Chris Stapleton - Hard Livin' Lyrics

I used to love to look for a fight
I'd get drunk and shoot out the lights
I was known to get outta hand
A rough and rowdy honky tonk man

Never thought it would happen to me
But this hard livin' ain't easy as it used to be

I looked a lot, but I never found
A woman that could settle me down
I was known to have a good time
No, I could never walk the line

Never thought it would happen to me
But this hard livin' ain't easy as it used to be

Never thought it would happen to me
But this hard livin' ain't easy as it used to be


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Chris Stapleton Hard Livin' Comments
  1. Maverick Christian

    I thought I hated country music and yet...I love this song.

  2. Wes Rincker

    536 clueless souls and counting!!

  3. Zach

    Everytime I hear a Chris Stapleton song for the first time, I ask myself: how have I never heard this before now?

  4. Carolina R.

    Love you forever Chris 😍😍😍😍😍

  5. Frederico the dog Fandango

    Dudes and dudetes what the actual fuck. Been listening to this guy for a few years and he still makes me cry from my penis. GENIUS

  6. lynn horton


  7. Galjor Bismarck

    Just f...awesome

  8. Bronco6338

    Good shit

  9. Micah Williams


  10. Deanna Edmondson

    This is in my very soul. God bless this man!! 💗

  11. Lazer Falls

    Working NINE to FIVE!

  12. Jason Striation

    This guy is budget. No comparison to 90's guys. Should be ran outa Nashville and fast. What a fake assed goof💩

    realist 4life

    Run him out of nashville?...have you heard the crap coming out of Nashville these days?...your trippin.

    Jason Striation

    @realist 4life I agree. But if this Mr. Stapleton guy think that by catering to 16-24 fist pumping crowd not really a good idea👊

  13. Roniget

    absolutely the best guitar is country music right now. Just makes me think of Waylon.

  14. Mitchell Richmond

    Fuck yeah! LOVE it!

  15. sonia sykes

    Yeah Baby, Thats what i'm talkin bout. This is a way cool song.

  16. Steve Hutchinson

    There were almost 500 people who must've been on a hard livin' bender when they rated cuz they hit the thumbs down 🤘

  17. chancesXO

    i don't listen to country, but damn this song hits

  18. Jackson Colgan

    i listen to this after digging conduit line for 12 hours lmao

  19. Michael Sawyer

    Damn ,I can hear Ronnie Van Zant doing this one.

  20. Todd Rhodes

    Is it me or do y'all feel the vibes of Travis, the Highwaymen, and the lore of the real outlaw past?

  21. Hone Thomson

    Best of his songs I reckon blasting full blast 7am every morning hahaha

  22. magicmatt1171

    Man his voice,if he was 20 years younger he would of been perfect for the highwaymen

  23. Carolina R.

    I Will Always Love You CHRIS ❤️💚💜💜💜💚💚💚💚💚❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🧡🌹🌹

  24. Suli MetalHead

    This shit rocking hard back in Saudi Arabia.

  25. Still gonna Send it

    This the kinda music makes me drop a gear and let the horses run.

  26. Mike Beasley


  27. Cammer68 Oliver

    Finally!!!! FREAKIN FINALLY!!! A new country song THAT’S A REAL COUNTRY SONG! Enough of this barnyard rap shit, pop shit, pansy shit! Let’s bring it back now!

  28. Scott

    I feel bad that there are so many country artists that either forgot what it's like to live in the country or never did. When I say country I mean a sold out crowd of 50. I mean playing a no stoplight town. I grew up in the country 22 miles from the nearest McDonalds. The nearest Walmart was in the same parking lot and it's the same still to this day. We don't need anymore pretty boys singin pretty songs.

  29. Ronald Miller

    Comments with just thumbs up none down...whats that say lol

  30. Canun Entertainment

    This sick song makes me wanna buy a Harley Davidson 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  31. the grim reefer

    Chris Stapleton is this generation's Hank William's Jr. and that's why I respect this man and his music. Another legendary country singer

  32. Derek Hoyt

    Poetry in motion

  33. Salah Ben

    Love Hard Livin' from Morocco

  34. Rafael de Col

    Brazilians like country too. God damn this is good af

    Slade Norfleet

    I see quite a few Brazilians on the bull riding circuit. Our country brothers from another country. Much respect

    Rafael de Col

    @Slade Norfleethehey we're all in team roping too, that's very popular here

  35. Yashiro-Kun


  36. Jasmine Hunter

    I have loved every song that I have heard from him. Chris Stapleton is amazing! I love country music!!

  37. Willa Nicole

    dang Chris. I have to download some of my other favorites💖

  38. Emmie Williams

    I've bought all three cds and they all blew my mind.

  39. Pauly P

    Good blues with a country under tone👍

  40. jesusbonnie

    Smoked a fat bowl of GSC and now listening to a little of C.S...GOD BLESS AMERICA

  41. Wendell Cotham

    Brink by brink dollar by dollar or body by body by body by body CALL IT 17 YEARS TO GET HEAR ALL Business WAR with me is DEATH Sentence THATS A FACT ROAR

  42. Oliver Wheeldon

    The pure idea that there are 400 people on the planet that could dislike this video makes me loose faith in democracy....


    That beard moves i swear to god,stare at it

  44. Dee Harris

    Yup I like this song.

  45. Leonard McCormack

    Mr. Chris Stapleton can really sing he's one if not the best country singers out there in a very long time keep it rocking and play it loud

  46. Dee Harris

    Ya I know I should have posted something about this song back when it first came out. But damb this man has so many good ones it hard to get to them all . 🇺🇸
    But I'm here now .yup I like this song too. 🌟

  47. Big D. Limings

    What the Fuck" Happened"

  48. Kansas Drifter

    W H A T

  49. Rhett Jensen

    2:19 best Whoo! Ever.

    Sarah Bowers

    Rhett Jensen 😂😂😂😂 even when you’re alone waiting at the traffic lights 😎👏🏻🤟🏻☝🏻🥃

  50. thederelict

    man i fucks with Chris Stapleton. dude can sing his ass off

  51. Jake Wells

    351 people like bro country.

  52. TpXd8bXqT

    Opening riff reminds me of stevie wonder "superstition"

  53. Neil Ladd

    Can;'t live long that'a way!

  54. Christian

    If only u knew

  55. Carmon Renner

    Yessssssss keep em coming Mr. Chris Stapleton!!!!!!! ♥️🎶

  56. J Headrick

    Fn’ A

  57. Shannon Conrad

    New fan here!

  58. Gerald Wilson

    Cardboard, cookie cutter, country cutie, Chris is NOT. Thank God. G.

  59. Vince Root

    Stapleton FN rocks this is real ass kicking music drink a beer

  60. Brierly Anne

    Hey, this sounds just like Blue Blood by Chris Buck and the Big Horns. Only not as good. Maybe try writing a song next time.

  61. Octane Art Canada

    What it sounds like to start a chopper and hit the open road...
    The lump of pistons and the smell of fuel...
    And this just cranked...
    Thats real medicine!

  62. My Mountain Memories

    if u don't like Chris Stapleton, u can kiss my ass! 😁

  63. Adam Cheek

    Not even country. Never been a country fan, but Stapleton's mix of country, blues, and rock makes this so damn great to listen to. There needs to be more of this and less shitty country lmao

  64. Kevin Viscomi

    From Italy 🔝😎

  65. Jeannie Webster

    Remake of Waylon and Cash's "Aint no good chain gang".  Not a bad song but give credit where it is due.

  66. J Headrick


  67. Jomama Doubua

    Chris Stapleton and Miss Morgan , you all really rock ! Really have a good thing going on . I simply must have every song ! Love to Share with my family.

  68. Zach Sedlar

    The 310 thumbs downs belong to the folks who wrote and produced Luke Bryan's last album.

  69. James Headrick

    Get Sum!!!!

  70. RJ Walls

    Real Outlaw Country right here! Thank you Chris for keepin real Outlaw Country way out in front of the "Nashville Pop Stars!"

  71. sandhilldiva

    welcome back outlaw country!!!! LOVE CHRIS!!!

  72. sntbozeman

    So glad we finally found another TRUE outlaw country singer. I didn’t think we would find another in my lifetime. So glad I was wrong.

  73. Declan Jeffery

    awesome country you rock Chiss carry on

  74. Dont Matter

    Luv this country man I'm from Kountze Tx he's got it

  75. Noah Fricke

    This guy is the real deal

  76. Chris Crabtree

    This song makes me wana shoot out the porch lights, climb on the roof and do a backflip into the garden

  77. Eddie Thompson

    Waylon Jennings is looking down and smiling. This cat is keeping it REAL COUNTRY not the fake SHIT coming out of NASHVILLE

  78. Sherry Murphy

    If Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson had a baby Chris Stapleton would be their perfect mix of a son LOL. Old country voice

  79. Dr. Tyrone Shoelaces

    I know I've done some hard livin

  80. Austin Myers

    Thank the lord for Stapleton, Simpson, Jinks, and the Turnpike Troubadours!

  81. Sarah Bowers

    This is one SEXY song 👀☺️.... from beginning to end I’m in ore 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  82. Michael Criner

    Great jam!! Keep em comin Chris!!!

  83. tom osborne

    The Boss of Country right here. Need a tour with Jamie Johnson

  84. pale horse

    He sings his ass off and tells the truth and every song he write and that's been a hell of a long time since I've heard from Conway Twitty to Merle Haggard to oh boys in the countries I have to say this guy here at the top the old dogs

  85. googliamoog

    the licks in this are straight from Waylon Fucking Jennings' playbook...
    and i thank the sweet clean redeemer above for that...
    because that bro-pop panty waste country crap that's all the rage these days cain't fucking touch how bad ass this is.

  86. Wade Tisthammer

    I hate country music, but even I think this song is incredibly cool. 😎

  87. Bert Shockley

    I love this freakin song!!!

  88. Karate-Art

    Great Vibe...reminds me a little of Lynyrd Skynyrd...

  89. Shaela Marie

    Favorites from this album 👑😊

  90. InfamousMystery

    Kentucky boys....gotta love'em.

  91. x zol

    I'm more of a rock fan, but just saw this guy on Saturday Night Live. Good stuff. Refreshing seeing someone on that show actually being able to play an instrument!

  92. Jeremiah Johnson

    Good job Chris, you are THE man!! Bringing back REAL country. Finally an album you can listen to front to back, and raise the hair on my arms. Been too long since that's happened!!! Keep it up!

  93. Joseph Mann

    Chris makes me have a good time. Music is contagious

  94. Angela Proffitt

    😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤ That's all folks!!!

  95. Owen Stephens

    Society: country music sucks these days
    Chris Stapleton: hold my beer

  96. Clinical Educator1

    If you can't hear Lonesome, Ornery and Mean you can't hear!!!!

  97. Kristin Bomberry

    Hay chris Stapleton

  98. Johnny Burk

    yee yee!

  99. Johnny Burk

    i love this fucking song

  100. Chad Presley

    HOLY HELL MAN!!!!!