Chris Tomlin - Shepherd Boy Lyrics

I’m no hero of the faith,
I’m not as strong as I once thought I was
I’m just a shepherd boy,
Singing to a choir of burning lights

I’m just singing, singing over you
Come and lay your troubles down
‘Cause love is breaking through

I was born to lift a song of hope
See the heavens open up
Take this armor lest I die
Take this crown and let me fly

We’re just singing, singing out to You
Our hearts are Yours forever
Your love is breaking through

Love is a fire
Love is a fire
Love is a fire

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Chris Tomlin Shepherd Boy Comments
  1. Zara Andrenyi

    Jesus is God in flesh praise the MESSIAH

  2. A Vida É Passageira, Well

    I love this song so much because reminds me King David, and his story is so powerful, and lovely, and it will always show to me that God is mercyful, graceful, and choice weak, small and insignificant people to become them in Kings, Prophets and great wise, strongest, rich and famous people. “I'm just a Shepherd Boy!” this line is my favorite part in all of this beautiful song. God bless y'all, guys!

  3. Allyson L Christian

    And lovely song! Fave song! I sing it every time!

  4. Allyson L Christian

    David!!!!soooo cuttttte!!! My Shepard boy!

  5. Chris Caron

    In reply to the comments wondering the inspiration behind this song. Jesse had 7 sons and God appointed one of them to replace King Saul of Bethlehem because Saul was not faithful to His ways. The youngest of the sons, David, was a shepherd boy who was most doubted to rule because of his youth, but he stayed faithful to His ways with daily Psalms on his harp. It is a story told over time to teach the amazing humility God uses to defeat giants like Goliath, and be called to live the life of Kings.

  6. Judi Harbin

    God did not send a subordinate to redeem us. He chose to do it himself

  7. Trevicia Ward

    lovely song

  8. Evan Sternard

    Beautiful song! Thank you Chris Tomlin for using your God given talents to share Jesus with the world. Our God is One, there is no other!

  9. Carl Robson


  10. rangercatfish

    A very pretty generic religious song. It can be sung by anyone, with any beliefs, with equal fervor, since it doesn't mention any diety, or Jesus. Very modern and one worldly.

  11. Samuel Henrique

    Muito bom! Uma música abençoada! Arrepiei! :p

    Very good! A blessed song! Shiver! :p

  12. Kurosaki San

    best part comes at 2:31 :)) love it

  13. Hilda McDonough

    i love this song Bro.Chris Tomlin!!!

  14. gap82352

    His album cover info says "to each of you holding and reading are the "choir of burning lights".

  15. Joshua Luther

    Does anyone know the story behind this song. More specifically this line: "I'm just a shepherd boy singing to a choir of burning lights?"

    Ruth Keyes

    It always makes me think of David as a Shepherd boy, out in the fields with the flocks, singing to the Stars.

  16. Misty Cat

    This is my favourite song from Chris Tomlin's new album Burning lights - it's a powerful song.

  17. Peggy Gregory

    Such an awesome song!