Chris Stapleton - Midnight Train To Memphis Lyrics


Well, judge looked down, gave me forty days
Instead of the fine that I could not pay
Said "Walk right, you'll soon be home
Cross the line, you'll be on your own"

Forty days of shotguns and barbed wire fences
Forty nights to sit and listen
To the midnight train to Memphis

Well now, whistle blows when the sun comes up
Hit the floor, keep your big mouth shut
Eat your breakfast on the ground
Work like hell till the sun goes down

Forty days of shotguns and barbed wire fences
Forty nights to sit and listen
To the midnight train to Memphis

Well now, ten for the jury, ten for the judge
Twenty more to forget my grudge
When I get to thirty-nine
That's the longest day in a prisoner's mind

Forty days of shotguns and barbed wire fences
Forty nights to sit and listen
To the midnight train to Memphis

Midnight train to Memphis
Midnight train to Memphis
Oh, midnight train to Memphis

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Chris Stapleton Midnight Train To Memphis Comments
  1. David Lessore

    I need a Chris Stapleton x Danielle Nicole song/performance in my life

  2. agr56780

    take that midnight train to memphis... lord, leave me if ya can

  3. Earl Elkins

    A friend the other day, said he didnt care for Chris Stapletons music.. I said, "you're just stupid". 😁

    Kevin Vorce

    Earl Elkins funny my brother said the same thing. “He said it was because his ex girl liked his music! I said ..” can I have her number!” Haha

  4. Marvin Rodriguez

    Predator 4
    Predator rules

  5. Shawn Smith

    This song will never get old!! From the opening riff it hooks you and let's go!!

  6. Jay Stewart

    When I looked up the chords, it said this song was done by The Steeldrivers. I don’t know if there’s any relation between them and Chris.

  7. lynn horton


  8. Gaming slayer

    God bless all amen 🙏

  9. John Reynolds

    sounds awesome.

  10. ronney Polary

    This music sounds much better in 1.25 speed.

  11. Sharika Weems

    I Love This Man OMG!! ❤❤❤

  12. rahn lawson

    I hate the drummers snare drum sound on this

  13. Stephanie Holland

    So since he wrote every single song, I am curious since he sings them with such conviction and emotion, if he writes about things he or his family has experienced? Anyone know?!

  14. Slum Slumerican

    This is not country that’s why I love

  15. Colette' G.

    🎶♥️🎶. It doesn’t get any better than that ❣️ Best I’ve heard in a loooooog time 😉

  16. Buck Thrusthorn

    10 from the jury 10 from the judge 20 more to forget my grudge ….. Hard as fuck!!

  17. Martin Elliot Edwards

    Memphis TN or TX?

  18. Casey Henry

    Has almost exactly the same tempo as Led Zeppelin's "How Many More Times".

  19. Steve McGlade

    This is my Walk up Track in Baseball and it INSTANTLY gets everyone excited and it puts you into a mode of "Im about to crush this F**Kin Ball!" and do I ever just from feeling this track

    Reminds me of when I was a kid and My dad would put on the old school Southern Rock like Travis Tritt , ZZ Top, Lynard Skynard!

  20. stephen sherman

    He'll I'd love to go to Tennessee, to my ansesterers in Tennessee. Texas would be be Texas if it wasn't for Tennessee

  21. xjxnni i

    Somebody here 'cause of Jensen?

  22. SixSentSoldiers

    That guitar tone at the end is very Marty Stuart. Tele

  23. Cameron Hughes

    Chris stapleton and aaron lewis are the best things to happen to the country music genre

  24. Marco Nunez

    2019 anyone?

  25. Dylan Bennett

    Stole the name to kid rocks song , word for work. If it’s a one or two word song and you coincidentally had the same name , whatever, mistakes happen. But we’re talking a four word name for a song that you absolutely didn’t coincidentally name the same , you stole the name. Niiiiiice.

  26. Sandra Moorehead

    what the hell.

  27. The Jones Boys

    This song is in mlb the show 18

  28. Bob Harrison

    "Rock 'n roll will never die"...

  29. brad starkey

    Seattle would be nice please

  30. z d

    Dammit ❗

  31. Machine Shop Inc.

    Damn I wish this was heavier.

  32. EsSimou

    To be proud to be born in America 😌🌭🍔🦅🇺🇸 . Thank you Chris 🙏💕

  33. Man Hattin

    Somebody said that he only sang bluegrass not country... haven’t seen anything that isn’t country rock or smooth country

  34. Ava Hensley

    40 days A SHOTGUN!!!!!!!!!!

  35. LSU4Life31

    Mlb the show 18 brought me here, now I’m a Chris Stapleton fan 😃

    Drey Scorchin

    LSU4Life31 same I couldn’t remember the dudes name I just looked it up on google 🤟🏻⚾️

  36. 斎藤大輔


  37. jehovahuponyou


  38. Brian Edwards

    Thank you God 🙏👍

  39. Josh Cass

    Country mixed with that southern rock guitar the way God intended it

  40. Cynthia Virove

    OMG I could listen to Chris Stapleton 24/7, lots of amazing Singers,,Nobody comes close to this guy,Chris rocks every Song he Sings,,absolutely Loveeee Chris and Morgane Stapleton ♥️⭐️♥️🎶🎶♥️🇺🇸♥️🇨🇦

  41. GRTV

    I heard this live for the first time yesterday and I can say it was amazing. I'm not really into live performances and more into just repeatedly playing my CDs whatever but that live performance was fire.

  42. da ne

    electric country intro

  43. Muriel Booby

    Everyone get your tickets to see Chris @Houston Rodeo on March 14th at 6:45PM at NRG Stadium -Houston, TX

  44. Jason The Fisherman

    He's coming to OKC soon. Too bad tix are $275 a piece.

  45. Rich Oliver

    Glad I don't relate too this song,but it jams no doubt lol

  46. Krystine Adams

    i thought this was gonna be a kid rock cover....

  47. KONSPIRACY 911


  48. Dan Farenger

    Flat out jam!!!

  49. LSU4Life31

    MLB 18 The Show. Anyone?

  50. Teddy Overbaugh

    I can't imagine 510 people who don't love this. Chris is a true music man that defies genre. His music is all about the music. And the music is alll that matters. Hell this man can sing the phone book andf id buy it. He's incredible

  51. Troy Johnson

    Came here from him playing this on SNL

  52. Eclectic Interests

    Still rockin' to this great song!

  53. Forge _

    Came here from mlb the show 18

  54. Victor Victor

    I have MLB THE SHOW 17 AND 18!!!

  55. Patty Petty

    grande musica

  56. Random Person

    My thoughts on the opening riff-
    Chris, I'd like you to meet Jimi. Jimi, I'd like you to meet Chris.


    Honestly reminded me of Angus/Malcolm too.

  57. chandler bailiff

    steeldrivers version is better

  58. Tommy Yaya

    too bad the original doesn't even show up in results because of this song. still good cover

  59. Chad Remley

    you go chris!

  60. Baranin

    Blues baby blues

  61. Shelley Hubbard

    Just went to a Chris Stapleton concert Sunday. Absolutely awesome time!!

  62. Big34 Leech

    Who is here from MLB the show 18?😂😂

  63. G.E_831

    Need me a girl that listens to Chris Stapleton as much as I do!

  64. SnakeHiggins

    I feel like there should be an action movie set in Memphis and this should be the theme song.

    Brad Heustess

    Eddie Murphy just did it!

  65. Retr0sity

    now thats a true artist.

  66. josh sass

    Not usually one for listening to so he I do t know when they come on the radio anymore cause it's all crap. But i heard the first few riffs and had to give this bad boy a chance and have loved it since!!

    josh sass

    Songs I don't know on the radio*

  67. K. Colvey

    You can't help but move or be moved listening to this man!!!! Best in country music sense country music!!!!

  68. Warren Fudge

    Dude singing this from his gut!

  69. Tony Chavez

    Freakin great song!

  70. Heyyehheyallgood Yawhaveh

    im a black dude. i know. A bad mother fucker. when i hear. one. You Bad. to the bone. U Go Right a head. And Keep. ripping that good shit. up. all the great. ones. who have. gone on . would be proud. A Young. one. is TRULY. representing. that True. shit. from deep down. That. truly. hit. us where its supposed. to. Much success. Keep touching. folks. young. and old. Alike. And. all Human beings. is how it's done.

  71. Mustafa Muhammad


  72. 64Ludwigs

    Slick bass player. Good vocals.The rest is nothing special.

  73. Matthew Logsdon

    444 people with the dislike need their hearing tested. This man is a bad motherfucker

  74. michelle88960

    Why has he brought out 2 albums? I love his music and I have bought both, plus Traveller, but I don't understand why he didn't make one and put all the songs on one. Anybody know?

  75. Charj x

    This song got me into this his music! Love it!

  76. Darrell D

    MLB 2018 y'all

  77. Gregg Harper

    The man could sing the words right off a gum wrapper..I swear..he opens his mouth and soul comes pouring out..

  78. Matthew Rammig

    I would love to have heard Stevie Ray Vaughan do this song!

  79. Buck Berthod

    I heard this song on a hard rock station of all places. I've heard Chris's work before, but not this one. I love it

  80. JT Corvin

    Pay attention millenials.....THIS is country music. Burn that bubble gum Kenny Chesney bullshit that you listen to. This man evokes Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, with a little more soul. This guy is the real deal.

  81. Carolina R.

    Love you Chris Stapleton 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  82. Carolina R.

    Diamond 😍

  83. Bananas Ooh nah nah

    Let’s. Mutha. Fuckin. Go...🔥

  84. bashboffer

    Wow, what a killer guitar riff!!

  85. banjo playing bison

    I saw Chris Stapleton last night here in Albuquerque! He open up to this song and it fit well with the crazy southwestern lighting that was going on!

    Definitely a fantastic show!

  86. Deric Rood

    Such a good southern twang feel. Most underrated artist if this millennium

  87. Brian Hall

    One of those songs you have to turn the volume way up!

  88. josh sneeze

    Great song

  89. Colleen Hunter

    The neighbors are gonna listen to this one whether they like it or not 😂

  90. G. Bullard

    I can't friggin believe I missed his appearance near me. All over some stupid bull$hit. I listen to Chris every SINGLE day, he is on heavy rotation at my crib. I love this song... it is one of many favorites. Love the intro, but I am digging most all of his work. I heard where the stuff that he has out now he wrote like 15 years ago -- which means folks, his stuff is just going to get better and better!!! I cannot WAIT!!! Love this MAN!!! Live to hear his voice!!! <3!!! #nothinglikeitonearth

  91. Andrew Jones

    worst fucking song ever why is it in mlb the show

    James O'Connell

    Andrew Jones You just don’t appreciate good music

  92. King Burger

    Mlb the show 18 anyone?

  93. John_Wayne_412

    This is the crappier SNL version...

  94. miintyy

    The show 18

  95. Dee Harris

    Yup i like this song
    can i get a HELL YA!!

  96. Big Dus

    I like the bluegrass version better

  97. GSD fan

    Just heard this yesterday for the first time. Being a hard rock and metal fan I had never heard of Chris but this song kicks ass.

  98. John Jenkins

    Just me or does Chris Stapleton sound like Chris Cornell, too? This guy could join any rock or country band. Very versatile voice.

  99. Eli Mutschler

    sounds like arc angels.

  100. Gordon model94 jr.

    Crossover country/rock songs are awesome.