Chris Isaak - Baby Baby Lyrics

I said I didn't want to talk about love
Cause I'd been hurt so bad

Love is just a lot of pretty words
That leave you feeling sad
Then you held me close
You whispered soft and low
You didn't say that much
But you said what I needed to know

You just said baby baby
That's all you said
Well its not easy to talk when you got so much to say
And I met a lot of girls but
Never really felt this way
I held you close
And we stayed close all that night
The way that you held me told me everything would be alright

You just said baby, baby
That's all that you said

I don't believe I am ever going to let you go
No, I don't believe I'll be searching for love any more

You just said baby, baby
That's all you said
You whispered baby baby
That's all you said
That's all you said
That's all you said

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Chris Isaak Baby Baby Comments
  1. Alain Deroi

    Beautiful song, I dont know it and now I love it.... 😎

  2. Michael quinn

    This song reminds me of some special times

  3. YOU AND ME Forever


  4. Lisa Lutze

    😍 muahh words can't describe.

  5. Leon Horder

    man that's a smooth voice 😃

  6. Deborah Bertolani

    That word carries so many this one

  7. Justmeb Justmeb

    Very special song

  8. Francis Sali

    Chris....I would like be your wife...💕

  9. Neil Ladd

    A little sympathy goes a long way.

  10. Sharon Park

    Oh baby ...Baby's all you said

  11. margaret Cooper

    Great Song!!!! I'd love to be his BABY!!!

  12. MrGriser

    I see my comment got deleted perhaps you people don't like Ariana Grande there is quite a difference between her music and Chris Issak's.

    Alamanda Bud

    I'm trying to find a female version of this song. I searched but couldn't find the one you mentioned here. Could you send me a link or some hints where to find it?

  13. Loida Cuckson

    Oh my baby is back. So that I baby. I love love love  this song <3.

  14. Huguette17

    Super bon.

  15. Ava Grace

    ❤️❤️❤️ I love this song......thank you for sharing

  16. greatloverofmusic1


    Bubba loozy

    +greatloverofmusic1 Yeah I wonder too! Can't find it listed anywhere. Anybody know??


    actually it is Sharon Celani from stevie nicks

    Michale Alderson

    greatloverofmusic1 1

  17. naultnicole

    Ohhhh Québec ;-)

  18. skatephanatics

    ohhh Canada!