Chris LeDoux - Hooked On An 8 Second Ride Lyrics

Rollin' down a long highway
Out through New Mexico
Driftin' down to Santa Fe
To ride a bull in a rodeo
He's hooked on a feelin'
Addicted to a natural high
Don't know why it's appealin'
All he knows is he's got to ride

He's addicted to danger
Ruled by passion and pride
To pain and fear he's no stranger
But his lust needs to satisfied
Hooked on an 8 second ride

Gettin' up down in back of the chutes
Makes that rosin burn
He's got his spurs on the heels of his boots
He's at the point of no return
Climbing over that chute gate he settles down inside
The tension's risin' but he can't wait
Until they turn that bull outside

He's addicted to danger
Ruled by passion and pride
To pain and fear he's no stranger
But his lust needs to satisfied
Hooked on an 8 second ride
Hooked on an 8 second ride
Hooked on an 8 second ride

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Chris LeDoux Hooked On An 8 Second Ride Comments
  1. Braden Lanford

    cool man

  2. Ryan Aney

    Got to see Chris play at the Monroe fair in washington state in the mid 90's. What a performance! Legend. I play his music today. RIP Chris

  3. roy hoco

    "it ain't so much the ride you got as how well you ride it"

  4. Den Worley

    What some bulls!

  5. Clint Eastwood

    Que cancion tan buena suena al fondo como se llama

  6. Phyllis Wurm

    One of my favorite bulls was Bodacious. He hurt a few riders unfortunately but put on a heck of a show. Sadly he is gone but not forgotten

  7. lovesbriardi

    This man died far too young. Such great music lost!

  8. William Kimmer

    1 Heck of a song 👍👍

  9. Phillip Kunz

    im a bull rider and every time i have won a championship or got higher than eighty eight points i listened to this first love Chris ledoux i miss him so much

  10. Matt Alsip

    Hell yes ! I've literally jumped put of an airplane listening to this song ! SEMPER FI ! OOOOHHHH RAHHHH ! I AINT A BULL RIDER BUT I LIKE TO LET THEM BASTARDS CHASE ME DOWN HAHA

  11. Jody Reeder

    Bulls: Oooo, he wants to dance XD

  12. John Rhoden

    One hell of a good man to see in concert

  13. Clorox Bleach

    Grandpa was a ranch hand and he woulda killed any one of us if we'd done something this stupid. Lol Fun to watch, tho. Good song. 👍

  14. Becky Avery

    My favorites song ever

  15. Kim Handy

    Pretty sure bull riding started with "hold my beer" 🤣


    Pretty sure it started with "my balls are bigger than yours" followed immediately by "hold my beer" 😄

  16. Ken Lowe

    Eight seconds ride is my favorite Chris LeDoux song. A friend of mine used to ride bulls until his career ending injuries. He says this song tells it like it is. RIP Chris LeDoux

  17. Graydog 0126

    Back before they wore helmets and face mask.

  18. S S

    @dale brisby your welcome

  19. Den Worley

    Always liked Chris good bulls

  20. Kevin Wayne

    A big favorite back in the early 90's last time I was a college radio DJ on KTEC Klamaths Falls, OR. Not kidding - EVERYBODY was playing it. Even the metal DJs <3

  21. Wayne Yanito

    We all pass bareback ,saddle, n bull riders all miss him ,dam. Love his song ,keep us high n burn them sosins!!miss him!

  22. Joshua Brooks

    You don't have to be a bull rider to like this song. It's also a good racing, and driving song. Am I right, folks?

  23. Harris High Eagle

    My Boy Friend is a Bull Rider and loves this song

  24. Scott O,Donahoe

    8 second ride ! Now you know why i,m single !

  25. Toni Moon

    The hockey players with hats look odd 😂

    Brent Henshaw

    They're the bullfighters who keep the bulls away from the riders when they get bucked off. The toughest men on the planet, in my book.

    Toni Moon

    Brent Henshaw I see...thank u! 🤘


    I Ride Bulls till they Past Out!!!! I'm the Next CHRIS


    I Ride The Meanest Angriest BULL BRING IT ON



  29. 5,000 Subscribers without any videos

    Chris is my great grandfather! And after this video im even more proud of it!

    Joshua Brooks

    Your great grandfather was a good man. I love his music. Too bad he died young.

  30. Jean Fish

    So, are the calmer bulls scarier?

    William Langford

    Nope, a bull that's calm in the chute lets you have a fair chance is all. Young bulls tend to fight anything that moves, older bulls tend not to waste a move, if they move at you, you're probably going to get a hooking. An 800 lb no bucking, practice bull can kill you just as dead as a 2300 lb bull. You get to know them after awhile, some are quiet some ain't. Some are sneaky trying to hurt you in the chute, some blow snot in your face :) After awhile you get a profound respect for them. They have their own personalities.

    Jean Fish

    @William Langford that makes sense...thanks for the answer!

  31. Linwood Whitehurst

    This song reminds of JB mouny

  32. Brett Lancaster

    Knew Lane my hat off to all who choose to find out..

  33. Blue 1992

    Chris laduca always be missed but he will always be smiling down on us

  34. William Kimmer

    Great video

  35. William Kimmer

    89 thumbs 👎come on Really. Dang Great country music.

    Brent Henshaw

    Haters gonna hate, I guess.

  36. Lori Colvin

    Holy. Cowbells this guy was AMAZING.

    Daniel Haire

    Part of the reason his rodeo songs are this great is that he actually came from this sport. Chris Ledoux was the 1976 World Bareback Bronco Riding champion on the rodeo circuit. It's actually where he originally wrote many songs like this.

  37. Whitney Shields

    Randomly came across this video looking for something else...the rabbit hole that is youtube. I gotta love my bull riders/bull fighters. My "nephew" is a young bull rider and my heart stops everytime I see him. Tip ya'lls hats to these guys. Tougher then nails. I used to do barrels when I was a kid and I loved the feeling of going break neck speeds on my horses. #rodeosforever #cowgirlstuckinthecity #wideopenspaces

  38. Craig Simonsen

    Chris ledoux was a real american

  39. Gianmarco Groppelli, hillbilly

    *LeDouxs still the king* ☆☆☆
    Chris everyone love(D) U

  40. HuntFishPro

    Chris ledoux is my favorite song writer of all time plus people who are disliking this video are a bunch of yankys

  41. Brad Jones

    Chris recorded some great songs. Eight second ride is one of my favorites , then of course this cowboy's hat.

  42. Amparo Guerrero

    Un icono de la musica country el mejor diria yo

  43. Mary Beckett

    now there was a true cowboy

  44. Philbert Shirley

    This song is the best for all cowboys in the world

  45. WarhawkWarpath



    Back when Cowboys were real cowboys and didn’t ride with helmets, face masks etc. most didn’t even wear vests either. I remember those days. The Charles Sampson, Jim Sharp, Tuff Hedeman, Cody Lambert, Cody Custer, Ty Murray, Ted Nuce, Jerome Davis, Troy Dunn, Bubba Dunn, J.W. Hart & Don Gay days of Cowboy’n! They are the true Legends of the sport. Of course we can never forget the one and only Lane Frost!

    Thomas Gomes

    Can't forget the guru Gary Leffew....different era yea but still.

    Carl Holt

    Lane frost also

    roy hoco

    add Larry Mahan and Freckles Brown

    Dylan Haygood

    Just because you ride with a helmet doesn’t make you not a cowboy, I guess you ain’t seen a bull bucked enough to see the bulls are getting bread to buck better than they did a year ago.

  47. Kenny Pond

    Im always be a cowboy for the rest of my life and I can't stop it

    Ron Parker

    When you're born cowboy, ya hasta be a cowboy.... just the way it is.

  48. julie baker

    Love the song but I want everyone to take a moment to appreciate the bull at 0:30

    H Eugene Lunsford


  49. Tony Ashford

    Ain’t saying I know anything about this sport just because my god father was a world champion calf roper

  50. Cycling Angling & Theology

    Chris was awesome

  51. Papa_smoke69

    0:23 this is so satisfying

  52. WarmothGuitarist

    Bodacious blowing like an absolute beast at 00:30-00:37

  53. doughesson

    Bull riding has been described as "Taking your truck out on the interstate at 80 miles an hour and then chunking the steering wheel out the window"

    Apt enough.

  54. Nicolas Orozco

    Great song right to the point,first time hearing it great job Chris.

  55. Ahmad Ez

    He was a real cowboy

  56. Just horsen around

    Gronk wouldn't last a second

  57. Rick Schrader

    The world tell you to grow up

  58. Rick Schrader

    Anyways happy new year

  59. Rick Schrader

    Bull riding in 1974

  60. Rick Schrader

    I remember 1974

  61. Rick Schrader

    Maybe 87

  62. Rick Schrader

    I was in town in 1986

  63. Rick Schrader

    In 1986

  64. Rick Schrader

    I was in town in 2005

  65. Rick Schrader

    I ts been a few years ago

  66. Rick Schrader

    What do you do ride them around your back yard

  67. Rick Schrader

    Never seen a horse

  68. Rick Schrader

    I City person never been around a farm animals

  69. Rick Schrader

    Well I ain't never seen it bull

  70. Rick Schrader

    Is that a real bull

  71. Justin Pisano

    saw him in concert during national ffa week best singer

  72. J S

    Haven't been to rodeo in years. Bull riding was always my favorite event to watch.

    No offense to pro riders, but I've always enjoyed non-pro competitions...little league, Jr high to college football, & local rodeos back when I knew some of the riders.

    Brent, you did GREAT job putting the rides to the song!! Amazing even! Thanks for reminding me of good times!!

  73. 406 Bullrider

    Those UFC fighters saying a boxer wouldn't last 2 rounds in their world. You would last 8 seconds in mine

    Matt Alsip

    I'm a rodeo clown so I feel like I have huge balls as well buba ! Haha

    Sean Carter

    Right. They'd break your arm and leave you permanently disfigured in half of 1 second though.

  74. Jonathan Mangino

    Coolest song ever lol

  75. JJ Posey

    right Florida Georgia line sucks and we need more Shania twain and more Chris ledoux in the country music !! singers today sucks ass

  76. Royce Jones

    Hats off to the 76 NFR champ

  77. Rockin Randall

    I Want see some of these left wing haters get on the back of one these bad Boyz!!

  78. gus1911


  79. Danica Inskeep

    This is real country

  80. Cassie Perry

    Amen Joe

  81. Bran Phillips

    Tip your hat to a bull rider. Respect those with the courage to keep getting back on those flesh and blood hurricanes with horns. I've been stupid enough to get on a few bulls and there ain't anything else in this world that will jerk your insides around like that or fill you with so much terror that it fools you into thinking it's fun. Takes an idiot to first get on, but a special kind of madness to get on 'em again. I've done it, but I still don't get why. Some mix of pride, stubbornness, and stupidity mixed with crazy, I suppose. I was drunk the first time, ain't got an excuse for the rest.

    El Bull

    Bran Phillips thank ya for your respect

    Dexy Trent

    Omg ..that is so crazy,but so exciting..😊

    Kolt Reed

    Thanks for the respect

    Sam Lee

    Thanks. My reason is crazy + hating to fail. In Chris Ledoux's own words...passion and passionate about being crazy...and prideful about failing ...

  82. Zeh Jones

    This is my job this is what I do

  83. Carter Rock

    let the toughest football players try this

    mr. pup gamer

    They won't last 2.5 seconds

    Kolt Reed

    They wouldn’t last a second

    timothy howell

    They can't, their to busy kneeling during the national anthem


    You mean put on a helmet and pads like those rodeo pussies do today? Let's see those guys today line up in the backfield with no pads against an NFL linebacker.

    John Davis

    TheJer1963 I believe in the protective vest but helmets no. If they are going to ride wear a hat. Helmets are for football players not cowboys.

  84. Emilee Hignite

    The 41 people who disliked this song ain’t no cowboys and probably wear scarfs and ugg boots

    Eli L

    And have a man bun and wears skinny jeans

    Aaron Stillwell

    Emilee Hignite what ugg boots?😂😂

    Caul Burns

    Aaron Stillwell google it

    Caul Burns

    They are boots with fur

    Mason Bareback 101

    Emilee Hignite probably mamm

  85. tyvek05

    the guy at 2:15 was good, but he had NOTHING on the guy at the :30 second mark!!  that was the best damn bull and ride on this video.

  86. Monica Foley

    My husband rode Bareback horses with Chris LeDoux. Great great man.. His music is the best! Forever missed!


    That’s right! Chris LeDoux also competed and rode bareback. He was more than an entertainer, he was a true Cowboy! R.I.P. Chris LeDoux

  87. Ariel Barbosa

    Adriano Moraes from Brazil is a legend.

    Brent Henshaw

    One of the best!

    Ariel Barbosa

    Well said.

  88. Jeremy Trowbridge

    At 48 still want to do it again . Bet. I can :)

    Monica Foley

    Jeremy Trowbridge You can! My husband whom was 3rd in the world bareback ridin has considered it. Retired, but the thrill never goes away! He's 47 now

    Galen Walden

    Believe in you

  89. Kaleb Johns

    long live lane

  90. Suzie Paris

    When rodeo was real

  91. steve hunt

    Tuff sport but maybe you should ride a few cowboys frist

  92. Emma Klenke

    This is the best song I’ve ever heard and I am still listening to it today

  93. Cole Messerly

    your the best bull rider like my dad

  94. Bruce Tatum

    Percy Sledge

  95. Trever Combs

    This guy should have made this song with a video of Lane frost as a tribute

    ldolphin34 Smokin' Armadillos - Red Rock