Chris Travis - 2 Woods Up Lyrics

Came through the back
Need a couple bands for the show
Matter fact were we at
Ain't tryna to flex on to the next
Hoeshoes actin sad and depressed
Boy this shit legit
Too legit to quit
Bitches missin me they feelin sick
Tryna get a Bent, tryna to get a Rolls
Tryna get a mu'fuckin cent
Let me get an ounce
Shawty might bounce
Soon as I step out the house
Fuck a nigga bout
What they about
Nigga, listen to me now
Made a way out
Fuck all the talk and fuck all the daps nigga
Fuck how you bark
Bitch do not start
Leave you at home shawty
Right were you started right were you started
Bitch you a target like darts
Niggas misleading they art
They know who they are
Fuck it come check out my car
Ride it and fuck where I park
They know who I are
Bitches be tryna get lifted I'm driftin
Right thru the city man passin them buildings
Right now I'm livin the life that
Living so good nigga stress is what's missin
Don't worry about it cause stress ain't for kings
Pass me a victim or pass a queen
Pass me a blunt or just pass me some seeds
So I could just plant out the shit that I need
2015 money growing on trees shit
Fall to her knees
Won't let me breath
Why you with me?

2 woods up, 2 woods up
Light that shit
2 give up 2 give a fuck, like ain't got shit

Came through the door
Light that shit
When a bitch hit me she recite that shit
Mike Tyson on these hoes ima bite that bitch
Telll her ass roll trees till her arms can't bend
While I'm posted on the bed with these thought in my head Tryna get the money man, tryna get the bread
Niggas be hating but they just spoon-fed
Shoved a spoon in yo mouth
Hope you get it through your head
Walking through the world everybody looking scared
Losin my world, losin my head
Fuck a nigga sayin?
I don't need a game plan
Changed the whole game while I'm walkin through the sand
Fuck all the money it just go and don't last
But I gotta make shit last
10 years ahead, you 10 years in the past
Lil nigga watch me hit the dash

2 woods up, 2 woods up
Light that shit
2 give up 2 give a fuck, like ain't got shit

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Chris Travis 2 Woods Up Comments
  1. TexasCat 606


  2. rickie poppapuus

    2020 still got 2 woods lit 🔥

  3. Gamin Farouk

    i began to listen to rap with this music

  4. rayygodd

    How come ive missed these songs?

  5. Parker D

    classic Chris

  6. watchoutforsnak3s

    other good purpdogg beats?

    Anthony SIerra

    watchoutforsnak3s FULL METAL FREESTYLE

    Tool jira shugg

    Ice Cold, Mind Blown by Bill $aber ft. OmenXIII

  7. D-Rock 405

    Still bumpin in November 2017


  8. cancer

    Still my favorite

  9. Yung Levi

    1k like

  10. doubleup33

    damn travis launch some new shit foreal

  11. germzOC YT

    best underground shit ever .music our grandchildren will be poppin

  12. Im Vlex

    All his music is 10x better high🔥🔥🔥💨

    Omega Jacome

    fuck yea


    all shwb

  13. Jairo Maldonado

    2017 and i'm still bumpin this daily


    Bout to be 2018 still slappin this shit



    Jay Is Legit

    Jairo Maldonado 2020

  14. YAKUZA

    Damn that was loud, loved it

  15. Christian Giles Media

    hollow squad water sesh gonna blow up big 🔥🙏💯

  16. JAAY _BOOI


  17. JAAY _BOOI


  18. JAAY _BOOI


  19. David Pinto

    target like darts

  20. David Pinto

    let me get a ounce

    David Pinto

    @Savage As Fuck is that a Shiba inuit dogg?

    David Pinto

    @Savage As Fuck truuu

  21. KoolQuis TheGamer

    shit fuckin slap

  22. Ken B

    cant wait until he comes to dc

  23. Edward Diaz

    itz waterboyz

  24. LIL KLع٧عR LOCO

    See u there at house of blues LA shit fire b ⛽🔫

  25. Br Styx

    this is awsome song

  26. WND se7En here u go bruh

  27. Juqey

    Fuck me he bodied this

  28. Steve Carrillo

    Fire 🔥

  29. Ricky Hernandez