Chris LeDoux - Dream On Cowboy Lyrics

Braided rope saddle soap rosin for his riggin'
A young man dreams of growing up to ride
Buckin' broncs Brahma bulls is just some wishful thinkin'
Cause that cowboy well he’s still too young to ride
Leather chaps a big white hat silver spurs that glisten
Growin' up takes such a long long time
And he could ride the rankest bronc if only they would listen
How that cowboy's dreams sound a lot like mine
Dream on cowboy your trophy buckles're waitin'
You got the world by the reins and you've got time on your side
Dream on cowboy there's not a thing in your way now
So don't wait 'til it's too late to saddle your dreams and ride

The time has past and looking back the rodeo has ended
The cowboys and the fans have all gone home
But broken hearts and broken bones and time will all be mended
But the mem'ries of this cowboy’s life live on
Dream on cowboy...

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Chris LeDoux Dream On Cowboy Comments
  1. Patriot West

    Western Tunesmith !! One of my favorite albums.

  2. Glen Yates

    winner is a winner in pretty water sapulpa creek Oklahoma USA God bless you and Glenn yates says so great singer and track winner and Brent e what's happening in Virginia winner and Brent e please play some more for me when you have time to winner and Brent e and winner Lady s country music and maybe a Charlene McClain or Dwight yoakum or Moe bandy or Mickey gilley or Mark chestnut or John Anderson or Hank Williams jr or gospel song winner and Brent e and winner God bless you and thank you very much for your time and channel and friends and friendship winner and Brent e real country music singer s track s on my friend s channel winner and Brent e and winner

    the winner

    Thanks for enjoying this singer and former rodeo star. So sad he passed away too early, but sure left behind some great music. I always enjoy rodeo's and I usually go to the Cavalcade Rodeo out there in your area every year. I had a cousin that does some barrel racing in it sometimes. A very great Rodeo.