Chris Webby - Bowser Lyrics

Call me Bowser, hit em on the floor like boss bitch
It's inevitable that you step into my level that you gonna end up leaving with a loss bitch
Line in the sand I crossed it, grindin' til I'm exhausted, never gonna put the mic down I'm here right now so what you want bitch
Still here cause I flow rhymes, mixtape shit since 09'
Only white dude in the game who made it this far without a co-sign
Baby and now it's showtime, they telling me that yo' time
Freestylin' my destiny bitches I never wrote mine
So learn my fuckin' name, cause no we not the fuckin' same
I'm fighting for my life in the title just like the Hunger Games
Happy after my success, that Conneticut roughneck
Any time a beat gets killed they lookin' for me cause they know I'm the suspect
Leavin' competition upset, grabbin' they girl and we fuck yes
They steppin' to me in a battle and winning, that's like me passing a drug test
Shit will not happen, ready for action, grabbin' the mic and I'm gettin' it crackin'
No need for the braggin' I know that I'm dope and homie you ain't even a fraction
Or what I can do, I'm comin' for you, and steadily killin' the rappin', so fuck it I'm through, I'm pummeling crews and leaving the cypher laughing
Takin' bottles to the face til I'm like fuck man, so dirty my entourage follows behind me with dust pans
So slow it down, sippin' on my styrofoam
Trapped inside of Webby's world like Pauly Shore in Biodome
I roll an eigth of fire just so it can take me higher, molten lava flow and smokin' my volcanoe vaporizer
I haven't made it yet cause rap is full of politics, so all u politicians suck my dick until u swallow it
My dreams must have a Twitter account cause I'm a follow it, and any one or anything in my way ill demolish it
Motherfucking monster steadily rippin' it proper bitches so get to the chopper
Me and star rocker speakin' it lava breakin' badder than Tuco Salamanca
Killer in flow, bouncin' around like I'm Tigger I'm blow, spittin' it so outta control trippin' the dough, the slower u thinkin' the quicker I go
The pick of the litter with vigorous flow, keep them bitches titties jiggling yo
I stick and I go, I'm better than you, no matter how you try to figure it bro
The villian is back, killin' a track, won't stop til' I got me a million cash, listen to facts
R2 trigger attack, drop the magnificent rap
Gigity, gigity, gigity splat
The illest up in the vacinity's mad, killin' these bitches like Trinitiys back
But different in rythym so listen to that
So Mario should do is cardio and grab a flower, 'cause u'll need to throw some fireballs if you gon' step to Bowser

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