Chris Isaak - Except The New Girl Lyrics

Drive your mustang down, to where you hang out.
Alone without a friend.
Girls walk by you, some in fact have tried you.
But once they tried they never tried again.

Except the new girl.
Except the new girl.

Alone and lonesome, trusting no one they say,
You never had a friend.
People talk about you, they say they doubt you really,
Ever let anybody in.

Except the new girl.
Except the new girl.

I guess there's never been anyone.

Except the new girl.
Except the new girl.

Last time I saw him, he was laughing.
She was standing by his side.
I've got a feeling, that they're still together.
From the look that was in his eyes. There's no one,

Except the new girl.
Except the new girl.

See him smile, he don't care.
Says he loves her, and he'll always love her.
See him smile, it seems fair.
That he finally found her, finally hold her. There's no one,

Except the new girl.
Except the new girl.
Except the new girl.

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Chris Isaak Except The New Girl Comments
  1. Alain Deroi

    Very nice song, Chris is the best in that style of song 😎

  2. pati baumberger

    A true musical masterpiece. I love this song.

  3. gabriel miranda

    2019 Listen this song....

  4. Triada Augusto Chwaszczyno

    Super utwór chris yo are the best

  5. Ethereal Catholic

    Should've been a top 10 hit.
    This LP was a damn near masterpiece that went under the radar.

  6. Giuseppe Ferrazza

    A perfect piece of American music in every way that matters, that guitar seems to have an echo, a plaintive tenderness,
    Isaak is fantastic!

  7. banjohombre

    Great stuff Chris, keep it coming.

  8. Claude Alain

    Ah! mon dieu... Que c'est beau!! C'est un hymne à l'amour... C'est magnifique!

  9. Montavillian

    I love this.

  10. Willie Meeks

    Good song......

  11. James Limborg

    Listen to this cover song of Except The New Girl by Chris Isaak [Visit the YouTube page to LIKE and comment]:

  12. Willy Roger Sörensen

    Think of to Morrow is one of his best song.I love that song!

  13. Larry Dolan

    Great signature licks, tone perfection, very warm, makes the song.

  14. Robbie Boz

    Love Tom Brumley.....

  15. Nathan Jones

    Great job, Tom!

  16. Rick Lewis

    My favorite car in this.
    There's always a chance of finding.
    As love walked by
    Forgotten one, lonely as the night
    Twisted moonshine, forever breaks

  17. cuzinkevin

    Love it

  18. Ryan N.

    Funny you say that. The other day I thought the same thing to myself. Only thing is, I have yet to meet "the new girl."

  19. kriandos

    That Steel Guitar makes it unforgettable , good voice but the backing is the best there is ...... Kriandos from England xx

  20. Mrs. Parker

    Love, love, love everything Chris Isaak does. His voice mesmerizes me.

  21. awnok

    Tom did a wonderful job on this, Rolene. He is still an inspiration to all us aspiring pickers even after all those years.

  22. TheSidvicious12

    thanks for adding this song here - my favorite

  23. Rolene Brumley

    Love this song by Chris. My Tom played steel on it.........Rolene Brumley
    LOVE IT !!!

    pati baumberger

    Rolene Brumley I love it too!

    Małgorzata Gardocka

    Super song