Chris Brown - Winner Lyrics

It is an honor to introduce
The future of R&B
His name, is Chris Brown
And uh, you know what this is, (yeah)
Another Beat trax Joint

Round one I hear the ding,
I walk up in shake your hand
Girl I gotta know whats up,
Baby what's your name?
Can I get your number?
Cuz I want to talk about some things (yeah)

Round two it ain't a thing,
I was moving every way you move,
Bobbing and weaving,
Like a young boy was supposed to do,
It seemed like only yesterday that we did it,
Now you on me like a fitted,
And I just gotta say, yeah

Baby, you're a winner,
Didn't even take ya twelve rounds to do it
You got the title now,
I'ma tell the whole world (world)
To give it up for my girl (my girl)
Baby you're a winner,
Didn't even take ya twelve rounds to do it
You got the title now,
I'ma tell the whole world
To give it up for my girl

Round three I can see me and you walking down the aisle,
And I know we're young so it'll be a while
before we're doing that,
But my momma got me in training,
Getting ready for the day when I'ma make somebody happy (ohh ohh ohh)
Said I was done with lovin'
'til I found someone like you.
Oh somebody tell me what I was supposed to do,
You put my back against the ropes,
No choice but to unfold,
I gotta give it to you baby


Baby I just can't believe that every time you come around,
I start losing my breath,
I'm tripping over myself,
Cause you hittin' me, hittin' me
Oh girl, baby it's so plain to see that you got the best of me
So I'm throwin' in the towel baby I bow out,
Ooohh ooohh ooohhh oooh let it breath, (hah hah) oh

[Chorus 3x]

[Repeat chorus til end]

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Chris Brown Winner Comments
  1. ARI ARI still with it.....much love

  2. Bizairsp

    I beat he could sing this today and it would sound just as good.


    Best overall breezy album...#my opinion


    05-06 da mane said the future of R& tht!

  5. breezy fbaby

    remind me of them roller rink dayss 🔥

  6. Bryan Brown

    Shit still Raw 2019🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 :TRUE GOAT 🐐

  7. Sonia Deveau

    CHRIS BROWN IS A LIVING LEGEND! He is real talent going viral without using *AUTHENTIC VWIES COM* . Thumbs up who agrees

  8. Tamala Shankle

    He still got it

  9. Barbara Vocals

    Bern My Favorite Since 2008.....❤⭐❤⭐🔥💯🌷⚘🌎🍹🏆📽🎬😊🎄

  10. Too Shay

    Fina be in 20😻

  11. Tamera Evans

    When life was so beautiful death wasnt normal. Man i was in 6th grade back then im 23 with 2 kids now.

  12. sockit 2ya

    from "winner" to "heat" 😎 #number 1 fan 😍😍😍

  13. Oaklie Ruca

    2 0 1 9 🥰

  14. Regina Anau

    Still listening! 2019 💯

  15. aziz dixon

    Memories growing up as a kid. I'm 24 it's amazing how time flies

  16. uninfluenced whoelse

    Miss this kind of music where men actually liked women

  17. Dodoh Talentos

    Final de 2019 e escuto ela como se fosse lançamento 🥰

    cesar Augusto

    Eu tbm man haha

  18. sian simms

    This is so good even in 2019

  19. Alexis Flowers

    My fav song ever Ima winner

  20. mia clemons

    still listening in 2k19

  21. Chris Hall


  22. Stevanna Joy

    There are so many "jokes" that can unfortunately be made from this song ... Chris really brought negativity upon himself. lol.

  23. Tempest Glover

    STILL A BANGER IN 2019🔥🔥🔥🔥

  24. Mac Turtle

    Give it Up for my Gal🎶🔥

  25. Chrissy Beauty

    💕🥰 I remember the concert @ Roxy theater when he sang this to me . 😓😫

  26. Diene Scarlet

    Se escreva lá no meu canal Gabriel chocolate...

  27. Aaliyah Forney

    I love this song by Chris brown winner.

  28. Neh-Bih Sangbong

    Back in middle school 😩

  29. Nisha Pee

    When Chris was innocent 😇

  30. Tempest Glover

    2K19 VIBES😊😍😍😍💯

  31. malaker legrand

    Still listening 2019🔥🎧

  32. brown gyal

    This song is giving me butterflies

  33. Princess Arayah Baht Israel

    2019!!! Still my ish!

  34. Jessica Cristina

    Não sei pq não estourou essa música, ela é tão foda

  35. Telashae Wright

    This was my gaddamn SOOOOONNNNGGG in 9th grade lol

  36. Raney Ballard


  37. romi

    Full Blood Musician

  38. Angela Caldwell

    2019 ? 😩

  39. Willian Jefferson

    Canta muito

  40. Golden Rare

    2K19 #CBreeZe #₩inner 🙌💞🤗

  41. gimme that

    I wanna fuck USHER!

  42. MatthewPritt976


  43. Alan Pereira

    Aaa top neh. So as mais.

  44. Tiffany Johnson

    Chris <3333

  45. Cedrick Johnson

    My shit

  46. Ms Johnson

    Still here in 2019 ❤❤❤

  47. YT BF. TOXIC

    I'ma tell the whole world, to give it up for my girl....C.B been hard.

  48. Tresan Ashley

    Who is still listening in 2019...?

  49. D'yann Wallace


  50. Optimist Prime77

    2019 Winner! Classic two stepping song to step to! KC!

  51. Serg732

    I haven’t found my winner lol

  52. Pinky Toe

    My homemade POV video on PornHub brought me here.

    Aye Oh

    link pls

  53. Kelvin Larkin

    106 interview on YouTube brought me here

  54. Tony Jr


  55. Ashley Acklin

    2019 WINNER ✌😎

  56. DeeAllmy a

    Best relationships start in friendship first!!

  57. DeeAllmy a

    Love this song!!

  58. Taniesha Thompson

    I seen my baby pic

  59. Taniyah Ricks

    This song brings back so many memories ii use to reply this song on my iPod damnn ii wish ii can go back in time 😔💪🏾 thank god i had a great child hood !

  60. Taniesha Thompson

    Dont tell nobody how u fuck

  61. TRAJEDY x1994

    All 2k19 bumpin Breezy old bangers!!

  62. Taniesha Thompson

    Y you have a disases

  63. Doretha Fuller-Evans

    Chris Brown ooozing with talent!!!!

  64. Brianna Miller

    This is my shit idc idc still listening in 2019 🙌🏾🙃

  65. Junior Silva

    Que vibe é essa man

  66. blablabla

    click like if you love this song like i do

  67. Black_ Kulture

    2019 ??.. Baby your a winner !

  68. Danielle Peart

    Come through nostalgia

  69. Mia Lucas

    Like damn I will always love this song

  70. Brandon Bryant

    Classic .. this is his best album

  71. Calia Kylie

    ANOTHER B COX JOINT!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Amanda Bujol

    Nostalgic memories of high school...still banging in '19



  74. Whenin Wes

    2k19 still the king of rnb

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    Still playing in 2019 miss these days 😍

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    2019 up! Brasil!

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    Still a burner in 2019🔥🔥🔥

    Jay Gause

    Yes it Was

    Jay Gause


    Danielle Riv

    King Solo Trav facts

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    2019 wya☝🏽

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    Still listening 2019

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    2019 👌🏽🥰

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    I'm here in 2019

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    2019!!! Song Still a Winner!!! ❤

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    My fiances ringtone! Real love i got for her

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    2019 Still Poppin🤞

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    Still listening to this in 2019

  87. ebony fay


  88. Delvonte Malone

    I dedicated this song to my girlfriend... now we listen to it together 😍

  89. Flavio Silva

    etérno André essa nois escutava juntos esteja em um bom lugar ass.. rnt ❤

  90. Johnny Pruitt


  91. D'Jhane Costin

    I was in the third grade when I heard this album and I had a boyfriend named Gianni lol .