Chris LeDoux - Old Paint Lyrics

I ride an old paint I lead an old Dan
I'm off to Montan' for to throw the hooley ann
They feed in the coulees they water in the draw
Their tails're all matted their backs're all raw
Ride around little dogies ride around slow the fiery and snuffy are raring to go
Bill Johns had two daughters Bill Johns had a song
One went to Denver and the other went wrong
His wife she died in a poolroom fight
Still he keeps singing from morning till night
Ride around little dogies ride around then slow the fiery and snuffy are raring to go

When I die take my saddle from the wall put it on my pony lead him out of the stall
Throw my bones on his back turn our faces to the west
And we'll ride the prairie that we love the best
Ride around little dogies ride around then slow the fiery and snuffy are raring to go

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Chris LeDoux Old Paint Comments
  1. Suzie Paris

    Who TH gives this a thumbs down

  2. Harry Bawlsack

    Sleep tight forever Rush Royale. Thank you.

  3. TheDanzTeacher

    The life city people will never understand. Thanks Chris, and yes you are missed.

  4. Calfroper 123

    This world never deserved chris ledoux we were lucky to have him. R.I.P Chris

  5. Nanci Strunk

    This song is also about a man who always knew who and what he was and how to get back home. He was as faithful to his own self, family as his horse was to him. God bless.

  6. Marcus Reis


  7. Gilmer Monk

    I miss hearing new tunes Chris. Hope you're up there sawing down broncs in heaven

  8. cobe stenzel

    I misse chris and my horse every day

  9. Nanci Strunk

    He found your way home again. Your playing for Jesus now, but will hear you once again. Thank you for your songs and life. May God Bless and keep you.

  10. Bill Allmon

    Sing it live it

  11. Bill Allmon

    Cant beat the best

  12. picassogilamonster

    Wonderful song!

  13. Randall Packer

    I can't find this song anywhere except YouTube. Does it have a different name on Spotify etc.? Or is there a place i can find just the audio?

    Denis Bailey

    this song is on spotify it is in his old cowboy classics album

  14. Shannon Martin

    My husband's father had a good black paint horse and it died a couple months ago .My sons loved Chris and the horse

  15. lawrence jump

    Reminds me of my horse pilgrim.he is old now ,but has been a good one.

  16. Natália Guimarães

    Quem veio pela música de Conrado e Aleksandro? 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  17. Corey Nash

    My pops funeral song, old hardass ringer from way back hat comes off for this song. RIP Warwick Jennings see you for a jack Daniel's later on pop.

  18. Bill Allmon

    The horse in the swimming hole looks like hes having a good time to big grin on his face

  19. travleer1

    My favorite song and I couldnt tell you why. It hits all the right notes for me and I can't help but cry every time. Every horse that got me home when I was done for and every experience where I went astray.

  20. grioghair macgrioghair

    my dogs and horses will do for me ,i can trust then cant say the same bout people

  21. E.A.R.

    Are the 58 thumbs down dislikes satan worshippers..?

    Irene Gardner

    must be!

  22. Liberty Construction

    One of the most underrated artists but one of the best in my opinion!!!

  23. Daniel Lawson

    Wyoming is may way home

  24. Curtus Smith

    I lost my horse yesterday. Today we buried that old mare. With her I buried the saddle pad I always used with her. I also cut off a chunk of her mane and tied it to my saddle. She will always be with me where ever I ride. Her name was Comanche. I called her blue tho

  25. Richard Broxton

    This is the best song I don't know why people disliked this song

  26. Ян

    Удивительная музыка! Америка, чти своих Героев!
    Amazing music! America, honor your Heroes!

  27. kunekune

    A good horse, a good dog...a man couldn't find more true and loyal friends.

  28. Donna Keeley

    This ole roan, knows the way home...

  29. B Rabbit

    first time I've ever hear this song...BEAUTIFUL..DAMN RIGHT

  30. Vickie Fulford

    I love love love this song and I have always loved horses.

  31. Proud Gun Owner

    The song me of a cowboy friend of mine who passed away. We buried him in his pasture, and his horse wouldn't leave the grave, the bond we share with horses are forever.

  32. Antash X1

    i love this song

  33. Dot Kucz

    Chris knew how to sing a real cowboy song and it was country as you could get. Love you, Chris

  34. snuka_ 420

    37 people with a Van Gogh ear for music...

  35. LoL LoL

    Riding back from town tonight
    I don't need the trail moonlight
    This old horse knows his way home
    I don't have to touch the reins
    He's right on track just like a train
    This old horse knows his way home
    This old horse knows his way home
    He waits faithfully to save me
    From poker games and painted ladies
    This old horse knows his way home
    And when my heart or pay is gone
    I climb up and just hold on
    This old horse knows his way home
    This old horse knows his way home
    Cowboy blues fade to black
    In an old bunkhouse rack
    And so I whistle back in the saddle again
    Cowboy blues fade to black
    In an old bunkhouse rack
    And so I whistle back in the saddle again
    Riding back from town tonight
    I don't need the trail moonlight
    This old horse knows his way home
    This old horse knows his way home
    This old horse knows his way home

  36. James Neuzil

    I miss you my friend.
    I'm looking forward to seeing Ned and the boy's at Kaycee this weekend.
    It takes me back to the days when we were young going to rodeos.

  37. 08shortstop

    cowboys love horses, write songs about 'em.

  38. mongoou812

    cheater n renfrow  peace and much much love mongo

  39. Bill Crossen

    When your old crusty cowboy boot breaks the sage first thing in the morning you know it will be great day.

  40. weejams

    A horse is more than just an animal. If you have ever worked with them then you know. Not work with them but actually worked with them as equals like a cutting horse then you know.

    Seriously the horse know though even though you may not. I mean I will put a horse right along with a dog. I have both and both will tell me if something is a threat coming into camp. And I pay attention. When you live around bears and wolves then you better trust your friend's instincts. They depend on me for food and I depend on them too.

    Sometimes and or some people like to live in the wilds. The way I figure I would rather face a Grizzly bear with not gun than get shot during a drive by. Both are animals. One is trying to protect itself and or eat and the other just kills for the joy of it. I would rather be eaten than shot standing on a street corner. If eaten I can com out as a turd and everyone will have to smell me, LOL. But seriously though.

    Cobb Knobbler

    Sorry to break it to you, but a horse is an animal. That's what a horse is. Horses are not even remotely close to being the only animals with the qualities you describe.

  41. David Lemke

    ya and he took me there

  42. OL' Skool Loggin

    R.I.P. World Champ

  43. sully Nichols72

    the last true cowboy➿

  44. Ян

    Good song!

  45. Cathy Childs Morrison

    My daddy did some survey work in northern Canada back in the early forties. He rode quarter horses, he called 'em RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) horses. Said they were so smart you didn't need the reins, just your knees. Drop the reins and they went back to camp. My daddy's dad was a veterinarian in the Canadian North West, Alberta. He went to war back when horses figured big. I have horses in my blood. Just discovered Chris LeDoux this morning. Hooked!

  46. sully Nichols72

    a true cowboy

  47. Michael Hoffman

    I think we all had horses we wish we could have back again I know I had my share of horses I wish I could have back again.

  48. kvly29

    I'm so thankful my step dad brought me to Chris's music. RIP my step dad. RIP Chris LeDoux

  49. Brad Sprau

    Wow what a song.  Have a horse like that myself.  So lucky

  50. W Walker

    Amazing song I love these lyrics rip LeDoux your gone but not forgotten

  51. Christine Clark

    this song is sad

    Trygve Gunnerson

    Sad but good

  52. Alejandro Montolivo

    is the country music real my favorite country star RIP LeDoux.

  53. Darth Dovahkiin

    A real modern day cowboy, are terribly missed

    Corey Nash

    My pops funeral song still brings tears, hat comes off to the tough old wringer

  54. Nick Mullins

    I love your music so much, I met your son once in south Dakota, good kid. you are the definition of a cowboy to me, god rest your soul!

    Ryan Callis

    Nick Mullins you da man

  55. Betty Vehrs

    Chris, there was an Alaskan horseshoer named Dennis Muggas that loved your music. He worked for 30 years until his body was all used up shoeing horses. He committed suicide so as not to be dependant on anyone in his old age. He loved your music.

    Sarah Hoffman

    Betty Vehrs this is the same with my father. He was a cowboy in Arizona and US Marine. He chose suicide as his body was falling apart and couldn't stand not doing what he loved and people taking care of him. Thanks for sharing. This was one of his favorite songs and artists.

    Gary Davis

    @Sarah Hoffman Sarah, that was touching, but are strong!

  56. brooklyn rainey

    I love the horses

  57. brooklyn rainey


  58. brooklyn rainey

    I love his songs

  59. stecklein7

    He had a BIG heart

    Garon Johnson

    stecklein7 seems like maybe the biggest

  60. Posh Bird Studios

    I want a paint horse then imma name it paint chip and just call em chip.

  61. Joy Reese

    who would give this song a dislike? *rollseyes*

    This is a sweet, sweet song in memory of a good horse. I lost my horse yesterday to colic, and ya know, he was one of the best ♡♡

    tow mater

    Joy Stromberg I love the song . Had a horse just like er .

    Sophia Mangusso

    That sucks

    pennuttpotat0 0

    Ditto. My big paint died Monday of colic.
    That's what brought me here. Song makes me cry every time.

  62. Adela Henninger

    Thank you for sharing this amazing song and the amazing man who brought it to life! And God bless all of those horses who really do know their way home and get us there safely, every time. RIP Midnight Lace.

  63. Cody rice

    I've been listening to Chris all day. 11 years ago today he left this earth far to early. He's still riding up in heaven. RIP Chris, you are missed.

  64. Rune Åmodt

    11 years today R.I.P

    Coltin Lucas

    +Rune Åmodt i cried

    Ron Fox

    Rune Åmodt
    I have some amazing memories of Chris and the boys. Some of the best days of my life. RIP

  65. cassidy hiber

    Love this song!

  66. Ricardo Alejandro

    Love you Chris LeDeux!

  67. Johnny Robinson

    amazing song!

  68. Shanna Smith

    love the song and the pics

  69. Kurt Dennison

    dang , this reminds me of those days long ago when it was only my beloved horse and I riding back to my house at night. hmmmm memories

  70. Jacqueline Stewart

    Thank this is a God Gifted Talent. One of my most favorite songs!

  71. Ruckle Jarrod

    Ledoux never did a bad song to bad he was taken from Earth

  72. DN bam balam

    What a amazing gift god gave Chris!! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  73. rodeorockr9

    Probably my favorite song by him. R.I.P. Chris Ledoux

  74. Michael Nagel

    Old paint, what a beautiful song! I love your music but this one ist my favorite since many years.

    We have to leave our "old paint" Percy this year in the age of 33. He was'nt a paint but he was such a horse that you're meaning i think.

    May god bless you Chris and rest in peace!


    Esta música é uma das minhas preferidas.

  76. Tammy Ellison

    Still miss Chris.  Great song, wonderful images. Miss my horses.

  77. Mike Watson

    Not about the color, its about connection. I feel for yall who never had that or never even saw a horse in person :) You really missed somethin special :) I sing to mine on long rides. and they sing along in their own way. Hope everyone finds that kinda trust and love :) I think most horse folk know what I mean :) btw.. Thanks for postin Kyle.. Great song :)

    dark matter gameplay

    mike that was nice i do not have a horse yet but me and my gma used to live on a farm with pigs and shit i now how it feels, nice words

    Roger Johnson

    I use to sing to mine and my dog, seemed to keep them settle, they liked Merle Haggard, long time ago

    Joe Davis

    Mike Watson who hasn't seen a horse


    You bond with a good horse is something that's never forgotten. Mine was a mare named Bella - she was my friend and a damned fine animal.

    Irene Gardner

    So true - Mine was a quarterhorse named Spice.  We had that special bond - I used to read to her cowboy paperbacks.  She was my Search & Rescue Posse horse.  Love you still, Little Girl.

  78. Matt .carpenter

    hey nanner w. i think your thinking of the buckskin lady

  79. mongoou812

    cheater my friend to the end @ the cause of it all RIP live love learn pass it on smile somebody loves u peace 2 all mk

  80. Stacy Jones

    If you don't like this song. Seek HELP.....

    Lone Wolf

    The only "help" we can provide is Lead Treatment.


    So why are you even here. If you havent known the friendship of a good horse and a good dog, you havent really lived..

    David Elkins

    Seeking help it sucks

  81. Nanner W.

    This wasn't the song I was looking for.. nice discovery

  82. quick1088

    Paints are awesome horses. A paint started me on a journey I will never forget. Thank you, girl. Dont worry, she is still alive and well, but this journey is just incredible, and I have her to thank for it.!

  83. Kaycee Conder

    Niiiiiiiiiiiice. One awesome song.

  84. José Venâncio Cuba

    R.I.P. Chris !

  85. Dan Coletti

    Sure would love to share this to F.B.this is a beautiful compilation, timeless.

  86. Mary Weidn

    God bless you Chris.

  87. Annie Pantier

    Actually the other Old Paint is a traditional old cowboy song.

  88. HorsesAreMyWings

    This song describes my dad's horse Mickey

  89. BarTRanch

    I like Chris songs so much....

  90. BarTRanch

    I love all horses.....

  91. taylodyl000

    I love this song i've played it ten times in a row it still gets to me

  92. dwwilliams72

    He had two called Old Paint. Other was from Old Cowboy Classics

  93. Nanner W.

    This isn't the Old Paint song that I know.

  94. Nathan Earl

    i love this song..Rip Chris Ledoux