Chris Stapleton - Without Your Love Lyrics

Yesterday just came and went
And today dealt me another hand of heartaches that I'll play
What we said and what we meant
Two different things, just some words and rings
And time keeps raising the stakes

Tonight I'll find you in my dreams
And tomorrow I'll wake up and have to feel you fade away
That's the way it goes it seems
Tears filled with pain and they fall like rain
Constant reminders every day

Without your love
The sky is grey
Without your love
I'm waiting on the sun to shine
Without your love
Every hour is the darkest time of day
And every moment's a crime
And every moment's a crime

The more I live without you
Just can't forget about you
Nobody else can set me free
Baby, please come back to me
Baby, please come back to me

Without your love
The sky is grey
Without your love
I'm just waiting on the sun to shine
Without your love
Every hour is the darkest time of day
And every moment's a crime
Without your love
And every moment's a crime
Without your love
And I'm just doing my time
Without your love
And every moment's a crime

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Chris Stapleton Without Your Love Comments
  1. Carolina R.


  2. Seth Howell

    Love you Chris.

  3. Elizabeth deVries

    This is GORGEOUS! Who is clicking the dislike?!

  4. Zero Accountability

    How the hell is nobody commenting on the fact that the main riff is straight up the main riff from Radiohead's "Paranoid Android"??

    Dale Bowles

    Because nobody cares but you.

  5. cj so lit cri

    On dark night riding tha hog.Death row bad ... Song.And i was wrong .Not country a mix with Blues

  6. Chell Griff

    If I do not get to see this man in concert, it is a crime! I LOVE EVERYTHING that he puts out. Never been so in love with a voice in my life. Every song, every word, I feel reach my soul. Sometimes I cry....completely undone when I heard the first time, the second, the third, the....well ya'll get it.

  7. Leah Augustine

    Forward movement
    Your loss

  8. shwyn xoxo

    real country

  9. Uta Hendl

    I do not like Country Music! But why do I like and love Chris Stapleton Music? It is great music - every song - deep Imagination

  10. Matt

    Just wow, thanks Chris

  11. Brenda Ortiz

    He is awesome 😊

  12. Suélia Alexandre

    I love this song and I love Chris's voice! This song is part of a difficult time that I am experiencing right now in my sentimental life. I live in Brasilia, capital of Brazil, but my heart is stuck with someone from Glasgow, Kentucky ❤

  13. Suélia Alexandre

    Eu amo essa música e adoro a voz do Chris! Esta música faz parte de um momento difícil que estou passando agora na minha vida sentimental. Eu moro em Brasília, capital do Brasil, mas meu coração está preso a alguem da cidade de Glasgow, Kentucky ❤

  14. Rachel Figura

    I can imagine Robert Plant singing this song!

  15. Nando Gomez

    After this song, SHE CAME BACK. Makes me wanna buy a pick up truck with a golden retriever In the passenger seat😅

  16. Nando Gomez

    Hopefully you come out to Los Angeles man.

  17. shieldmaiden000

    Waiting for my loved one to come back from his 4th deployment to the Middle East and this song sounds like my heart; it's bleeding for him. September 2020 is such a long ways off, but I will be right here waiting.

  18. GoneNative Survival

    Beautiful song heard this off the Yellowstone soundtrack !!!

  19. Amelia Abeyta

    I fell in love with Chris Stapleton's music as soon as I heard Tennessee Whiskey. His voice is amazing!!!!

  20. brandi kirby

    I love this song so much!!!

  21. Dean Huffaker

    It will be 6 years this Christmas that my love was taken by the demon cancer. This song just crushed me. I can barely breathe. Chris and Morgaine touch the soul. Love them so much.

  22. Josh VanTubergen

    Very under-rated song, definitely my favorite Chris Stapleton song. So glad he played it live in Grand Rapids, MI!

  23. Shannon Taylor

    I love that his wife sings this

  24. Kevin Zhou

    Yellowstone brought me here, anyone else?

  25. aru533

    Listen to Paul Stanley 1978 Take me away, is Chris a Kiss fan? Both songs are great!

  26. Nikki Warsheski

    When I hear the beginning of this song, it sounds like Creeper by Eric Church

  27. Rachel Lott

    So, I listen to a ton of Christian music, and I’m just struck by how much he sounds like a cross between Bear Rinehart from Needtobreathe and Mac Powell from Third Day.

  28. Susie Thomas

    Sexy voice I love it !!!!

  29. Hadi Bennji

    This man keeps surprising me every time, from Libya I wanna say tank you so much for this talent you have ❤️

  30. deadheadmays

    ..this reminds me of a song.. I can't quite place it. I hear Clapton and/or Winwood or..? Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Holy hell, CS is amazing. I love this song.

  31. Cammy Plott

    love his music

  32. Andy Hall

    This is a masterpiece.

  33. sniveling sniveler

    The best thing about this song is that it's NOT a country's R&B...there's soul....little early Springsteen in there...(with a better voice)...a touch of Chris Rea...

  34. Sverre Hæsken

    Chris Stapleton is Unrivalled

  35. Hollie Alldredge

    I found this song when he first released this album. My favorite Stapleton song!!

  36. Angela Hamilton

    You are right.I LOVE HIM MY DADY BOE JHOUNSON DID .I MISS HIM. HE WAS THE BEST DAD EVER. 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢👼. BUT I NO he is in a good place.

  37. FreAksHoW

    Our generations equivalent of Eric Clapton

  38. Shasmine Cianne

    listen him singing with pink and i love his voice!!

  39. Judy L

    As I read somewhere, and it fits, Chris is the king of his own genre. He isn't just country. He is soul, blues, bluegrass, country, crossover to rock. I think he just naturally knows what appeals to the masses because they appeal to him. I've read that music runs through his mind 24/7. Imagine a life where every experience, just a drive to the store or anything, provokes lyrics and a song. That's special. I love Chris Stapleton.

  40. Selma Nunes


  41. Ruby wanderlust

    He is so talented. His voice is so beautiful

  42. Mike Beasley

    I vote for a new music genre! CHRIS STAPLETON.

  43. WOS Broker

    Russian listener

  44. Nicolai Trevino

    best country since alan Jackson.

  45. Lisa Conners

    If you ever get a chance to see him live, he is amazing

  46. R F

    Chris keep your identity
    To true music
    From your deepest feelings
    Not for the money only

  47. Jonathan

    Chris gotta feat. Big KRIT on his next album! Country cousins

  48. kim skrib

    i just discovered this voice and i cant stop listening to it. its earth moving, its goosebumps, its authentic, it is EPIC. This man is making music i thought was gone forever. Thank you so much for this. the world needed this.

  49. Sir_lawrence Woods

    I hate country music but I know the lyrics to all this guy songs

  50. Bonnie Cole Howlingcrane

    I just recently noticed his music on facebook, now I'm hooked..some country and a bit of the lyrics ..

  51. Tyler Springer

    Hip hop is my genre but I love all music ....but Stapleton is amazing and you can feel the soul and sincerity in every word!!! Artist in any genre should sit down and learn a thing or two from Stapleton... absolutely amazing keep doing your thing chris!!!!

  52. hot rod 218 hotrod 218

    There hasnt been a real country artist like him in the past 20 years. love your music keep it alive

  53. Alfa

    "Yellowstone" brought me here.

  54. Mayara Braz

    🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 ♥️♥️♥️♥️

    Kristufer Krunowski

    The most beautiful country in south america

  55. Rob Flynn

    I'm a Metalhead, as long as I can remember. But Chris sometimes manages to give me goose bumps with his music and makes me cry like a girl. Music is the language that is understood all over the world, no matter what nationality, skin color or religion you feel as a human belonging. In music there are no barriers like the media and society it tries to suggest us. As different as we think we are all not. All people basically pursue the same goals: freedom, love and self-realization. When you internalize this, you recognize your own double standards and hypocrisy rather quickly. We are conditioned and remotely controlled by something that absolutely does not correspond to our inner self. Craps the system and those who want to control power and money. But do not shit on empathy, compassion and love. Namaste, bitches. :)

  56. Kimberly Barrett

    Such a super talented artist!! Singing from the heart

  57. Matt Bagnato

    One of my favorite songs from Chris Stapleton. So many good songs to pick from that he has made but this one I just love and repeat constantly. I hadn't heard it until this album, the From A Room album (yes "A" is capitalized for a reason), but since that dropped, it is played non-stop in my hitlist. One of the best musical artists in the past few decades.

  58. Carolina R.


  59. Bailey M

    I'm dying for him to go with a live performance with this song!! 😩

  60. kaczanjulia

    This dude is truly an amazing singer, wow to have half his talent would make you a legend. I know he is country but I have to say rock on

  61. Dallas Reynolds

    Down with the bubble gum country viva la outlaw country.

  62. Cheryl Castaneda him

  63. Jeannette Arevalo

    And every moments a crime

  64. kaylee sanson

    Love his voice style and selection its awesome his songs tell a story and they are so great

  65. Carolina R.

    Love this song so much 😍

  66. Andy phucterpuss

    i honestly cannot get over how good this song is...true masterpiece

  67. Carolina R.

    Diamond 🙏🏻 LOVE YOU CHRIS ❤️💜💖

  68. James Martin

    Nobody else can set me free...

  69. Ashley Baumguardner

    Rockin this song 🔊

  70. Sheila Barron

    Sometimes ya don't know what to say when I feel down and out it's So Nice to listen to Chris God has me ,but Chris seems to smooth it out too ✌️♥️

  71. Martha Gibson

    Can't get enough of this beautiful, wonderful man! ❣️❣️❣️

  72. Susie Thomas

    love this song ! One great artist !!!!!


    Breakfast...? Kinda lol

  74. Roach-House TV

    I heard this song in prison and when he said " without your love then I'm just doing my time" 3:18 cut me like a knife I literally got chills up my back.. thanks ms Cole for showing me this song b4 I only Jamed rap but this song is so deep...

    Jeremy Lilly

    All of his songs are so good

  75. Jamie Wiseman


  76. Carolina R.

    Fabulous 😍😍

  77. debbie j hensley

    great song

  78. RockyTop VFL

    He's single handedly trying to keep country ALIVE! Salute to Mr. Stapleton

  79. Dale May

    you can hear the pain in his voice, so fucking good

  80. Michael Kelly

    Or a weller song

  81. Michael Kelly

    Sounds like weller

  82. Anthony Robbins

    Coming from the show yellowstone

  83. beach714able

    I'm in love with his soft voice in the opening of this song, I just wanna grab a Mic a start singing with him. And I can't sing for the life of me. His wife is a lucky woman

    Jeremy Lilly

    She is also a very talented woman. She sings really well too

  84. Drew Sonifrank

    Your awesome

  85. Shannon Murphy

    I can listen to any music....time and place....can listen to him anytime. Such a cross of different influences. Why so many did well with his songs. Glad he's does them now

  86. TheColorOfCaramel

    So much talent under one hat! It's ridiculous!

  87. porkchop745


  88. osama gad

    Yellowstone brings me here

  89. strictlyplatonic2007

    God Bless! Stay safe and hope you'll make it back home soon!

  90. Sofia Monteon

    I loved it 💕they played it in Yellowstone 💕

  91. Brandon Sly

    #Yellowstone (s1e7) hands down one of the best series on ATM I'm so happy Paramount network has already picked it up or a second season

  92. michael mantler

    yellowstone has awesome music love this song

  93. solange oliveira

    Adoro ouvir, amo a voz, fico sonhando 😍

  94. Kool Aid Kid

    Koolaidkid ™ approved ✓

  95. Aydin Ismayilov

    From Azerbaijan <3 The biggest fan

  96. Kandy Uhacz


  97. Bailey M

    I don't think a lot of people realize this recording was done live!

    Jeremy Lilly

    Most of his music sounds better live or in an acoustic version anyway

  98. Chris Williams

    And with love from Jersey