Chris Isaak - Nothing's Changed Lyrics

Let's take a drive through the old town.
Back past the place where we meet.
Some things are hard to remember.
Some things you'll never forget.

Let's take a walk down your old street.
Who lives in your house today.
Let's see if we can remember.
All of the vows that we made.

Kisses you gave me.
The vows you made me.
None of these things have changed.
Nothing's changed, nothing's changed.

Young lovers stand in the shadows.
New lovers taking our place.
Though your gone I remember.
I can still see your face.

Kisses you gave me.
The vows you made me.
None of these things have changed.
Nothing's changed, nothing's changed.

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Chris Isaak Nothing's Changed Comments
  1. Petrović Jovan

    This man writes his songs from the heart. He has written many beautiful songs about pure love and yet he still ended up alone at the end. Makes me kinda sad to think about it...

  2. Kachina Addison

    Chris Isaak is one of those incredible talents that remains very underrated! I started listening to him as a 15 year old and never turned back. This song is so haunting and beautiful, one of my definite favorites!

  3. t abreu

    Com uma voz dessa não precisava nem ser bonito ♥️

  4. Haroldo Costa

    Chris isaak

  5. Ευτυχία Happiness


  6. Star Lord

    This song could never get old...

  7. Shane T

    This song is 30 years old ??? If it was released today it’d be a hit !!

  8. Shane T

    Outstanding tune !!

  9. Santos Mara

    love love

  10. юрий нечаев

    Love that voice

  11. Oregon Music Fan

    Chris writes the saddest songs I've ever heard. I've always particularly loved the haunting, understated backing vocals on this track.

  12. Chad Todd

    Timeless singer and song.

  13. Melissa Schroeter

    the past we were ….. is now the future... we are together … the we were tha t are no longer … new ones now.... that carry the memories we were …. on to be some one new … that become a new one that remember who we were nothing has changed....

  14. ethem bőke


  15. Intermittent Energy

    Ouch!  That tore out the stitches of a heartbreak that never healed.

  16. DEBBIE5003

    golden voice....

  17. abdulrazak alshmali

    this song is just perfect ..

  18. Alex Palos

    Danced to wicked games at my wedding.

  19. Franco Mui

    Old succesful

  20. Franco Mui

    about forever

  21. Franco Mui


  22. Fred Fender

    James Calvin Wilsey – lead guitar RIP

  23. limeyosu2000

    if you ever get a chance to see Chris live do it! great showman and such a down to Earth guy too!

  24. euroraistlin

    ever seat here and listen to this song wondering where this picture was taken? why was it taken? What year was it captured forever in that snap shot? What it means in someone's life? I must disclose that i just smoked some weed before this epiphany

  25. Soaring Hawk

    Oneonta NY?


    Always liked Chris Isaak , had a chance to see him play last year when he came to town didn’t expect much... boy was I Wrong... he was awesome, he joked around with us , walked thru the crowd going up and down the isles, told stories about his band ... a true entertainer... he ever comes around again my ass is there ...
    Thanks Chris

  27. Vlada Ilic

    maybe the best song i ve heared... cant stop listening

  28. Hailee Smith

    Still listening to this years later. I was in high school when I started listening to C.I. not one regret. Takes me to that special place in my heart. every time. ❤️

  29. dilara sarıpınar

    Im in love with you <3


    First Time here
    Won't be my Last ❤❤

  31. Nalan Meriç

    2019 🎶🎶🎶🎶

  32. Rickey Engle

    yeah you got that right,,you never will change,,your back over here,,your not over sea,,and you miss me so much,,this is all you always say,,here i am waiting,,

  33. Ali Khan

    Mesmerizing and a very sad song...

  34. Normu pipita

    Vamos a dar un paseo por el casco antiguo,
    De vuelta más allá del lugar donde nos encontramos.
    Algunas cosas son difíciles de recordar,
    Algunas cosas que nunca olvidarás
    Vamos a dar un paseo por tu calle vieja,
    ¿Quién vive en tu casa hoy?
    Veamos si podemos recordar,
    Todos los votos que hicimos
    Besos que me diste, los votos que me hiciste
    Ninguna de estas cosas ha cambiado.
    Nada ha cambiado, nada ha cambiado.
    (Solo de guitarra)
    Los jóvenes amantes se paran en las sombras,
    Nuevos amantes tomando nuestro lugar.
    Y aunque te has ido, lo recuerdo,
    Y aún puedo ver tu cara.
    Besos que me diste, los votos que me hiciste
    Ninguna de estas cosas ha cambiado.
    Nada ha cambiado, nada ha cambiado.
    Ahhh .

  35. Bruce Adams

    dark and sad = excellent

  36. Raija Piettrzak

    Beautiful song

  37. Phillip Crandy

    nothing change. clean sound

  38. MsAnnaDt

    one of the lovliest songs ever.

  39. Nick Carta

    I feel like Chris Isaak was underated, he has so many great songs that most people don't even know about for some reason? The man has a hell of a voice. I can listen to 'wicked game' everyday and it is literally the best song to karaoke I have karaokied it over 1000 times!!

    Erin Old Coot

    He's my favourite of all time. Seen him 3 times. Underrated as hell.

    Nick Carta

    @Erin Old Coot thank you my friend I'm glad that someone else feels the same way i do about him being underrated! I mean good god this man can sing like no other.

    John thomas Starr

    @Nick Carta head ok

    cam gnilpe



    I don't. He won a Grammy. Can you say that?

  40. Mike Lotempio

    why hasn't his music hit main stream. oh forgot real music that soothes the soul is not allowed only garbage that makes you hate!

    Fred Flintstone

    I thought I was was the only one who had noticed that....

  41. princeqmusic

    2018 and forever

  42. Kyrax Doomquake

    Beautifully haunting.

  43. TheRedDevil NC

    Its a Heart Shaped World. Chris just lets us know about it on occasion.

  44. sonya blackorby

    wow another great one of his, i love heart shaped world album, still. thank god i remembered wicked game & found the heart shaped album, i use to own cd long ago

  45. TJ P

    Really liked him back in the 80's, and now just re-listening to all his hits. Had no idea what I missed. Incredible artist! Definitely going to see him in Austin (ACL) next time he's around.

  46. Gilmara Santos

    Música linda.

  47. margaret Fletcher

    So emotional,wonderful

  48. PeNsAmiEnToS...

    ταξιδιάρικη φωνη...

  49. Paulo França

    The heart freezes to hear this sound

  50. Sharon Park

    I love Chris Isaak a big fan. I love the guiitar and the softness of the instruments. Love his voice I just can't get enough of it.

  51. V Ham


  52. Demet Henden

    So sadly song

  53. Jack Bentley Jr

    Always and forever~!

  54. Chris Luebbers

    My life

  55. Lewis72

    It's 0:34 and I'm listening to this on my laptop.
    I'm at the point of think "Bollocks, I'm going to have to play this on my hi-fi now downstairs on CD".

  56. scottbmpls

    Let's take a drive through the old town,
    Back past the place where we meet.
    Some things are hard to remember,
    Some things you'll never forget.

    Let's take a walk down your old street,
    Who lives in you house today?
    Let's see if we can remember,
    All of the vows that we made.

    Kisses you gave me, the vows you made me.
    None of these things have changed.
    Nothing's changed, nothing's changed.

    Young lovers stand in the shadows,
    New lovers taking our place.
    And though your gone I remember,
    And I can still see your face.
    Kisses you gave me, the vows you made me.
    None of these things have changed.
    Nothing's changed, nothing's changed.

    Lal Aj

    Thank you.

    Nina Victoria

    scottbmpls Yess thank you 💙

    Jorge Ramirez

    Wow i lovet the Music at Chris isaak its awesome


    Avec la voix de l'éternité rien ne change ....

  58. K1e k1e

    mds que msc é essa meu?!
    cade o Brs? liiiiinda demais

    Robson Sousa Driver

    Caue Shakur Eu curto essa música desde que foi lançada, é uma de minhas preferidas do todos tempos.

  59. Judie Eschrich


  60. Tuti Bolat

    oysa sadece wicked game dinleyip çıkacaktim.


    bir haftadır başka şarkı dinleyemedim

    Demet Henden

    Tuti Bolat life will go on ve heart full of soulü de dinlemelisin öyleyse

    Halil Sinan Solgun

    Seni nerelerde bulacaktım...


    Tuti Bolat hep öyle oluyor zaten

    sinan berkyar

    Ruhuna işler.

  61. Joyce Lewis

    Ab.. such a distinctive 'roy o......wish they would of done something together...woulda been magic!!!

  62. princeqmusic

    thank you

  63. Patricia Barrett

    heart trembling so deeply emotional

  64. abbyroman

    Captured the nostalgia so well. Great lyrics.

  65. Piotr Ostrowski

    Elvis Good Freak!!!!!!

  66. John Smith

    Chris issak is awesome love this song

  67. Maria Cinta Fernandez Cabeza

    i love it

  68. Esoteric


  69. rhymeswithteeth

    This entire album, 'Heart Shaped World', has a very haunting sound...similar to the haunting sound of Bob Dylan's 'Oh Mercy' album.

  70. Luna Nazarian


    Fred Flintstone

    You're all over this guy, ain'tcha? Hmmm....if I know that, I must be, too....

  71. John Donegan

    Awesome track

  72. Oliver Hansert

    The lead guitar is amazing!


    люблю эту песню

  74. Dimi Lipper

    Can anyone recommend something similar? Really like the guitar and the mood. Thanks!


    Fleetwood Mac: Brown Eyes
    Dire Straits / Mark Knopfler: You & Your Friend; Your Latest Trick; Fade to Black; What It Is; Iron Hand
    The Civil Wars: Twenty Years; Tip of My Tongue
    Leonard Cohen: Waiting for the Miracle; By the Rivers Dark; A Thousand Kisses Deep; Boogie Street
    Lana del Rey: Summertime Sadness; Every Man Gets His Wish; Diet Mountain Dew
    Garbage: Milk, Cup of Coffee
    Heather Nova: Winter Blue
    Metisse: Boom Boom Ba; Nomah's Land
    Bliss: Wish You Were Here
    Al Stewart: Fields of France
    Music... is a funny thing; tastes are never predictable. But I hope you can find at least a few things in this list that will do it for you, if not in exactly the same ways.
    Happy hunting.

    Justin Brown

    The Boys of Summer - Don Henley ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Robson Sousa Driver

    smartalek180 Thanks mate.

    Robson Sousa Driver

    Me too.

    Dyna Mite

    I think no artist compares to another really, but I should mention Marlon Williams. He's awfully talented, and he's got the special kind of voice and melancholy.

  75. Sylwia O

    nice to hear

  76. MrMikorr

    Does anybody know where can i find that picture?


    Top of this screen mate.

  77. todd johnston

    that picture haunts me as much as the song
    what is it from?

    Daniel happy

    Oneonta, NY

  78. Francisco Lopez

    Perfect nocturnal tune. Isaak ..the best

  79. weinas1969

    guitar music in this song is stunning "I love it" beautiful while burning up the motorway on my way home from work on cold autumn nights...................... 

  80. Maria Reis

    Great inviting... 

  81. MarkOfTheNorth

    Amazing song. Beautiful, and heavy.

  82. Zack

    Chris Isaac has some great hits man

  83. Corine Broshuis

    Can anpybody tell me where the picture is taken

    Giovanni Joseph

    I believe it is northern California.

    Gerard McFarland

    It's on Main Street in Oneonta, New York.

    Foster Goldstrom

    +Gerard McFarland Thank you!

  84. Deanna Dunnigan

    One of my favorite songs even still to this day. Love Chris Isaak!!

  85. Sofa Critic

    Lana Del Rey is a perfect compliment to Chris's music, esp "Ride" (the long video), "Born to Die" and "West Coast"


    Not a bad complement, either.

  86. Giovanni Joseph

    Such a beautiful song to play as well......

  87. 86443

    really nice guitar

  88. Ann Lor.

    j adore ta voix ton style magnifique que dire de plus!!!!!!!!

  89. vickie OAKES

    And Steve (The Voice) Perry former lead singer in Journey..

  90. oakfam99

    So that means he was second best, lol

  91. Dave Bennett

    Amazing. I used to perform in a coffee shop in Pontiac MI in 1997. I bought this CD during that winter. I used to listen to this song and think about the snowy streets much like this. Great post! Thanks for the flashback!

  92. JC GDY C

    gran tema

  93. Krystyna Dvoretska


  94. Atreus Blackward

    Its all opinion though isn't it? Lets put it this way, if i want to listen to mellow tunes, i'd listen Chris Isaak. If i wanted to listen to something aggressive i'd listen to say Testament/Slayer. So if he thinks Chris Isaak is the best singer, who are we to argue? Thats the great thing about music, for me anyway, its about music which suits your mood and at any particular time, any singer can be the greatest in the world(to the person that is listening)

  95. MrBlues245

    He is a very good singer but to say he is the best in the world is a to stretch the truth quite a bit. You may as well say fish and chips are the best meal in the world. They are certainly very good, but so is a good curry or roast lamb. How do you compare.

  96. Vincent

    nothingschanged . com