't get how he's not more known.

    Austin Lenard

    Avery Torgerson better than em. Webbys lyrics have content. Not raping crack whores and hating on his baby's mother. And webby isnt a sellout like em


    @Austin Lenard straight facts. Webby is in my favorite rap artists of all time right there with Beastie Boys, Wu-Tang, Hopsin, B-Real, Spose, Snow Tha Product, Tech N9ne, Sean Strange, Mr.Hyde

    jesse bailey

    2019 and this bloke is still not as recognized as he should be wtf


    been listening for +9 years and i hear you on that bro webby just has that way with words its a beautiful things


    It's because a lot of people don't like or don't understand lyrical rap with meaning. Others are just too dumb to understand what real rappers are saying

  64. Austin Spencer

    You had me until you dissed scientists haha.

  65. Travis Routh

    Tomorrow is definitely not a definite thing.

  66. PrivateBeastly

    This should have way more views

  67. Walter Justice

    "if it ain't a war, it's a natural disaster" one of the dopest lines in the song.

  68. Ticijaa

    i apsolutely love the start of the song. 10 years after <3 

  69. slick tune

    yall see the face in the screen 2 min. 29 sec.
    or is it just me


    Yeah it's there but so what ?

  70. Tyler Root

    For real people share this before its to late!

  71. Brian Gonsr

    This beat is a masterpiece.

  72. Flash Davincí

    Montage Material

  73. Mike Deliso

    he speaks the truth

  74. K SIX

    Found out about chris because of bars on me, but this song needs more publicity people need to know the truth. And here it is. !

  75. Endlessnight4412


  76. Maxime Picard


    Maxime Picard

    I would like to chance the world a change!

  77. dallys abgarian

    i need this on itunes

  78. Brent Dayton

    This should have been about a robbery and webby should have been the driver ;p

  79. cooperdrumboy69

    Holy fuck does this ever make you think..


    2:29 "We're fucking with a force that we can't control" devil figure on the screen.

  81. FendiRon-

    Curtis snow

  82. FendiRon-

    Curtis blow!!!! I saw his movie on Netflix

  83. Joey Herrera

    Webby is dope. If you down with him you might dig my new song, Super Duper Stupid. Check it out if you got a min

  84. Chris Laprae

    Damn webby awesome!!! I am your number 1 fan !!

  85. Vince Fed

    Crazy good song !

  86. Productofnothing

    I don't either but I see you posted this comment only 2 weeks ago and he has about 7,000 more views I think that is pretty damn good and I bet at least 50 of those are mine in the last two weeks I have been showing everybody I know Chris Webby my favorite will probably always be "Fragile Lives" such a great, deep, meaningful song.

  87. MrVansmann

    Only 158.086 clicks for this awesome guy and rap?
    i dont get it...

  88. CatMurderer

    People nowadays need to open their eyes... They don't know what's really going on.. Don't always believe the media.... Real Eyes Realize Real Lies

  89. Dylan Zona

    Curtis Snow: Snow on tha Bluff....

  90. antiwarhawk

    Yes yes ya'll

  91. Tajmic Bailey

    34 People clearly dont wanna chane the world -_-

  92. Michael Cannon

    Simply amazing

  93. mwcs2013

    Who else wants a webby eminem collab

    Adam Carlos

    100% agreed this dude dope af

  94. Hesku

    That 2nd verse actually should be broadcasted on all of the world's major TV channels. A little change wouldn't hurt our society! This song gives me the chills over and over again, Webby.

  95. MTips18

    Curtis snow!!! "snow on the bluff" Watch it!