Chris Martin - Na Na Na Lyrics

Martin hi no
Oh na, na, na, naw, na
Oh na, na, na, naw, na

When yo
When yooooo
Len your hands on my shoulder tonight
Yea and make sure
And make sure
Make sure to keep me satisfied girl

Oh na, na, na, naw, na
Gyal a you mi want mi no want no other
Crass over the seven seas no other girl fi me
Gyal you wip mi wid di na, na, na

Oh na, na, na, naw, na
Gyal a you mi prefer yes a you mi rather
Gyal you got me weak in a mi knees
Up to know mi cyan believe
How you wip mi wid di na, na, na

Girl not a single day goes by that I don't think of you
Girl you know we look good together
Baby your so beautiful
You go me here you got me hooked on you
I hope you hooked on me
And if I look like am day dreaming girl your the reason

And girl you keep on rewinding my mind
And meck mi brain just a work over time
You know yo hooked mi
You know yo hooked mi
Wid a body that look so divine
And girl you keep on rewinding my mind
And meck mi brain just a work over time
You know yo hooked mi
You know yo hooked mi
Wid a body that look so divine

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