Chris Knight - Here Comes The Rain Lyrics

Kansas wheat fields don't ask questions
Like most the folks I met
But if this storm don't stop the harvest
There's a chance I might forget

I'm tryin' not to think about you
But when this combine Rocks-N-Rolls
It shakes my mind, it shakes my body
The way your leavin' shook my soul

Here comes the rain
Here comes the rain
It's like standin' in your memory
And the feeling of it chills me to the bone

Here comes the rain
Here comes the rain
When you love, the world loves with you
But when you're cryin' in the rain you cry alone

I'm workin' Texas to Alberta
Thrashin' amber waves of grain
Fillin' trucks from dawn to sunset
I wish they'd haul away the pain

There'll be a thousand miles between us
When I pass the border guard
Is that thunder in the distance
Or just the breaking of my heart

Here comes the rain
Here comes the rain
It's like standin' in your memory
And the feeling of it chills me to the bone

Here comes the rain
Here comes the rain
When you love the world loves with you
But when you're cryin' in the rain you cry alone

Here comes the rain
Here comes the rain
When you love the world loves with you
But when you're cryin' in the rain you cry alone

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Chris Knight Here Comes The Rain Comments
  1. dude punk

    Burn Nashville to the ground and replace it with those western kentucky boys; tyler childers, chris knight, sturgill simpson, chris stapelton........ throw some of those texas boys in too

    Don Brumfield

    Cant agree more

  2. Xuramaz

    I don't understand this song the rain just made me have to stop combining.

  3. cheri lynn

    Where's this been all of my life...

  4. Steve Vaughan

    I just lost my beautiful daughter and this song describes how I feel to a t...

  5. Elizabeth Sawyer

    Just got out 27 months couten wait to hear his music.

  6. Jeromy Gumm

    I'm a farmhand in Nebraska. Working harvest from first light in the morning til 2am at times trying to beat the weather really gets to a man. That combine and grain cart get pretty lonely. Even when you do have someone at home it doesn't matter. They're asleep when you leave and asleep when you come in. Awesome song!

  7. Robert Morris

    Chris knight kicks ass

  8. Patricia Cain

    Allen Edwards my music, great song widowed twice 60.
    Not from the sky but from my eyes..

  9. Oldtruckguy37

    I remember spending many lonely hours in the combine...being dumped and having to deal with it in complete solitude is gut wrenching. He writes songs that speak from the sole of the common man. Godbless Chris Knight...he got me through some hard times lol.

  10. Douglas Wilson

    this is the song that made me listen to Chris...can hear the John Prine influence ...wonderful singer/songwriter who hasn't sold out...

  11. Wehrwolf Spirit

    Im a carnie. If you are too... Nuff said.

  12. Keenan Kelley

    About time to get our combine to ROCK AND ROLL...Wheat harvest is here...

  13. James Gustin

    I work on a 5,000 acre farm in Colorado. I know this pain.

  14. Aaron Byers

    Hey, when you love the world loves with you. When your cryin in the rain you cry alone

  15. pbunyon2002

    My dad used to be a traveling harvester like this song talks about....Up and down the plains.

    anthony mills

    +pbunyon2002 Sorry you lost him. Me Papa was a planter

  16. Mark8395217

    The words... brutally honest and real... we truly haven't seen writing like this in years. I'd write more about how he makes me feel. But... gotta keep that groove going. On to the next Chris Knight masterpiece. Come along if you wish....

  17. A2quart10

    The man knows what songs to release.


    Beautiful is right

  18. Clint Taylor

    Is Chris Knight a genius?  I believe so. His writing is amazing.  The amazing comparisons to the empty fields, standing in a memory, etc. is the perfect metaphor for everything that is crying in the rain and crying alone.

    Alicealice AliceGeiger

    Yes, also, pity we never hear him.


    Hard truth.

  20. Helen Rosseter

    It's beautiful.

    Helen Rosseter

    @Saltwaterebel​, you're sweet. Thank you.

  21. TurtlePondFarmer

    Chris sings to my soul.

    Helen Rosseter

    Its a beautiful song. So simple and sweet. You gotta love that.

    Wehrwolf Spirit

    +Helen Rosseter truth

  22. susan briggss

    alrighty then good  the barn is cool good song



  23. Dan Ruiz

    It's gotta rain before you can dry the tears...

  24. Don Griffin

    Love them both

  25. rexkid123

    Love the pic of the barn

  26. 420mrman

    I don't mean to disrespect her, just don't like pop country music like most others in here. Her music has has griped me I must admit, only because of my niece. So, yer right, should of picked a better "pop" shot.

  27. rowdyashell56

    ...somebody's thumb must ha ve been broke, or maybe they hit the wrong could you not love this???

  28. mrfyote

    she does write a lot of her own songs... i don't much listen to her music or could name a song she does... but she did earn my respect a couple years ago after i learned that fact.

  29. 420mrman

    real music is out there...hank 3, chris knight wayne the train, taylor swift........hehehehe........taylor swift, thats funny

  30. FXMAN66

    VERY possible!!!!

  31. ErikjStudios

    If yall like Chris, yall would prolly like Ray Wylie Hubbard as well.

    Markku Lankimaki

    Check out Fred eaglesmith too

    FortFragger - Fortnite

    I agree on ray & Fred. Both good musicians. John Hiatt, John Prine, Lyle Lovett are also a couple that I enjoy.

  32. christeri09

    this guy deserves to be at the top of the charts -best ever song writer

  33. Dougie Zee

    Just found Chris via "No Depression" a couple days back, and have listened to about 10 of his songs on You Tube...not a bad one in the lot. Great songs, if you like good country music.

  34. BlindTom61

    Wow! Where the heck did this come from??? I've played 55 years and still find stuff like this that knocks me out. When are you going to show up on Marty's show on RFD teevee? Respect man, you are a bright light in a dark sky...

  35. ivyherstory

    My BF and I love to listen to Chris Knight. What country should be!

  36. Emi Emi

    I love your songs! :)