Chris Isaak - We Let Her Down Lyrics

Her father and her mother
Never showed her any affection at all
I wonder if it hurts her now, now that it's too late they call

We let her down, it's true
We let her down, it's true

I told her I'd be there
It's easy to say what you want to believe
I told her I'd love her, now that it's too late I see

I let her down, it's true
I let her down
Let her down
Let her down
I let her down

So helpless, pretending, hoping that somehow somebody would see
So desperate for someone, I guess that she thought that someone was me

I let her down, it's true
I let her down
I let her down

Look at her, look through her eyes
Closer the hurt and the pain
I hope now she's somewhere
Where they'll never hurt her again

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Chris Isaak We Let Her Down Comments
  1. annette owens

    This video captures my heart... Thank you Chris, it takes my breath away.

  2. Nergis Ayan

    This should be bihter’s song from aşk-ı memnu

  3. John Emery

    One of the most underated artists of all time i love everything he has done

  4. Singeon Smythe

    We all have to take Care about That.

  5. MichaelDaily1

    Wow! What a great Isaak song. This is one of his best as far as I’m concerned but I have never heard anything bad that Chris has done.That is some kinda delivery, the emotion is there as well.

  6. Singeon Smythe

    Love Him till the end. 😀

  7. Vicki Foster

    when was this song released and on which album? I think he looks to already be in his 50's here. someone help me

  8. the artist

    Kinda glad I never met her!❤️
    (Chris knocked it out of the park!)

  9. Paul Fahy

    I love this song

  10. Hugo Fernando Hernandez Hernandez

    And the lyrics?

  11. Paul Fahy

    amazing song

  12. Bex

    My daddy let me down and continues to do so. But I say nothing because I am scared to hurt him and leave him like he left me.

  13. patti carlisi solomon

    hits home ;(

  14. Michelle Rekstad

    I LOVE his voice and his music

  15. C 6

    I let her down.

    Dolle Reinart

    As did I
    I'll never forgive myself for it too, she deserved better

  16. Splaticus Blah

    Chris Isaak has one of the most melodic and emotion filled voices of all time.

  17. dan at canyon lake

    Saw him at Greune Hall a couple of summers ago. Heck of a show, but damn it was HOT!! No A/C and fans were jam packed!!

  18. Z E R O

    This song is a true masterpiece.

  19. Splaticus Blah

    Such a sad song.



  21. La noche de la criatura

    Perfecto como siempre este gran cantante y compositor. Un artista al que no se le valora lo suficiente.

  22. Andrew Flood


  23. TheMrBmurray

    Definitely his best since Wicked Game.

  24. Ethereal Catholic

    I can't figure out why he isn't popular.

  25. Egnaldo e kriss Gonçalves do santos

    essa musica e llinda , lembra eu e meu amor.

  26. Sharon Park

    Not only is this a great song of Chris Isaak We Let Her Down but< this an awesome video of him. It sends chills on my body. Amazing band and his singing with his spectacular voice. I hope he never lets me down.

  27. jason x

    Maybe my fav song of his. So sad this cd wasn't huge because it is without a doubt some of, if not his best work.

    Vicki Foster

    which album is this on??

  28. Tom T

    What an amazing song - So bummed I never heard it before!

  29. Albert Arvizu

    when did this song come out ???

    Vicki Foster

    yes when was it released and on which album?

  30. Andrés Alzarría

    Un temazo... Una de las mejores canciones de Chris.

    mauricio arellano

    sin duda

  31. Paul Fahy

    i'll say it again..amazing

  32. TheMargaretfletcher

    Oh my Lord.

  33. Jakey Fahy

    amazing song

  34. Henrik Swenson

    so many tears. so sad, so beautiful.

  35. Dj São

    Conheci esse som atraves da Radio Mundo Livre de Curitiba,muito boa só perde pra Wicked Games.

  36. Robert Carlson

    Chris You are great

  37. Paul Fahy

    amazing song

  38. Matt Connor

    One of my favorite CI songs, out of many. Great vocal and guitar work!

  39. 04Stefan07

    Only 150,000 views? This deserves way more!

  40. Kevin Beal

    Love you,Chris, and let's bring back the show .with your band,,it was Fantastic !! I miss you guys ! Carinho,c

  41. Nelli Kh

    I told her I'll be there, its easy to say what you want to believe :(..

  42. sagaletti woodred

    esta triste y cálida canción es bonita, bonita y a la vez esperanzadora para todos

  43. The Peachie Company

    I've probably listened to this song 2342358 times in a row 

    Paul Fahy

    +Andrew Younan i know the feeling!


    not sure how this didn't get marketed and played better. Great tune.


    Me too !

  44. Alessandra Liverani

    There are many incredibly stupid music videos out there but this sure isn't one of them.

    Douglas Almeida

    em que país você mora ? conhece a musica wicked game?

  45. James Perley

    I was a medic on a base far away. A teenaged military dependent and her friends went to a movie, and she complained of a head ache. They all thought it was the beginning of a cold. Her headache worsened over night and she couldn't find relief. The next morning she was very sick and she entered the emergency room. We knew each other, and we chatted in the emergency room. She was so scared and sometimes incoherent. "Am I going to die. I don't want to die!"  "No," I replied, "You will be fine." Doctors took her, and I went back to work. Two hours she died of spinal meningitis, and we were discussing quarantine as we disinfected everything in sight. After all of these years, I "see" her face from that morning when I hear this song.

    Patrick Fealy

    James Perley pray for her. She needs your prayers as she went to the place where the only currency is Grace born of earthly sacrifice.


    Serious question: is there anything that YOU, in your existing capacity, and given your experience & training at the time, could -- and should -- have done, that you failed to do? If not, then you have nothing over which to feel guilt or shame -- though of course you'll feel bad for not having been *able* to do anything. But that's not on you, it's not a fault, if you were not so trained, equipped & empowered.
    All of us will die. Every death is a loss, and especially one so young, and before what should have been her time. This one only *feels* different because you were there -- and because you gave her an assurance that turned out not to be true. But seriously -- would you rather have said, "Yeah, kid, you're a goner; get right with God before it's too late?" I sure hope not -- that would have been a monstrous act. You gave her hope, when you had every reason to believe it was true. Nothing wrong with that.
    Hope this helps.


    @Patrick Fealy: "pray for her. She needs your prayers" Wait, what? Your God will treat HER soul better if someone ELSE prays for her here and now? It's not about what SHE did or didn't do, believed or didn't believe, in her own life? Sorry, but that is one messed-up theology you've got there.

    John Galt

    Lucifer that's heavy

  46. Scott McKye

    When I listen to this song, I suspect this is how I got myself in the trouble I live in today - everything cuts two ways in life.

  47. ELL Mu

    this should have more views. love love love this song. 


    this is real music,
    not the trash we listen in these days from people with no talent!

  48. aardoz

    So good !

  49. Payam

    I'm wondering how pathetic the "5 dislike" people are...

  50. Lone Gunman63

    Brilliant one of his best.

  51. Emre kubaşık

    güzelmiş panpa ... begenin lannnnn :D

  52. Tim Bridges

    5 people let her down lol

  53. Kimberley Fay

    I have always been a huge fan of CI! In love with him beyond. I have a little story to share with this world. 20 years ago I saw him live and had a little boy child in my belly and my dream was that my son would turn out to be as fine as CI, he is talented, plays the guitar in a band and now is 21 and a fine, good looking wonderful man like CI. My one dream came true. His father and I split up 13 years ago and I just know in my heart, if I had the chance to meet CI, I think we would be a good match and as we are both lonely type people, maybe both of our dreams would come true. Crazy right? He also sings this song about me.


    Best wishes!

    Kimberley Fay

    @iuliavasile Thank you it would be something if that dream every were to come true for me. I know that he is my true soul mate and one day we will meet.


    Hey, not crazy at all. Dreams are not crazy things, darling, they're the most serious thing in the world. Similar story for me, I met 25 years ago a french girl and I was madly in love with her just for one long summer, she left for Paris as she had her own life there, we wrote some letters each other and then I vanished, but before disappearing I told her "we'll meet again somewhere in time, I hope". 20 years later we met each other again, free as birds, and we had a baby that really looks like CI, ha ! We're in love and yes I'm not CI and do not look like him but my son does. Good Luck !

  54. Eric Sullivan

    this guy doesn't have a bad song.. it's real and that's rare these days..

  55. felled jones

    Superb TUNE

  56. Glitter People

    you're right, my bad, would correct it now, but I like having a top comment, even with a typo...!

  57. Paulo Nave

    I don' t see why he is under apreciated. He' s a great artist, with a great voice and songs, and well known, also in Europe. I' m his fan for years and years. Wicked game made him really famous in Europe and since then he has gained fame.

  58. Ed Erdelac

    4 people let her down.

  59. princeoftidds

    Maybe because his fans spell his name incorrectly...

  60. nancy morsen

    Great song and video. Thank you.

  61. Miranda Demaniow

    i think my whole life "how f----- sad


    me encanta esta canción. pone los pelos como escarpias!!!!!!!!

  63. bryan summers

    great song and amazing singer

  64. Cpl C10

    You are right. Poor Chris why does everyone think he needs pity. I feel so bad for him.

  65. C Kapowski

    LOL same here, except i dont hate it

  66. Tami McCormick

    I get the difference between under-appreciated an unappreciated. Been a dedicated fan for years myself. First time I have seen the official video to it, sort of makes it even more touching.

  67. Andrej Tiurin

    WoW, I love this song. Amazing!

  68. Dimitris Kolios

    sorry working

  69. Dimitris Kolios

    where are you workind?

  70. Aseel albadrani

    he is great

  71. Heidi Heairet

    Chris Isaak is not under-anything. I've been to enough concerts to know that the panties are still flying on stage!

  72. xdarkreaperzx

    I hate this song. It plays every day at where I work. lol

  73. AnnHattieAnn

    You are so right.
    But remember; "under-appreciated" and "under-rated" are the two most over-used words on YouTube ... well, right after the word "gay," anyway. XD

  74. mcvicar08

    amazing song thanks

  75. Googaa Googaa

    i love this song!

  76. KIauDka

    I am in love with this man!! So hot!

  77. transmar

    Preciosa, encantadora canción, ¡un 10¡

  78. Glitter People

    why does everybody say he is under-appreciated? He has always been successful and has a pretty decent fan-base. Chris Isaac is not someone who needs pity, not even close.

  79. karinama2000

    Amazing singer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. MyCatSaysMeowMeow

    LOVE HIM - yes I meant to use caps. <3

  81. Signal Ahead

    Awesome as usual; checkout original rockabilly at rockabillygone one word

  82. Supraman

    Just great!!!

  83. kathleen m

    chris as one of the greatest voices ever ,

  84. Ana Silva

    @johnrunion I completely agree with you about his songs and voice, but i don´t think that he truly is underappreciated.
    He has a huge "musical carrier history" and a lot of fans.He´s great but not the biggest star in the world though...:P

  85. johnrunion

    @annaritars to be under appreciated has nothing to do with how great his voice or music are, if there were any justice in this world, chris isaak would be the biggest star in the world!

  86. Miss Moose

    Amazing video and amazing song - thank you for posting

    life-long Chris Isaak fan!

  87. Ana Silva

    He´s one of the bests ever!

  88. Dawn Hewitt

    Hes wonderful, this song is incredible, unmistakeably Chris Issacks. Thanks for posting :)

  89. Lego Films

    Guitar chords 4 this song:


  90. Jejaj Hutchins

    Why can't I like twice?

  91. Venckman

    Underrepresented on the charts, perhaps, but I think he's very much appreciated by his extensive fanbase and by the industry in which he works.

  92. Ana Makaka

    fucking best