Chris Stapleton - A Simple Song Lyrics

Lately things are on my mind
Good news is hard to find
And I work on the factory line
And all I do is stay behind
Call my mama like I should
She says daddy ain't doing too good
Me and him should wet a line
Just can't seem to find the time

But I love my life
Man it's something to see
It's the kids and the dogs and you and me
It's the way it's alright
When everything goes wrong
It's the sound of a slow simple song

I finally saved some money up
'Til I had to fix my truck
Talked to brother the other day
He didn't have too much to say
Tryna quit these cigarettes
I can't seem to kick em yet
Sister got laid off last fall
And I got high cholesterol

But I love my life
Man it's something to see
It's the kids and the dogs and you and me
It's the way it's alright
When everything goes wrong
It's the sound of a slow simple song

But I love my life
Man it's something to see
It's the kids and the dogs and you and me
It's the way it's alright
When everything goes wrong
It's the sound of a slow simple song

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Chris Stapleton A Simple Song Comments
  1. Skits Wish

    Zakk Mylde

  2. Patricia Parrard

    bonita voz

  3. Beau Herrin

    love this man and cherish him. He is the most special thing to me. I love him. His songs mean so much to me and get me through hard times. I need this man. God bless you Chris.

  4. Nelson Rowland

    *3.2 million views 345 comments smh*

  5. Keith Borns

    This is Country Soul with Grit that transcends crossover barriers by penetrating the heart to make you feel the music and words.

  6. Carolina R.

    C💖H💖R💖I💖S💖 STAPLETON 😍🤠🤗😌😍😍🤗🤗😍🤠🤗😍😍

  7. Bryan Gonzales

    I don't like most new country but this is GOOD MUSIC !!

  8. Clint Mazyn

    Got to see this man live again... Just want him to come to a simple bar to play a few simple songs... Great talent keep it up Chris

  9. Dave Emmett

    Chris stapleton is on a different level, unbelievable song writer, and what a voice, amazing song after amazing song, love the man

  10. weston wells

    To quote another song of his, when I here this song "sometimes I cry"

  11. becca nicklow

    My son is one month old and listening to this song is one of the main things that calms him down!!! Chris Stapleton is by far one of the best singers out there !!!

  12. Camacho Amoateng

    i wish this song had a video so we can how the lyrics can relate.

  13. Kylie Pollert

    0:06-0:09 is exactly how "The House That Built Me" starts out

  14. Misur Obando

    Beautiful song

  15. Debbie Meldrum

    First time hearing it. Incredible song Thank you again Mister Stapleton

  16. Noel Medina

    Led Zeppelin anyone!! Going to California?!?!

  17. bassmaster117

    Saved some money up, till I had to fix my truck. Story of my life and a half

  18. Matt Talbert

    Pretty much an angel in disguise god promised love peace and joy out off all that was promised love was most important love on

  19. Scott Goulet

    I love my life
    Man it's something to see
    It's the kids and the dogs and you and me
    It's the way it's alright when everything goes wrong
    It's the sound of a slow simple song.

  20. shinobi179

    Gosh, this is deep and profound. Simply amazing.

  21. James Ward

    fuck my ass hole

    James Ward

    delete this

  22. Greg Sovine

    Saw him Saturday, absolutely amazing. He has more talent in his pinky than most of the stuff you hear on the radio today.

  23. Zeducation

    This is by far my favorite song of his

  24. Neil

    Really enjoy this man, but pretty much a modern version of Kenny Rogers for all you who might have forgotten who he is. ☺

  25. NC RC


  26. Daniel H.

    I know it's a strange comparison, but Chris makes me think of a Male Stevie Nicks. Songs that enchant you. Seemingly singing, of your own personal journey. This man is golden and the rare blessing of a good wife is something that gives a man hope. Yet validation within himself. CHRIS I love your gift bro, thanks for sharing it with us. 😎🤘

  27. Tito Vazquez

    "Finally saved some money up, until I had to fix my truck"
    I felt that

  28. Carolina R.

    Chris Stapleton is a DIAMOND 💜💜❤️ 👏🏻👏🏼👏🏾👏🏿👏🏽👏🏻👏🏼👏🏾👏🏿👏🏽👏🏻👏🏾👏🏾👏🏿👏🏽👏🏻👏🏼👏🏾👏🏿👏🏽👏👏🏻👏🏼👏🏾👏🏻👏🏼👏🏾👏🏻👏🏼👏🏾👏🏽👏🏽👏🏻👏🏼👏🏾👏🏿👏🏽

  29. Austin Lynch

    Does anyone have any idea what song the very beginning guitar part of this song reminds you of? It’s stuck in my head but I can’t remember it.

    Austin Lynch

    lisa benecke lol idk. I can almost remember it. I wanna say it’s a patriotic song. But I can’t put my finger on it

  30. Gerardo Sanchez

    Good Good music!!!!!

  31. Logan Howell

    a simple song of growing old.

  32. Carolina R.

    Love this song 👏🏻👏🏿👏🏼👏🏽👏🏻👏🏾👏🏻👏🏻👏🏽👏🏿👏🏼👏🏾👏🏾👏🏻👏🏻👏🏽👏🏿👏🏼👏🏽 Thanks Chris Stapleton💚💚❤️💜

  33. Carolina R.

    🌹👑🌹 KING 👑🌹👑

  34. Troy Willis

    This song puts a lump in my throat. I can't see how it has 600 dislikes. Y'all are missing somethin in your soul.

  35. Troy Willis

    Out of all the guys in the Nashville industry, I respect this guy the most. Alot of big names are who they are because of this guys songwriting. Why the hell was he a back up in Luke Bryans band? Really Nashville?

  36. Mak Siccar

    Every song is an instant classic. This guy is a living legend.

    Carolina R.


  37. Josh McKee

    Thanks so much for this. I relate to this more than you know. Great song. Great artist 👍

  38. Richard Stilwell

    First time hearing the song holy shit

    Richard Stilwell

    Been on Stapleton for years how did I just stumble upon thos

  39. Gina Wyatt

    Could be simple, yet how many people wake up every day & appreciate being alive, the gift of life, how precious it is?

  40. Michelle Kingsley

    Love Chris Stapleton’s voice and his lovely wife’s voice backing him up! This is a beautiful song. The little things, the simple things truly are our greatest blessings.

  41. Shiftyhenry

    This is country music like it should be

  42. 1735mike

    Wow , he just performed this at the acms Wow. Sounded so fucking great. How someone else could even have a chance next to him is beyond me. What a beautiful soul. Rock on Chris. You inspire us all. Thank you.

  43. Ron Griffith

    ACM awards right?

  44. Ricardo Palomino

    I'm a Mexican who grew up in the hard streets of chicago. In that area of the world country music mite as well be a foreign language. But this Stapleton guy I tell you. He can reach you. I'll drink some modelos to that.

  45. marley kate

    chris stapleton will forever remind me of my dad

  46. paul petherbridge

    best musician iv heard in years smooth and soothing music and relaxing

  47. Barb Shelton

    Chris and Morgan have it all going on. Great song.

  48. Mr Batman

    They played this at my dads funeral

  49. mi qui


  50. little_chris_rm

    chris songs haveeverything a country song will need to have. so hard to pick top 10 song
    1) i need you love
    2) a simple song
    3) tennessee whiskey

    3) without your love
    4) traveller
    5) parachute
    6) fire away
    7) drink a beer
    8) millionarie
    9) friendship
    10) nobody to blame

  51. Carolina R.

    TRUE TALENT 🎸🎸🎸👏🏼👏🏼👏👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💚💚🇧🇷

  52. Amaya Hehehehhehehehe

    Sound like an angel

  53. Carolina R.

    💚💚💚🇧🇷 God bless you CHRIS STAPLETON 💚❤️❤️❤️❤️💜

  54. Mike Beasley

    As of February 18, 2019 CHRIS STAPLETON is the #1 Country Artist according to BILLBOARD! Keep buying his music and requesting his songs so we can help him save the Country music that we know and love. I vote for a new music genre! CHRIS STAPLETON.

  55. Uchiha 77

    This song is amazing

  56. Gary Duncan

    This IS MY LIFE! He doesnt just touch on it,he bends it til it breaks the flow of tears loose and send them down my face and pulls on my heart strings for goodness sake!

  57. Gary Duncan

    Hey Chris,if you ever read these comments, I'd Love to catch up to you sometimes and have a painting session in word art. Ive wrote my whole life and no one ever seemed to care to "see" the pictures Ive painted. I almost stopped at your old high school in Paintsville one time to drop off some material to your band teacher.....never did. It was gonna be my helicopter on your front lawn showballs chance in hell. Now this is..... My name is Gary Duncan. From NC,livin in WV. I will respond,if you ever reach out.GOD Bless You my friend. Love what you do O:)

  58. Shawn Gray

    If u do something nice for some ?
    Perhaps u should not throw bull shit at the
    It's tasty to

  59. Israel Pereira Nantes


  60. Hannah S

    Get this man to 1,000,000 come on people, he's amazing!!

  61. Shane Temple

    Is this considered "Americana"?

  62. Larry Martin

    Another twenty yrs on that assembly line, kids will soon be done with college and gone but this music will still be playing through my speakers. Timeless...

  63. Amy Harrington

    Love his music 💜😏

  64. Torres Ella

    Yeah we heard this song daily during the summer ,we miss u an love you Noah an i

  65. Carolina R.


  66. James Davis

    His music makes me feel like everything is going to be alright even tho it crumbles little by little

    Keep smiling

  67. Carolina R.

    Wow 🙌

  68. Amelia Katherine

    I lost my dad in 2014. He was only 42 and I 18. He's been listening to Chris since he was in the steeldrivers. Every Chris song reminds me of him. His name was also Chris and almost every song Chris has, is one my dad would've written too. He was a musician too and had lead a life so similar to Chris'. I miss him everyday and some days, Chris' music is hard to listen to, even if he is one of my favorite musicians. This song speaks to me so much, I cry every time. I can't explain how much I connect to it and how much my dad would've loved this song. I'm hoping to a get tattoo with some lyrics from this song and see Chris in concert. Something my dad never got to. I don't know why I'm writing this, this song just makes me very nostalgic. 🖤

    Mackey Mac

    Amelia your post just touched me. I accept my mortality, but I am not looking forward to losing my folks. I hope you are blessed and prosperous in your future. God Bless You. My condolences to your family and dear father.
    Mikey MC

    Amelia Katherine

    @Mackey Mac Thank you so much. :) Wishing you the best

  69. MPK112233

    Not my genre..but I caught this on the radio. Excellent track..I'm happy I caught the name of it so I was able to look it up.

  70. David Cervantes

    When he says, " it's the kids and the dogs, and u and me" I don't know y but that part hit me......😔🔥

  71. SomeReallyUniqueName

    Very similar to Mark Knopfler songs (that is a good thing), yet I am at a loss to put my finger on the style. Not country nor bluegrass ... But none the less great

  72. dave reece

    He can pull right on the heart strings, I hope he don’t go anywhere anytime soon. County music desperately needed this man.

  73. Music I.S Mya Scape

    I can’t believe anyone would give this song a thumbs down

  74. Carolina R.

    AMAZING💫💫 💫💫💫

  75. jonysoares150

    My name is Jony, from Brazil.
    I´m your fan.

  76. Carolina R.

    Love your voice Chris 🌹

  77. Carolina R.

    STAR 💖

  78. Joe Hall

    Ppl didn’t even realize the TALENT this MAN has on an ACOUSTIC GUITAR!!! Sit down and try to play one of his songs, pretty much every song will make your FINGERS BLEED! He’s not given near enough respect for that alone. Every song might not a hit but I can say this you’ll have hell trying to fill his shoes on an acoustic

  79. Carolina R.

    Love this song 🙏🙏 Beautiful 👏👏👏💜

  80. jose pineda

    I see ChRis Stapleton- I click and Listen. Never fails !

  81. jose pineda

    I see ChRis Stapleton- I click and Listen. Never fails !

  82. Mandy Moo

    And herein lies the proof that the man can sing about anything and make it sound amazing. High cholesterol... I mean, who else could do it? :) :) :)

  83. Joshua Jones

    I've never heard such an outstanding, amazing song depicting the life of the average man, one with struggle, just getting by, but keeping his head up. I have no words to say, except "marvelous".

  84. Iris Parrish

    Voice is so amazing👌🏽 have this song on repeat

  85. Nickolas Green Outdoors

    amazing music, what country actually sounds like

  86. Michael Gillespie

    Thank you sir!

  87. Drew Ward

    I really expected a Shins cover here...

  88. Rekayi Tsokodayi

    Simply beautiful

  89. misti vansteenwyk

    this song is amazing I lisn to it at school I love it man you need to sing more😍😍😍😍😍

  90. Cody Bender

    Great song

  91. Krunkias original

    this is what real country music is supposed to sound like


    Before I saw your comment I said the same thing I'm not even much of a country music fan of the stuff of today.

  92. Ron Leach

    Damn I wish I could play this for my dad, he would have absolutely loved it.


    much love brother

  94. Sheila Barron

    Chris ya make things Simple💙

  95. Carolina R.

    Love you Chris ☺😍😍🙌🙌🙌

  96. Letha Campbell

    Check out Kendall marvel. He wrote either way and numerous other songs that I guarantee you have heard. His music is real and his voice is kick ass

  97. cecilge caudill

    best song I ever heard in my life I miss those days maybe one day family will take me back cause we had exactly that Thanx to Mr Stapleton for real can't wait to see him back in KY for long

  98. Tukitaper

    Lovely song!! Thank’s a lot
    I sub, to your Chanel, i invite to mine . I’ll apreciate!!👍😊