Chris Knight - It Ain't Easy Being Me Lyrics

There ought to be a town somewhere
Named for how I feel
Yeah I could be the mayor down there
And say "welcome to sorryville"
It wouldn't be on a map no where
You might say that it don't exist
But if you make enough wrong turns
It'da be hard to miss
There ought to a bridge somewhere they could dedicate to me
I'd probably come to the ceremony with a can of gasoline
Walk on over to the other side
Where I'd light a match
Sit and stare through the smoke and flames and wonder how I'm gonna get back

Why do I do the things I do?
Was I born this way or am I self made fool?
I shoot the lights and I curse the dark
I need your love but I break your heart
And I know the words that'll bring you back but
But I don't say nothing as I watch you pack
I had to work to become the jerk I've come to be
It ain't easy being me

There oughta be a side show act
For freaks like me
I could be the star of the show with my name on the marquee
In a room with a big red button that says "danger do not touch"
Twice a day I'd mash it down and you can watch me self-destruct

Why do I do the things I do?
Was I born this way or am I self made fool?
I shoot the lights and I curse the dark
I need your love but I break your heart
And I know the words to get you back but
But I don't say nothing as I watch you pack
I had to work to become the jerk I've come to be
It ain't easy being me
It ain't easy being me

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Chris Knight It Ain't Easy Being Me Comments
  1. Shauna Monday

    Heart Break Hill Hwy 54and Baseline Rd

  2. Jeff Wolinski

    One of the best songs ever written and performed, just perfect!

  3. Andrew herndon

    The good ole days with boys. Man I miss it.

  4. Sherlene Davis

    This is my hometown my name is Willy spearman and we are from Sorryville that's fo sho!love the song and video Mr Knight

  5. Red River

    Is that the track over around Manitou?

  6. buster smith

    1997 ???? Are you kidding !!!!

  7. Diana Hayse

    Don't beat yourself up. It is hard being who you are. People expect so much from you. It's hard to let people see the real person...then you don't seem together and in control. I understand you...I know you really struggle much is expected from you. God says, when much is given...much is expected. So you see with God given talents shared so widely. You gotta expect that from people. They live through you in many ways. You bring them so much happiness...they can escape from their pain awhile. But you too need someone and somewhere to escape too. I wanted to help you. God sent us to one another. But you are so deeply rooted in how you live. That you for who knows but God and didn't embrace it. If I could right now I'd say baby lay down here. I'd massage your shoulders and your back for you. I'd give you a pep talk to encourage you...fill you back up. Sometimes we all need someone to just add to our lives cause we give so much. Something needs refilled. Be happy"Mac". That's all I ask of you happy sweetie. My sweet little darlin.

  8. Tim 2112

    No it ain't

  9. MR. FUCR

    Funny thing, everyone always has the answers and they all can tell ya how to fix it,imagine that , if we all as perfect as them

  10. trae powell

    Dayum good song guy!!!!

  11. brad nelson

    Wow actual country music NOT that POP country .people need to learn the difference

  12. Cypress1840

    Music video makes 0% sense to the song but still great song shitty video


    I dont wanna give up but it seems so tempting

  14. Tyler Cole

    This is one of the best country songs ever written.




    I think ALOT of his songs would be great ROCK AND ROLL SONGS that being said their great as they are!!!

  17. Wayne Lyles

    Seen him 23 times. From as far back as i can get..still awsome

  18. Amanda Mitchell

    This song describes me in every word...shameful lol

  19. JBVO

    Can say that this man is the most criminally underrated songwriter of our generation


    Yes. Fantastic story teller. Go listen to down the river.


    @crazydave4455 absolutely amazing song, it's actually the first song I heard from him


    👍 I find a lot of great and similar artists on a forth worth radio station, 95.9 the ranch. In fact they just played Chris's new song tonight. Bunch of great singer songwriters out there, if you know where to look.

  20. Timothy Mavrogeorge

    You have got me through some tough times. Thank you so much.

  21. Oliver Lester

    Glad to see Spotify finally added this song and the rest of Chris Knight's first album.

  22. Frank Ebisch

    Aint even done whith the night; go on 🎤🎸🥁🎶!!!

  23. Jeremy Davis

    Somebody get this man a bigger soap box:-) 💯💯💯

  24. Tina Marie


  25. Scott Cole

    Looks like home to me

  26. Natron Bomb

    I do believe this song is about me.

  27. Michael Powers

    The 590 that gave this a thumbs down are Luke Bryan fans

  28. Jeremy Davis

    Damn it boy....ya got me in the feelz

  29. bobby crawford

    Saw him a few weeks ago in Bristol TN! Acoustic style! Loved it!!!

  30. andre westerink

    Please come to the Netherlands

  31. Derek Mayhue

    This song speaks to 150 million people, some embrace, and 66 are pissed and think Chris is making fun of them....LOL

  32. Wayne Yetto

    I had the pleasure of meeting him 12 years ago when he was passing through upstate ny. He was invited to play at a local tavern with his bass player, they played a few dozen songs for a bar crowd at the Ale House in Troy NY , he had met the owner of the bar on a flight through Albany , he had a layover for the night so he accepted the invitation and appeared a few hrs later , I was lucky to be eating lunch when I heard of his playing there that evening, talk about being at the right place at the right time., this video along with "Framed " was popular on CMT and GAC music stations at the time, he stood for photos with me afterwards and signed the half dozen cd o had at the time for me @ n/c , we talked about hunting and fishing and of course my admiration for him and the music he brings to the country music world. Nicest artist you'll ever meet. I hope like hell he passes through again.

  33. Mick Bowen

    This guy is as good as it gets!

  34. Robert Burton

    So who sang it first? Blake Shelton did this song too

  35. Dusty Guy

    Great song can totally relate to this song beautiful country

  36. Josh Courtois

    So did he weight or sing this song frist? Cuz Blake Shelton has this song on this album

  37. Demo73j Underwood

    Demo!!!!!! Luv this video.😎

  38. Kevin Kingrey

    Can't believe I got onto Chris Knight so late in the game. "Old Man" came across one of my Pandora stations about a year ago and I've been a fan ever since. This guy is the real deal. We all need singers and songwriters we can believe in.

  39. Cory Stuart

    Me too buddy

  40. Mike James

    Reminds me of my dear brother...God rest his tortured soul...or maybe it's me, nonetheless, it's a damn good song! Love it!!! 💯

  41. Scott Lipe

    Randy Houser sounds and looks like a pig squealing in shit

  42. nolan hicks

    My theme song

  43. Cronulla Sharks

    straight hair and curly teeth ...hillbillys ...LOL

  44. emjae 19xx

    You ever hear a song.... and be like, yuhhp! Thats about me...

  45. Andrew Blanton

    How is Chris not more famous?

  46. Braxton Wells

    I'm only 10 but I love Chris knight my papaw is actually related to him and I talked to him today and it made my day

  47. Bobcat Sterling

    CK is the best songwriter in the business bar none. If you get a chance to see him perform live don’t miss it.

  48. Starcade 85 talk radio

    sure there is , KLMR am 920 lamar colorado and KXXX am 790 colby kansas . take the road less travelled , theres more !

    Courtney Grier

    Just rode into Colby, stopped to save this song when i saw this comment

  49. Greg Miller

    Was a born this way...or am I a self made fool...this guy is amazing

  50. T Munson

    Trump 2020!

  51. Randy Livengood

    Why do i do the things i do...

  52. Rocky Lane

    Wrote just for me !!! My Damn theme song !!

  53. Benjamin B

    Chris you are the most real musician i have listened too. love your music and love the sound

  54. D. W

    Chris, please get your music on Spotify!

  55. Keith Watkins

    1 of the best to do it

  56. Steven Perez

    Amen primo!!🍻

  57. Fake Drummer

    If anybody cares, this thing is in 10/4 time. I played small-time country music for 25 years and never came across a 10/4 song. Awesome song. Would be tremendous fun to play,

  58. Jeremy Wilson


  59. Joseph Bruno

    Can you please bring this song back to Spotify. For the love of god please

  60. K Lockhart

    Love, love, love Chris Knight. Holy heck, what a songwriter.

  61. Valentena Upton


  62. Mitch Geresh

    sums me up.

  63. JodyJason Agent

    You want Real well speaking as a friend of a friend he is the best of best on being honest!!!!

  64. Greg Porter

    Knight gets right to the point..

  65. Robert Wood

    The Best ever.....

  66. john w birkla

    Might be his best, stellar lyrics!! I still remember the first time I heard it cruising on the Ohio River somewhere between Louisville and Owensboro KY. Lifelong hillbilly anthem!!!

  67. Tam Da Bam

    bunch of mouth breathing cousin fuckers here

  68. Aaron Fowler

    Blasphemy! YouTube played a commercial for Kane Brown prior to Chris Knight's video.

  69. Nikki Davis

    rick i need your love but i break ur heart

  70. mack johnson

    John Anderson did this song better.

  71. Jeremy Kuhl

    He was one of the last artist's to record for Decca Records before it folded into MCA back in 1999.

  72. Night Stalker

    Love Chris knight I don't like this version as much as the one on his other CD people are missing out when they don't have a chance to hear Chris knight, Bart crow band, Casey Donahew band and so on one of my favorite concerts was inside a bar Casey Donahew came in 2011 I has Chris knights CD in my truck and for 1 year it never came out

  73. mike jones

    Kentucky boys bringing country back!

  74. Dillon Belcher

    I can’t believe this song only has 1.7 mil views

  75. Evander Wright

    Like to sit down and drink a beer with the MAN I bet we would click

  76. Howlin' Donster

    I dig his down home common man attitude.. Something that resonates old hicks like me...

  77. Clayton Madula

    best song

  78. Rebecca Murphy

    never heard him before but i like himand his music

  79. Firstname Lastname

    Can’t believe they took so many of his songs off of spotify

  80. stephen sherman

    Thinking about that blue imperial. it's out law ed in that durby

  81. AKERS517XC

    My theme song!

  82. Inger Allen

    Come to California

  83. Sara Lucas

    This is mckena i like it an,t bing me by you chris knight0

  84. Cooper Turner

    364 people are Luke Bryan fans

  85. Christopher Knight

    We have the same name

  86. R C Robertson

    Chris Knight the dude ain't never had no bad songs

    Courtney Grier

    I can't believe I forgot about him! Heard this on my way to Sturgis and had to favorite this

  87. Jessica Alexander

    Loved it

  88. Cooper Turner

    This song reminds of my Uncle Craig that died 3 years ago today after a big battle with cancer

  89. Justin Myslive

    0:30-0:32 how true

  90. Wendell Stafford

    John Anderson's version is better.

  91. tomvangennep

    Love this song !!

  92. Drama Free Farms

    Why do I do things I do..

  93. John Doe

    Video looks like my childhood... God bless Knight and the Bluegrass State.

  94. jesse copeland

    take my money this is awesome i will buy all these records

  95. Stan Smith


  96. Stan Smith


  97. Stan Smith


  98. Stan Smith


  99. B-RAD C.

    Damn howed he know my life? Good shit