Chris Stapleton - Sometimes I Cry Lyrics

There are days that I can walk around like I'm alright,
And I pretend to wear a smile on my face,
And I could keep the pain from comin' out of my eyes,
But sometimes, sometimes,

Sometimes I cry,
Sometimes I cry,
When I can't do nothing else.

Everybody keeps tellin' me to move on,
Oh but I can't seem to go anywhere without you,
Cause ever since, and every single night you been gone,
Sometimes, sometimes,

Sometimes I cry,
Sometimes I cry,
When I can't do nothing else

Sometimes I cry
Sometimes I cry
Sometimes I cry
When I can't do nothing else.

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Chris Stapleton Sometimes I Cry Comments
  1. Tracy Bush

    This is a baaaaddd mannn

  2. KM_392_NC

    This is incredible. Flat out incredible

  3. B Lindsey

    WOW! Never listened to country a day in my life... love my hip hop more than anything. I'm not even sure if this is even country lol. What I can say is he has a new fan and I'm about to go on apple music and add his whole catalog! Can't ignore a great voice when you hear it.

  4. 6613mm

    That many dislikes? Seriously? Michael J. Fox must have inadvertently hit the wrong button because he was crying.

  5. toz71

    Is that a baggs M80 ?


    Actually it looks more like M1

  6. Tina Shatos

    This guy's voice goes into my soul! Woo!

  7. Judy Grosshans


  8. hitek835

    #nolifeshaq this is for a listener

  9. Btenda Huffman

    Good one with a little blues

  10. T Brown

    Those that disliked this must have been crying and accidentally hit that due to the tears in their eyes and bad vision. It is the ONLY DAMNED EXPLANATION!

  11. Lawrence Poploski

    Good God almighty. What passion! I don't care what type of music you like. This transcends labels.

  12. think positive

    His music makes the chemicals in my brain balance out.

  13. Teresa Herndon

    This man is the greatest country music singer on the planet. He puts so much soul in his music its emotional

  14. Non Ya

    One guitar, no autotune, no filters just one man.

  15. DeliciousDylan

    Same Chris.. same..

  16. Trixxxy Kicks

    What idiots dislike this???

  17. Sheila Mccleese

    The best singer in years

  18. Brielle Delaney

    Whew 😓

  19. Katina Johnson

    His music changed my life!!!! It’s a wonderful feeling to listen to your own story in perfeKt pitch!!!
    Thankies Chris Stapleton “the legend”

  20. axisapex

    Show up and do it right , fast money

  21. Retta L

    Oh Lord 😭😭😭😍😍😍😍🥺

  22. Franklin Avila

    I woke up happy this morning and just randomly played this song and now I have tear going down my face. This man is has a gift, his voice touches souls.

  23. Catch AndRelease

    2020 just discovered this guy 💕

  24. JLB TurboLX

    I feel this in my soul. Good grief. Amazing.

  25. Dale Bowles

    Still here listening in 2020

  26. aokspage

    Super vocal🔥

  27. Adam Garlick

    Best singer in history. Period.

  28. tastyfreeze111

    Sing the song Chris!!!!!💞💯

  29. Sarah Dinas

    I literally discovered Chris Stapleton by accident yesterday. 2020 is going to be better I know now.. 💓

  30. Jobeth

    Sorry, but this shit is so dope, I can even feel it over here in Germany in my leather pants. Want to start to cry because it is so good.

  31. tyron Mo

    any guitar heads out here knows how much his guitar costs ? it looks kinda tacky but I'm guessing the price tag isnt

    Cade Haas

    tyron Mo gibson lg2, no idea how much its worth but his is priceless🤙🏻

  32. Lala

    This is all what it should be. 🎄❤️ Music 💙🎄

  33. Onyx Lotus

    If my wig wasn't secured to my would be thrown across the room...❤❤❤

  34. Shawn John

    Why in the world would anyone dislike this song?! There are apparently 2k people on this planet that need to get smacked 😂

  35. Black Sunshine

    I cant do anything this man/God can do so I cry He is amazing!

  36. Cristin SeWillow


  37. Papa Jeff

    No fireworks, no special show, no back up, just an man and his guitar. He sings and plays...and is a winner. I’m in. Texas

  38. Sam Overturf

    The best singer/songwriter alive.

  39. Shannon Downes

    Some people just match your soul musically...he and Yebba are my soulmates.....❤

  40. Carrie Jones

    I seem to find myself feeling this way.

  41. Andre Washington

    Phenomenal vocalist


    Mr. QUENTON TARANTINO GET BUSY MAKE A MOVIE WITH ME IN IT (MAJOR ROLE😀) AND Mr. Chris STAPLETON on the whole soundtrack to your movie. 12,2019

  43. Jack Illing

    To the 2k dislikes, go get a life, you have no idea what music is if you dont like this, you dont deserve any of it

    Bad Dub

    You know they're doing it to be edgy

  44. Kurious Kitty

    😍soul good

  45. The Stand

    Chris you should take all your live music from YouTube and create a Chris Stapleton Live album. Because every song is phenomenal!!!!

  46. Clit Eastwood

    hes got so much control over his voice its insane


    This guy sings with his damn soul frfr!!!

  48. Mikey Villareal

    First time hearing this song right now... this mans voice is unreal I heard some other songs ive heard but this one I haven't. now this guy is a artist!!! Wish I had talent like this!

  49. Matt Herr


  50. Wheelie Sauce

    Only true country artist If you ask me ! Also all those lame cute country guys you think are good ! Guess what they get their songs from him ! This mans a legend

  51. layD415 C

    YouTube finally got it right. Good recommendation 👏👏👏

  52. Emily Jones

    Man he’s right I almost cried to this music😦

  53. Rudy Toot

    But sometimes do you cry?



  55. Chris Kendrick

    Aye doc I’m crying witcha this is awesome

  56. Coby Booth

    eternal chills

  57. Matthew Mcguire

    That's from down deep man!!! That's real pain......awesome voice!!!

  58. Bianca F

    Alien...peridot 🤷‍♀️

  59. o_kokos

    Not from this world...

  60. Ivan Andriyovych

    Insane performance! But how is this version not on Spotify? Sounds way more raw & intense than the recorded one.

  61. Robert Evras

    His guitar licks are as tasty as his song writing and delivery! What a complete package Mr Stapleton is!

  62. Rey Thomas

    I'm a headbanger, and I agree with Derrick. Damn it man great song

  63. mac16one

    If u weren't crying before, you're crying now!

  64. Justin Foley


  65. RS Wilson

    I’m not crying... 😢... you’re crying ...😭

  66. Mary Williams

    My Lord ‼️

  67. Cathy Maddy

    You know you hit that nasty stink shake your head face when he hits that "I Cry!" That's when you know you feel it marrow deep!

  68. Jennie Jaggard

    Jay James and Chris Stapleton sound sooo much alike, and bloody awesome

  69. mac16one

    Shit!!! This boy can SANG!!!!!

  70. Will Mcewen

    The 2k dislike are people who don't cry

  71. Katty Kendrick

    Excellent playlist Chris there Awesome
    Guitar Granny

  72. David Batteau

    Good freakin' Lord what a singer!!!!!

  73. Kyle Ortiz

    Great live performance! Princess you are the best <3

  74. Construction Specialist

    By far one of the true GREATS ..LEGENDARY SOUND old school talent... sounds AMAIZING live , or otherwise....
    Sickens me that clowns like "Kane Brown boi" are even considered country or artists when they couldn't sound ANYTHING like thier released music live to save them selves ...

  75. thomasyvette


  76. thomasyvette

    Lord have mercy on my soul thank you for this soul

  77. Jay Dee

    This blows so much

  78. Smokin Yankee

    OMG really, how can ANYONE that has a pulse give CS a thumbs down on this!!! I wish I could give them a middle finger emoji right now!!! CS you ROCK!!!

  79. Orlando Zapien

    Gart Brooks is right watching the country music awards this guy will win entertainer of the year. And he rocks

  80. Eric Thrash

    How is this not his most played song?!?? This is literally his BEST song! I'm so confused!

  81. Gord Merritt

    2K people are deaf in one ear and can't hear out of the other.

  82. Badr Yaqoubi


  83. Jobeth

    Authentic music that touches my heart. And I am no no native speaker. So glad that still there is music out there that works without artificial technique support.

  84. Samantha Rodriguez

    The control this man has

  85. 985Boe Jizzle




  87. Jennifer McCullough

    I wonder if he grew up in a black church? This man is amazing.

  88. Thad Friedman

    been a rough year, this really helped Chris thank you

  89. RenegadeSpiritCat

    Humble honorable talented natural song writer and singer. IF you don't "FEEL" emotions when listening to Chris you have no heart

  90. Montell Johnson

    It so real when it’s from the hurt.

  91. Tracy Cooper

    Sing hunny bunny 😚

  92. Patricia Schurman

    Sad love song...I get it in the solar plexus! Chris is a Talented Boy!

  93. Pauline

    The only good thing Bing has given us.

  94. Brandon O.

    I love Chris Stapelton and I must have listened to this song 100 times so far and everytime... I'm simply blown away! Its like his soul sings through him.

  95. Sharon Rick

    This means more than I can say.

  96. Bobby Bower

    To the 2k people who downvoted this, y'all can go straight to hell!

  97. Shannon Sink

    If this dont give ya chills...check ya're stuff!!

  98. David Bentley

    The man nothing more left to say