Chris Isaak - Can't Do A Thing (To Stop Me) Lyrics

Here I go again, dreaming, here I go again.
(Can't do a thing to stop me now)
(Can't do a thing to stop me now)

Having a good time baby, wish you were here.
Thinking about you baby, it feels like you're near,
And you can't do a thing, to stop me.
(Can't do a thing to stop me now)
No you can't do a thing, to stop me.
(Can't do a thing to stop me now)

Days can be lonely, nights dreams come true.
Making love with somebody, exactly like you.
And you can't do a thing, to stop me.
(Can't do a thing to stop me now)
No you can't do a thing, to stop me.
(Can't do a thing to stop me now)
Oh try.

(Can't do a thing to stop me now)
Can't do a thing to stop me
(Can't do a thing to stop me now) Oh.
(Can't do a thing to stop me)

Couldn't stop myself if I tried.
Because I got you too deep inside.

And you can't do a thing, to stop me.
(Can't do a thing to stop me now)
No you can't do a thing, to stop me.
(Can't do a thing to stop me now)

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Chris Isaak Can't Do A Thing (To Stop Me) Comments
  1. Hanz Anaya

    Aw BB! 1993 ❤️to Ventura, CA. 92103 always...

  2. fluffy1973

    110 people made a mistake

  3. fluffy1973

    Anyone remember his cameo in a certain movie with Anthony Hopkins?

  4. xciteful

    True story: I was listening to this song, got out of truck humming and
    singing it out loud and Chris Isaak was in a parking lot in Studio City,

  5. Cruise Slidell

    He got his own HBO hour show for a few years, that is something.

  6. Ralph Lazio

    Sexy ass beautiful song.

  7. Gracie Golding

    LOVE THAT VOICE. I can listen listen to this and Wicked Games all day. Honestly

  8. Van Luke Johnson


  9. Merly I.


  10. Remy Azhary Yosef

    You got to admit. Pre-2000 music ARE real music. Today, music only pretends to be music.

  11. Sherry Tennyson

    Relatives, argent la homme, gov little scorpio burned in your souls. U deny little brand ur souls belong to me infinity. Desolie

  12. Saladdin Yudono

    This song is incredible. It's a song about sex, masquerading as a song about romance.

  13. Mauricio Valdes

    Beautiful song, wondeful

  14. Marte Costa

    KD os Brazucas!!!

  15. Linda Downs

    So Hott😜

  16. Proyecto Venuss Còktel

    Oh pero que sensual éste hombre...

  17. Developer

    the weeknd 80s

  18. Elias Jorge

    Boa música !

  19. Nivaldo Luz

    The best

  20. Octavia Simmons

    Robin Thicke's older brother lol

  21. John Tyree

    Seems others have forgotten this song. All the radio ever plays is ""Wicked Game".

  22. Daniel Johnson

    This song got me through my first divorce in the mid '90s. Hopefully, it works as well in the second.

  23. KingArthur

    Who knew this a great STEPPER'S CUT?

  24. Ayden Burris

    This song and eyes without a face are so similar

  25. Scott Gallant

    This album is incredible! Soo good!

  26. Sherry Tennyson


  27. Sherry Tennyson

    Gov should play this when bad men play

  28. Sherry Tennyson

    Dream in me

  29. BF6ct

    Steppaz kut!!

  30. Justin Pate

    Beautiful song, I was in the 8th and later 9th grade the year this came out

  31. İbrahim Timsah


  32. Medellin

    Everything about this is so sensually stimulating without having to be provocative or vulgar, so dreamy and eloquent❤️

  33. San San

    Apertura de pelicula de James Bond

  34. TheAudivisioner

    His best song.
    Could have structured the verse somewhat better.

  35. Daniele Vitorino

    Esse clipe é muito sexy

  36. Sherry Tennyson

    I hear what everyone wants deep down. without. so many lies, games I've become an, iceberg. he is overdue. maybe my next life.

  37. Sherry Tennyson

    my perfect drug of choice🥀

  38. Ayden Burris

    Chris Issac is the signature Chad, I can smell his hair product through the screen

  39. Moi Borja

    muy buen tema

  40. Eldo Santos

    Hummm romântica vc eim 😍

  41. Sherry Tennyson

    who would want to stop him💓💋💘


    Who directed this video ? Same guy who did Twin Peaks ?

  43. gricelda reveco

    El tema perfecto para tener sexo sin parar 😘

  44. Thelma Romero

    "No se puede hacer una cosa" es una traducción literal y no tiene sentido, su traducción correcta es "no puedes hacer nada" para detenerme (to stop me) aprenda inglés :D


    Porque me lo dice tan brusco !!!! xD

  45. Deborah Bertolani

    Every man should take note on how his gentle but totally involved touch is heaven to a woman

    Path Of The Gamer

    Eh...while Chris is pining away some savage is banging her brains out. No romance, no mental, just pure lasciviousness. Guaranteed. Great song, but THAT GUY gets tired and boring just like THAT GIRL does.

  46. Flitz Flitty

    Most underated song ever....

  47. Graham g

    I love this song we use to make love to it all night on repeat. Love you hottie

  48. Robin Halleman

    He is wouldn't stop him.

  49. YourBestFriend

    Beautiful chords on that music! Very classy!!!!!

  50. Norma Gallardo


  51. Norma Gallardo

    Siento que ya me embarace...¡¡ quee cancion mas erotica. Dios¡¡¡

  52. Ricardo Peres

    Excelente. Parabéns pela produção do clip. Rio de Janeiro - Brasil

  53. amir67intrinsic

    Go to work steppers...

  54. Deborah Bertolani

    Sexiest hands in the universe

  55. Ima Brat

    This is what silk sounds like

  56. Adonis Sesson

    Besides Wicked Game. This in my opinion is the best time. Bought the CD in 1994 and this was the only song worth listening to. The rest was junk. Just my opinion.

  57. Upy 017

    the one and only Chris Isaak. talk about talent and substance in the music industry.



  59. anonimo anonimo

    love is love

  60. Friendy Advice

    Great song

  61. Marina Santos

    Essa música é uma viagem.

  62. Friendy Advice

    Great song

  63. zomgseriosuly

    This song makes me unbelievably horny, no matter what mood I'm in or what kind of day I've had

  64. dilara sarıpınar

    69 people are dislike this:d

  65. Suzan.

    Mmmm wouldn’t stop you darlin.............💋

  66. Kathy Saladeen

    He soooooo romantic

  67. cummings103

    Why am I just finding this song in 2018....
    This should have been a #1 hit....

  68. madkittyjoey70

    I like Chris Isaak. He has such a beautiful voice.

  69. Kryste Robertson

    He is so hot love his voice.and music gets you turned on.

  70. Jonathan Johnson

    Attention: This is what real music with talent sounds like.

  71. Mountain Prairie West

    Thinking about you baby, feels like you're near...

  72. Kevin Richmond

    Classic steppers track Chitown in my bones

  73. Brittany G

    This is way too SEXY! I LOVE it 😍💜😝

  74. Justin Brown

    Elvis all over again !

  75. Greg Battles

    this song has a very tranquil sound like a dose of night quill.

  76. iblissxxx

    sacada de una melodía hindú !!!

  77. Maurício Cardozo Vieira

    beautiful song

  78. Jihad Nabawi

    If you ever want to win some money bet a true. Chicago style stepper. That you have a song that they can cut s tug yo that they never heard before. And play this.

  79. Heather Schulz- Behrend

    love this song and I'm being silly singing about laughing gas to the chords.

  80. Blair Sterling

    Pantie remover song. Never fails.

  81. João Carlos

    quem está ouvindo essa musica em 2018 ? dá like

  82. Gen Spiegel

    Love this dreamy song😏

  83. Yolanda Ireland

    Nice stepping cut from the chi-town.....

  84. Angelina ___

    He kills me😘😯😯😯


    2:24 drums

  86. Delia Sinha

    so sensuous

  87. Yolanda Ireland

    Nice stepping song....Chi town

  88. A Iluminada

    Exactly like you... 🎵

  89. Think Pink Ate


  90. kublai khan

    one bad ass white boy!!!!

  91. Chica fuera de órbita

    Me encanta la voz de Chris es una delicia auditiva 😍. Sería genial si el video tuviera subtitulos 😉😘

  92. Denise Jenkins

    he has such an Elvis vibe but sexier and hotter. did i mention hotter. omg

  93. allegri9cl

    This and wicked game.... sexiest songs

  94. ibelieveicansoar

    Good thing the "rape culture" crowd hasn't gotten this song banned yet