Chris Stapleton - Daddy Doesn't Pray Anymore Lyrics

Daddy doesn’t pray anymore
I guess he’s finished talking to the Lord
He used to fold his hands and bow his head down to the floor
But daddy doesn’t pray anymore

I remember even when the times were bad
He thanked Jesus for everything he had
For a good wife and three children
And the food upon our plates
Yeah, everything was right when he said, grace


There was a time when we didn’t get along
Cause I thought I was right and he was wrong
Still when I laid down at night
I’d hear him get down on his knees
And say a little prayer for me


Today I followed daddy down to church
And listened to the preacher read God’s word
We sang his favorite hymn but daddy didn’t make a sound
This afternoon we’ll lay him in the ground
But daddy doesn’t pray anymore
I guess he’s finally walking with the Lord
He used to fold his hands and bow his head down to the floor
But daddy doesn’t pray anymore

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Chris Stapleton Daddy Doesn't Pray Anymore Comments
  1. John Borgen


  2. Atticus Finch

    Yellowstone brought me here

  3. Long T. Tang

    We men are silly with our feelings. Tell pops he's the best and take him out for a beer. Cherish them moments. I am 48, had 4x bypass on 12/12/19. The old man (78) called every day to check in and offer words of encouragement. He made sure that I know that he'll always watch over me. In few weeks, we'll have that beer pop.

  4. Emma Putman

    Never had a song that nearly brings me to tears everytime I listen. Your lyrics are beautiful

  5. Aaron5616

    Chris can't hardly write a bad song. Dang!

  6. New Market EMS

    Just heard this played at a police officer’s funeral service , quite touching because he was a family man.

  7. Oppie Taylor

    I never get to see my dad again!!! Don't take time for granted

  8. Oppie Taylor

    Miss you Daddy

  9. Lesa Redden

    Rip dad your free like you wanted never seen someone any happier to go to be with mom I no your happy now but I will carry all the presious memeries we had together love your daughter lesa and son-in-law Carl you and him

  10. Lesa Redden

    Bill redden from your son Carl thanks for all the prayers you ever give means all the previous memerios that I have they will never be for gotten

  11. BRINDA L

    A Father's Love
    I give to my wife and five children and too all those children who came into my home the loved ones who touched my heart to see that life is about sharing what God has given me. And so I pray with the goodness of my soul to help others who God has blessed me with. Now my dad has taught me too pray for others to love that of one's life and too share with others so they may see the goodness in each other's lives as well that too do onto others that you would want too be treated in the same manner too love that of kindness and compassion ways. And too not take or ask for anything else back that you have given out of the goodness of your heart. Just as the Holy Bible speaks. Too love is too give but not take more then what God has blessed you with. So I learned how too give and too love in the same way that was given too me. Through the prayers onto the Lord's father in the name of God son Jesus Christ. May we all be loved by God Blessing of one's life so that we may understand that the giving is the loved of one's own life. In the name of God son Jesus Christ Amen

  12. Stephanie Chaney

    This reminds me of my Pawpaw... Forever a Pawpaws girl... Miss you so much 😢

  13. DPC channel

    This year I have lost my father. Long months gone away until I could listen this song again. I miss you daddy. Rest in peace.

  14. James Kennedy

    Next to JESUS, my Dad was the greatest man I ever knew. He lived through the toughest times of this great country, lost his daddy and 1916 when he was 4 years old, worked in the mines went to war landed at Omaha Beach and far to the adjacent Bridge. I never heard him say a harsh word about anyone, and he loves Jesus with his whole heart. I can't wait to see him again, holding my mama's hand and smiling that big Irish smile.

  15. penny watters

    I love me some chris stapleton I've learned every word to his song in 3 months hes so awsome hes the best artist I have ever heard his music makes me get goosebumps and that's how i know hes the bestest!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  16. Oppie Taylor

    Thumbs down? I'd like to shoot y'all in the fucking Face

  17. Oppie Taylor

    You can't listen to this song without crying

  18. Betty Boop

    I sure wish my Daddy was here I sure need him right now 😞😖 he died last year a day before my anniversary. I watched him take his last breath.

  19. bigrider2806

    My dad was a bastard, he is dead now and I never missed him for a second. I wish I would have had a relationship with my dad like this. A great great song by a great singer.

  20. Michael Frein

    the universum is my dad

  21. barbara estes

    to everyone who lost their dad to heaven may your fathers Rip

  22. Oppie Taylor

    Saddest song ever!!!! Rip Dad

  23. Patty Musgrave

    MY dad has been gone 4 years and it still feels like yesterday when I laid him to rest ...

  24. newberry021

    Chris at my father's celebration service this was the song that I had played

  25. James Orlando

    This one hits thee ol feelings.I miss you pops.

  26. Pat Alderete

    My 90 yr old dad, who we used to call “Honey,” passed away 3 yrs ago! He used to do EXACTLY what this song says...”he’d fold his hands and bow his head down to the floor.” A man of GREAT faith!😢 He is missed.

  27. Daniel R

    Thank you Mr Stapleton for your words of prayer....

  28. Justin Petross

    Miss you Daddy

  29. Me, myself and I

    This mama don't pray anymore either.. I woke up when I buried the last member of my family..

    Mihai Mihai

    I realy know what you feel ... I buried my mama one year ago and I thought my all world collapses. But even she can not pray anymore, I know she's with me. And I'm sure you gonna feel your mother with you.

  30. Frank j Weatherspoon

    I love song that has a story with it this one bring tears to my eyes 🙏🙏🙏😢😢❤️❤️❤️👍👍I listening to it over and over again thank you for this Mr.Chris Stapleton

  31. Maria Serrano

    My dad passed away 16 years ago & listening to this song brings back memories..always missing him💕

  32. Quazar Multi

    Daddy gone but hopefully if it's the Lords Will I'll see my friends again we must all come to this end to live in the beginning again.....Jesus if my dad is there with you, telling I love him for me, I'm using this request of you, to tell him this for me as one of my gifts in serving you...Amen...

  33. Eunuch States of a Matriarchy

    Happy Birthday Son, don't ever tell me I never loved you.

  34. Rita Slemp

    This is beautiful. My daddy was a country Baptist Peacher. I sure do miss hearing him pray for his family and others. He was a wonderful man and as his daughter I watched him live every word he preached. This song touches my heart and it is truly country music. Keep up the good work Stapleton. Love your country.

  35. NLTDB3S

    What a voice..
    Cool artist

  36. Tracy Miller

    I've still got my Daddy, Thank you God!  Every time I listen to this song I think of my Granddaddy,  I lost him back in March of 2004 and still miss him every day.  A song that brings tears to my eyes every time I play it. One of the Great ones, I play it over and over and over again.Country music may still have a chance with more songs like this.  Thank you Chris,  your quickly becoming one of my favorite singers,  your sound reminds me of Waylon, Willie, Johnny, Merle and Hank.  Please keep them coming.

  37. Jo In

    I never had a dad.....killed a lot of em fighting us (America) in wars. Sorry kiddos, it's what we were paid to do, just like your dad......Terrible huh? I regret it every second of every day now. Killing IS NOT the answer.


    If you had any kind of relationship with your dad, THANK GOD for that experience. My dad don't even acknowledge me, don't call, don't visit, nothing. And he less than 30 miles away from us. So be grateful for any experience you have with your father. My wonderful husband if really involved in our kids life And I'm grateful that he'll never leave them. I know it's best that he wasn't around, God planned it that way.

  39. Jessica Perez

    I was close to loosing my daddy when I first herd this, I wanted to be played for him. It was and I miss him so much. I lost my daddy April 1st 2019 and not a doy goes by that I don't think of him. Now I am left taking care of my mom. Thank you Chris, for providing this beautiful song to us!

  40. Dumb Dumb

    Jesus is King. Everlasting life or eternal damnation? The choice is yours.

  41. Zane Roney

    Everyone get down on your hands and knees and pray for all of our fathers and mothers and wish them a happy life in heaven. When one person is sad talk to them and pray with them and if you and and your family hate each other... HELP FIX EVERYTHING so you won't live with regret when your loved one passed away 💔. Love your sister and brothers and your parents ♥️. If you don't do this you will walk on this Earth VERY sad 😥 and you will want to go back in time and fix everything. So right now you can fix it so take you chances help DON'T BE MEAN, DON'T HATE EACH OTHER, BE NICE! That's all I have to say

  42. Ed Barsh

    He is the best😎

  43. Matt Steelman

    I lost my father about a week ago and this song played at his funeral. My stepmom did that for me because I introduced Stapleton to my dad and we both loved him. Now I will forever think of him when I hear this song.

  44. Country Dingess

    This song😓 Straight to the heart & speaks to your soul

  45. Serena Osburn

    My dad was raised in a Pentecostal Church..and when I was growing up he was a raging acholic, but before he passed in 2009 he knew who to call on... Jesus our savior

  46. T A

    Can't listen to this song without crying. My old man was not a nice man to any of us, but it makes me so sad to think that we never had a father-son relationship. I never liked being around him, I always felt he never loved me, like I was a burden because he was very cruel to me even as a small child. Anyway, he's older now and to be honest I dread the day he's taken, not sure how to feel. I've tried to understand why he's the way he is, but no luck. I am afraid to ask him if he ever loved me. I have a daughter nowadays, I am trying my best to be a good father to her, I hope she realizes that her old man loves her more than she'll ever know. Anyway, that's that. Sigh.

  47. Dead Man Walking

    My father passed away last month, and this song captures him perfectly. RIP, papa.

  48. Matthew Elder

    I heard this for the first time watching Yellowstone finale. I trouble finding this as I thought it was sung by Bruce Springsteen. Great song

  49. Jessica E.

    Your voice evokes so much emotion. Love it 💙

  50. Mim Capewell

    I listened to this not long after my dad passed away in March this year.😥😥 very emotional.What a great song.My dad was a great singer also to me and I love to put on My dads CD and listen to him sing when I am in the car.

  51. Nicole Daniels

    This song is too REAL!

  52. Pop3395

    I Loved my Grandpa. This song touched me. I heard it on Yellowstone. For years when I felt lost. I would visit his grave. Even in the middle of the night. Remembering his life lessons talks. I would after those times. Get ready for life. The morning would bring...

  53. Johnny FultzII

    The best

  54. Maranda Ward

    Yellowstone brought me here, just as it has a few times this season. Glad they know what good music is.

  55. Cindy Rizzato

    Yellowstone brought me here..... hauntingly beautiful song. Miss you Daddy, every single day. ~♥~

  56. rawdogJenkins

    Yellowstone killing it with this music!

  57. Jaime Rodriguez

    That scene from Yellowstone reminded me of my grandpa and I he was a rancher my whole life and I took care of him at the end like John Dutton did with his dad scene had me in tears miss my old man right about how song just brings back so much memories of him.

  58. BeeHappy

    Made me think of my beloved Grandpa Ford. My fondest memories I have of him are those of him beside his bed at night on his knees in prayer.

  59. dgh3100

    I wish I had memories of Daddy. This song broke my heart.

  60. Trinity Merritt

    We lost daddy 2 months ago today. Yesterday was his birthday. After rough years this was my daddy. Prayerful and humble. Repentant. Even in the worst of dementia he remembered the Lord. Wonderful song.

  61. L. A.

    I miss u dad, u will always b in my heart, i luv u so much😢😭😭

  62. jay manning

    Lost my dad and stepdad in less than a year. This song hits the tear glands hard

  63. Chris William

    Beginning to be a wast of time

  64. Maurice Evans

    I heard this on "YELLOWSTONE" last Wednesday night and fell in love with the song all over again!

    cornelius dye

    Me too...

    f d

    Best show on TV

    Harad - Fantasy Music

    Hell yeah, on Yellowstone this song fit perfectly !

  65. stodrac

    Had 3 Dads, my bio Dad who died when I was very young, my uncle who loved and raised me and my boss who taught me how to survive in life and in business, we stayed in touch and visited through my life. They're gone now, they don't pray anymore. I loved them all and miss them still so much. Spend time with your Dad or Dads NOW, ...that time is and will be a precious gift.

  66. Junior

    Yellowstone brought me here 😔😩

  67. Omega Locksmith

    Im here cause of yellowstone

  68. Dale Werts

    Yellowstone s2 ep10 Brought me here 💪
    Perfect song for an iconic opening scene 🙏

    Nathan White

    The song didn’t bring me here. But yes was a great song for the scene. And too me a very underrated show

    perry hughes

    That reminded me of the last time I drove my Pop around the farm before he died. As we drove along,I could see him remembering all the years and hard work he put in......I cried for the first time since he died listening to this song

    f d

    Best show on TV

  69. proudtndad

    I said goodbye to Daddy 4 years ago as he slipped off into his last sleep. I'm blessed to be his Son. Miss ya, old man.

  70. Amy Ellison-Perry

    I am burying my Daddy tomorrow. This song is just too real tonight 😢💔

    Bob Frost

    I'm so sorry.

  71. MsBoogiebabe


  72. DeAndre Lewis

    Yellowstone anybody?

  73. B'Nspired Services LLC

    Mann, y'all got me teary eyes over these comments and this powerful song. I heard it on my favorite show Yellowstone. Music does what it unites us across borders, gender and races. Thank God for music.

  74. Soumya Ghosh


  75. Oussama Bounsir

    Yellowstone brought me her <3

  76. Michael Broussard

    Here because of Yellowstone....

  77. Belle Childers

    Make me cry my eyes out


    Yellowstone brought me here :)

  79. Ernest Martin

    Very sad bad beautiful song

  80. Anthony Washington

    I lost my Daddy April 21 2015 from cancer i miss him alot


    I lost my dad back in 2011 a mom and dad used to take me and my brother to church when I was little I am really not big on religion anymore after my dad passed on today is my 22nd birthday after hearing this song I teared up set a prayer for my father and I smiled and laughed thinking about him to those who still have their fathers cherish every moment you have with them

  82. Anna Staples

    Miss you dad love you forever and always ❤️ I'm hurting every day x

  83. barbara estes

    beautiful song Chris

  84. Shavon Sandoval

    I lost my Dad in March of this year to lung cancer I miss him so much

  85. Leah cook

    My husband died February 8th of this year. COPD. But before he was really into chris Stapleton, and once again played his guitar and singing. The nurses encouraged this to exorcise his lungs. This one was one of my favorite.

  86. Bo Ritchie

    My dad stopped praying today .I love you old man. Prayers needed

  87. A Gray

    My Daddy died of an overdose on his 52nd birthday. I hope he knows even when he wasn't praying, I was praying for him.

  88. Mark Hollenbeck

    Daddy Doesn't Pray Anymore
    Chris Stapleton

    Daddy don't pray anymore
    I guess he's finished talking to the lord
    He used to fold his hands and bow his head down to the floor
    But daddy don't pray anymore

    I remember even when the times were bad
    He thanked jesus for everything he had
    For a good wife and three children
    And the food upon our plates
    Yeah, everything was right when he said, grace

    Daddy don't pray anymore
    I guess he's finished talking to the lord
    He used to fold his hands and bow his head down to the floor
    But daddy doesn't pray anymore

    There was a time when we didn't get along
    'Cause I thought I was right and he was wrong
    Still when I laid down at night
    I'd hear him get down on his knees
    And say a little prayer for me

    Daddy don't pray anymore
    I guess he's finished talking to the lord
    He used to fold his hands and bow his head down to the floor
    But daddy don't pray anymore

    Today I followed daddy down to church
    And listened to the preacher read god's word
    We sang his favorite hymn but daddy didn't make a sound
    This afternoon we'll lay him in the ground
    Daddy don't pray anymore
    I guess he's finally walking with the lord
    He used to fold his hands and bow his head down to the floor
    But daddy don't pray anymore

  89. Allen Godwin

    My dad and I haven't had a good relationship past few years but I'm trying to fix it.. because I know one day he won't be there telling me what I'm doing wrong.

  90. Joyce Mashburn

    So sad, but so beautiful. I love Chris Stapleton.

  91. Lee Orwin

    Man don't do a bad song enough said...........

  92. tina fontenot

    I've never heard this song before. In one hour, at 2 pm, we'll unplug my daddy from life support. I have never experienced such a crushing blow before.

  93. Shawn Monzingo

    It's been 20 years and it still hurts like it was yesterday. I love you and miss you Dad!!

  94. Dat YapenChicken

    My old man worked on the rigs in Alaska. I grew up to become a Refinery Operator and my brother is a lead Diesel Mechanic at a mine. All are pretty rough occupations but the old man taught us to say thanks to the Lord for everything we have. He's definitely one of the most Christian people I know. Hope I can live up when the time comes.

  95. Alexandre Fagundes


  96. Jesus Bocardo

    Is Chris a christian?