Chris Stapleton - Friendship Lyrics

Say, what's wrong, my long time friend?
Something's bothering you
Tell me what the problem is
I'll see what I can do
There are times we disagree
We agree more than we don't
We won't always see eye to eye
But we will more than we won't

We got friendship
The kind that lasts a lifetime
Through all the hardship, you know, you're a friend of mine
Yeah we got friendship
The kind that lasts a lifetime
Through all the hardship, you know, you're a friend of mine

If you're on the street, I'll take your hand
If you're hungry, I'll give you food
If it's money you need, I got some saved
If you're sick, I'll visit you
I've been where you are right now
You saw me through it all
I'll lean on you, you can lean on me
I'm never gonna let you fall

'Cause we got friendship
The kind that lasts a lifetime
Through all the hardship, you know, you're a friend of mine
Yeah we got friendship
The kind that lasts a lifetime
Through all the hardship, you know, you're a friend of mine

Talk to me you're pal of mine
If you feel you can't go on
Don't you sweat, it ain't over yet
This bond we share is strong
Now your welfare is my concern
You weigh less than you think
I'll carry you through the sinking sand
See if I let you sink

'Cause we got friendship
The kind that lasts a lifetime
Through all the hardship, you know, you're a friend of mine
Yeah, we got friendship
The kind that lasts a lifetime
Through all the hardship, you know, you're a friend of mine
Yeah, we got friendship
The kind that lasts a lifetime
Through all the hardship, you know, you're a friend of mine
Through all the hardship, you know, you're a friend of mine

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Chris Stapleton Friendship Comments
  1. Jason Stowe

    We want let you sink Chris

  2. lynn horton


  3. Tony Compton

    One of my closest friends just sent this song to me, love you Kelly, and thanks for being my friend.

  4. Samya Tuqal

    God bless you sir

  5. Love Baiker

    When you ride your bike and listening to this song you in love with your bike 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. Straight Goonin

    Favorite song to listen to when cruising on the back roads here in Texas:-)

  7. Otis Tennard

    Me and my wonderful man Otis Tennard saw Chris in Concert in Memphis and the man was sick but he still rocked us from the tops of our heads through our heart mind body and soul and showed out,,,,we love You Chris Stapleton and your wife and family GOD BLESS

  8. Missy Whitledge

    Going to see him in Concert in Peoria IL. Has anyone seen him yet?

  9. Olorato Mangwane

    my friend told me about this song today, and i have to say that i feel somehow she was telling me that we have a friendship that lasts a lifetime and that she will always be there for me. Chris, you are an amazing artist, and i got to know about you from my friend. she's a huge fan. and honestly i think everything about your songs is special, from your vocals to your instruments. you are amazing...

  10. Yayaa Htx

    Originally by Pops Staples 🖤🖤 great cover

  11. James Murray

    This and ALL of his music is perfect!!!!
    Everything he touches is like the “Midas” touch!!
    He is going to ‘ steal’ songs like Elvis did!!
    Everything he does touched my soul!!! I’m for real!!!

  12. Rodney Leon

    His music feels good to listen too.

  13. Kalea Nichole

    My song to you all

  14. Lisa Staehle

    To the Chris Stapleton camp who uploaded this...... you need to give songwriting credit to Pops Staples. Pops wrote it- not Chris.

  15. Islamic Space Program

    nice song, from north carolina

  16. Mary

    This song brings happy tears to my eyes! I just thank the Lord for the friendships that I have been blessed with!

  17. lungelo shabalala

    Damn! Chris Stapleton got Zulu men on some country music since he took that Grammy award with his “Traveller” Album. 🇿🇦

  18. Mel Aussie

    He is amazing!

  19. bazzle gee

    There's one person who is a lifelong friend and they know who they are hope your OK mate 🙏❤️

  20. Almerinda Dutra

    Eu simplesmente amo esse cara

  21. T.J. Jackson

    Friends are hard too find...

  22. Mike Cogdill

    He has a blueish singing voice and dam good listening to music

  23. General obi Wan kanobi

    There’s very few that can keep this music alive I believe Jamey Johnson Chris Stapleton are keeping it alive my dad grew up on Waylon look like I grew up in Stapleton

  24. Micheal Benson

    I really like this song

  25. John Fox

    how the hell have i never heard this

  26. Katherine Whitmore

    If you are listening to this song you are a great friend of mine

  27. Mary swords

    All we need is..... Friendship

  28. J . NUÑEZ

    Losing a great friend, and just literally stumbled on this song..... EPIC!!!

  29. Larissa Kells

    Can you believe this guy used to jus be a studio recording artist.... selling song to singers he could outsing all day... I used to listen to him when he was with the Jompson brothers midnight train to Memphis is my all time fav!!

  30. Missie Jewell

    Used to believe in this until mine screwed me over!!

  31. Jackson Langston

    I'm in in 2019 this song ain't dying or going anywhere. My friend

  32. Jacob Yax

    This song makes me wanna come out of my room and finds some bros :)

  33. Shar the Healing Sage

    Soooo good ❤️

  34. Kameo Loving

    He's has amazing voice 😍

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  36. John Guidry

    Amen to DAT.🎶🎵🦐🐊⚓...

  37. Carol Kinney

    the 467 people that don't like this just needs to stop listening to music period they have no taste in music how could you give any stapleton song a thumbs down all his music is gold

    Jacob Yax

    @Carol Kinney agreed

  38. Heath Hollingshead

    Also The Jompson brothers for us chris Stapleton fans

  39. Heath Hollingshead

    My dude Stapleton!! His singing songwriting makes legit country music fan outta a metalhead like me. EVERBODY CHECK OUT "The Steeldrivers" band he sings with. YUNS WILL THANK THAT RANDOM DUDE WHO SAID TO LOL Freakin amazing American music

  40. KLStarluv

    My Best friend in life is no longer here on earth with me. But always in my heart💕💕💕

  41. bill little

    keep it up buddy you make me happy,we all need to be happy!!

  42. Zach Hedrick

    I’ve got a friendship with this song

    Afaly Hernandezj

    Z of. B.P.F.

  43. Matthew Mersino

    Classic style country is the only country

  44. perrydupreejr

    I dedicate this one to Kila a.k.a. Dimplez.

  45. little country

    we got friendship love u mom

  46. aDrI

    To my friend..... 🎶🎶🎶🎤🎤🎤THROUGH ALL THE HARD SHIT, YOU KNOW YOU'RE A FRIEND OF MINE!!! YEAH WE'VE GOT FRIENDSHIP THE KIND THAT LAST A LIFETIME YOU KNOW YOU'RE A FRIEND OF MINE!!! TALK TO TO ME OL PAL OF MINE🎶🎶🎶... LOVE THIS SONG you know when it's special, "FRIENDSHIP " the one or ones who have been there through the good as well as the bad and never left...

  47. Derrick Douglas

    On replay for hours lol

  48. o Jacob

    "Talk to me, old pal of mine
    If you feel you can't go on
    Don't you sweat, it ain't over yet
    This bond we share is strong" Lost a friend to suicide.. just wish I could've sang this song to him.

  49. Cold Rain

    Wow VA Beach on October 18. I will see you there! Take care out there Mr. Stapleton.

  50. Blake Conkle

    I love all of your songs

  51. babycakes87 Rogers

    You and Fantasia need to collaborate!!!

  52. john pack iii

    Great song. I don’t have many friends at all but this song goes to my very best friend my only friend really.

  53. Alice Fulmer

    I have best just like that he stood by me through all

  54. Tommy Donald Sr

    Pop Staples smiling down.

  55. Anders Bäckman

    Pops Staples, must be proud in heaven, nice to hear old classics in new recordings.

  56. baliscotsurf

    Hope you feel the same way in 30 has a way...

  57. allyher65

    Reminds Me of My Best Friend who Has Been Gone 10 Years. Best Friends for 32 year's is a Lifetime. RIP SUSAN #BFF

  58. Eli Stanford

    Love this Song😍😍😍😍

  59. Landon Drake

    This is a cover of the song with the same name by Pops Staples. Check out that version too

  60. babycakes87 Rogers

    This dude is BAD! Man, I wonder if his wife will ever do a solo album?

  61. David Nelson

    Happy merry Christmas everyone ! 💜💛💀 don't forget da dance!

  62. Billy Latham

    Funny thing is he ain't

  63. kurt cowan

    This guy is Amazing. Reminds me of the Ray Lomontagne of country.

  64. halfbreed1987920

    I wonder if his contemporaries realize they suck. Compared to him most of country sounds like a hot poker going in my ear. My humble opinion


    To be clear I was speaking about new country. I still love the classic stuff

  65. marvin hernandez

    What a talent. My favorite singer

  66. Thatonefpsgamer 13

    My favorite song

  67. John Doe

    God Bless you

  68. hot rod 218 hotrod 218

    finally someone who nos what country music is,and sings it like no one ive heard in 20 damn year thank god

  69. Debra Fox

    Come to South bend, Indiana, Chris!!!

    jeff stewart

    Pekin, Indiana

  70. hot rod 218 hotrod 218


  71. hot rod 218 hotrod 218

    i like the way you think ms fvking

  72. hot rod 218 hotrod 218

    now this man is pure country gold his look voice style pure country music. not like this crap there calling country on tv were no ones voice is there machines do all the work .andcthe shows they put on tv calling them country stars is crap .its more pop than anything and there the same old warn out songs over and over .

  73. Vanessa Caldwell

    thank you for such beautiful words.

  74. AJ Johnson

    This Guy is really good and can Really sing
    He should do the Super Bowl

  75. Jo Lane

    Brings me back to the classics! Conway, George, Hank and Merle would be proud if they were here!

  76. AC130 Above

    This is my favorite song and I started listening to it because my best friend got seriously injured.

    Cole James

    tHiS iS mY FaVoRitE sOnG

  77. Jason B. Whitman Sr.


  78. Melissa W

    I have listened to a couple of his interviews, what comes through the most is humble, loves music, knows he has a gift, and gracious about every aspect of his talent.

    Here's an interview:

    He says:
    I like music
    I don't care what the labels are
    and I hate when people argue about it like there's some right or wrong answer.
    If you don't like something don't listen to it.
    Listen to something else.
    But go listen to music and buy a ticket to a live show because that is what keeps music healthy.

    I admire this person.

  79. Zandra Falcone

    Love your music!

  80. Carolina R.


  81. Adam Bunton

    This is the one! Good job!!! Thanks for amazing music.

  82. Десислава Петрова

    Most beutuful voice of the world! That's it...

  83. Bill B

    Who ever disliked this needs some friends.

  84. roberts channel

    Cool funky blues

  85. Becky Clark

    This is one awesome song!!! I am a huge fan of Chris and this one of those good feeling songs that ia so true

  86. James Hoffer

    Truthfully there's only 1 way for you to go in that straight to the top my friend 👍😯👌🎸🎶🎸👊🙌🎶🎸

  87. NativeFromEastL.A

    Angelina Adela Sosa 💙

  88. iLLeventhHourz

    Sent this to my kid sister. 14 months apart, grew up close had lots of same friends now we don't talk anymore. Life takes over but this song immediately reminded me of her

  89. Vincent Akot

    reminding me my old Friend and great melodic

  90. Matthew Rammig

    Chris seems like he would make a great friend!

  91. Amanda Underwood

    Nothing better than a Stapleton tune to make me feel better

  92. Victoria Stallard

    Another Amazing song Chris :) Love your voice & your music with So Much Heart & Soul added to it :) keep it going please :) you're Amazing :)

  93. Audrey Appleton

    I got tickets yayyyy

  94. Yoshiyah Burrell

    This songs is absolutely amazing.

  95. Jodi Guthrie


  96. Sam Upton

    Oh I’m in love with everything about him!!! Oh yes! He is the whole package

  97. Dee Harris

    Yup I like all this man's music.

  98. Phoenix McLean

    Now this is real music !!!!!!

  99. Marilee Denr

    Miss so many gone now...Memories are forever...

  100. JustVick Thorne

    True musician, writes, plays and songs so fantastic he inspires other musicians to get better! Love this guy's talent and his wife Morgaine doings harms are exquisite! I only have made a point to buy every CD as well!