Chris Stapleton - Death Row Lyrics

Little piece of window sitting way up high
I can't look up enough to see the sky
There ain't no good light here below
Death Row
Death Row

Don't want no preacher man to come around
I don't need him to lay my burden down
Already told Jesus everything I know
Death Row
Death Row

When it's time for my last request
Tell my mama that I did my best
Tell my baby that I love her so
Death Row
Death Row
Death Row
Death Row

Got a calendar up on my wall
Marking days till I get the call
Till it's time for me to go
Death Row
Death Row
Death Row

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Chris Stapleton Death Row Comments
  1. Duck Dodgers

    you can hear the blues and jazz influences as well as the southern gospel/rock, his voice masters any genre he wants to sing, truly a once in lifetime singer/songwriter. He bridges the gap in music between certain cultural and racial differences that mainline Nashville has long ignored. Chris is a sponge of life experiences,alcohol-laced hard times and love lost, this is the essence of blues itself ,we are very blessed to be alive to hear this man sing

  2. Alphabet Man

    Well, up here's the window sitting way up high
    I can't look up enough to see the sky
    There ain't no good light here below
    Death Row
    Death Row

    Don't want no preacher man to come around
    I don't need him to lay my burden down
    Already told Jesus everything I know
    Death Row
    Death Row

    When it's time for my last request
    Tell my mama that I did my best
    Tell my baby that I love her so
    Death Row
    Death Row
    Death Row
    Death Row

    Got a calendar on my wall
    Marking days 'til I get the call
    'Til it's time for me to go
    Death Row
    Death Row
    Death Row

  3. Ang C

    You can define Chris Stapleton in almost every category. One thing is for certain, this man can sing.

  4. zac Loves

    BB king muddy waters etc are saying damnit boy keep it up

  5. Horse2021

    Just to remind everyone that we are all on death row and each gets that same call at the end.

  6. Michael Bruce

    Chris Stapleton and jemey Johnson are keeping country music alive in Jesus name amen

  7. pizza with pineapple crust

    Anyone know if he ever covered "you are my sunshine"?

    pizza with pineapple crust

    Just looked it up he has

  8. j m

    Blues at its best!

  9. Katina Johnson

    Just awesome!!

  10. A RK

    Sitting in my garage in cold winter day. Whiskey, cigar and dark chocolate to pair with. This is life. I don't ask no more.

  11. Rick Lamm

    Holy sh&t semi new to mr stapleton’s music but damn this sing hits you like a baseball bat to the face!! Love this dude

  12. Lily Bullet

    What's that instrumental I hear?

  13. Jane Parker


  14. Jane Parker

    Great - so talented 🤓🎄

  15. Nick van der Linden

    This is way more blues then country

  16. Cannabis Corpse

    Reminds me of Robin Trowers bridge of sighs . Or tranquilized by acid bath

  17. Paulito Paultio

    This boy gots some wide range of talent. Few and far between singers like this guy. Love it all, all the time. This is love making music.

  18. Geraldine Darby Hall

    Chris is the King of Country he has claimed the throne

  19. Judy Grosshans

    Oh Yeah- Showing the soul! Love It!!!!

  20. true magoo

    I can definitely see this in a movie

  21. czoraa21

    tell me chris and nathaniel rateliff has done something together!!!!!!

  22. Marilee Woods

    Hope a happy Thanksgiving Merry Christmas lol lot of love Marilee

  23. Dj.Knowzbest 5150

    #CHRISSTAPLETON -Soul, balls, grit #GROWAPAIR

  24. Joseph Burgess

    Anyone know of songs similar to this one by Chris or other artists?

  25. Jason Shirey

    Legend 💪

  26. Renée Tyler

    Eye twitchingly good

  27. matt colletti

    So good! Love his music I can’t help but pour it into my own music. It’s sure a lot harder than you think to write and play music this man is very talented!

  28. jay Faulk

    Stapleton kills this

  29. Bossnium

    From someone who has struggled with suicide, these are close to the same words I have said. Only difference is, I was committing myself, and not the state . For anyone who has been in that state of mind, you say goodbye to the ones who will be largely impacted by you being gone, so be it 1 or many. You say goodbye, mentally or physically. Amazing song, deep and you can hear his feeling. Im glad it was vocalized this way, everything about this song bleeds heart.

  30. VENON2775

    This iz that street Murda muzic

  31. mikemofullyflared

    what a track! his voice is somewhat reminiscent of Chris Cornells (Sound Garden & Audioslave

  32. big supreme

    I don't like country(?) much, but this is fire!!!!

  33. Chris William

    Yeah bunch of innocent in that Unilever death row

  34. thair ramirez

    My director friend gonna use this song for a lap dance scene😎

  35. Stacey


  36. Caleb Kepple

    When I hear this song it takes me to red dead and an outlaw that's been caught by a bounty hunter and is about to be hanged

  37. Jerry Howard

    God wants you to know him ask Jesus and he will change you from the inside out into something beautiful ♥️♥️♥️

  38. Dirt Road Diva

    Have mercy ❤️✋❤️✋

  39. Ben Zulu

    Gotta calendar on my wall...Marking days till i get the call... Till its time for me to go....Deathrow! What a voice.

  40. Musicisbest

    God bless everybody reading this, you know what real music is!

    alick andreades

    You better believe it buddy!

  41. The Suburban Woodsmen

    Had a crappy country song as an ad before this came on... but this song cleansed my palette :)

    us and them

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    It's blocked 151 ads in the few minutes I've been on this page!

  42. Steven Adkins

    Cousin chris should put this song with a rap star. U only sing after 45 seconds. My vote is snoop dog

  43. Bossfeild

    woah I didn’t expect him to be white lol

  44. Hannes Vorbau

    time to come to germany for a tour, we want to see you live :-)

  45. Tyreike Cumbee


  46. Richard Haymon


  47. Jason Jennings

    Not even gonna guess how many times I've listened to this song, n just now hearing the saws in the background. Anyone else in the same boat ? Lol Js

  48. Jacob Marin

    IF you didnt already know The Steel Drivers is stapletons bluegrass band has so many good blues songs like this. His blues > His country by a mile.

  49. Thomasine Watkins

    I am fan now

  50. WendyLee Jarvis

    Bn doin hardtime on DeathRow myself...
    Sentenced to Life

  51. James Falvey

    1.3k people suck

  52. FamilyMan530

    He seriously needs to put out a blues album

  53. tealove75

    If you haven't seen him live.. Don't miss out if he comes to your city.❤️🔥🎸🎙️

  54. adoracle1

    Love this music.

  55. Marilee Dent

    Love this my ex in prison

  56. bevy bear

    do they have death row in Canada?

    Well fine.

    Ok Google. Ass istant

  57. Xkismayo Boy Hashi

    Somali pirates love this song

  58. Jari Halonen

    Chris Stapleton is a smooth mix of country, southern rock and blues. It works in an amazing way. I can imagine a band like Cream performing this song without a problem. I can't wait for Chris to head back to studio for some more greatness. In the meantime, I'll have a glass of good scotch and listen to his albums on a repeat.

  59. Country4life Fo

    Life as a felon on the inside more on the outside though... paid my debts still on death row out here... death row!

  60. TanakinSkywalker

    Love to hear him and sundance head do a duet

  61. Brendon Nel

    Wow, this is raw man, Chris the man Stapleton, lovit.

  62. Shawn Clonce

    Straight fire 💥💥💥

  63. Matt Chadwick

    Country? Blues? Either way this man is the best! Just saw him live and he was amazing.

  64. Christopher Deegan

    The steeldrivers the Jompson brothers 🤞🤞👍🤘

  65. Recurve13

    Who the HELL are the 1300 dislikes. Damn Chris is AWESOME!

  66. Sean Neal

    Literally cried,first time I heard his soulful voice.... nice old raw sound can’t be dismissed.... I challenge other singer to this style cut out some that pop music

  67. crydun2004

    this reminds me of something Cash would have done.. but Chris takes it to a whole new level

  68. Abraham vas

    This should of been on red dead redemption 2's soundtrack

  69. Thomas William Johnson

    There is a god

  70. Barbara Harris

    I’ve never liked every song they sing. Chris the first and probably the only artist who ticks that box. This man is amazing

  71. Mumma RissY

    Boy oh boy can some one grab me a fan? I'm sweating out my soul over here!!!!! I want to here a Stapleton & Hank III song.

  72. Darius Adakai

    Im slowly becoming a Stapleton fan... love the blues 😎

  73. Jared Williams

    Saw blade at the beginning makes the song.

  74. Ron Williams

    What an amazing singer/ songwriter. The very best

  75. deon black

    This man is a BAD MF!

  76. Justin Harrison

    This brother has ssoooouuuulllll!!! Love this song!

  77. TheAmberBuffer LoneAmberWolf

    Just counting the days..

  78. Matthew Janssen

    The 1.2K Thumbs downers must suffer from Pogonophobia, can't be the singing...🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  79. One love

    A lot soul wow like this

  80. Aaron Phelps

    Fuck yea

  81. Shannon Tucker

    I have no words!!! #chrisismusic

  82. spidaman0112

    Real country thank God

  83. Jacob Yax

    This is so dope

  84. Anthony Ulfig

    A year ago I wasnt a country fan really. Mainly country for the past 30 years has sucked. Then I heard this dude and now all I listen to is pandora Chris Stapleton station. This dude is a once in a generation talent. And hes from a town my family came from. Hell we prob cousins lol.

  85. Jake Zilla

    Better than the shit on the radio lol

  86. Bell Justbell

    Told Jesus everything he knows 🔥👏. Powerful visual

  87. I am Miconis

    The pacing right away brings to mind the shuffling of the chain gang

  88. Brandon Stites

    I'll sign the same contract as him, who needs a soul amirite

  89. Susan Linnell

    Memories of Howling Wolf!

  90. desiree diggs

    Never get tired of hearing this song

  91. Carolina R.

    Love you Chris Stapleton 👏🏽👏🏾👏🏻👏🏼👏🏽👏🏾👏🏻👏🏼👏🏽👏🏾👏🏻👏🏼👏🏽👏🏾👏🏻👏🏼👏🏽👏🏾👏🏻👏🏼👏🏽👏🏾👏🏻👏🏼👏🏽👏🏾👏🏻👏🏼👏🏽👏🏾👏🏻👏🏼👏🏽👏🏾👏🏻👏🏼👏🏽👏🏾👏🏻👏🏼👏🏽👏🏾👏🏻👏🏼👏🏽👏🏾👏🏻👏🏼👏🏽👏🏾👏🏻

  92. Thomas Cochrane

    Wooow amazing

  93. Marilee Woods

    to my ex

  94. Damian Peterson

    This guy is dope this is one of my favorite song's

  95. Daniel Hopper

    When we all thought all was lost, Chris Stapleton showed up and reminded us of what is real ....

  96. Wonka J

    I gotta learn the drums on this. I was told in the first get together of the krew .. lol I missed it but hey lol