Chris LeDoux - Struggling Years Lyrics

We had our fill of old junk cars and unpaid bills
But our love was clear in the struggling years
Up against the world four young boys and our little girl
We fought life's fears in the struggling years
And hard times came easy and so did the tears
Strong were the ties that bound you and I in the struggling years

Time brought success and I always said you'd have the best
But the times we hold dear are the struggling years
And when the kids are grown and startin' out on their own
We'll miss them here and the struggling years
And hard times came easy...
Strong are the ties that bind you and I thank the struggling years

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Chris LeDoux Struggling Years Comments
  1. Bob Farmer

    I miss my friend but at least I would always have his music and his son is carrying on his tradition

  2. Samy Ismael

    The survival podcast brought me here.