Chris Stapleton - Parachute Lyrics

Street lights along the highway
Throwing shadows in the dark
And the memories keep on turning
To the rhythm of a broken heart

You only need a roof when it's raining
You only need a fire when it's cold
You only need a drink when the whiskey
Is the only thing that you have left to hold
Sun comes up and goes back down
And falling feels like flying till you hit the ground
Say the word and I'll be there for you
Baby, I will be your parachute

There's a song that I remember
I never learned to play
And a lifetime of forgotten words
I never got to say

You only need a roof when it's raining
You only need a fire when it's cold
You only need a drink when the whiskey
Is the only thing that you have left to hold
Sun comes up and goes back down
And falling feels like flying till you hit the ground
Say the word and I'll be there for you
Baby, I will be your parachute

If you think you're going down
Just know I will be around

You only need a roof when it's raining
You only need a fire when it's cold
You only need a drink when the whiskey
Is the only thing that you have left to hold
Sun comes up and goes back down
And falling feels like flying till you hit the ground
Say the word and I'll be there for you
Baby, I will be your
Baby, I will be your parachute

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Chris Stapleton Parachute Comments
  1. Hatchet Jack

    This song is the best

  2. ballistic gaming

    My spine can only handle one chill so often

  3. Tyler Louis Kuretich SUPA DUPA XO

    I'm Faultless in the facts of the matter that the Fremont County Sheriff department, canon City police department, and the 11th Judicial District Fremont County District Attorney are all in error and incorrect
    And i want everything back that mercy today ministries and affiliates stole from me from 1336 elm avenue Canon City Colorado 81212


    Sorry......But idk what that has to do with this song and frankly im confused

  4. patricia Mcgraw

    Love that song.

  5. Justin Partridge


  6. angel lee

    Leave a mark like his songs it ALL!!! My favorite singer...hes bringing music back 💯💯💯

  7. Aracely Dass

    I love this amazing and beautiful song 💖💃💃💃💃🎼🎼🎧🎤🎸

  8. Kyjere

    Okay. All time great singers Mount Rushmore. Who else is on there with Stapleton? I'll put Jeff Buckley off the top of my head . . . who else?

  9. Kelly Knowles

    he makes women walk around in a costant state of orgasm.

  10. Kelly Knowles

    I was with my boss when I first heard this, I asked who the fuck was this, said he didn't know, but we ran around together listening to this, getting drunk together.

  11. Shawn David Clare

    Right on...I hear something with real soul not another business me hope for country music

  12. TSF_Osprey

    1.25x speed anyone??

  13. Robert Polityka

    Almost sounds like Eric Clapton

  14. NoahC

    This song is perfect to listen to while driving down the highway in the south.

  15. Jim House

    Yup to all u

  16. Mike S

    GREAT SONG!!!!

  17. Kitt Xikipie

    Really good music. I should have known him sooner!

  18. wksoh

    The intro sounds like a Chinese tune :)

  19. Ed Langan

    Fantastic song!

  20. Ian Malcolm

    If I was a lady...I'd be wet as a whales ear right now. What a voice

  21. E-Eyes

    One of the only good country songs to come out in the past 5 years

  22. Kathy Peters

    How much OUTLAWS influence do I hear??

  23. Garnet Gillespie

    you bet

  24. random gaming

    Now this is country music he so much soul when he sings I love it

  25. Krusty The Clown

    Amazing song. Powerfull voice with lots of emotions, and good lyrics.

  26. Christy

    I want Jensen Ackles to sing this. Love this song

  27. Jessica Mariah

    Houston Rodeo 2020 About To Be Lit This Year With Him !!!! I Can't Wait To See Him !!!!! 🥰🥰🥰

  28. Larry Watkins

    Chris Stapleton, Brooks and Dunn, and Dwight Yoakam are the only true country musicians currently working now, but I like Keith Urban, too.

  29. Big A

    Never heard music that i like so much or that hit me like this song👍👍

  30. Arzu

    the best 🖤

  31. Ron Crandall

    Bringing classic country back to main stream.

  32. Journey Howard

  33. earthgirl429

    I’m a rock n roll girl thru and thru ... but I have become totally obsessed with Chris Stapleton!! His voice is gritty and has a rock n roll blues feel to his music. Love it!

  34. Marshall See

    Fact of the matter is he doesn’t need to save country music
    He is
    They ain’t 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💪🍺💋💋💋💋💋

  35. TexasTed 73

    Too bad there's only one Chris Stapleton

  36. Jasper Schlaeger

    Dan deboeuf

  37. Whyvette M

    My co worker told me about chris Stapleton and now I’m hooked. And I don’t listen to country unless it’s mixed in with like rockabilly. Or Johnny cash but this mans music is catchy! 💃🏼 🎶

  38. Jim Thibeault

    did anyone else think he said "pair of shoes" the first time they heard this or is it just me

  39. Brittany Epps

    I first heard this song in some truck commercial and been hooked on it every since.

  40. MaxMercZ

    neva read the bible but found it when i walked into the wild..

  41. Dean Hegge

    You will always be country if you live in it you will be a Beach bum if you live at the beach

  42. lynn horton

    . 💙💗💙

  43. fabricio ferreira

    Cara foda

  44. GISELE Aponte

    Love this Song.One of Stapletons Best! 💝💝💝💝💝💝

  45. Chris G.


  46. James Wildey

    I thought Chris Stapleton was the answer to country music's demise and then came Aaron Lewis and Luke Combs This TRIO will single handledly WILL SAVE IT

  47. The Fishy Life !

    Is this song basically about.... Keeping your girl safe?

  48. Bull Rivers

    Good trucking song. Hauling cattle down the road.

  49. Diane Johnson

    He’s up there with George jones the king of country music

  50. Fem Eijiro Kirishima

    I love the beginning

  51. jesus cortez

    I'm a rapper fan but I have respect for his music. How do you feel like you have to thumb this down. All you need to get old School educated. Straight smakked!!

  52. Marie Puckett

    Baby i will be your "pair of shoes"

  53. Lulyjean Simmons


  54. James McDaniel

    I have never had an artist who's music has hit me as hard as Chris Stapletons does... his songwriting and his voice are just incredible. I believe we are seeing a country legend taking his place one song at a time.

  55. Blitzburgh 43

    A Kentucky boy. Gotta love it!

  56. Kayla Terry

    you're awesome Chris Stapleton

  57. Emmet 2018

    From the thumbnail he looks like a young Kevin Costner ....... Dancing with wolves

  58. tara berge

    for myself i would say that this song has its own opion because it has alot of thought into it so its relaxing and your own opnion counts never doubt yourself

  59. Thomas Buckingham

    Modern day hank jr.


    Chris Stapleton and Hank Williams, Jr. are my favorite country singers. I also really like Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Kenny Rogers, and David Allan Coe.

    Thomas Buckingham

    @NoahC hell yeah

  60. Jeff Billing

    Sounds like he's saying "pair of shoes"

  61. Johan Geist

    Fuck McDonalds

  62. Fem Eijiro Kirishima

    Ayyy YEYE XD lol sorry plz don't hate me

  63. Prometheus Prometheus

    Reminds me of bob Seiger

  64. dave dawoudi

    Now I let them jump without me ,,

  65. navegante

    love it.


    Hell yeah! Go buddy!

  67. Justin Joachim

    When I grow up i wanna be like ChrisStapleton!

  68. Massimiliano Roccamena

    Ciao Ragazzi, aggiungetelo alla vostra Playlist di spotify

    Queen of sound 💙

  69. Edith Young

    By the ball's !

  70. Christopher Jackson

    Who's with me watching this in 2032?

  71. Jess Do it

    If you haven’t seen him live you’re missing out big time

  72. Steven Smith

    THE best country artist today. Others dont even come close

  73. Anonimatus_Rex

    Soy el único que comenta en español? 💪🇺🇾


    estoy aqui contigo, pero no puedo encontrar otras comentas

  74. george rogers

    This song reminds me of driving on the highway. Early in the morning after and rainy night.

  75. Loser Squad HD 123

    Best Country Artist in a Long Time, No Nashville pop, no Country Rap, no Country Rock(Although this particular Country Genre usually isn't bad), just Country.

    A song about telling a story through Lyrics that Make Sense, with an Old Time style that Reaches the Hearts and Souls of those listening. Thank You Chris, God Bless.

  76. Sinan Sinan

    Man I'm trying hard to finally be able to play this song on my own. Mr. Stapleton your voice and talent made me buy a guitar and lessons

  77. Gary Dunbar

    before my girlfriend at 15 years passed away three months ago she used to go in the bar we used to go to and she will play Tennessee whiskey and I'm a truck driver so she used to play The traveler which is my favorite song one hell of a singer

  78. emmytj766508

    Love You Man!!!

  79. Scott Glass

    I love your song

  80. Kelly L Davis

    I love this song!💗🔥

  81. SuperLibertarianMan

    3.2k people have no business listening to music!!!

  82. Dave

    Was listening to random songs on youtube while working and when he came on I said "Who the f$ck is THAT?!". And I'm not even much of a country fan. Guess I am now.

  83. Basialovesgsds

    @Maciej Zygmuntowski, Thank you for great music! My heart is in TN where I competed with my dogs for SDA titles and now while staying in beautiful Poland and miss the great planes, this music takes me back home... pozdrawiam serdecznie - Basia

  84. thisbliss81

    I like metal but this is good

  85. Jason Jones

    He is the best

  86. Julia Mcnamara

    Amazing music ♥️

  87. D Talon

    The point of this song being..... Gravity Sucks

  88. Just A Dart

    Mike Freeman walk up song

  89. Chad Savick

    Every song ever written would be better if this dude was singing lead.

  90. Diane Johnson

    Dam he’s the best right up there with George jones

  91. guitpizz

    Never heard of the guy until that track was suggested to me by some app. I did a quick search as i knew from one listening that this dude was going places or was already known. I found out pretty fast that i was late to the party. This is a real intense singer. Rock attitude covered by some buckskin

  92. Jake Hedgecock

    New guy out of Iowa Royce Johns making progress on the scene doing it his way! Check him out as well Truckstop Souvenirs

  93. La Sorcière

    Is it possible to be in love with a voice?

  94. junebugg719

    New age bob Seger......absolutely amazing

  95. lnich070333

    Baby I'll be your 'pair of shoes'

  96. Joshua Allgood

    Sun comes up and goes back down

  97. chris sinack

    Check Chris out on Joe Rogans podcast. A true class act