Chris Tomlin - Jesus Loves Me Lyrics

I was lost
I was in chains
The world had a hold of me

My heart was a stone
I was covered in shame
When He came for me

I couldn't run, couldn't run from His presence
I couldn't run, couldn't run from His arms

Jesus, He loves me, He loves me, He is for me
Jesus, how can it be, He loves me, He is for me

It was a fire
Deep in my soul
I'll never be the same

I stepped out of the dark
And into the light
When He called my name

I couldn't run, couldn't run from His presence
I couldn't run, couldn't run from His arms

Jesus, He loves me, He loves me, He is for me
Jesus, how can it be, He loves me, He is for me

He holds the stars and He holds my heart
With healing hands that bear the scars
The rugged cross where He died for me
My only hope, my everything

Jesus, He loves me, He loves me
Jesus, how can it be, He loves me, He is for me
He loves me, He loves me, He loves me
He loves me, He is for me
He loves me, my God it's amazing
Jesus loves me

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Chris Tomlin Jesus Loves Me Comments
  1. Yahshua Uriel Ojastro

    Anyone remember the other one?

    "Jesus loves me this I know
    For the bible tells me so
    Little ones to Him belong
    They are weak but He is strong
    Yes Jesus loves me
    Yes Jesus loves me
    Yes Jesus loves me
    The bible tells me so
    Jesus loves me He who died
    Heaven's gate to open wide
    He will wash away my sin
    Let His little child comes in
    Yes Jesus loves me
    Yes Jesus loves…"

  2. Chris B

    My aunt passed the day after Thanksgiving on November 29th 2019 this song was played at her funeral 💚😇

  3. Kuru Adrastea

    Life truly is the hugest battle ever against the Earth's worldly temptations, money, and its demons, against ourselves. I am such a dirty sinner that has done so may sinful acts. It really is hard to stop sinning, for I have to find a true and direct connection with God and devote my life for the Creator who loves me so much. He has given his only begotten son, Jesus whose unconditional love is out of this world. No matter how much evil I commit, my heart cries out for the lord. My soul yearns to go back, to learn my lessons and go back to heaven. Oh how great it would be to see those gates of Heaven again, for God to tell me, 'Well done my child'.

    Abby From Wii Sports

    Ya Think?


    I hate ads

  5. Nancy Foroughi

    Beautiful song and Chris Tomlins voice is beyond beautiful!

  6. Kathy Moreau

    She. Love ❤❤ me. Sister. Krystal

  7. Сауле Сыздыкова


  8. Linda Dixon

    I will LOVE ~ HIM ~ FOREVER ~ <3 <3 ********

  9. Shelly Chaitram

    YaHuWaH created YaHuWasHi not Jesus Christ man made him the guidance of evil wanted to cover up the truth.
    J wasn't a letter until 1500's . the Constantine was the one who brought in all the fish gods paganism into the "Christian "
    So please get out of it and become a true child YaHuWaH. Which is the real elect of YaHuWaH.,
    YaHuWasHi says it is insulting to reduce my Father 's pray to lord pray. I am YaHuWasHi the most high son and this not my name lord or Jesus Christ please search for my truth seek and u shall find but release what u think u know.

  10. solidworks7

    We need more of Jesus in Vancouver Canada. Please pray for God to raise up leaders to share Christ in our city!

  11. Сауле Сыздыкова

    Благодарю Бога.

  12. Jennifer Hall

    I love Jesus so much! He is my HEART.

  13. Isaiah Xbeast

    Chris Tomlin you really did a great job of showing how much you love Jesus it's like 1000 times bigger and I think Jesus loves you even more than 1000 times bigger because how you showed your love for him we all love you Chris Tomlin and also Jesus love you

  14. cathy struska

    I am a sinner who needs Him more. I have a lot of issues. I need Him so much. Please kind person say a small prayer that l walk close to Him again. God Bless You-Tom Struska

  15. diski kiski cat

    Cool! i like this song!!!!!

  16. Shirai Ryu420

    With healing hands that bare the scars... the rugged cross where He died for me, my only hope, my EVERYTHING.... praise God...His unspeakable gift, a propitiation for my sins...... that life that I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave Himself for me....

  17. pumpkinholes

    This song makes me wanna be a priest

  18. CQ C


  19. MalibuUGirl

    The more time you spend with God, the less you want of this world. There's nothing in that can take the place of God. It's a shame so many waste their lives trying to find joy and satisfaction in this world, only to find frustration and discontent. An agitated spirit is a terrible thing to live with. Once you experience the heart (pure love) of God, you will understand true peace and realize that nothing exists outside of it that will ever compare to what only God can give.

  20. Epic Stevens

    My life hasn't been going great for months. Things have been tough, but I still love Jesus and I know God has a perfect plan for my life coz He loves me.

  21. Dakota Carlton

    Here’s to you Sean. We miss ya buddy. You died way too soon.

  22. Rajah Magat

    I was struggling from anxiety, i tend to worry and fear the uncertainties of the future. It gets worst when it is manifesting in my eating and sleeping habits. I haven’t told anyone about this for a long period of time, i struggle for 5 months and i thought my situation is beyond cure....

    but one time, someone i know spoke to me and told me God is impressing to her that she should pray for me. God put a burden to her by dreaming about me for a week and I was shocked but utterly amazed about how God uses this person to tell me He sees me and loves me. I thought i am fighting this alone but i was wrong. Sometimes, during our depression episodes in life we thought we’re fighting these battles alone. 😭

    But I was wrong, He sees my every tear and anxious thoughts. He knows every pain in my heart. God sees everything about my suffering and he doesn’t want me to be in that situation where loneliness and sadness overwhelmed me. One thing is for sure, i couldn’t run from his presence. I couldn’t run from his love. Yes, he alone can cast every fear in my heart because perfect love(Jesus Christ) casts out all fear. Thank you Lord Jesus! Truly, Nothing can separate me from your love. He loves you and cares for you. ❤️

  23. Jonathan LeFurge

    I was driving to my Youngs Adults groups place, and on the way there I happen to have the LoveRanRed cd, and then this song came up, When the words, Jesus He Loves Me, all I could do was Cry, I could literally feel a hug, As God's way of saying, you are alright, I am here for you and I love you, It was such a spiritual moment.

  24. k. nonfictional

    I was raised Catholic. Suffered from bullying in my highschool years. Then came to a point wherein our family suffered financially, we could barely afford a meal. I was mad at God, yelling at Him (in my mind) that if He’s real, then he would have protected me/us, but instead things got worse. I stopped believing in God, hated myself, I felt like a fool for believing in something which doesn’t exist. So then, I was an unbeliever (2007).
    Around holyweek 2014, He revealed Himself true. He rescued me when I wasn’t even seeking Him.
    I feel like that 1 lost sheep.
    Jesus loves me and you.
    Please pray for my family that they may also know God.

  25. Alan Bourbeau

    In honor of Good Friday, I thought maybe this music video would be acceptable and suitable. If Jesus didn't die on the cross, all humanity would've been doomed and there would've been no hope. But it had to be done and three days later, he'll be resurrected from the dead. This was part of God's plan. And whether you're Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Protestant. Every Christian should know that they're in the Lamb's book of life.

  26. CyClone

    Everytime I listen to this song I always feel my lord i to also sin in so many ways I meet god 6 yrs ago and my ways are so different he's so amazing cause I change my mom my daughter my sister my sons change a lot

  27. markell robinson


  28. Michael Ball

    Yes Jesus loves us what a Great God we have HALLELUJAH!!!! Thank you God.

  29. Latrelle kennedy

    bless me jesus

  30. Nancy Naylor

    Three years ago I found my husband passed away on our kitchen floor. For weeks after I could not sleep and so I began to listen to Christian music to help me sleep. God woke me with His presence and with the words of this song (that I had never hear before). I can hardly listen to the song without tears. Jesus, he loves me! He is for me! Chris Tomlin this beautiful song took me through the hardest time in my life. Jesus used the words of the song to confirm his love for me and he has taken care of me in amazing ways.Thank you for this amazing song.

  31. San Fran

    Scientists want y'all to know that it'd be ok for you to help Him off of that piece of wood before he expires since he's a myth and doesn't exist. They say that life evolving ISNT debatable at all. 😝mao

  32. Flavia Ferrari

    Muito lindo esse louvor

  33. Joeseph Halecki .Begotten..son...The..lord..Jesus. .Christ...into...your ..Life ...Repent. .Ask...gods...Forgiveness...Tell..Him...Your .Lord..and...Davior...of .your .Life. book..Of..Romans..Believe..On..the .Lord..Jesus...christ...And..thou..Wilt...Be ..Saved .I..wlll .pray..for...You

  34. Isaiah Xbeast

    God bless you Chris Tomlin

  35. Isaiah Xbeast

    This is really such a beautiful song

  36. Ashley Johnson

    i love this song so much. Well my mommy had to have surgy to today 11;00 please pray for her

  37. fatiya ahmed

    this song is a representation of who I was before Jesus saved me.
    lord I thank you , I exalt you I bless your holy name

  38. Jesus, Eric Christ, Hurd

    My hands don't bear scars Chris , I only have prints as is clearly written in my gospel when Thomas said what he said and I spoke my Word myself after I appeared to Thomas and the rest who were there. My blood has perfect memory. I have prints not scars. Come see for yourself if you can approach me.

  39. ava roca

    My teacher plays this like everyday in class lol

  40. Joseph Corum

    I don't know howotsay sorry for the things ive done. Im ashamed of me. im dirty. im guilty. im wrong. im full of filth. I queastion myself does he really love me? Is it worth living for should I end it all. then I hear this song and it hits be like a train of emotion and raw power and beauty and peace like as if heaven was with in me and I begin to say Lord Im sorry as i wheep In tears I am wrong I am guilty and i feel as if his hand reached out and touched me as i feel this deep love in my body that i can"t describe and here this small still voice saying I love you my son im still here it's as if I was changed Idk I can't describe the power all I know is i was wheeping Uncontrollably it's like I could not stop it from happening and it felt so beautiful. Jesus Is My Lord!!!!!!


    Joseph Corum I am very happy for you my Brother! Be blessed

  41. Irene Chavez Yepez


  42. Esther ET

    Love this song ....Jesus is my life.Use my life for your glory.I offer my life to you..❤❤❤

  43. Erin Kelly

    my Jesus he loves me he is for me

  44. Irene Chavez Yepez

    It is written 📖 ❤️

  45. Steve Stanickyj

    The best most beautiful song merry Christmas

  46. Maryann you Mcshane

    Great song our Lord Jesus Christ is always there for me

  47. Pan123 Dinh

    Good!!love jesus

  48. Sanaiyah Lee

    Lord you make me cry saniyah

  49. laura aestathic

    I love this song #favorite

  50. Jos Oudendijk

    Jeruzalem geweldige stad.Gods stad.

  51. Rebekah Coley

    He is for me :)

  52. the lego masters

    Jesus loves you


    Amen 😊🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  53. Acts 436 x

    I kept running towards Joe Cheng but God's love kept chasing me... now THAT'S true love. My Savior was covered in blood, was buried, was crucified, nailed, whipped, beat and tortured for my sake. He died for me.

  54. sarmen1 commentary

    You will NEVER know a love like this until you know Jesus!


    Amen very true❤🙏🙌👏

  55. Kilix

    i used to sin daily but ever since jesus came in my life he's made me be a better person


    Amen his love is so good even tho we don't deserve it

  56. Godsgirlladyk

    Just lying here journaling as I listen to a Chris Tomlin play list...I heard this song and it spoke so deeply to my heart, that I just put it on repeat and was able to finish writing as this song brought the right words I need to say to the Lord. I love Him so much and at times find it hard to truly believe He can love me even knowing my faults and flaws, but I do know He does. I give Him Honor and Praises as I greatfully receive this True and Unconditional Love. Thank you Jesus, I love You. 🙏🏽

  57. Joshua Jackson

    Been going through a tough time and hearing this song i was upset crying he stopped my crying and eased all the pain i felt thank you jesus 🙏🙏

  58. Christine Brown

    Thank you Jesus

  59. mystic ll4ma _hi

    I'm a kid writing this and this song is cool some other kids may think this song is lame but I think it's cool

  60. Andrew Mclaughlin

    We love you jesus 🙏

  61. corey fenz

    I was a slave to sin, and imprisoned by fear and doubt. The Son of God has set me free from all my chains, I am free indeed, all Glory and honour and praise to Jesus!

  62. Joe Helecki

    I. made. a. mistake. it. six. Mionths. Since. mom . died. This. Past. Thirsday. its. time. to...Get..Over. a. Loved. One. It. Takes. years. You. have. such. .A. Loss. in. your. Heart.

  63. Joe Helecki

    I .dont. the. answer. why. one. person. Gets. healed .and .your .Mom .dies . This . Thurday. My. mom.. Passed. Away..from.. Alheimers. Disease. know. she..with.. Jesus..Even. Though .My. .Sister. Insisit . That. she. is. Catholic. So. Wrong. My. sister. Messed. With. Moms. Mind. My. heart..goes .Out .to. any. that. Has .Lost. mother. father. Brother. Sister. or. Baby. You. dont. get .Over. it. It. takes. Time. .

  64. Pro?-Agar

    This song makes me so warm inside and reminds of how much of a wrech i really am and that he forgave me and loves m like a son, a friend, and a sinner makes me so happy everytime i hear this song!

  65. Raul

    I love this song.

  66. Hades Panic

    Hey Chris I did a cover of this song hope you like it :) & God bless

  67. Marian Martinez

    This song makes me cry, I feel such Love!!! Thank your Chris,it's so beautiful!!

  68. bob jo

    00:20 Gsus loves me

  69. Pablo Bara-Garcia

    at the name of Jesus Christ every knee will bow.

  70. Isela Urbina

    I love jesus thank you lord

  71. Matthew Peterson

    i was such a sinner then jesus, he came in me, he came for me, all of his love everywhere hallelujaa

  72. harryjoe223

    I have sleep apnea and a sleep disorder the doctor won't believe me and give me the sleep tube God help me

  73. Joe Helecki

    I. NEED. Christians. To. Pray. for. ME. Fri. had. nodule. re.moved .From. my..throat..i. Was . TOLD. Not. To. talk. For. 48. Hours. And. my. sister. Was. TOLD. Well.. the. DOCTOR. gave. me. orders. Not. to. whisper. Well..i..was. suppose. to...Sleep .24. Hours. first. day. 3. Hours. left . . Came. To. my. place. slept. About...4. Hours. 17. hours..Now .have. to. wait .till..Monday. .please. Pray . i..didnt .do. any. Damage. See. the. DOCTOR. On .Friday..pray..that .Its .Healing..God . Bless. you. lAll


    Best song ever

  75. emil peniel

    I was lost
    I was in chains
    The world had a hold of me
    My heart was a stone
    I was covered in shame
    When He came for me

    I couldn't run, couldn't run from His presence
    I couldn't run, couldn't run from His arms

    Jesus, He loves me, He loves me, He is for me
    Jesus, how can it be, He loves me, He is for me

    And it was a fire
    Deep in my soul
    I'll never be the same
    I stepped out of the dark
    And into the light
    When He called my name

    I couldn't run, couldn't run from His presence
    I couldn't run, couldn't run from His arms

    Jesus, He loves me, He loves me, He is for me
    Jesus, how can it be, He loves me, He is for me

    He holds the stars and He holds my heart
    With healing hands that bear the scars
    The rugged cross where He died for me
    My only hope, my everything

    Jesus, He loves me
    He loves me, oh
    Jesus, how can it be, He loves me, He is for me
    He loves me (He loves me, He loves me)
    He is for me (He loves me, He loves me)

    My God it's amazing oh
    Jesus loves me


    Good news Jesus is saved me I accept him into my life lord and savior 2017 be baptized in 2011 or 2012 I made some friends I am blessed thank you Jesus

  77. GMF

    Amen awesome song God bless you

  78. sad satan

    Why am I in the middle of evil and good , can’t manage too choose a side

  79. Dionne Hardy

    Jesus loves me

  80. Isamarie Sierra



    Jesus loves and forgives me when I ask Him to thank You Jesus 🕇

  82. J C

    An ever lasting love which is secure with the assurance of his coming soon arivel!

  83. Yenny99

    I Love You so much Jesus! I remembered I was live in shame and lost but He came for me everyday..He knows everything in my life.Thank You Lord💖

  84. Kfir gaming

    hallelujah god thank you changed my life

  85. Cassie Ingram

    Thank you for everything Jesus and Lord and thank you for bringing me to church

  86. Elizabeth Mcginnis

    Elizabeth mcginnis

  87. Peacelyne Ceraman

    JESUS is alive!! :D.acccode47

  88. Helen W

    Yes Jesus loves me, you and all the people of this world. Amen

  89. Aki Akish

    Thank you JESUS

  90. Ramsies3000jurassic! Spencer

    That was awesome god bless you✝️😘😇❤️😇💜👍✝️💟✝️😇😇

  91. Hannah Grace

    Jesus loves everyone very much no matter who they are or what they’ve done

  92. M4573R M1ND

    So god sent Jesus here to die for our sins, but we still need to pray and ask for forgiveness for our sins?

    Why didn’t he kill the devil and do away with the problem?

  93. Fenz Sup

    Jesus loves me this I know. For the bible tells me so

  94. Joe Halecki

    Pray for. The. 802. People. Who. Put. Thumbs. Down .They. Need. Salvation .Through. Gods. Son..Jesus. Christ