Chris Tomlin - Christmas Day Lyrics

Joy to the world
On a night like no other
God is with us
Beggars and kings
Let us come and adore Him
Rest in His peace
And bow before Him

Sing all you people
The Lord Almighty reigns
Sing every creature of God
Come bless His name
For He is good, for He is good
He was born to conquer the grave
Light of the world
The reason for Christmas Day

Stars we have seen
Over deserts and oceans
The darkness was deep
But never hopeless
Redemption came
And His name is Jesus

Sing all you people
The Lord Almighty reigns
Sing every creature of God
Come bless His name
For He is good, for He is good
He was born to conquer the grave
Light of the world
The reason for Christmas Day

From the mountains
We will shout it out
For the Lord our God Almighty reigns
He is with us
He is with us now
For the Lord our God Almighty reigns

From the mountains
We will shout it out
For the Lord our God Almighty reigns
He is with us
He is with us now
For the Lord our God Almighty reigns

Sing all you people
The Lord Almighty reigns
Sing every creature of God
Come bless His name
For He is good, for He is good
He was born to conquer the grave
Light of the world
The reason for Christmas

Sing all you people
The Lord Almighty reigns
Sing every creature of God
Come bless His name
For He is good, for He is good
He was born to conquer the grave
Light of the world
The reason for Christmas Day
Light of the world
The reason for Christmas Day

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Chris Tomlin Christmas Day Comments
  1. Best Worship Songs

    Who is listening to this song and love it !
    Leave a prayer !! God bless you

  2. Lazaro Michael

    I love it!

  3. Myra kay Poncho


  4. Evallisa L6

    It's already new year yet I'm still listening

  5. stephen poly

    Heart touching 😢 lyrics 🔥🔥💓🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💓🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💓💓💓💓💓💓💓


    god bless you

  7. Arup Ranjan Das

    Awesome song. Fabulous

  8. Cegrayon

    Light of the world, the reason for Christmas Day🙏🏼

  9. Julian Jr Bitel

    The reason of chrismass is jesus christ

  10. Julian Jr Bitel

    Jesus is the light ..



  12. Ethafulm

    A divine diamond amongst commercial grains of sand. Gorgeous!

  13. sunzoo TV

    Light of the world reason for Christmas day!

  14. Francisco Serna

    It's a beautiful and incredible song for this wonderful day. This song describes the real reason that we celebrate the Christmas Day, to be happy for the born of our Savior Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas from Mexico!

  15. Jessica-Grace Trekofski

    i pray for those who have disliked this

  16. Best Praise & Worship Songs

    I have a prayer request. I lost my dad last year when I was in my final year of med school. Losing my dad crushed me to the core and I was not able to study anything for my final exams. But I wrote it knowing that God will help me. Results came out and I failed in my exams and I have to reappear my exams within a few months. Please pray for me so that God gives me strength to face this battle and that I don’t lose my hope in Christ and that I’m able to study well and be useful for the kingdom of God.

  17. Tracey Miles

    Oh I love this song..beautiful lyrics...we love you Jesus not just on Christmas day but forever..God Bless you all

  18. Anneson Narjinary

    I want karoke

  19. STEPHANIE Smith

    We used this song as an opener for our Christmas Service yesterday. It was powerful and joy filled the atmosphere!!💕😊🙌

  20. Ramses Morales

    Great song, and beautiful uplifting lyrics. God bless all!

  21. Ngbwa Ekoto

    This song is sweetness

  22. Dick Head

    Your cuz I caught him again thief his badge is gone he narked the banditos out get my money punk wanna be thug narcissist dumb ass pedifial I'm gonna have him throw in a river cop or not I caught u again molesting children is not art your badge means nothing river time bitch

  23. Hermon van Ly

    Christmas just around the corner! 😊

  24. David Lin

    I guess this new Christmas song is what I will listen to every year :)

  25. FancyGamer15o yeah

    Not only did Jesus died for us he did many beautiful things for us. Like create us in his likeness. Merry Christmas to you all of you out there


    thank you for creating this blessing song. because of the blessing, I made the lyrics of the video in Indonesian translation 🙏🙏


  27. Hamex Gaming

    Jesus was not born on December 25th tho.

  28. Sniper SerpentX

    Jesus take the wheel

  29. Айсулу Анарбекова

    Thank you.

  30. JoAnne Chisholm

    I celebrate the whole life of Jesus Christ, every day! Merry Christmas... He is The Reason for life! He chose to come and give His life as a ransom for our lives! So what if the date was or wasn't the 12th of December... HE WAS BORN... HE SUFFERED UNDER PONTIUS PILATE... HE WAS CRUCIFIED, DIED, RAISED TO LIFE SO WE CAN BE FREE OF SIN AND THE GRAVE!!!

  31. Aidan Trumbauer

    tis the season

  32. Maliha Noreen

    amen praise god

  33. Vishal Daniel

    New Hindi Christmas Gospal Song

  34. Matt Herrera

    Merry Christmas Jesus 💙

  35. Angel Chantal

    Beautiful song and video ♡
    What font is this?!?!

  36. Antoin van de Vrande

    Santa Claus is oke but we need to put God first, in everything we do put Him first

  37. S EK

    This Christmas Song is My Favorite 💜✝️
    Jesus Is the Reason🎄

  38. HealingThroughChrist

    I watched Matthew West's music video for The God who stays and got an ad for this song. Then I get an ad for Matthew West's The God who stays music video on this song.

  39. joel anurag

    I by hearted this song

  40. • Xx HakScrubLolBoi xX •

    We all love Christmas. We all should thank god for this beautiful holiday, that honors his one and only son. God gave us his son just to show his love to us all. Thank the god for giving us Jesus.

  41. Aidan Trumbauer

    tees the season

  42. Emmanuel Menga

    Gloire a Dieu pour tout ce qu'il fait pour nous.waouh ce son est tres bon

  43. Zakary Durdle

    I love the Christmas day , and we the kingdom, it rocked, and so needed that song , and the album .

  44. Bryson Sourivong

    I love this song with “ We the kingdom”

    For he is good for he is good he was born to conquer the grave light of the world reason for Christmas day

  45. Jenifer Joanna

    Most needed song these days when the Light Of The World Jesus has just become the reason for the December season..#NoSantaOnlyJesus

  46. Xin Rong Tan

    I love this song. Thank you. He is good, really good.

  47. Director Waffle Jr

    How do people always forget that Jesus Christ is the reason for everyone’s favourite holiday 😁

    Cadence Nation

    Director Waffle Jr fuck off with Christmas, bah humbug

  48. Fabian Käser

    sooo great!!!

  49. Jéssica Medeiros


  50. Tp Kimnu

    I love ❤ Jesus never😍
    Merry Christ mas jesus🎄🎅🎁

  51. Sierra Elizabeth Rose Dingley

    My birthday is on December 12th

  52. truthseeker89 for life

    Love this song

  53. Junmoni Hazarika

    Thank you for the song .. light of the World the reason for Christmas day 💖

  54. Urmila Reang

    I want this sound track

  55. Julie Middleton

    Beautiful song and video thank you brother Chris!! Praise God almighty He reigns forever and ever!!!!!

  56. Demen DJ Gumzie

    I am blessed, you are blessed, we are blessed! Appreciate God’s Sacrifice just to save us don’t make material gift important this Christmas be satisfied because we’ve received the greatest gift of all........REJOICE IN THE LORD!

  57. Miss Macy

    Love this song keep it up with the amazing music! praise Our God! ❤️🎼

  58. Anmol Biswakarma

    This song so amazing 😍 sing by sir Chris Tomlin

  59. Selamawit Abreha

    Amen god is good thank Jesus

  60. Jericho Alipio

    Christmas reminds us that no matter what problems may came. No matter how much we’ve went through to get to where we are now. No matter how many times we’ve fallen and stood back up, brushed ourselves and kept pushing through! We should remember that Joy and Happiness will always be there. Will always come. It reminds us that we are happy. Happy with the people we love. It reminds us that WE SHOULD BE HAPPY for ourselves. Even if we lose hope. Even if we give up. Even if we see no end to whatever we are all or what we’re going through, God and his people, are there for us. God will bless you. God will love you. God will give YOU Hope. Show his Kindness to us. Give us mercy even if we do not deserve it. He is with us! No matter what. I know this because I was in a state where I just couldn’t bare it any longer. I asked for God’s help. His mercy. His kindness and love. For him to help me and heal me. And he has come.——Ask him questions about the things you can’t answer yourself. HE WILL ANSWER. He will answer in the most mysterious ways. You just have to oay attention to youe surroundings. He will answer when he knows your ready! May you all find peace in your life. And spend joy and happiness with your love ones!

  61. chyne meba

    Such an anointed voice ♥

  62. Aibok Syiem

    Let this Christmas be the best day for all of u and always remember that JESUS is all ways be with u even in time of trouble also

  63. Angel Lica

    Beutiful song 😍

  64. Achu.M Konyak

    Marry Christmas our Immanuel is with us he brings us peace and joy to the world

  65. Angel Walmsley

    I am planning to use this in a school assembly. It tells us what Christmas is all about and worships His Name!Thank you Chris

  66. Fryda Holic

    I am Indonesian but I'm christ 😌

  67. remika remika

    Now don't wish for a santa claus to come to town because christmas is a reason for the coming of jesus

  68. otaku otaku

    These days it's hard to find Christmas songs, because most of the Christmas songs are only about Santa Claus

    Healing in Victory

    Maybe my Christmas playlist can help you. GBU.

  69. Heike M.- K.

    Thank you very much for the songs...Christmas Day...
    Wonderful... Is it possible to get ( buy the songs) as an cd?
    God bless you and I wish a wonderful christmas time with Jesus

  70. Phyllis Geiger

    Christmas. Jesus. Thank you God for salvation and loving all of us, even when we mess up. Praising God today and every day. He is good.

  71. Epoy Vlogs

    Beautiful song. 😊😍💕

  72. Anastasia Grilo Music

    Check out a new gospel song about JESUS -

  73. Laia Mix

    Loves from Indonesia. God bless us all

  74. Russell Gilbert

    Someone who is willing to sing real and true Christmas songs , about the glory of Almighty God and His precious Son Jesus Christ our Savior . Thank you Chris for staying true in your lyrics

  75. JoAnne Chisholm

    Every day is Merry
    Christ mas - honoring God The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit!


    I wanna hear more Christmas songs from you..

  77. Lyma Lyma

    LION OF JUDAH ,Roaring...

  78. ariana gonzalez

    Does anybody know if there is an instrumental version, no voice?

    Yussuf Cat Stevens

    ariana gonzalez yes there is

  79. Anthony the warrior 1986

    I’m glad that there are more Christmas songs that are just about Jesus, I don’t care what the non believers says He is the reason the only reason for the season. I’m so sick of the Santa music trash that I hear at the stores and sporting events especially when they play the same songs sang by 5 different artists if not more, Santa has nothing to do with Christmas he is just a person who people replaced Jesus with during the Christmas season and after all Christmas does start with Christ.

  80. Rin Rin

    What is Christmas without Christ?

  81. Laura Gamito

    A música é muito gira i o ritmo é bom mas no fina poderia-se adicionar uma Coda

  82. mridu m

    Lyrics so powerful ❤
    🎶 JESUS was born to conquer the grave 🎶

  83. mridu m

    Light of the world the reason for Christmas day ❤

  84. Mrs. Hepsiba Ruban

    Praise God...

  85. Asha Sam

    Christmas has the word Christ and that tells me that it is because Jesus

    Asha Sam

    Your true

    Asha Sam

    Hi mommy

  86. Noona Changkilari

    I'm happy to be a creation of God, I'm happy to be alive, I'm happy cause I'm loved by my family and friends,I'm happy because God gives me strength to overcome any obstacles in life but most importantly I'm happy because I'm loved by God and that's why everyday is Christmas for me.
    Love and be loved.

  87. Karen Corria

    I love this song it brings me so much Peace. Merry Christmas to everyone listing Praise our LORD

  88. Fryda Holic

    Aku suka lagu ini.🎄❄☃️

  89. Junike Sambuaga

    He is with us

  90. Abel Benoie

    The drums were sick at the beginning, if you listen with headphones you will hear it really well!

  91. Asher George

    For he is good❤

  92. R Ananth Asirvadam

    There is just so much depth and revelation in the words of this awesome song. So blessed! I have been listening to this song everyday! Everyday it is a new beginning! Tears in my eyes and sense of comfort in my heart! Chris Tomlin has done it again! God's promise and gift to the Christian Worship music in these days and age. All glory to God alone. Amen

  93. Sonnie Precious

    Chris Tomlin I love your music.. Thank you for inspiration that you're giving to the world through your songs.. You have a "beautiful blessed voice"

  94. moosecraft fan

    Holy loyal

  95. AnnaWarriorGacha

    Hi I got saved around four or five months ago and I love serving Jesus and I make a lot of Christian music videos in my YouTube channel and somehow I didn’t loose my subscribers I thought I’d loose all my subscribers and only have dislikes but now that I think about it I told my mom I think God has blessed my channel like He did with Chris Tomlins channel.

  96. Lenicar Marak

    My beloved brother we want a karaoke for this song🥰

  97. Tina Boettcher

    Love!❤️🙏 Love! ❤️🙏 Love! ❤️🙏

  98. Barbara Ellis

    I’m just discovering this beautiful song. He brings peace to us in so many ways!!

  99. Denise Clark

    **I really like these Mash Ups or Mixes. I really do**