Chris LeDoux - Sweet Wyoming Home Lyrics

There's a silence on the prairie; That a man can't help but feel
Shadows growing longer now; Nipping at my heels
I know that soon that old four-lane; That runs beneath my wheels
Will take me home; to my Sweet Wyoming Home.

I headed down the road last summer; With a few good friends of mine
They all hit the money, Lord; I didn't make a dime.
The entry fees they took my dough; the travlin' took my time;
And I'm headed home; to my Sweet Wyoming Home

Watch the moon; smiling in the sky
Hum a tune; Prairie lullaby;
Hear the wind; And old coyoties cry
A song of home; Sweet Wyoming Home

Now the rounders they all wish you luck; When they know you're in a jam
But your money's ridin' on the bull; And he don't give a damn
Well there's shows in all the cities; Cities turn your heart to clay
Takes all a man can muster; Just to try and get away
The songs I'm used to hearin'; Ain't the kind the jukebox play
And I'm headed home; To my Sweet Wyoming Home

Well I've always loved the ridin'; There ain' t nothing quite the same
Another year might bring me luck; Win in another game
There's a magpie on a fencerail; That's callin' out my name
And he calls me home, To my Sweet Wyoming Home

Watch the moon; smiling in the sky
Hum a tune; Prairie lullaby;
Hear the wind; And old coyoties cry
A song of home; Sweet Wyoming Home
It's a song of Home, Sweet Wyoming Home

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Chris LeDoux Sweet Wyoming Home Comments
  1. Vernell Begay

    Made it here to Cheyenne a few days ago. I feel so Welcome here. People are nice and down to earth country people. Love this song

  2. Brian Scott

    I'm from Colorado but I love Wyoming it's my new home it feels like Colorado back in the day

  3. plumberjoe80

    A real cowboy.

  4. sing song

    I've always wanted to visit...

  5. Tim Trimble

    5 people have NO taste in music at all

    Hamilton Porter

    When I was turning 7, I told my parents I wanted a guitar for my birthday. I only started playing because of this guy.

  6. Chris Hiett

    Was blessed to see him in 95....

  7. nmelkhunter1

    Great song about a great place by a real hand. Miss you Pard!

  8. Tim Olsen

    From Casper to the muddy side of the mountain, a lot of territory for a six year old boy. Wind you could soar in, horns toads in the pockets, arrowheads, horses and fishing and I won’t forget that pretty little plain Jane called Jane, I’d walk across Wyoming just to say hi. I left a well spent piece of my heart, thank you for loving me!

  9. Crazy Talk

    Proud to be from Wyoming. My heart and soul will always be here, and when I return to the earth, it will be in Wyoming earth.

  10. Preston McCabe

    One of the many GREAT Chris Ledoux songs!

  11. Robert Plascencia

    even though am from el paso texas. my heart is in texas but my soul us in wyoming...

    Lew Lott

    I now like in Spokane WA but the best place I have ever lived was my 12 years in Cody WY

    Sam Sanchez

    Robert Plascencia , I too am in El Paso for the time being, spent two summers up in Esterbrook on a fire crew. I consider Wyoming my second home state after New Mexico. I loved every minute I was up there, the people are wonderful!

  12. Fordpower Tik

    I love Wyoming and always will