Chris Webby - Buddaflie Lyrics

Ye, ye, ye, ye, yea.
Woo, let's go!

Come my lady,
Come come my lady.
I am the [?],
You can't trade me.
Hate me or love me I spit greatly.
Fuckin up the track,
My town is crazy.

I'll be back on the beat,
Back like the red seat
Reclined and now I'm puttin up my feet.
Is what I produce like rub and flint.
Punches gottcha seeing two like double mint.

I'm just trying to cop a dub
And split a dutch open.
Fill it with that Mary Jane
And start smokin'.
Rollin' that shit up and get blasted,
Smellin' so good in a bag
It's orgasmic.

Drop rhythms,
Pop pills till I'm trippin'
So high that my feet are liften off the ground like a magician.
Since I started flippin'
I just never stopped spittin'.
Now I am a brain surgeon on these pediatricians.

Stay whippin', 2 blunts down
And stay twistin'.
Keep my people closer than fingers in a mitten.
Verbal ammunition and you know I'm never missin'.
More fly than, Dancer, Cupid, Donnor and Blitzin.

I am Christian,
Last name is Webster.
Tear down the rap game
Insane and clever.
Buzzed off the cocaine,
Untamed as ever.
Come down harder than rain,
Spit flames for pleasure.

The X I got won't find you treasure,
It'll leave you rollin so hard
You'll leave in a stretcher.
Better than all these clowns,
Shit I'm blastin off,
I am the next, better Asher Roth.

With an unheard flow
I'm original,
CT Criminal,
Any opposition?
Get up in your face,
Not a message is subliminal.
Battle with me,
Is simply not winnable.

I am the pinical of white raps
Since I started to write tracks
Blowing up knuckles
And fight back.
I like that.
I might blast off to the moon,
Smokin piff for a night,
Capped off dogs, so light that.

Puff puff pass till you fall on your ass.
Quicker than silver
And more fast than the flash.
I'm a go kill em with my flow
While their ready to go.

So bro, you know you can't rap with me.
Your about as hard as a virgin dackquory.
Spit some shit,
Swear to god I was black, yah see.
But I'm a white boy outta the academy.

I master beats,
Who could spit it after me.
So if your looking for the best bitch
Ask for me.
I'm a youngster,
The next rap from the rug like bow wow
If he was white and on drugs.

And if his tracks didn't suck,
But they does
So I'm a be a whole lot better than he was.
I'm buzzed,
You'll now that hes bad,
Like Amy Winehouse before the rehab.

Poppin' 3 tabs
I'm made like (dog jeckle?).
Bump up the base line
And you know I rock treble.
Number one hip hop rebel.
You know what I meant,
Illest MC of European decent.

Holla, I'm Nice, I'm Nice, oh, whoa whoa, let's go.

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Chris Webby Buddaflie Comments
  1. Sandy


  2. panther og 401

    2019 till infinity

  3. Darrin42069

    Yup 2019 webby all day everyday ppl sleeeping on webby

  4. jake pelto

    Killing it bro keep it up

  5. Lty. Csmithy

    Here we are in 2019 and this still lays 95% of every song out there flat. But he's just been getting better for years.

  6. Charles Todd

    2019 still bumping webby

    Nikota Littlebull

    Fuck yea

  7. Adam Carlos

    2019 and this guy is still spitting straight 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 lyrics. Really listen to his lyrics in all his songs. He messages are so clear and disses are mean. Chris Webby is right underneath Eminem. Idc I'll say it cause its true. So send yo hate idgaf.

  8. TheNotoriousVIC ._.

    I love this song. Much better than the original version of butterfly

  9. panther og 401

    June 20 2018 been listing to webby since lalala had less then 10 k views. TO THIS DAY HE NEVER STOPPED GOING HARD. Webby a legend. Been a ninja since day one always a ninja web

  10. Rocko 97

    2018 & its still fresh
    Middle school days good times smoking with the squad with this in the background miss those times!

  11. Gage Fry


  12. alex ross

    2017. this shit is still fire.

  13. drifty mantis

    Still fire 👌

  14. BornToStrive

    2017 and still bumpin

  15. Balls

    yo this shit went pretty hard back in the day, so glad webby never stopped and kept his head straight

  16. Derek Kutz

    this song flows insanely! LOVE it

  17. Austin Aguilar

    come my lady

  18. Lukes Kutlak

    awesome song

  19. sneezylou2

    webby straight breaks my neck

  20. Sheldon English

    shit da bed

  21. BessemerUnicorn

    U pick apart his rhymes to much! listen and you'll understand!

  22. skateni2468

    Webbys old mixtapes give me flashbacks to 8th grade and freshman year. Too bad he lost this touch he had when he made these. These were the raw uncut songs.

  23. Casual D

    miss this old optimus rhyme webby, grew up to this dudes music. hopefully I can tour with web one day. Sacramento to CT. 

    Travis w

    Dont we all

    Rocko 97

    Never give up thats the key and shit! it could happen never doubt your talent brotha!


    another great song by the old webby man i miss this shit. i used to listen to this 4 years ago as a freshmen in high school wow im growing up to fast

    AG Bankrolls

    Man I've been listening since I was in seventh grade bruh I'm 18 now this shit wild..

    Zachary Wilson

    AG Bankrolls same

    PS4 Akcurate

    913dynasty SupaNovaHelix you're not alone my dude

    Tye 420

    I feel the same yall

    panther og 401

    Yo webby been killing shit for ten years. End of story

  25. Trevor Brubaker

    How come bow wow never came back on this lol

    Adam Atkins

    Bow wow did a freestyle to this beat and its really good.

    Adam Atkins

    My bad yo im an idiot. It was "roger that" that was thinking of. Webby and danimal rapped to it and bow wow did a few years ago

    kassy rae

    +Adam Atkins wrote to

  26. zofo1971

    whoever thought he wasnt going to make it is a fuckin idiot

    Kenan burger

    +zofo1971 whose that?


    He never made it though

    Frost 059

    he did though. net worth 2 million $.


    That's what I like to see since I haven't got it yet to the dude below

  28. Patrick Nielsen

    You miss this webby?  You guys obviously haven´t heard his new shit homegrown..


    Patrick Nielsen I diss agree home grown was amazing

  29. BigxBlue17

    One of his best

  30. aMacFanatic

    I always say this, a few others (paparazzi) pretty much all of White Noise LP was the shit and then Webby fell. PS the apple raw honey works like a charm ;)

  31. Jayson Clancy

    Where's this Webby...come back to us

  32. SixthteenLetters

    i know right..

  33. Lexi

    I miss this webby

  34. Dillon Waddell

    best song he ever wrote

  35. ingo23appelt

    from which mixtape is this song?

  36. ConMan4201000

    Give em another million, chyea chyea webby world!!

  37. ConMan4201000

    Forever a die hard webby fan

  38. Rigor Mortiis

    You know you are a loser right?.

  39. Rigor Mortiis

    lol ok then .. define the many levels he was wrong on .. ..... oh wait, just the one? yeah thought so .....

  40. itsKarlDesigns

    wrong about one thing on many levels? why not?

  41. Rigor Mortiis

    Many levels?..... he was wrong about one thing >_> I hate when people say useless bits to sound cool .. should really think about what you're typing before you type it .... On many levels lol .

  42. Nathan Farrell


  43. Ismokeweed Alldayeveryday


  44. YahtzeNotze

    No prob

  45. iRetroBaby

    Ima 17 Yr Old Rapper From A Small City In Indiana,
    Isnt Too Much Out Here To Get Things Going For Me Except This Internet.
    I Just Want To Be Given The Chance For Me & My Bros To Live A Dream We Cherish So Much
    I'll Recieve Negativity & Positive Feedback From People But You Personally Cant Judge Til You Give Me A Chance
    And Listen To My Music
    CLICK HERE ON MY CHANNEL !! & I Can Prolly Be Your Next Fav. Rapper

    THUMBS UP This !! So Others Can See What You See In Me

  46. It's the Blum-Fox

    Best flow ever

  47. Ryan Simmons

    The x i got wont find you treasure. Lol.

  48. mea wakaluk

    lol typo i ment to say ``why haters gotta hate,, lol gotta pay more attention to the key board ang not the bong lolz X P

  49. mea wakaluk

    why haters got hate on Chris webby he"s the the shizznet

  50. Mook Squad

    lyrics on my channel

  51. Vhindee

    illest mc of european decent? are you fucking kidding?

  52. Meme Lorde

    Bitch are you retarded?

  53. TheOfficialSandMan

    Webby is the shit... Everybody check me out. Ima rapper. Subscribe if you like. Leave comments. Full/better songs commin soon

  54. ricky littlefield

    most dope webby, most dopee!

  55. Matthew.Taylor

    Webby you da shit!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. joseph sammartino

    chill ass song

  57. Emily Buckmoyer

    webby is fucking hot! this song is the shit!

  58. brandon pius

    This is a good song :)

  59. Kyle Quiriconi

    If you like this shit then check out Kloud9 on he's got a few tapes out. He goes hard on the punchlines and has insane metaphors. His new mix tape Sour In The Sweet 2 is due soon

  60. Alex Arro

    i had those shoes first

  61. lio

    i like his clothes style on that pic

  62. Alex Lahr

    webby ur the fuckin man

  63. YahtzeNotze

    wrong on many levels. This song is a sample of "butterfly" by Crazytown which was released in 2000, not 2009. Also Crazytown sampled from The Red Hot Chilipeppers songs called "pretty little ditty" which was released in 1989, which is also not 2009

    That's what Webby ment by the 90's

  64. NickNewfield

    click me

  65. xXSTNXxHawK003

    Beside, he even says he DOES NOT want to be signed. So many times hes said that in interviews and on twitter and in his songs.

  66. f d

    i'm so mad. i made a remix to this with fly ass lyrics, but they don't have an instrumental to this:( it works with raising the bar though :)

  67. Robert Eley

    he also has to pay for his own album and travel from show to show so not really makin bank e does shows more for fans and support instead of money

  68. Tim McCarthy

    webby does shows too and he makes bank for that

  69. misterguy100

    i love you sir. just cuz your knowledge of good music and its content is equivalent to mine =p

  70. Matt Schultz

    so youre stealing from him? true fan, im sure he appreciates the support of some dipshit who steals money. ill buy music off itunes especially when they deserve it, you fucking moron. listen to take from me by bad meets evil, its dumbfucks like you that made them write that.

  71. stay burnin

    no they shouldnt

  72. Marco M

    holy shit are you dumb. yeah he makes more per track sold on itunes but ONLY in that way does he make more than mac...artists nowadays make the majority of their income from playing shows or movie soundtrack feature/product placement one buys itunes music, except maybe ur dumbass hah

  73. John Spez

    mainly because he gets every bit of money from his tours, and itunes ep, he doesn't have any money taken by a record company

  74. Jason DeMello

    you're a thousand off already.

  75. tommy sullivan

    That is why I respect him so much.

  76. fatymclarge

    fucking 3 perks, a half quad, 26 of jack dans deep and a cop texted me threw my buddys phone and lead me right to where we both got arrested. the best part is, this song stared goin nutz in the cop car haha. THUMBS UP TO 420 VIEWS THO!


    yo i knew he blow trees i mean i dont even cout buds as a drug


    i have watched some shit but i didnt see that one

  79. KiidCloud

    Do you not watch his personally made videos? I suggest you look up A.D.D. TV


    ok someone needs to let me know if this is true
    i heard from some people that get back stages to every webby show that he is straight edge i think thats honestly bullshit

  81. fancysauce64

    Crazy Town!!

  82. Matt Schultz

    Incorrect. Itunes? yeah, he makes bank off itunes. Hardly any money my ass you see the new camaro he bought? its sick as hell

  83. fancysauce64

    He doesnt

  84. Go4Pro

    i really hope so.. him and Hopsin should make a song together.

  85. tom3xreaper

    Fucking ripped

  86. TheAmar36

    i mean i sorta just said it...he doesnt have to share his buck with any recording company so he makes a nice not saying he makes more money