Chris Stapleton - Was It 26 Lyrics

Livin' hard was easy when I was young and bullet-proof
I had no chains to bind me, just a guitar and a roof
Emptied every bottle, when I poured I never missed
I had blood shot eyes at twenty-five or was it twenty-six
Didn't seem to matter what price I had to pay
Cause anything worth havin', I’d just lose anyway
Friends worried about me they’d asked if I was sick
Thought I wouldn’t die at twenty-five or was it twenty-six

Those two years run together like whiskey over ice
Melted into memories like somebody else's life
I’m glad to say, I’ve come around
But if I could have one wish
I’d like another try at twenty-five
Or was it twenty-six

Met a girl from Georgia, smart and pretty, college grad
I thought my luck was changin' but then it all went bad
I guess I fell in love with her all it took was just one kiss
But then she said goodbye at twenty-five or was it twenty-six


I've been down that road before almost as far as hell
Deception or redemption, I guess only time will tell
I have faith and the knowledge that God gave us a gift
I couldn't hide at twenty-five or was it twenty-six


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Chris Stapleton Was It 26 Comments
  1. Scott Smith

    think this song strikes a cord with many of us.............

  2. Robert Ray

    Imagine that .

  3. Scott Smith


  4. Marshall See

    Good times in Moorefield, 14 shots and a giant front window later 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💪💪💪😝it was 27 lmfao

  5. Mike Barker

    Charlie Daniels did it better

  6. Lucien Francoeur

    First time I listen to this Dude few songs in a row, think I'll go get me some whiskey.
    Outlaw State of Mind.

  7. Scott Collins

    Chris Stapleton is amazing. My girlfriend and I saw him in Tampa in concert. He played most of the Traveller album. I think every single song and this album is amazing. Love Chris Stapleton.

  8. Kelly Johnson

    This man touches my soul

  9. bearded tiger

    This man is legend idgaf if it’s country blues soul watever u want to call it his music is raw real an dope as fuk

  10. Grant V. Broussard

    Charlie Daniels cover

  11. Zach Timmons

    Very Underrated stapleton song.

  12. Guns&Gear

    It’s definitely 25 for me I hope I remember in the future where not to return to

  13. Jeremie Smith

    Cold to the bone.

  14. Walker McGraw, III.

    Good cover


    No just hearing how Chris wrote the song .

    Justin Holder

    @Kansas this is a Charlie Daniels song.

  15. Paul Bryan

    Best album I've heard in a long time. Matter of fact top 5.

  16. Kyra Unknown

    This is an amazing song. Like👍 if u agree

    Robbie Stewart

    The Original Artist Charlie Daniels Does An Awesome Job With This Song But Chris Nailed It Keep On Rockin Brother Chris

    Robbie Stewart

    @Because Reasons U Don't Know Real Country Music Cause This Is What Country Music Is Supposed To Like Not That Florida Georgia Line Crap That's On The Radio Today

    Because Reasons

    @Robbie Stewart I listen to Hank Williams, don't fuckin preach to me. Just because I refuse to give this guy likes doesn't mean I don't like country. And I damn sure don't like Florida Georgia Line.

  17. James Johnson

    How are there no comments on this?


    Chris stapleton is a very special talent that only comes along once a century


    too busy listening. i paused it to write this