Chris Webby - Bars On Me Lyrics

Yeah, I'm back up in this bitch, just like a uterus,
And I don't need no lubricated condom when I'm doing this.
Always got a doobie lit, swerve behind the wheel and maneuver it,
20-20 with it they use my eyes and see the future with 'em.
Moving shit, I'm just trying to be what I'm supposed to be,
Supposedly I'm dope, Saint Nicholas ain't as cold as me.
Thing we got in common is I'm always with a hoe or three.
Make it drop it like someone with Parkinson's carrying groceries.
'Cause I'm here and I rap that shit, doing shows and stacking chips,
Take my shirt off when I spit, that's why your girl is on my dick.
Got these tats all on my body and a pocket full of piff,
Fill the bong up with some ice cubes, baby, take a hit.
See, I'm running for the title, everybody voting Webster.
Drinking straight tequila out a motherfucking blender
Middle finger stay up, nobody can censor
I'm a dog, always sniffing for the female gender.
Friend her up on Facebook and from there it's a wrap,
Send her poke and then tomorrow she'll be sitting on my lap.
Even back, when I was broke, my girlies always had a rack
Love them big titty bitches with bodies covered in tats.
It's that marijuana twister, a twist and grabbing ladies from the mixer
Then I bring 'em to the telly and crack a bottle of liquor.
'Cause I never gave a fuck, I'm the type to bang your sister,
Then go back to your crib and fuck your moms like Stiffler.
I hope you get the picture, take it on your Kodak,
Up in Webby's World you cannot reach me with a road map
To find that you need Adderall, Ambien and some Prozac.
Always cooking fire, someone show me where the stoves at.
Keep on dropping heat, all you players grab your cleats,
'Cause I'm all in this game for winning, I don't settle for defeat.
From the suburbs to the streets I will stand by what I speak
And I don't even know what this bitch is saying up on the beat.

But I got a hundred bars on me,
Everything that we throw on, the credit card's on me.
Every drink that we get, the titty bar's on me
And I'll be living just like this until my heart don't beat.
Bitches it's Chris Webby, that whitey who spit deadly,
With my foot up on the pedal like I'm Mario Andretti.
Fucker, I rap flames and murder the rap game
Spittin' 'til I'm number one with a bullet like Max Payne.
Got that Nerf gun tucked and I'll aim it at your gut,
Better duck is the track that cracker and slapper of big but.
Getting drunk, always looking for some double D cups,
But in the lab I'll cook it up like I'm Wolfgang Puck.

Get in the game and I go straight H.A.M.,
When I get the rock up in my hand,
'Cause I'm here to get it popping, just exactly how I planned.
Take a stand right here for this rapping shit and keep my lyrics accurate
Test me while beating Webby, just simply will never happen.
Bitch, salute me, 'cause truly, I be the dopest on the chords,
Master Yoda with the bars, I'm a Jedi with the Force.
That's 'cause Webby done got that flow, they get act like they don't know,
But they ain't fucking with me, period, yo, fanito.

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Chris Webby Bars On Me Comments
  1. juss chiillin

    2020 baby, Webby doin BIG THINGS these days 💯💯

  2. Cory Neal

    Still to this day I'm still trying to figure out what the bitch in the chorus is saying wtf

  3. Ryan Ortega

    Still my mf sh!t

  4. Nemcee

    This song is still fucking fire, 2020 still bumping this strong.

  5. WolfCraftPlayz

    2020 bitchezzzzz

  6. namebrand _cereal

    7 years ago and still sounds better than anyone in 2020

  7. axel renteria

    Who still bumping on 2020 ?

  8. David Bell

    We up on top the pony

  9. Henrry Hernandez

    1:40 LMAOOOO

  10. Krystal Ramos

    Can someone help me out and tell me what song he sampled for this? I've been curious for years but my curiosity spiked after hearing it in Black Butler lmao.

  11. Matthew LaMacchia

    I've already been hit with hate speech which proves I'm not your kid....Stop the whispers in our heads or I won't get off the phone...Get it...

  12. therockkkkher

    You Brain smashed kids listen gay ass sheit musik 2day.

  13. Matthew LaMacchia

    Webby this is why I drew a penis in permanent marker the heart of a kid style on the pyramid and eye....Classic...Sorry George this time it's permanent ....Eat a dick(Pride)....Deadpool have you seen Francis(god)...Maximum Effort...Not directed at Chris..enjoy your guys Demi -crystal prison...

  14. Akasha Tarr

    STILL 🔥 🔥

  15. LightxItxUp

    need this on spotify

  16. Dakota Jones

    I have to ask... Why in the hell does he say he drinks straight tequila out of a blender? Wouldn't it be simpler just to drink from the bottle? Why dirty dishes unnecessarily? Did he intend to mix it and not have the patience? Did he gank someone else's liquor when they went to get other ingredients? Both of the latter seem like character flaws that I don't know why he'd be bragging about. This line just doesn't make sense. Please, somebody clarify if you can.

  17. topias latva-salo

    Put this in spotify

  18. ThisIsMyName

    wtf this came out in 2012 how has it been that long

  19. Alex JonezyC

    Yo we still here, 2019 much love from Juneau Alaska

  20. Andrew Potter

    Got that nerf gun tucked aimed it at your gut like yooooo

  21. Mathew May

    No modern day rapper comes close to Webby... Love seeing the white boys run the game and not mumbling

  22. Mr. Sway

    Someone needs to snuff this white boy

  23. Alexis Turner

    Why is this not on Spotify

  24. Adam Carlos

    This Man made his own Empire in the underground rap industry. Underrated af but he has true and loyal fans. I bought all his albums. Pac is 1 eminem 2 and webby 3. 3 best rappers in the world. As for styles, flows, bars etc. Idk if he really want mainstream status. His newest song is. Don Corleon. But he has been on Sway in the morning 2 times, so thats something. Webby will never sell out. He makes his own music, lyrics. And he. Is so well educated and all his songs has non stop real words. Not buggatii ducati shit. Real Artist.

  25. Karlos Williams

    I beg you put this on Spotify
    FIRE !!!
    STILL LISTENING 2019 !!!

  26. Conductive Reasoning

    That fucking beat is beautiful!

  27. Matthew LaMacchia

    Thanks for harvesting our hearts to feed stars....Come down to Avalon to eat a fruit of life(heart) to make the stars glow....This time the spirits got problems because I refuse to sacrifice my heart to father time.....

  28. Midhun 2401

    Wow hindi

  29. A Noobs Game

    Waiting to crank this in 2020

    dylan schlette

    Here to remind you💯💯

  30. Matthew LaMacchia

    Satanel(Government) and Jesus (Religion) don't talk about Romulus and Remus that's how we're programmed both lines can eat a dick were not of them....

  31. Dean Knight

    Still hard af in 2019 webby is the shit!

  32. Kyle Martinets

    I'm loving WEBBIE!!!!
    Keep that HEATcoming bro!!!
    Texas shouting out to you!!

  33. Matthew LaMacchia

    I Wonder why Google deep mind manipulates the sexual part of your brain...The feel good center.....Maybe it's occult of sex = knowledge....Ouch pornia sorry about you seer we might have to take it Islam...Comput-er the word pute in French means whore...Trying to harvest our hearts with the internet which is actually plan-it x..... Planet of the crossing mind....

  34. Dvd Lmbtt

    Can you say "whack" 😂😂😂

  35. chris clark

    Still bangin in 2019

  36. Anthony Philstead

    ur my thearapy because my mommy and stepdad r always fighting and im only 8 yrs old but i have to wate 2 weeks because i dont have a fone at my mommys house and i only have a fone at my daddys house 😔😔😔😔

  37. Gredd-E James

    Who still listening at 2019?

  38. Matthew LaMacchia

    Sorry Islam I'm not your star in your Cresent moon....Just like Muhammed your a child fucker Islam....Webby nice...

  39. Archon Begnoche

    Please make a song with hopsin and Dax it would be fire 🔥

  40. D- Tour

    Still bumpin in 2019

  41. Cody Campbell

    2019 and still bumpin this fire Chris webby melodic banger

  42. Leo K.


  43. Jacob Ploucha

    god damn

  44. Seth Ealing

    I found where he got the girls sound from

    Black Butler season 1 episode 14 15:48

  45. Kota Killa

    Hey man do a show in Wisconsin Douglas sead whats up he was gunna drop your first album

    Kota Killa

    Back in 2011

  46. Magiks

    Real shit im still listening to this song lol you are the most slept on rapper of my generation

  47. TheNotoriousVIC ._.

    Get rid of the Indian woman voice in the background and the song will sound a lot better

  48. Alex Åström

    King webbster 💯👑

  49. Duckgrex

    Banged rookie of the year at a party last night while playin pong. You ever get a song that you love come on and you're all of a sudden shootin cup after cup? That happened. Even made 3 cups. Bounced twice.

  50. lachanfallNr35

    new FAVOURITE SONG FOR REAL THOUGH thanks you so much for your music this is pure magnificence

  51. Alex Åström

    Got dame Fire webby this is Fire...

  52. ChindiChitranna

    old, but sounds fresh! Only Webby can make this "magic"

  53. Daniel Dietz

    Your bad ass bro!

  54. Sherra Laliberte

    2018 and i’m still listening to this! GOAT🤟🏼

  55. rick oddon

    better than eminem

  56. Bob Dylan

    "And I don't even know what this bitch is sayin' up on the beat". Too honest lol

  57. Ethan Henton

    As a gun guy I cannot watch his video, Have those girls hold real ak47s and it just might be legit. Lol

  58. Jose Jimenez

    This song reminds me to G-Eazy's song The Outsider

  59. 09bigbad

    Chris webby

  60. Dallas Hundt

    2018 still lit

  61. Brandon Walker

    Love this shit then and now

  62. nate clemens

    We are the panda ponies

  63. Justine Davidson

    Watching June 2018

  64. Steven Eric Lear

    Webbie did it.....he got me to listen to a song more than 5 times on purpose

  65. Draconus Tha King

    I know I'm at least 3-400 of these views 😂😂 fucking love ya webby

  66. Victoria Appiagei

    Dope music awesome Cool good Listen wow powerful best ever real hip-hop raw lyrical era

  67. Brandon Leese

    I finally realized who he looks like, a mixture of Rob Dyrdek and Yelawolf.

  68. i don't thank so Ok

    Who's here in 2018 fuck lil xan chris Webby is way better then he will ever be

  69. Jody Highroller

    why is this one not on spotify


    Jody Highroller sad thing tho :/

  70. Rowyn Bunting

    I can’t find this on Spotify?

  71. Summer Wasson

    My boyfriend is convinced the girl in the background is saying "We are the panda police" and now I can't unhear it

  72. Tony Yarochowicz

    5 years later and this shit is still 🔥🔥🔥

  73. Alexis Turner

    Why is this not on Spotify? :(

  74. robin cinton

    Cool man

  75. rick oddon

    I'm from Waterbury,CT. Love this guy!


    rick oddon respect🔥🔥🔥🔥

  76. TheBamBamShow

    I forgot how dope this is

  77. Rocky ZBalboa

    Holy shit. Absolute fire.

  78. Brenton Torrens

    So dope! :D

  79. yut raah

    almost 6 years later and im still listening to this haha


    yut raah damn🔥🔥

  80. Jason DeMello

    still bumping this shit in 2018, Chris Webby is the GOAT

    Skyler Livingston

    2019 now 🔥🔥🔥

    Kyle Martinets

    He's A G.O.A.T,
    Not the Billy G.O.AT. though.....
    But still I'm bumping him today just like in 2015-2019!!!


    He's good but not the GOAT

    Dakota Jones

    I can't claim he's the GOAT, but he's definently one of the unrecognized greats. Webby deserves SO much more publicity. Honestly, a couple million views per video on YouTube doesn't do him justice.

  81. noXus

    dope webby!! do what you do man!!!

  82. ForTheBurbs

    🕸 Go out and cop the new Wednesday album now. Thanks to everyone supporting the project so far! 🕸
    --> iTunes:
    --> Google Play:


    I just saw the comments for this and I'm bout to go cop that album right now!

    Blue Jay C.O.B.

    Everything C-Dub touches is fire!! Hey man how can I get this Bars On Me instrumental?? Can't find it anywhere and I gotta spit over it.

    Kota Killa

    Douglas sead he was gunna drop an album back in 2011 plz do a show in Wisconsin im 17 and a pot head would like 2 kick it


    just came back to this song after a while. still golden.

  83. Evgeny Doronin

    Талантливый чувак!

  84. B D

  85. B D

  86. Commander Bloodout

    damnit the instrumental is unbarable if you ask me but hes spitting bars so im listening to it anyways

  87. Malakaveli

    Who still on this shit? Man i miss those high school days

  88. Caelan Christensen

    And I don't even know what this bitch is saying up on da beat!

  89. Taicho Buggy

    We are the panda army

  90. K.Sebastian Proske

    can someone tell me where he has the Us flag jacket?

  91. just_mapes

    That beat is and forever will be FIRE

  92. Summ Boddy

    pls can do spotify of this

  93. Rj prince

    don't give a single shit 👎👎👎