Chris LeDoux - I Do It For Me Lyrics

Meet a rodeo cowboy in Billings killing time trading stories and beer
And asked him how he made a living riding broncs and bull doggin' steers
Well he smiled as he tipped his hat slowly he said friend it ain't all like it seems
While some folks are makin' a livin' others are livin' their dreams
And some cowboys ride for the buckle some for the rodeo name
Some like the sound or the thrill of the crowd and others got no place to stay
Some do it for love and others for money some ride for glory or fame
But through all of my seasons of all of the reasons
I've stayed on this circuit for me

I said I've been on this suicide circuit for the best part of fifteen long years
Don't let this ol porker face fool you because beneath it a measure of fear
I've been beat, I've been down I've been busted till my body was cryin' with pain
Take a couple of days and shake it all off and you do it all over again
And some cowboys ride...
I've stayed on this circuit for me

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Chris LeDoux I Do It For Me Comments
  1. Chris Cooper

    🇨🇱 proud native

  2. pix4434

    Really like this song!

    Cathy Ranson

    he was a real cowboy, rodeos and all he was an original....RIP

  3. David & Cherene Immel

    2020 just as fresh!! LEDOUX!!!

    Cathy Ranson

    a real cowboy, rodeos and all

  4. George Ferguson

    God bless chris Ledux may his music and try live forever, young generation will never know what they missed

  5. coyotedust

    Legend- Ride that tornado in the skies.


    Hes up in heaven puking on Dylan Scott Chris Lane Dustin Lynch and Canaan smith

    Cathy Ranson

    he was a real cowboy.....whats this about being banned


    @Cathy Ranson I have a rather small YouTube channel named that. But it's political. I use it to watch other stuff

  7. Scott Harrell

    Hell yeah

    Cathy Ranson

    he was a true cowboy...used to be in rodeos lived on ranch etc. damn good man

  8. Abby Babby

    Ol Chris kept me company on many frozen nights on the DMZ in Korea. The North Korean Guards liked his music to.

  9. Jimmy Roy

    Just one of the great great songs of all times, RIP CHRIS

  10. LaVerne Russo

    Listening Jan 2020

    All American Dream Chaser

    January 2020 also! I miss those days when it seemed like everyone wore a cowboy hat!😀👍

  11. Chris Collinsworth

    Chris you were and are one of the greatest !!!! Really miss you !!!! We lost a great music maker !!!!

  12. gneisenau77

    I miss real country.



  14. JoAnne Rotter

    I can remember when the only way you could get Chris LeDoux, was through Rodeo Sports News. That was in the 70's. He was riding

  15. Shelley Kaiser

    I still love this song!

  16. Tammie Tate

    He was a great cowboy, a great man, and a great showman. I miss him a lot and I’m glad he left a lot of good music and videos for his fans. RIP, Chris.

  17. Danny Westbrook

    There will never be another Chris LeDoux

  18. Anthony Mccallister

    Believe me I'm the stranger in that video I know how he feels

  19. lshpreet Singh

    Want to live this cowboy life. 👢🤠

  20. Joel Wallace

    Rode with him in Calgary. Just a stud. Good man . Forgive our sins

  21. Joel Wallace

    I'm here. God bless

  22. Tagg Mickelsen

    Chris LeDoux is one of the most talented country singers ever

  23. Bigman 50

    Im only 12 but i love this song i have been lising these songs sence i was 3

  24. Zeb Friudenberg

    This Trump 2020 Ball Cap!

    Jon Locke

    Not Much Substance
    You Can Have it
    🤣 ✌

  25. Mark Buso

    I’ll always be here. God bless your family, Rest In Peace.

  26. Dale Buck

    I am long as I live

  27. Kenny Roberts

    Reminds me of my dad he was a real cowboy worked at Fort Worth stock yards from 1952 till 1964 retired from injury. Still worked on farms & ranches lost him 12-07-2004 he was a real cowboy & not drug store cowboy.

  28. Will Hodge

    A true legend and showman

  29. Kenny Kittrell

    There is a mistake about the hat that He got it from his Dad. And then he said later in the song that He got it from a special lady.


    Kenny Kittrell the special lady gave him the hat pin.

  30. Sargehill67 Rudnick

    Great song I love it keep up great work

  31. Gene Pyakutch

    Love this song .... ride on cowboy...

    Gene Pyakutch

    I first you n 90s Cadillac ranch

  32. Bubba Julian

    Damn near 2020 rip Chris ledoux

  33. wallace STEADMAN

    This song is the American way never back down and don't tread on us...

  34. TheRoadDawg

    RIP Chris! After he had finally hit it big, after years working so hard for it, he was then taken too soon.

  35. Ricky Hunt

    The live version is much better than the studio version.

  36. Jeff Prevett

    God bless chris LeDoux my isil growing up. I also rodeo

  37. George Enke

    Rodeos and true cowboys are fading. We are losing so much American history. Breaks my ❤.

  38. martybowen1

    The true meaning of COWBOY!! THAT'S WHAT HE IS !!!

  39. Rueben Laumer

    RIP mi amigo 😞,, miss ya

  40. midnight rider

    I was a biker,but I love this guy...CHRIS LEDOUX..still best country singer 2019

  41. garth557

    God bless Chris LeDoux!

  42. David R. Davidson

    Thomas Hayden Church should play Mr. Chris LeDoux in a movie about his life and music career sometime soon!

  43. Richard Ladd

    909 dislikes i guess they don't know real music.

  44. Jim C.

    Bad MoFo!!

  45. Ray Downing


  46. Yon Starling

    I wish I had something that held as much meaning as This Cowboy's Hat". I just dream and write songs like these old country songs that have inspired me. Here's a song I wrote called "Horse Front Property":

  47. Wayne Yanito

    Best there was ,as cowboy we all was n will b d rest of d way ,cowboy WAY!!!!🤠👍

  48. Corey Hammond

    He and garth brooks were buddies and Chris after later in rodeos got garth in singing

  49. Corey Hammond

    Mini bike. That's no lie love this rodeo music

  50. Jackie Pipes

    Shame to those 900 who disliked

  51. Shane McBroom

    this is the best song ever and i ride.

  52. Randall Curry

    Rope, Ride, and raise hell!

  53. John Versluis

    Real Country music !

  54. Team Skeen Hockey, LLC

    Hell yeah, one of the best songs ever written. Long live Chris LeDoux.....

  55. chris langley

    Chris your music is timeless

  56. Nicole Terry

    I’ve never really thought about it until now but this song is about our freedom of speech here in the US. There was a Trump rally in Minneapolis. After the rally was over some Trump supporters were greeted by anti-trump protesters. They were pepper spraying anyone wearing a MAGA hat. Some were beaten up, others were yelled at. They stole their MAGA hats and burned them. Regardless of what you think of Trump this is a clear violation of our first amendment rights. The part where he sings “if you touch my hat you’re gonna have to fight us all” really touches my heart. Think about it. Here in the US we have the right to wear any hat we want what it represents doesn’t matter. If you touch a hijab, a yarmulke, a cowboy hat, a MAGA hat you’ll have to fight all true Americans, because people who respect the constitution would die before allowing any persons free speech rights to be infringed on. Give me freedom or give me death. #freespeech #amendment1

  57. GroovyBamboo

    Its Lit In 2025

  58. use5555

    Chris was a real cowboy. He walked the walk as he talked the talk. RIP pardner we miss ya.

  59. DJ Kinney

    (spoiler. The cowboy and the gang leader fucked).

  60. DJ Kinney

    Brokeback Mountain rustler.

  61. None ya Biz


  62. tacos731

    Happy Birthday Chris

  63. Juan Bedia

    Wish cowboys where still around

  64. Ronald Smith

    One of the greats! RIP

  65. Steve Newton

    868 thumbs down????? Fkn idiots!

  66. William Powell

    Here in eastern Oregon still brings a tear to my eyes my father god rest his soul love this man

  67. Doug Snider

    One of the last shows Chris did was at Country Thunder in Arizona...he signed my cowboy hat.

  68. Robert Kelley

    Too my Outlaw and Gambler Family from ROK. Love Y'all.

  69. David Nichols

    Real cowboy right there. Not a showbiz guy . Just the real deal.

  70. Cubicle Warrior

    Thank God I got to seem him live at the Wild Horse Saloon in Nashville and meet him backstage.

  71. frankpesca

    when they want to take youre MAGA hat and this song plays in youre mind

  72. mike deushane

    I’m here sept 2019

  73. w5oer

    RIP Chris Ledoux.... I Went to a rodeo Friday night. I Thought of him.

  74. Darth 1970

    Chris F'n LeDoux...hell yeah.

  75. Ne Oublie

    REAL country

  76. Kirk Stone

    A special man. Lived the life. Saw him at the Austin Rodeo years ago. True performer and songwriter. Thanks for sharing yourself with us Cowboy and family.

  77. Space Force Memes

    Director: How many cuts do you want?
    Chris: Yes

  78. shannon Weatherford

    one of my favorites

  79. Carlos Vieira

    Still here in 2019 and ahead....beyond whatever...
    This is Real country song.... i really love my cowboy hat.

    mike deushane

    Still here oct 2019

  80. Gavin Devine

    This song was played at my Grandad’s funeral today... this song described his life... he was a TRUE COWBOY

    Keith Bleeker

    Sorry for your loss! Think Chris would be proud that his legacy still lives on.

  81. Jennifer Delay

    The cats will choose u if u can touch them take it home but they love me

  82. JavierSN95

    i am Hispanic and i tell you i love this song and its meaning, what a special song.

  83. Michael McMahon

    I hope to see you perform, when I join you on the other side!

  84. Courtenay Gilliard

    Don't mess with cowboys and Texas.. RIP Chris LeDoux.

  85. jim bishop

    I think it's not how long you have.... it's how strong you lived what have!

  86. Dennis Good


  87. Dark Shadow Rain

    I'm new to Country if I'm being honest. I've been listening to all kinds of country singers for the past two years. I like almost all of them. Except some of the new stuff that's less country and more rap. But this song right here, you can feel it in your soul. You never know what someone else has been through and how something simple like a hat could mean so much. Beautiful song, even more beautiful meaning.

  88. k max

    We need a Texas Cowboy for president;not those candy asses ....

  89. George Geraci

    It sad those city slickers. movedin the county R U I N Ed it. 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Branden Smith

    A country legend!

  91. Allen Trey

    Let us recall Bass Reeves. In Remembrance🤠

  92. April Lymer

    This song is Chris. He stayed true to himself and was not distracted by the money. He never became unaccessible to those who started his career and until! The end he still played at county fairs.

  93. Anthony Perkinstony

    Anyone who doesn't understand this song has no morals

  94. GOLIATH Darce1262

    Bad Ass Song...

  95. Eric G

    Looking forward to being with God and listening to Chris LeDoux

  96. James Craver

    what chills

  97. Trevor10 Jennings

    I'd love to hear Hank jr or Charlie Daniels sing this song

  98. david hooper

    Chris LeDoux was the real deal...miss that cowboy...