Chris Norman - All Alone Lyrics

All alone I wandered through this town
It feels so far from home
All alone this feeling gets me down
My heart is not my own we've come too far

Everyday I wake and think of you
Wishing you were here
'Cos only you can thrill me like you do
I need to feel you near inside my arms

Oh you and me we fit together perfectly
And all I wanna do tonight is feel you loving me

My heart and me we think about you day and night
And if loving you this much is wrong
Why does it feel so right

All alone I wonder where you are
And what you're doing now
All alone I play on my guitar
And try to write it down
This way I feel
All alone, all alone

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Chris Norman All Alone Comments
  1. Janina Kulikowska

    Okey jak zawsze dopracowane. ♥️🎈🇵🇱

  2. Aladdin Ward

    In all i do every breath of me....iam always loving you and thinkin of you...and never stop praying and hoping that one day i can sleep,hug and sip you till the sun set comes....i love you...

  3. evelina janoskova

    Moc hezká písnička**********

  4. TheFalcobal

    All humans was remembers a songs of Chris... its classic of rock-n-roll. We are remember you! Great Thanks! We are LOVE YOU!