Chris Stapleton - Millionaire Lyrics

They say love is more precious than gold
It can't be bought, and it can't be sold
I've got love enough to spare
That makes me a millionaire

I got a woman with eyes that shine
Down deep as a diamond mine
She's my treasure, so very rare
She's made me a millionaire

When we ride around, ride around this old town
In my beat up car, with the windows down
People look at her, then they look at me
They say that boy, he's sure living in luxury, sweet luxury

Because love is more precious than gold
It can't be bought, no, never could be sold
I've got love, enough to share
That makes me a millionaire

When her kisses fall from everywhere
Like riches on a millionaire
When my pockets are empty and my cupboard is bare
I still feel like a millionaire

Because love is more precious than gold
It can't be bought, no, and it can't be sold
I've got love, enough to spare
That makes me a millionaire

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Chris Stapleton Millionaire Comments
  1. Bradley Leacock

    I mean I do like him but geez it's always sooook generic

  2. Brandi M

    I played this song in my minivan with my 3 toddlers. I asked if they liked it.
    Without hesitation “yes!”.
    Then “is it daddy singing?”.
    I replied, “no, not daddy”.
    One of them shouts “it’s Jesus!”.
    Then the other “no it’s God”.
    That hilarious conversation made my day.

  3. Dee Harris

    I still like this song.

  4. Shalana Hunt

    I love this song millionaire, That's real love an make u feel,it can't be bought or sold .

  5. Lewis Fortney

    no woman but I still have all I want or need

  6. Preston Burgess

    One of the best songs

  7. Judy Grosshans

    ThankYou ! For Writing this Song!Its my go-to for my happy place-

  8. margie welter

    Chris has the best songs, the meanings are 💯 heart felt.

  9. Lovely Bullock

    I love this song it nva gets old

  10. Hazel Trent

    I wish that I was with the one I love very much William White

  11. Isaac Crotts

    Chris staplenton could sing a cus song it would be number one

  12. ปาฏิหาริย์ หนูทอง

    one whiskey with your song make me feel relax Thanks for a perfect song bro

  13. Joseph Vargas

    It’s gotta Purple Rain touch to it. Catchy tune though. Reminds me of someone no longer around

  14. bevy bear

    😒 ⛽ 🙋🤳

  15. Jenn Koko

    mmm hmmmm.....

  16. Jessica Mariah

    Who's Ready For Houston Rodeo 2020 ?!! He's Gonan Kill It 🥰❗

  17. likourgos adrikopoulos

    Greece 🇬🇷👍🎧

  18. Chuck Segovia

    They say love is more precious than gold

  19. ami vanover

    All time fav chris Stapleton song 💯🖤🖤

  20. Karis Landry

    I love your music❤️🔥🔥

  21. RiZzle Bizzle

    When are you coming to the uk please in 2020 need to see you live with my wife

  22. Jevon Murphy

    You can definitely put this song on REPEAT!

  23. Jonathan Hopkins

    2020 a real rock star

  24. April Ross

    Chris is one of the best

  25. Shian Poole

    I want to make J.R. Jourdan a millionaire.

    Shian Poole

    Sexiest Game Warden in far

  26. Mehmet Çetinkaya

    Hiç samimi değil network marketing gibi başarıyı tek kanala bağlayan bir kafa yapısı

  27. Dominic Durr

    The one and only kountry singer I choose 2 listen too 🔥🔥

  28. Tmmyduffel Duffel

    This song say alot suchgood music and style

  29. Felisha Bazan

    Hubby said it's our song. Good bye 2019... 2020 please be good to us 💕

  30. Mist Hawk

    Amen this song sms up ntoy love for my husband

  31. Wayne M

    Nuttins more Precious yet also most painful .

  32. Judith Ridgeway

    Love his music. I listen to it driving to work and at home. Love Tenns Whisky

  33. Billi Gee

    This man can sign he's had my heart and soul first time I heard this song despite all the BS I've been threw I still choose to love.That makes me a millionaire..

    Nick Hill

    I feel the same way it's been a tough 2 years since I was in the hospital and I had so many people thinking about me and praying for me.
    I am a millionaire.

  34. Dessa Salonius

    I would love to hear this song featuring travis tritt..😍 hint hint😊

  35. allan woods


    allan woods

    FRO M OZ

  36. Viktoria Geisler

    Echt Mega 🤟🏼💗

  37. Evelyn Harrison

    Love Millionaire!!!!!Thnkx Chris!!💖✌️

  38. Kicksbumsondrums

    Reminds me of our countries freedom and how love cant be bought . Seems like they've all lost their ways due to a bit of money. But chris u remind me daily why love is so real.

  39. Superman23

    Anytime someone loves you it makes you feel like a millionaire now that's definitely love worth holding on to and worth fighting for.

  40. Sam Smith

    You ok dude ' ):

  41. Jimmy Hutchinson

    Gena you make me a millionaire

  42. cesar martinez

    my name is cesar mtz and this song helped me come out of the closet

  43. Natasha Wilbanks

    With a voice like his, he can sing to me anyway

  44. Sheldon Moore

    dec 11,2019 this is the best country song in my opinion

  45. Madison Norton

    its december 18 2019 and this is m favorie song

    Ken Murphy

    Don't you mean the 8th of December .. 2019 .. or, are you posting from "the future" ?? .. lol .. ~ The "18th" hasn't arrived yet. Today ... is Dec. 10th .. 2019 { Tuesday } and this is just "ONE" of my favorite songs by C. Stapleton. My "All-Time Favorite" C. Stapleton tune is ~~~ "What Are You Listenin' To" ~~~

  46. Anita Bright

    You just simply have beautiful music.

  47. VVannaPlayAGam3

    "When we ride around ride around this old town in my beat up car...with the windows down". ♡ My favorite part, gets me everytime:)

  48. Shannon Carpenter

    My baby dedicated this song to me. I love it almost as much as I love him . Love you forever Sam.

  49. Julia Valentine

    Thank you Wish you were here for Thanksgiving Dustin Sawyer. Just know that you will always be remembered on this day. THANKSGIVING! So sudden to lose you on this day. I know Jesusu is standing by your side. I miss you and im sure your children doo too the most. We all miss you so much. ANd I wanted to tell you that I am thinking of you on this day. But just today because tommrow I have to go to work again and again until I make enough to pay off my bills. And my bills are so high that I go to erba and the food bank just to make it each month. I want to let you know that I started driving a school bus but I may have to go bast the big ole cross on the highwat 16 to make my route each day and I dont know if I caould handle seeing your name everyday or passing the same spot I know you seen the angels. happy thanksgiving! I wish we could enoy the GLORY of GOD! Be there eventualy but right now I like to dedicate this song to my newborn son RANGER OLIVER! Born 9/26/19

  50. Mona Williams


  51. Danny Baker

    They don't play it much on the radio no more . we bought a CD of it . Danny and Tracy Baker 💌 song from the start . reminds me of me and her . we got love that money can't buy 💝💖💞

  52. Chatty Cano

    I mean really? Who could NOT like this song ? I lost my daddy recently so I guess I just get it 😭

  53. Mrs JG Gillespie

    Nov 2019. # I'm still a millionaire ♥💯

  54. Jaime Duke

    Love his twang!!

  55. Norma Royster

    I love that song ❤️

  56. Kari Lash


  57. Glendoria Brumidge

    Yes, I am

  58. we vine game and vlog

    this is great

  59. Ethan Cordes

    Needs a bit more cowbell

  60. theleafswillwincup

    Anyone else still listening and loving this in November 2019?

    Shawn Morgan

    This was our first dance sound for our wedding will always play it 😊


    Of course

    Erica Brown

    Always will be!!!😉


    I am! :)

    Mary Cullen


  61. William Martin

    I'm a millionaire and owe it all to my babe Jess

  62. Scahoni

    This brings me all the way back to three days ago, when I first heard this song.

  63. Justin vlogs

    He is really a good singer and song artist

  64. doubleyblessed

    One of the greatest to ever do it!

  65. Marilyn Prater

    Who cares what either of em thinks ? I sure do not. I'm ALL FOR AMEROCA, ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE RIGHT NOW THATS TRUMP. M

  66. Lethabo Ramatsa

    Open roof with the sun shining in , driving with your wife next to you smiling at you with this song playing

  67. Lisa Stephens

    Yes love is more presious then gold it can't be bought or sold a beautiful song



  69. LaToya Jiles

    Chris Stapleton is a pretty good artist. My only two favorite songs by him is this and "Tennessee Whiskey". I wish he could get a record deal with someone. He's pretty good and people need to recognize him more. Do you agree? His voice is so smooth.

    Travis Core

    Devil Named Music

    Travis Core

    And Broken Halos

  70. cynthia wilson

    Luv his voice

  71. Darrell Somers

    Real love never dies it just becomes distant

  72. Joshua Teeters

    I love to meet Chris

  73. No Way

    James Morgan

  74. Nobody

    Having sold a pair of shoes to Chris when he was just ten i could tell he was going to be big. Loved tapping his toes to the beats and always had a guitar on him that he just would strum nonstop. Glad to see him successful now. Great job, Chris!

  75. ejay cottrell

    love 2 the world is given back!!! Peace be to all

  76. El Orens

    God i really love this song



  78. Dee Johnson

    "Love is more precious then gold"

  79. Nicole Freeman

    You should do a show up here in the finger lakes region in New York. If you like the outdoors you would love it up here.

  80. Chris William

    All these syringes they send from the hospitals that's you right Staples .✌️🤘 Thanks for the song and the times I miss them .

  81. Matt Diotte

    Just so damn good

  82. HINCH

    I work love to work with this man - keeping it real

  83. thomas stanley

    wow heading for 50 million views

  84. John Fraley

    Sometimes we need to get together and jam it to the heavens

  85. Shivam Parmar

    Whole comment section is full of beautiful things ❣️.. I love you all.

  86. Icy Uranus

    For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

  87. Den Kudeseh

    One of the Few Young Black men who loves country. This is Real LOVE for me.

  88. Sandra Myers

    Sitting in Branson. Listening to Chris n Morgane. Thinking bout a little cabin, a rockin chair, n a nice fat joint, overlooking the lake. Yep. Gonna be here awhile!♥🇺🇸

  89. Leena H

    I walked at my wedding to this song. I truly thank you for this song and your wonderful voice. You are truly a gem in country music.

  90. Rose

    OMG I just LOVE this song!!!


    Chris u r the idol of my life coming to music not only that but I’m a Stapleton myself as well. But anyway Chris I love what u do, u inspire people to do things that they have yet to discover in life. And if u could can u plz come to Australia some time for a tour if u could that would be awesome. Thank u for all the inspiration in ur music

  92. David Brigance

    Broken halo

  93. Crystal Shephard

    Really great song. It's one of my favorites.

  94. Lisa Stephens

    U R Right Chris I've always said it for many years happiness and love can't B Bought.

  95. Leon Scott

    I was once a millionaire miss you baby I truly was blessed

  96. Oscar Grabber

    Best regards from iraq to canadian amanda 💋🇮🇶🇨🇦

  97. Kelly M

    All around great guy...