Chris Tomlin - Adore Lyrics

You stepped down from heaven
Humbly you came
God of all creation
Here with us
In a starlit manger
Light of the world
Here to save

Come let us adore
Oh come let us adore him
The Lord, worship Christ, the Lord
Let all that is within us

Wise men bring their treasures
Shepherds bow low
Angel voices sing of peace on earth
What have I to offer
To heaven's King
I'll bring my life, my love, my all

Come let us adore
Oh come let us adore him
The Lord, worship Christ, the Lord
Let all that is within us

Angels sing, praises ring to the newborn King
Peace on earth, here with us, joy awakening
At your feet we fall

Come let us adore
Oh come let us adore him
The Lord, worship Christ, the Lord
Let all that is within us
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Chris Tomlin Adore Comments
  1. Teddy iratubona

    He shall reign!!!!!

  2. Eli Ross

    I absolutely love this song

  3. Ruthie's Reading

    Hallelujah!! Keep it up, Chris..!

  4. BigG99

    "If I were a Shepherd I would do my part, but pour as I am I will give my heart".... hmmm...pretty sure the shepherds were very very poor. weird line in the song I felt.

  5. Gator Bates

    Thank you God ❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻

  6. Chloe Park

    this is my christams concert song along with sheep stuff hope for a broken world etc

  7. Romana Pintek

    Beautiful! I am dancing and bursting with joy. Aleluja! Thank you. God bless you Chris!

  8. garrison0532082

    King of Kings &
    Lord of Lords

  9. Сауле Сыздыкова


  10. Prachi Arora

    best christmas song...

  11. Adam Lattin

    Check out these two young men singing this song!!

  12. Gustavo

    This is one of the best Christmas songs ever.

  13. aturinda mukama

    thanx Chris, surely he shall reign..unto us the child is born n a king is among us

  14. Rose Fowler

    Amazing song! Check out Matt Maher's version of this!

  15. Ruth Varghese


  16. Dennis King

    I love you chris tomlin! you have changed me!


    134 dislikes for what??? You guys are amazing!! god bless you all!!!!

  18. Sarah Wright

    We should always think about Jesus in our lives.

  19. Sarah Wright


  20. Sarah Wright

    It very much reminds me of Jesus. I like the way they talked about the stable and Jesus being born.

  21. Taniya Warrier

    thank you chirs tomlin music

  22. Taniya Warrier

    hi christomlinmusic

  23. Taniya Warrier

    thank you

  24. Ranjeet Ranjeet

    My favorite song

  25. Novi Kristiani

    Godblessyou tomlin

  26. Megha digal

    In the bleak mid-winter, all creation groans
    For a world in darkness, frozen like a stone
    Light is breaking, in a stable
    For a throne

    And He shall reign forevermore, forevermore
    And He shall reign forevermore, forevermore
    Unto us a child is born
    The King of kings and Lord of lords
    And He shall reign forevermore, forevermore

    If I were a wise man, I would travel far
    And if I were a shepherd, I would do my part
    But poor as I am
    I will give to Him my heart

    And He shall reign forevermore, forevermore
    And He shall reign forevermore, forevermore
    Unto us a child is born
    The King of kings and Lord of lords
    And He shall reign forevermore, forevermore

    Here within a manger lies
    The One who made the starry skies
    This baby born for sacrifice
    Christ, the Messiah
    Into our hopes, into our fears
    The Savior of the world appears
    The promise of eternal years
    Christ, the Messiah

    He shall reign forevermore, forevermore
    He shall reign forevermore, forevermore
    He shall reign forevermore, forevermore

    And He shall reign forevermore, forevermore
    Unto us a child is born
    The King of kings and Lord of lords
    And He shall reign forevermore, forevermore

  27. trent humphrey

    I find so much hope in this song.

  28. Nathan Chang

    my school will sing this on Christmas

  29. Jessica Agyekum

    He shall reign forevermore!!!

  30. Deerpaw

    My choir is singing this song :D

  31. KR Warren

    I love the lyrics and music! AMAZING!

  32. Jessica Agyekum

    And he shall reign forevermore forevermore
    And he shall reign forevermore forevermore
    Unto us a child is born the King of kings and Lord of Lord
    And he shall reign forevermore forevermore

  33. Kris Thomas

    I first listened to this at Chris Tomlin's Christmas concert and have loved/listened to it "forever more"

  34. Kalia Corbit

    Thank you god

  35. sfleader alastair

    I was gonna sing and play this at my church christmas service but i had a panic attack in rehursals and had to pull out...praise the Lord for this music and thank u chris tomlin for this blessing from God

  36. Dalete Rufino

    Eu não entendo as palavras ,mas a música é inspiradora louvado seja Deus

  37. Esty Estera

    ❤️👼 beautiful!!

  38. the Gospel

    I love this song because of His love we live.

  39. Regina Kolozsi


  40. Mike Wilson

    Holy Spirit keep feeling Chris up with music that lifts the Body up and brings glory to our loving Father and HIS Son Jesus Christ!

  41. K L

    wow love this song. "If I were a wiseman, I would travel far" yeees and idk how, but that means a lot to me <3

    The American YouTuber

    K L I read this just a the line was sung...

  42. Donna Shahan

    The way he sings this song makes my heart sing with praise.Some times i hear it and sing at the top of my lungs other times I just start to cry out of nowhere while singing when I REALLY focus on the words.

  43. saniya anu actually....aftr listening to ths my goosebumbs stood up...aftr listening to frst tym wana listen fr more nd more tyms....i loved it awesome........

  44. Luckmann Saint Louis

    I love this song the best with all the people singing to Chris Tomlin.


    Merry Christmas to y'all

  46. Ervin Hareth Zeledon Castillo

    Amén My Jesus Shall reign Forever!!!!!
    Glory to God!!!!!

  47. wanlang dkhar

    love this song

  48. Prisca H

    this song makes me dance, shout, and cry all at the same time. My heart is busrting with thanksgiving for Jesus Christ my Lord, Savior and best friend.

  49. Elly Yuen

    ❤❤❤ He shall reign forevermore!!! Amen!!! ❤❤❤

  50. marini gunaratne

    He reighns forever!!!

  51. Meryl Viola Bravo


  52. Clotilde Levasseur

    Amen It's a beautiful song this christmas I play this song with violon in CD

  53. franklin velasco

    buen temaa

  54. Private channel

    romanatwood sub to him

  55. Private channel

    rip zuzs

  56. Ban Arp

    I love this song very much!!God bless

  57. Alleyah Francis

    I love this song so much

  58. Dominika Gibas


  59. michael charles


  60. Michael Gilvin

    I love the song can you reply pls go sub to jacobmaster15

  61. Ho Sunny

    such a perfect song for Christmas.

  62. Jezreel Mae Cuadro

    What a beautiful song for Christmas we will sing it for a special number, I wish to have a song with Chris tomlin

  63. Isabel Starke

    I heard this song in October and then for our church Christmas play this was one of the song and i didn't realize till just now that it was the same song!! I love this song!

  64. Mykel Armstead

    This is amazing !! Love this song

  65. righteous8

    God bless Merry Christmas Chris and all!

  66. Jude Eleazar

    Can someone do a remix of this song?

  67. 7Westwood

    An Absolutely Beautiful Song........

  68. Rose Flurry

    I need to take typing lessons XD

  69. Rose Flurry

    Its in "All About that baby"I did my program and this is the song and my solo was the one with "if I were a shepperd I would do my part"and "but poor as I am .I would give to him my heart"

  70. liz hernandez

    omg todaay was my play...OMG I LOVE YOU GYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!***!!!!

  71. Cute Panda Gaming

    this is a song in my xmas school play i loved it so i looked it up

  72. nAB Geometry dash

    this is a song in my class xmas program!Keep up the good work!

  73. Adam Elkington

    Love the collective voices! :)

  74. zelia motha


    Melonie Z

    zelia motha makes sense

  75. John Ihrig

    That will one of our lead songs at candlelight service this year at Bridge Christian Church in Fishersville, Va.

  76. 22Superspy

    I sing this at my chior

  77. Roberto Matias

    This music is great.

  78. Deborah Christ

    For Almighty GOD so loved the world that HE at gave HIS only begotten Son , that whoever believes in HIM before repent should not perish but have everlasting life !!!
    For Almighty GOD did not sent HIS Son into the world to condemn the world , but the world through HIM might be saved : )
    He who believe in HIM before repent is not condemned ; but he who does NOT believe and repent is condemned already !!!!!!!
    And this is the condemnation , that the Light has come into the world , and men loved darkness rather than Light , because their deeds were evil , for everyone practicing evil hates the Light and does NOT come to the Light , lest his deeds should be exposed !!!
    But he who does the truth comes to the Light , that his deeds may be clearly seen , that they have done in Almighty GOD : )
    Repent !!!
    Keep Ten commandments and keep strong faith to the end : )
    GOD Bless

  79. Anitha John

    👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌BEAUTIFUL!!! Power of God

    Jane Blake

    for we should respect that he saved us and took all OF OUR SINS and put it on himself so respect that and he shall rein forevermore forevermore

  80. alex mugereki

    Awesome 🙌🙌🙌

  81. Konrad P

    I loved his song.

  82. German Aguilar

    God bless you!

  83. chingyao konyak

    praise God

  84. Adam Jackson

    My church plays this song andi love it soooooooooo much!!!

  85. Rhonda Ware Williams

    Love this!

  86. Patricia Prayerwarrior

    Jesus walks amongst us! Praise God who loves us so.

  87. Deborah Christ

    Keep HIS statutes and HIS commandments diligently ,
    Be careful to observe them for this is your WISDOM & UNDERSTANDING .
    You shall teach them diligently to your children , speaking of them when you sit in your house , when you walk by the way , when you lie down , and when you rise up !
    You shall bind them as a sign on your hand , and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes , you shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates !
    You Shall :
    Love the LORD your GOD with all your heart , with all your mind , with all your soul , and with all your strength : )
    Fear the LORD your GOD : )
    Love the others as yourself : )
    Observe the Sabbath and keep it Holy : )
    Honor your father and your mother : )
    Hear the small as well as the great : )
    Serve HIM , and to HIM you shall hold fast , and take oaths in HIS name : )
    " I call Heaven and earth to witness against you this day , that you will soon utterly perish from the land which you cross over to possess , you will NOT prolong your days in it , but will be utterly destroyed !!! "
    You Shall NOT :
    Have no other gods !
    Murder !
    Steal !
    Commit Adultery !
    Bear False Witness against everyone !
    Show Partiality in Judgement !
    Add to the word which I command you ,nor take from it !
    Therefore you shall love the LORD your GOD , and keep HIS charge ; HIS statutes ; HIS judgments ; HIS commandments and to walk in HIS ways , and to fear HIM always !
    That it may go well with you and with your children after you , and that you prolong your days in the land which the LORD your GOD is giving you to possess !
    Happy New Year Everyone : )

  88. Joe Holuta

    awesome lyrics and music

  89. Sarah Murphy

    i poop in public

  90. calacean iosif

    I love this song,is beautiful!!!!

  91. Shay Tuttlebee

    you are so gifted 🐯

  92. Lillie Mucha

    It's great to hear a pop setting of In A Bleak Midwinter :D

  93. Diane Borbon

    praise God forevermore!

  94. Arianna Landt

    I have to sing this song for choir and we sang it in chapel todayyy I love this song so much

  95. Amelie Julien

    Yes He shall reign forevermore.

  96. Jarrin Warren

    love this Joint man our God is an Awesome for far to long i played to be a god but found out their is a King above all Kings

  97. evrenel

    in the name of Allah, the compassionate, the merciful

    Behold! Allah said: "O Jesus! I will take thee and raise thee to Myself
    and clear thee (of the falsehoods) of those who blaspheme; I will make
    those who follow thee superior to those who reject faith, to the Day of
    Resurrection: Then shall ye all return unto Me, and I will judge between
    you of the matters wherein ye dispute. (The Family of Imran 3/55)

    We're all waiting for His lordship to come...