Chris Travis - Can't Save 'em Lyrics

I tell em get it, go get it
You already know what the deal is
Destruct all yo [?] like I'm livin' that
I don't have no time for these niggas and feelings
I step away from the shit that you tellin'
I'm sellin' out shows cause the shit I be yellin'
Waterboyz be the closest to the maker
She sweet as my wood and you sweeter than nectar
Fuck all the clout it could leave in a second
That's why I pray up and I count all my blessings
I do what I please there ain't no second guessin'
I didn't go to school cause these beats was my lesson
Made up some money myself I invest in
I fell in love with it I got me a fetish
But I can't get caught up, materials is [?]
This world is [?] out and could right any second

Like it's 2012, I am greater
She swimmin' in the water, I can't save her
Like it's 2012, I am greater
She swimmin' in the water, I can't save her

I give no fuck 'bout a basic
She all on my shoulder can I get acquainted
She know I make bangers and I can't contain her
Bitch I'm off the radar, you thought that I knew ya'
Might fuck with [?] I'm over that [?]
Cause I'm boomin' don't get misconstrued
And she like to make a lil movie, we hop in her two seat
Posted up nigga you see me on two feet
Wake up you see me, I don't fear a damn thing
I'm probably on Mars cause the shit I am smoking
You probably on Earth cause the shit you ain't smokin'
I'm gone I done killed it and left the door open

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Chris Travis Can't Save 'em Comments
  1. jan henrick miague

    This piano sound just like in the “huanting in connecticut”

  2. Vlad Viasu

    Nick prosper-i got

  3. Dani Boy

    Who came from the Haunting In Connecticut?

    jan henrick miague

    Its me ma men

  4. Batman The Dark Knight

    The sample is from a haunting in conneticut

  5. Banshee Kaiser


    Batman The Dark Knight

    Haunting in Connecticut

  6. Justafellowturtle

    I love you editing! Just awesome.

  7. John Mauck

    What is the sample for the beat from? I know I have heard it before

    Moon Kissed

    John Mauck the haunting in Connecticut trailer

  8. スベタplugplay

    This shit was made fucking beautifully.

  9. スベタplugplay

    Literal fire haha

  10. Madara Uchiha

    that anime would have been so much better if someone else handled the animation the animation is too wacky in it makes it close to unwatchable

  11. Collin P.

    so does that one vampire die or what?

    Collin P.

    the one on fire

  12. randious

    whats the anime fam

  13. Jordan Garcia

    what is this anime called?

  14. Yung ToyBreaker

    whata the source to these clips?

  15. badw0lf X

    ♡♡♡ will fuck or fight to this.


    badw0lf X both

  16. Untalented.

    Anime Name ?


    kizumonogatari معلومات رائعة

  17. Sasaki haise

    whats the anime??


    Sasaki haise in the description

  18. killer panda

    anime plz



  19. Lance

    What anime is this ?????


    Bae edits kizumonogatari


    AKUMASUH I love you baby


    Bae edits 💗


    AKUMASUH your my girlfriend noe


    Bae edits ;)

  20. hollow

    you snap with every vid dude


    HOLLOW VISUALS thanks mayne 🙏🏼

  21. Veil Limo

    What is this anime?


    Дан Мелёхин kizumonogatari


    Hey dude the uploads are fire.
    Where dat "Pouya - Get Buck x Samurai Champloo" though.


    thanks mayne, idk bout get buck but I'll have some pouya soon

  23. Dayrack

    dope as fuck


    thanks mayne


    whats the anime btw?



  24. Knosho’s World

    When you don't listen to Chris Travis and you catch on fire cause you not waterboyz <<<<




    Christ Travis the goat tho

  25. synapse

    same sample from wavy jones - lovedrugs lol

  26. Batam100

    its lit like everytime



  27. Luzifer

    Crazy on how I'm doing the same video


    lit, bring the heat mayne

  28. AskForNoe

    busted a nut to this😥

  29. Shin

    Lit gang !

  30. Rats

    You murder every vid bro



  31. No Fvce

    Oh shit what is this 😈


    kizumonogatari 🌚

  32. 豪鬼ヤギ

    la flame, literally