Chris Webby - Best In The Burbs Lyrics

I'm rollin' safe and sound
Easy as a blaze a pound
Put my middle fingers in the air
And never take it down
Writing raps for me is easy
I just play around
Hit em with these crazy adverbs and outrageous nouns
And still no labels found me and fuckin signed me yet
And though I grow impatient
I know my time is next
I'm a big dog, y'all are tiny pets
I'm an autobot, I got it tatted on my chest
Optimus Primes my motherfuckin bodyguard
So I hit em with these you can never stop me bars
I'm at the sake bar
Gettin blacked out
Till I wake up on the sidewalk passed out
The judge is tellin me this is my last chance
So I gotta stay grinding like a lap dance
Got bitches bendin over like they got a back cramp
Insert below the lower back tat, damn
I'm why your girlfriend lacks pants, huh
Steady, work her out like it's fat camp
Uh, yo, somebody grab a trash can
Shit, at least somewhere to ash man
I gotta dutch lit, rappin with soul
Leave you with a fat lip like you're packin some skoal
Cause I do it for the Franklins
I'm a blue whale and the games full of plankton
I'm a vet, a top threat
Known to rock sets
Tear it the fuck down for DJ
Yes I'm ballin truly so y'all should shoot me
You can see me on that online call of duty
Smack booty, I'm rude and intrusive, hardly lucid
Hittin DJ Booth with that exclusive
I need no excuses
I spit that crack
Play fetch with the disc jockey bring that shit back
They said Asher's the best in the burbs
Well at least that's what they said
And that's for one reason
Cause they ain't heard Web
I make a mean song, plus I kick it from the head
Always buzzin off the ADD meds, HEMPSTEAD!
To CT you know I make the best studda
No Will Ferrel but you better step brudda
Ha, that's why your girl's ass bare
I hit it, and didn't pay for the cab fare
Now relax there, don't get pissed off
I'm the survivor on my island, and you been kicked off
Think this kid's soft? R.O.F.L
I got the look, got the swag, and a flow that sells
My reputation so excels so just stop
I do more then watch for sex, drugs, and rock
I'm silly and such, fillin a dutch
Battlin dudes who simply suck
Then go fuck Hillary Duff
Tryin to rap it with my dick in the butt
And spit fire, so I'm sorry Lizzie McGuire
See, I'm rappin past the throttle
I'll crack a bottle
So you better get the fuckin picture like a graphic novel
I got your little bastard boggled
You couldn't fuck with me even if we spittin at a brothel
Cause I be killin em like Hostile
Murderous with words
That's why they sayin Webby is the best up in the burbs

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Chris Webby Best In The Burbs Comments
  1. WombatHide

    Just when you think he can't go harder!! Awesome as always. Thank you

  2. Manny Zhinin

    Baby welcome to Connecticut (yeah)
    That early colonial settlement (yeah)
    There's sweat stains on the sediment
    Tatted my chest so I'm never forgettin' it
    Yeah we got murder and violence in hoods
    And million dollar mansions in the woods
    I'm from the middle
    Somewhere between lots and a little
    I had to hustle for the goods
    I know the value of havin' a few dollars
    But know my way around a fun time
    Drinkin and poppin' my blue collar (yeah)
    But buckle down when it be crunch time
    Still call it home
    I ain't moved out (yeah)
    Just leveled up and got a new house (yeah)
    Watching Netflix on a new couch (yeah)
    Been a rocky road but now it smoothed out
    Sayin' who dis from a new phone
    In the same state in a new zone (yeah)
    Same old Webby with a new tone
    In the same soil where my roots grown
    Listen in the burbs I'm an idol
    And shit I'm honored of having the title (yeah yeah)
    People smile and wave all times of day
    And all of my neighbors recycle
    Yeah they all love when they see me
    Pullin' up with my lil' fluffy Cheweenie
    And got a chick in my passenger rubbin' my lap
    Like she tryin' to summon a genie
    I'm comin' from CT and I will never turn my back
    Puttin' this whole state on the map
    If I ain't travelin' I don't drop a pin
    'Cause y'all know right where I'm at
    A little outside of the great big city
    Baby that's where I roam
    I be blowin' trees up and down CT
    'Cause there just ain't no place like home
    And I got a whole lotta booze in my bottle
    Chillin' laid back in my zone
    Still the best in the burbs
    When I flex with the words
    Someone pass me that microphone
    (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
    Baby welcome to Connecticut (yeah)
    That early colonial settlement
    Got me the ring
    Assembled the fellowship
    And my team goin' hard until we gettin' it
    We might be lesser known up on the microphone (true)
    But no you do not want to bang out (nah)
    Be careful if you choose to ride alone
    When them Huskies runnin' with the fangs out
    Those winters toughened up our character (yeah)
    So trust me you really don't want it
    We're ruder than most of America
    But if you ask me I call it honest (yeah)
    And if you suck on that stage up at Toad's place? (What?)
    We'll boo you right out of the show
    We can't help it's our nature to be a hater
    We don't like you we gon' let you know
    Yeah we the Northeast make it clear
    There ain't no Southern Hospitality here
    We ain't got no time for the fake smiles
    You ain't shit to me if you ain't real
    I'm from the burb side
    Whippin' and swerve by
    20/20 vision up in my third eye
    Got it mapped out with a X on it like my shirt size (yeah)
    Shit I turn tides you just turnin' the channel
    I be that Suburban Commando
    Every motherfuckin' day I be hustlin'
    Lightnin' bolt ends when I'm burnin' the candle
    But shit this the life I chose and I will be
    One of the greatest even if it kills me
    Was the best in the burbs in 2010
    Ten years later and I still be
    A little outside of the great big city
    Baby that's where I roam
    I be blowin' trees up and down CT
    'Cause there just ain't no place like home
    And I got a whole lotta booze in my bottle
    Chillin' laid back in my zone
    Still the best in the burbs
    When I flex with the words
    Someone pass me that microphone
    Pass me that microphone, pass me that microphone
    Pass me that microphone, pass me that microphone
    Pass me that microphone, pass me that microphone

  3. Dom

    All bars💯🔥

  4. Jon Whitt

    Look I’m 42 thought I would never listen to hip hop for new music but son your catalog inspires me to work harder for my own dreams
    Great track!

  5. Hayden Kirk

    Just wait until potluck and Webby get a song together. Love these underground artist.

  6. Zackary Edwards


  7. Cpt. Furies

    Webby 😍 is best

  8. Jonathan Russell

    I’m the best in the burbs! Loll just playing love you bro kill that shit !

  9. Big Dre

    Chris Webby is the real one! Truth, he meant it when he said "everyone eats around me!" I salute you Webby!

  10. TheRabbitTrixx

    296k Subscribers, 295k Views = Fans knows whats up.

  11. Jessie s

    Wow you’re just an amazing artist 🍀🍀🍀🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  12. Brandon Asbery

    Chris webby is the best artist in the world. He's a muthafuckin real one.

  13. J. Scott

    This song hits different when you actually from CT

    current account under maintenance l

    facts my nigga

  14. Nick Ice

    Webby always been fire!!!! Ninja since 07

  15. JJ OTT

    Can't wait for the vid

  16. keenan581

    Had a great time at your concert last night

  17. Tommy Rørstad

    God dame ! Keep it upppppp

  18. hip hop central

    All I have to say: Damn

  19. Marcus Dion

    Webb's so underrated it's sad. sad.

  20. Ryn Glsak

    Thanks for dropping new music. Been listening to you for like 10 years.

  21. Jacob Tisdale

    I'm 1000000% the biggest chris webby fan out their no one come close to the webster

  22. Chase Pritchett

    GOD... I've been sleeping on Cris Webby for too long. My God the realness is like a fucking breath of fresh air!

    Chase Pritchett

    Shout-out from the other side up in the NorthWest... We out here!

  23. Cody Goold


  24. J Torres

    From Massachusetts We Salute...

  25. Skittle Boy's aka. Skittlz Nation

    Skittle Boys is in the comments! #muchlove from Skittlz nation #GoodVibesOnly Shoutout to: Chris Webby and his whole team many blessings!!! Thank you!!🙏💯🎤🎶🎥🎞

  26. Dakota-Jenette Richer

    Webby keeps surprising me with every release 😍😍🤟🤟

  27. Erik Pate

    Webby coming for everyone.

  28. Thomas Kirchmair


  29. TheBakedDonut20




    Make this Happen or i will literally spam you >:D

  30. delwin knight

    Consistent fire, never anything bad! Been listening since chemically imbalanced

  31. Golden Starling

    Nice shit, personally I love it. Peace and respect from Poland fam!

  32. Type O

    So 20/20 vision is mapped out?!
    Can't wait for 2020..
    Going to be X-elent music!!

  33. lol you Idiot

    You should do a collab with Dax

  34. ThatNativeGamer

    Mucho love from Saskatchewan in Canada!

  35. Mitch Hardman

    Someone make this guy famous plz

  36. Matthew LaMacchia

    Hey rappers if you judge us then you better pay up first....😱

  37. Jesse's Watier

    #Legend ChrisWebby 🕸⚡🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  38. Melina Twitchell

    Love and respect from Alaska babyy 907🥰

  39. Joey Robles

    I love your music webb, and I'm not the kinda fan that's gonna kiss your ass on every track, I'm not feeling this one, seems like you couldn't find very much to say sounded repetitive, but it won't stop me from bumping it in the whip, so everyone knows who in listening to💯

  40. Daniel Walker

    Yo please have Danimal Lector on Wendsday 3. Please. One of the best collabs.

  41. Danny B

    A Webby and Cal Scruby track needs to happen. Their voice and flow on a song together would make a masterpiece.

  42. randomshit

    dayum this shiid hard af

  43. Mathew Rinne

    Chris webby and cal scruby, crazy beat with smooth lyrics. Take a second and imajine.

  44. Paranoia

    Been listening since chemically Imbalanced, crazy to see how much better he's gotten. Consistantly dropping amazing songs.

  45. Tobi Won Kanogy

    Isit WEDNESDAY already? Rest in Beats all my neighbours

  46. king serpent

    How does this dude only got 283k subscribers i would expect the millions

    juss chiillin

    Because hes independent and went 'trending' for the First Time ever Last year when he Murder lilxanax, eventhough hes been doin it for a decade 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤘🏻

  47. Random Viewer


  48. jeff tall

    Who's still listening everyday? Like if you listen at least once a day

    Joey Robles

    Fuck once I listen all day

    Levi Clark

    I love him

    R J

    Webby’s got too many bangers to keep track of at this point 🔥 I try my best tho 😎


    every song every day till my death

    jesse olson

    Shit you know it

  49. Tyler Haun

    Another flame from Webby. Still the best in the burbs

  50. Daegan Journey

    This man is in his zone🔥🔥

  51. Jay Twix

    Check out my remix to death in my pocket by mgk

    Freestyle rapper /writer
    Artist name is JayTwix

  52. Stealth Customs

    47 people are deaf to real shit

  53. Thomas Dickson

    Sorry Webby. Disliked on accident probably fell asleep listening to your shit. Underrated as fuck I’ll take this over logic all day.

  54. i3loody Moon

    Do it for the burbs put together intricate verbs penetrating our ears no fears superior intellectual,causing joy and tears out of happiness extraordinarily ya heard?

  55. Jacob Moore

    He said nigga!!!!!!

  56. Nick Scappa

    Why is this cat not richer? How can you be sicker than aids and not blowing up, stay raw Webb

  57. Viraj Ratnayale

    My neighbours also recycle, let's save the planet!!

  58. Adam Deboer

    Yoooo I hear old webbyyyyyyy man

    Adam Deboer

    Before he shit too... I could hear it right away xD

  59. Punk I Am

    Bro when you comming to Illinois, need this shit and A.D.D. and shit, well everything, just keep doin what you're doin you already the greatest

  60. Justin Kamiya

    Come to Texas!

  61. dem strange

    Back at it is Webbie

  62. Brandon Walker

    Always fire webby

  63. Saabspeedmaniac2k6

    My 4 steps..1.get on YouTube. 2. Click on webby's new jam. 3.thumb up it. 4. Hit play. I haven't regretted my process ever. Just saying, I know it's 🔥

  64. M4KERB

    C Webb is definitely dope as hell but I dunno if he ever heard of Cal Scruby.

    Danny B

    M4KER I want a song with them so bad

  65. Sarah Fisher

    Yo dax to hit u up hoping to see that collaboration

  66. Perolo

    He's not a rapper. He's literally an artist. Fck where the bitches be at look where the heads be at ;)

  67. R Mass

    Reppin est bridge! Fire 🔥 🔥 song bro. Not only did You explained it perfectly. Putting my bias aside, it is a great song to ride around too. Love it bro!💪💯✌️

  68. 1V Anaya

    Lite both ends w a candle. Swooped it

  69. Fritz Minning

    King of the Burbs..

  70. Grizz TV

    Shout out from Canada BC.

  71. Keith Conrad

    Dear all 42 of dislikers :
    Fuck your life

  72. Dennis G

    Toad's Place!!!!

  73. Ben Valdez

    Could you imagine if he popped when Em did? The rap game would be completely different! Mumble rap would of had NO CHANCE! Outkast; Jay, Bun, Pimp C, Nas, Cash Money; all the greats would of stepped their game up and we'd be living in a hip hop utopia!!

  74. Ryan Lukowich

    that Adderall must have done its damage. I quit ballin to webby last summer nothing new or fire has came since, you need a new producer or fire beats/hooks or something bro I know you got more in you

  75. Zac Reinertsen

    Another dope track!!

  76. Stucky528 Collins

    Ain't that the truth web there ain't no place like home CT born and raised

  77. MrBrokeAgain

    This makes me want to yell yeet how good it is

  78. S Dun

    Webbys back on that fire

  79. 7ven 3irty

    I wrote a song about you homie hope you get to hear it if not thanks for the inspiration anyway keep it goin Webbie you the man 🔥🔥👍👍💪💪

  80. Revoh Unlimited

    Webby is my inspiration to start rapping. Straight fire

  81. Brett

    Webby never disappoints! Rubbin my lap like she tryin to summon a genie 🔥 🔥 🔥

  82. Christopher Trasacco JR

    Toads Place ❤️❇️❇️

    current account under maintenance l

    new haven getting littttttttttt!!!! GO USA

  83. CensorTheTypeOfNigaToo

    Who’s surprised, another banger. Keep fucking it up vindictive (;

  84. erica pamondon

    Hell yessss🙌🙌🙌

  85. KBurd49

    Who in the Fuuuuckkkk is disliking this song WTF is wrong with people. They must be Lil Xan followers

  86. hank burnett

    Absolutely vicious brother! 🕸🔥 you been earning your title for the past ten years, and just keep killing it harder!!

  87. Beartholdt

    yo webby! there was lightning earlier today was that you in the studio!


    OH BABY!

  89. Coty Carpenter

    cant wait to get this on some 15s

  90. Cody Swayze

    Phenomenal just phenomenal

  91. Angie Gangi

    Yess ❤❤

  92. CrazySlayer101

    "pulling up with my little fluffy chiweenie"

  93. Terill Kelly

    203 till I die yah heard

  94. Rebel's Nation

    Defiantly is the best in the burbs maybe one day I’ll be good enough too do a collab with this dope rapper

  95. Tony Stony

    Always kills the beat been listening to webby before he even became known and found on my own and people like it when i recommend webby cause he always making new and better sounds an lyrics than this new music garbage compared to webster..

  96. Enzi

    i live in connecticut and i can absolutely tell you that the further into the woods you go, the more wealth you see.

  97. D- Tour


  98. JINXXYKINGtmOfficial

    webby is on that shit again lit