Chris LeDoux - Let The Leather Crack Lyrics

There's years and roads and friends he'll never see again
He'll never hit that dust and feel them busty bones again
There won't be no more ladies shinin' buckles dancin' slow
When he packs his riggin one last time quits this rodeo

And it's good-bye for good this time
He's gonna let that leather crack just like the past he's left behind
Growin' old Lord don't you know it's just a waste of time

He's quit rodeo before and he's come back again
Cause there's something in the ridin' makes the fallin' worth the pain
There's a pride in knowin' that you can take a chance
But its sadder when you finally find its never gonna last


So I guess he'll work some stable sweatin' hired out
To some young fool that ain't seen half the past he's leavin' now
That feller will watch him work just like he thinks he's half a man
And he'll spend his evenings dreamin' he could ride them bulls again


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Chris LeDoux Let The Leather Crack Comments
  1. Mark Howard

    the sheet

  2. Merle Yazzilla

    Buck one out...
    I dare you Ol Son!!!

  3. Mark Howard

    great man 2 or more times rodeo champion Chris LeDoux Rodeo music began died of Cancer 02


    He only won the championship once in 1976 and died in 2005.

  4. Patriot West

    Another one of my favorite songs of Chris's !! Man the the miles I spent hitting rewind on this song, he'll the whole album !! Haha. Wow the memories.

  5. deborah eagle

    loving this

  6. Denae Hansen

    I love this man!!!! He is my happy place in a crazy world! Thank you Chris Ledoux❤

  7. travis clack

    any thumbs down doesn't like country at all this is honest music

  8. Jimmy Lost

    me and my cousin were young bull riding tornadoes in 90s and in the 2000s we both went pro! would not trade those days for a pot of gold!


    I was a college steer wrestler. I was probably the worst in my region. First steer I ever caught cost me 8 stitches. I finally got a belt buckle though. I would not trade those days for anything.

    Jimmy Lost

    +utubecenseorstruth Dang right!!!!

  9. Donald Pierson

    love his music.

  10. saddlerlew

    This song was written by a friend of mine named Forrest Smith, when he lived in Nashville. I sold tapes and CD's for Chris in the 80's, before the Garth Brooks thing. Chris was a great guy, and a great entertainer. In private he was humble, and quiet spoken. On stage, a dynamo. 18 albums before "Too Young to Feel This Damned Old" brought his name to the world's attention. I'vbe always said I've successfully gone broke at least three times, trying to get the world to listen to good western music!


    I actually like his older music like this better than most of the new music. I cant believe none of them went Gold. There are lots of cowboys out there. This is one of my favorite songs as it reminds me of when rodeo was over for me after college.


    Well, I guess that at this point, I'm just a waste of time, but Forrest is still around. I'm still making music, and doing small time shows. Life is okay.

  11. suntzuwarsword1964

    The best

  12. agassizbeekeeper

    I remember buying Chris's tapes when the only place you could find them was on the rodeo grounds. That was good times back then!

  13. Lynn Tyree

    I saw him in concert before he died he was awesome one of the best concerts I was ever at or will very go to...I was on front row and he was just fantastic!

  14. hawkeye142

    This is a real cowboy song !

  15. Eric Tierney

    pendelton roundup has some pics I think

  16. DobermansRock

    Chris was the real deal.

  17. utubecenseorstruth

    I only did rodeo for 2 years in college and this song is so true. I will never see several old frieds again. People dont get what rodeo can mean to you unless you have done it. Even if its only a year.

  18. Deborah Dyess

    i only recently discovered this man but he is great. thanks for all you post. i prefer older country artists but i like him very much

  19. thisolcowboy chris

    @maddysman21 amen to that partner

  20. MrDex2727

    @maddysman21 Chris passed in 2002

    Luke Williams

    MrDex2727 Chris passed in 2005

  21. Shauna Colgan

    @maddysman21 I mean it was re-released on cd in 2007 after being converted to that format from the old tapes

  22. Shauna Colgan

    @hopecheyenne10 The original was in 1978 and the re-recorded version in 2007

  23. hopecheyenne10

    When was this song released?

  24. MrDex2727

    Awesome song