Chris Knight - Crooked Road Lyrics

When I was 16 took me a 15 year old wife
I guess I've been a working man just about all my life
Like my daddy before me I've done the best I could
Somehow things turned out a little worse than they should

Logan West Virginia is a hundred mile behind
Coal mines took my boys life and my Janies piece of mind
All I know is back in Logan I ain't never been that smart
But I know I had to leave there to heal my Janies heart

Damn these hard times
Damn the coal mines
Damn the good dreams gone cold
While I'm at it, damn this crooked road

Me and Janie worked hard to get our children grown
Junior was our first born and he gut us to the bone
We learned long ago that you don't doubt the good lords plans
But some things is hard to take lord we just tryin' to understand

There's a big blue ocean about 300 mile
Sun on the water just might make my Janie smile
Light in her eyes is worth more to me to me than gold
Hope runs straight line right down this mountain road

Damn these hard times
Damn these coal mines
Damn the good dreams gone cold
While I'm at it, damn this crooked road
While I'm at it, damn this crooked road

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Chris Knight Crooked Road Comments
  1. biglittle man

    Raised North and just South of you brother, with you so far. Lost a ballgame, won a few...Logan was and will always be respected.

  2. Sharon Lockhart carpenter

    Would like to talk to you about writing a song for my you tube page. With part of the chorus having the words pour me. Please let me know

  3. Randall Trivett

    The man can really convey a feeling. Well done.

  4. Gary Gurley

    "Damn the good dreams gone cold..n while i'm at it..Damn this crooked road." Damn..Chris is the king of Kentucky.

  5. Chris Centers

    Lincoln County West Virginia here.. Lord it hits you to the bones!

  6. Gary Gurley

    Fuckin' Chris Knight, son.

  7. tylar sandrs

    The iron, good friend of mine showed me this music ,maybe I wouldn't be so scatter if I jammed this instead of the hip hop

  8. Bj Ellison

    Worked the mines in Boone county, touches close to home.

  9. Baker Boy

    this was the first Chris Knight song I ever heard, I was driving at the time and had to pull over to listen. It was one of those very rare "WTF am I listening to?" moments. The radio presenter said who it was and then said he thought Chris was as good a song writer as Bruce Springsteen, I have to agree. Since then I have bought every album Chris has made and wish most sincerley that he would buy an air ticket and come to the UK to perform here. We need more like him and less of the usual c**p we get to hear.

    Mason Brady

    Baker Boy did you just censor the word crap?

  10. Frode Hagen

    24 people dislike. Damn this world is crazy. This is awesome music. Filled with heart and soul. 🎸 🎶 🍻 🥃 🎸

    Jeremy Lilly

    Really shows what people care about these days. Just a bunch of loud meaningless beats are pretty much all you hear in most popular songs. Good music like this needs more recognition

  11. MattO Photo Chattanooga

    I keep coming back to this song.

    Stuart Adams Railfan Videos

    Cool to see a fellow railfan here! Crooked Road is actually a different take on Last Train Home by the Pat Metheny Group.

    Stuart Adams Railfan Videos

    @Kenny Fields Awesome!

  12. Heim Dog

    Hell yes

  13. Eugene burns

    Chris knight is so damn cool to us in Appalachia

    Bj Ellison

    Chris knight has been there done that

  14. Stuart Adams Railfan Videos

    So much truth in this song. I feel like he's singing about troubles I've had.

    Marty Bec.

    Two Bells im out of food and single and cannot do nothing about it till i find work

    Custis Long

    @Marty Bec.
    Lose the phone. Buy food.
    It gets down to priorities.
    Keep positive.

    Stuart Adams Railfan Videos

    @Marty Bec. Hope you are doing better these days. I feel like some days are tougher than others, but I make the best of it. I work three part time jobs just to make ends meet, and I have several volunteer positions. I hardly have any friends, and it's tougher that I also have a hidden disability that most people don't recognize. I work on a railroad, and it's a lonely life on the railroad. I am also a train enthusiast (railfan) from Oregon.

  15. Greg Radcliff

    It don't get much better than

  16. Warren Mills

    This is the best singer/songwriter out there right now!

    Cici Bradley

    Chris, Tyler, and Colter nourish my soul.

    Jeremy Lilly

    @Cici Bradley heck yeah! Three of the greatest artists ever right there

    Noah Miller

    Cici Bradley that really resonates with me. Couldn’t have said it better myself

  17. Randy Nethery

    Love this song.

  18. Jamie Hodge

    Damn this crooked road!hell yea

  19. Derkie Castle White ODWB

    Boone CO WV we love ya Chris keep it rocking and always keeping it real lots of luv from the 304

  20. Squirtle The Turtle

    bout gave up on new music

  21. Squirtle The Turtle

    best country i ever heard

  22. Squirtle The Turtle

    givin me the chills boy

  23. Derek Coffey

    those 8 people that gave a thumbs down can kiss my (_!_) come live and work down here

  24. Mary Browning

    My dads birth place and his childhood home

  25. Jack Cridlin

    This taks me home

  26. Louisiana Prepper

    Damn this crooked road !!

    Marty Bec.

    louisianaprepper i guess i took the wrong turn because im on one Crooked Road !!! Dam im out of food

    Stuart Adams Railfan Videos

    Same! Damn this crooked road!

  27. Adrian Miller


  28. Ronald Zwerdling


  29. Derek Castle

    So does my son sorry typo

  30. Derek Castle

    I went to van so. Does that's awesome it a out 25 mile from Logan

  31. MrCodyrose

    How could u dislike this song

    Connor Farley

    MrCodyrose I’m from Logan WV which is the town that he’s talking about in the song and it has a good beat