Chris LeDoux - Seventeen Lyrics

When he was five years old his mom took him down to the round corral
To watch his dad work the young horse they called Smokey man did that horse buck
But his old dad just sat up there and rode him like there was nothin' to it
Right then the boy gained a whole new respect for the man
And from that day on he knew that when he grew up he wanted to be a cowboy

Seventeen cowboys' dreams ain't on fixin' fences
Once he's seen 'em ride in old Cheyenne
Ranch routine and his old man's schemes
This ain't where his heart is but you know his daddy understands
Noonday comes father and son sit down and eat their dinner
Beneath that big Wyoming sky
His daddy knows he's gotta let him go the boy can't be a winner
If he don't spread his wings and fly
And in his mind he's riding bulls down in Las Vegas
Soon he'll be on a train that leads to Santa Fe
Sweet voice of freedom echoes down the ages calls another cowboy on his way

Fencin's done and the morning sun finds him packed and ready
Momma kissed his cheek and then she went inside
His old man well he shook his hand said son you ride 'em pretty
Didn't see the tears that his momma cried
And in his mind he's riding...

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Chris LeDoux Seventeen Comments
  1. John Mortimer

    I grew up in the round pen with my dad

  2. Dave Wait

    i , WE shure dooo missss ya chris !!! i was so lucky to see be with you, i always think of them times ,i just smile !!!!!!!!, we are shure proud of your son ned !!! as he is doing AWSOME just like his GREATT FATHER was !!! AWSOME MEMERYS !!! as i thank you so much chris.

  3. Kayla Brown

    I love this song!

  4. Kayla Brown

    I love this song it is amazing!!

  5. Paul George

    Chris is a real cowboy

  6. Garett Hatch

    I love you, Chris, I wish you were still here.

  7. Zachary Zawadzke

    Chris leduex, gave me a guide to live my life with his music.Always wholesome and true to what a cowboy should be he was a true contributer to the legacy of cowboy!

  8. jeffreylynnpease

    I've always liked Chris. I think we should all thank George Strait for (at one time) keeping his music moving. Just me sayn. Who am I?

  9. Perry Lee

    Glad his son Ned is doing his best to carry on the music! Ned ledoux new recordings are good. Chris would be proud

  10. Coltin Lucas

    Chris has always wrote amazing songs. I go to Chris ledoux days every year, he is part of my life.we will always miss you chris

  11. Mr knuckles

    My God this stirs up something powerful and beautifully heartbreaking in me

  12. Stephen Davis

    In my humble opinion, this is the greatest rodeo song of all time. Pure genius.

  13. Larry Hinricksen


  14. Melissa Johnson

    There will never be another Chris LeDoux!

  15. Daniel Boisselier

    best song #2017

  16. Denae Hansen

    The world is forever blessed because of this man and his life and music! Rest in peace Chris❤

    Ty Randolph

    Denae Hansen I love your name😊 my favorite cousins name is d'nae and she's the sweetest! I also share your love for Chris ledoux! lol

    Amalio Ortiz

    I got to see him in concert many years ago. Was the best .

    Deborah crew

    My what a song

  17. sully Nichols72

    this song is for real cowboy's.thanks Chris

  18. Carla Rodgers

    nice steel guitar. great song! I loved your concert in Amarillo!.God bless you.

  19. Cool Kid

    Wow definition of my life right there- BUCKING HORSES- My dream- I'm 11

  20. Marcus Sparks

    That's Nacogdoches, Tx. See even talk in city has got my phone all rile'd up spelling wrong. Giddy Up!!

    Jason Prewitt

    Marcus Sparks center texas here

  21. Marcus Sparks

    His son's name is Austin you dumb ass! If ur ever leaving the city hoss and come to a sign that says Backgrounds, Tx go around please. We do three things here Ride Bulls, Kick Ass & Drink Cold Beer waiting on city folk...

  22. Bill Kettler

    Dakota Kettler, Dakota Linwood Kettler, Dakota L. Kettler

  23. Casie Lovell

    MY. father. David. is. rolled. bulls when. he. was. younger

  24. B. D. Olaivar

    people who are not cowboy folks will never get it. but Chris tells it as well as I'v ever heard. Ben

  25. Spencer Stears

    I love it !!

  26. Rod Cutler


  27. GrantH

    I think the keyboards during the verses are actually a nice touch. Purists might dislike it, but it definitely makes the song more atmospheric.

  28. Matthew Walsworth

    Love this song. It's almost Erie

  29. Mike Kobza

    Rip Chris this song is what young mans dream is all about being a cowboy and makin it happen with the support from his family

  30. christopher Vrablic

    Rip Chris my dad actually got his hot

    Rylee heath

    thats bullshit his son ned ledoux wears his dads hat dumbass


    you really think Chris only had one hat?? you make yourself look like the dumb ass go back to the city.

    Libertarian Savage

    I have a friend who has a hat with willie nelson's, chris ledoux's, garth brooks, President Eisenhower, and many other famous peoples autographs on it, his grandpa started working on it in 1945

  31. ClayDr eds Broadhead

    You wont find anybody more western than Chris Ledoux. Rip Chris.

    Rose Lee

    ClayDr eds Broadhead ned ledoux sounds alot like him, try listening to him



  33. Joe Light

    This isn't country music as we know it today. This is cowboy music and it is so much better than the shit that is popular now. There should be separate genres for this this because it is so much better.


    it is a separate genre... western not country.


    @***** sorry i respectfully disagree. western is very different from country. so i have to say there is good country and shit country.


    @***** clint black = good country florida georgia line= shit country for example. michael martin murphy, chris ledoux = western

    Rocky Ogle

    So true


    I rode rough stock awhile, and sucked the big one at it. as far as times go though, they were awesome. and this man more than others captured the life I lead at the time and history that brought it forth. Loved this man, most important cowboy of the modern times. kept the old songs alive.

  35. Johnny Hernandez

    I just wish todays youth could understand Chirs LeDoux and other musicans of his time made some beautiful music that touches the heart in one way or another.  I will have my children and grandchildren grow up with this playing 24/7. 


    some do im only 18

  36. FerrisBuelller

    Not much difference in rodeo and my ski racing when I was a teenager.  Long hours training/working.  Lots of travel getting to mts and events.  They are very close cousins in the sports world.  This song brings me right back there when I left home to ski race full time and head out west.  Never heard of Chris Ledoux until I moved to MT.  I was very fortunate to meet him in 2002.  He was and will always be one of my hero's.  RIP 

    Brent Boere

    FerrisBuelller it's similar to motorcycles and quads, too. We're all after that rush. I get it when I drive too. There's nothing like that feeling

  37. John Graffius

    Miss You Chris

  38. Jaime Powell

    missin Chris his music has been a huge part of my life

  39. Jim Peyton

    The I figure it, u have bullriders, barebakriders, and saddlebroc riders. And then you have the guys that say " I rode one". They aint got a clue. I did all 3 events. Best days of my life! Some days wish I could go back.

    Margaret Fox

    yes me too

    Jim Peyton

    I gave up rodeo awhile ago. every time I hear Chris, I have bad ideas. See if I still got the heart to do what used to give me so much pride. Man I miss them horses!

    Libertarian Savage

    starting in bareback finally as a competitor next year, I've been riding mean horses and steers since I was 10 (actually I had a spooky mare when I was 7 that would buck sometimes) but they won't let me ride in rodeo until im 16, so...

    Gilmer Monk

    I rode bareback horses and bulls. I would bullfight some too but my passion was bullriding. I never climbed on a saddle bronc. I saw a man get hung up in his stirrup and beat to death one night when I was a kid bullriding in an open pro show in Carthage Tx. Said right then I will never put my feet in then stirrups to ride saddle broncs.

  40. Mobetta Toon

    Its been my experience when someone says "Im a Bullrider" they usally don't know the difference between a bullrope and jumprope,, Im just sayin

    Tristan Kennell

    Mobetta Toon I'm what u say quite on quite a "bullrider" and I happen to know every well the difference between a bullrope and a jump rope one of those differences is a bullrider rope hads a rope handle in the center of it laced with leather laced throw it

    Will Record

    What brand rope

  41. Jen R

    Happy Birthday Levi. This one always reminds me of you... Wish we were teasin ya about gettin old instead of wishin you were here. I imagine you out riding fences doin what you loved. That's how I hope you are. RIP ol buddy...

  42. James Minchew

    One of the best songs ever chris should be in the pro rodeo hall of fame but not the same one he should be in

  43. Rippin' Lips

    GOD Bless Chris LeDoux!!!

  44. James Smith

    Cowboy is a glorified name for fence builder, and Chris knew it because he done it.

    Brent Boere

    James Smith farmers, dairymen, rodeo and ranchers are all Cowboys, in their own right, in my opinion.
    I wish I would've ridden some bulls or wild horses though. I bet there ain't nothing like that.

  45. dynaracer33

    One of my favorite Chris Ledoux songs ever

  46. Cooper Christensen

    Chris ledoux is awesome!

  47. Brian Esslinger

    To: Ronnie Esslinger. I hope you understand my son.

  48. Brian Esslinger

    I miss Chris!

  49. Tucker Miller

    just go on the prca website and they should have permit applications

  50. Tucker Miller

    Buying my pro card when i turn 18 in may and taking off on my own

  51. Tucker Miller

    This song hits so close to home for me buying my pro card in

  52. ron brown

    I live my life from one trip to Wyoming to the next!

  53. Shannon Svenson

    Wow.....Somtimes I miss this guy more than ever!! Him and his music was such a big part of my growing up life!
    Thank You Chris !!

    Shannon Svenson
    Hermosa, SD

  54. Chris T

    i love this song it means alot

  55. Team Roper14

    wow, i dont think any song has ever touched me like this one thanks for uploading it

  56. Cody Smith

    this song reminds me about myself but i started riding jr bulls at 14 and i was a cowboy ever since i was born **7th Generation Cowboy**