Chris Travis - Iceland Lyrics

Oh my God oh my God
I get hella dough
Mouth froze rainbows but I make it snow
World cold world cold
Keep it in my coat
Walked in off the drank bet I take your hoe

Oh my God, oh my God
I get hella dough
Mouth froze rainbows but I make it snow
World cold world cold
Keep it in my coat
Walked in off the drank bet I take your hoe

Basic basic
These hoes ain't on shit
My emotions in a bottle with a Faygo mix
Say what say what
I want them dividends
Ridin thru the cold night vibin with your bitch

Hit me up hit me up
That's all what she say
I'm just thinkin in my mind, I'm like bitch okay
I pull off I pull off
I'm like fuck today
New shoes new fit I get this shit my way
Ay what's up ay what's up
You got something to say?
I'm like what I'm like what
Fuck up out my way
Runnin shit runnin shit
Nigga kick rocks
And I can't fuck with these hoes cause they flip flop

Oh my God, oh my God
I get hella dough
Mouth froze rainbows but I make it snow
World cold world cold
Keep it in my coat
Walked in off the drank bet I take your hoe

Basic basic
These hoes ain't on shit
My emotions in a bottle with a Faygo mix
Say what say what
I want them dividends
Ridin thru the cold night vibin with your bitch

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Chris Travis Iceland Comments

    Still bumping it on Christmas 2019

  2. Wyoming is fake

    Chris a white fucking name lmao

  3. J o e W i l l i a m s

    Listening in December 2019 we goin in!❄️

  4. Skoeleosis

    water 💧

  5. Perla Villegas

    Oh mu God oh mu God 🙏😂

  6. Bikelife Zay

    Idk why this havent hit a mil🤦🏾‍♂️

  7. Crave 4 More

    why is he wearing a seatbelt

  8. xokira

    so good <33


    Buena rola

  10. JHallDaBoss

    This ought to have more likes and views.

  11. Elyse Valdez


  12. Pantuflas SBE

    those bigass vans

  13. Davis Cabbage

    This whole tape just reminds me of when I moved to Seattle. Had just heard about Chris cause I'm perpetually 5 years behind everyone else.
    Not one track on this thing can be skipped, they're all excellent.

  14. Natsuki Sad

    Love from Turkey brother!

  15. Ezza Jm

    1:14 Wiz Khalifa vibes, this bang.

  16. tico boomer

    my nigga chris :ocean: :ocean: :ocean:


    The best song.. for me 🍁🍻🔥🔥🔥🔥🥇

  18. Alexandro Delgado

    Pretty good Chris but bring your old style back every now and then...or all the time lol

  19. FREE Веатs


  20. Prxblxmz

    Dope pants

  21. tbg doe

    Yooo I'm not hating on Travis but having bighead as the producer to this song and how he sings sound like lil tracy

  22. Robert Ortega

    Don’t get how this sounds mainstream I mean I can see the type of style of the music but no mainstream rap like this or make good slaps like this quit hating

  23. SinnersProduction

    Yung leans black half brother with dreads.

  24. obbeats

    the production on this jawn is brazy

  25. Coby Craighead

    T R A P

  26. JHallDaBoss

    .75 speed.

  27. JHallDaBoss

    Oh my God, oh my God.

  28. cristian a

    best out there man !

  29. Dxvid _


  30. Jeremy Mcdonald

    Wtf happened to Chris Travis

  31. Squirles G

    There's no old or new Chris Travis it's called multitalented

  32. MONK

    this sound exactly like some lil tracy flameee thoo!!!

  33. Андрей Аношкин

    Good job Chris

  34. obbeats

    this one of his best tracks

  35. Shvnobi

    W A T E R B O Y Z💯💯💯💯☯️🈺️🈸️

  36. GGM Shadi

    Chris Travis looks like Mystikal😂🤣

  37. CosmikHaze

    More I listen I love

  38. Jay Johnson

    Are you going to make a song with kodak black one day yes or no

  39. MilkyWxy


  40. Busta Cracka

    mouth froze, rainbows, but I make it snow.

  41. levi spurlock

    I want those pants, anyone know what they are?

  42. GANG FCJ

    In this song, Chris Travis remembers our old capo. "R.I.P CAPO, GLOGANG."

  43. Cudder Fan

    1:02-1:08 me every time Chris Travis come on

  44. Fuck Johan

    I jus found this god and I wanna be accepted by his og fans... lemme join y'all wagon 😰

  45. Андрей Аношкин


  46. Hitt Fitt

    Pure shit.

  47. Young Lannz

    nigga needa be on XXL

  48. Ryan Bergen

    bighead puts in some work gahh damn

  49. K E V I N R A M A G E

    i have those pants!!!!c:

  50. Christian Shaw

    lol i see he wanna be like gbc now 😂

  51. Илья Олейников

    Most underrated video ever

  52. Dracus

    damn chris still got a strong fan base thats wassup. hope i get this big soon

  53. Baloys Lopez

    late comment but just shut the fuck up ppl n spark the blunt, damn, don't matter of u like the old or new Chris Travis, all his shit go hard

  54. caelen ryan


  55. Marili Malken

    Mingi pede oled v mis sa paukuma tuled kui sa isegi ei oska originaalset soundi teha ja nyyd ju kohe teada et trapnation on copyrighted sinu poolt. Tra sa mingi halvik v

  56. Abraham Wolfe

    drop beam

  57. Boshy

    крис травис ленивая Жопа, 4 месяца без роликов😨 (Russian language)

  58. Scrappy Loco

    need to get kenshin on xxl cover

  59. Gigja Jorgens

    why is this called Iceland???

  60. hammy

    chris X earl sweat please

  61. Coin Olive


  62. Chris Purli

    привет , крис )

  63. seiko13k

    watching this in 4k is lifechanging

  64. Darggo

    This shit reminds me of GTB.

  65. Henrike Porto

    Somebody stole the pants of Iori(kof) 🔥🔥

  66. TheLotusLife

    Damn this shit icy

  67. Joshua Chester

    I just found out about you Chris but every song I've listened to is fire

  68. Bitsrazor


  69. Koda zaddy

    he be making some mad chill songs


    Chris travis is my spirit animal

  71. Chris Purli

    228 😂😂


    kenshin done glo'd up, u could just tell by his fye ass grillz.

  73. Vaga XO

    Best song in the tape imo


    amazing track! chris killin it! bighead going up fast af


    Checkout my music. On the come up as well 🙏🏾🔥🔥

  76. Gabrielexct N/A

    Damn , shit went sideways after raider klan split. Only ones I see doing good is chris , Xavier and Denzel.

  77. Omar Castaneda


  78. ダラスドミニク ・

    What happened to tha old Chris Travis

  79. Lurking Modding

    Don't switch lanes and change on us Chris.

  80. janusz pawlacz drugi

    wroc jeszvze kiedys do polski blagam

  81. Suicideboyz TM


  82. Ross Darocy

    what shoes is he wearing

  83. •Kriss-Oferr•

    Are there Other songs from him that are similar to this one?

  84. Red Light Rojas

    All The Bangers
    Ask Me If I Missed One
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    Lil Rojas "drive" is deffff a banger


    No Purpose

  85. Beauty of Truth

    wow, Chris has really evolved. I'm glad he's on the up and up :)

  86. Nick Provencio

    this song is cold as fuck

  87. ryadh yoldi

    link of the prod pleas

  88. Amri Amran

    this is sick af


    thanks for this fucking good music thk

  90. sewon


  91. Mad Watcha

    "Forgive Me". For what, Chris? That's the best damn tape so far 👌

  92. Chamby A

    Chris got some of them female turning up moves haha

  93. Zach

    Kinda sad to see the video production get bettter. He use to just do this shit in parking lots and in his car.

  94. TheDYRETT

    Someone help me with my math homework