Chris Brown - Take A Risk Lyrics

I must be stupid
Or I must be crazy, oh
Yeah, I must be useless to you
And I must be lovin' you lazy
Out my mind 'cause you're cryin'
You're sayin' I did this to you
Baby, I'm sick of this
Keep sayin' I ain't listenin'

Let it all out, tell me how you feel about me
Get it all off your chest
I get it now, you said enough to hurt me
You regret every moment you're in my presence
Day by day, step by step
Said I won't change to make it better
Don't wanna fight, since you stressin'
I'm free to leave all we have here
Everything we put together
All the power, you're a coward
My dear, it don't matter

'Cause you won't take a risk with me
You won't jump off the bridge with me (No, you won't)
You don't wanna live free-fallin'
Let go of my hand
You don't wanna fly, live with me
Let go
You don't wanna fly with me

You say I'm insecure
Think I ain't ready for you
I'll give a little more to you
But what will you give me for it?
Don't you knock it 'til you try it
You know I won't hurt you, baby
Ooh, just let it loose
That's right

Let it all out, tell me how you feel about me
Get it all off your chest
Scream it out loud, lay it all out for me
You regret every moment you're in my presence
Oh, day by day, step by step
If you want me, I'll make it better
It's your life, fuck this stressin'
I'm free to leave all we have here
Everything we put together
The perfect one I searched for right here
And baby, it don't get no better

'Cause you won't take a risk with me (Ooh)
You won't jump off the bridge with me (Ooh, no, you won't)
You don't wanna live free-fallin'
No-no-no-no-no-no (Ooh)
Let go of my hand
You don't wanna fly, live with me
No-no-no-no-no-no (No-no)
Let go
You don't wanna fly with me

If you can't hear me
I hope you feel me
I know you see me
You see me clearly
I know I don't have the answers to all your problems
But I'm willing to try to solve 'em
Baby, all you need is a little more lovin', oh yeah
Don't run from me, all this kissin' and huggin', oh yeah
It's just you and I, please be mine
Girl, forever
I'ma give my heart, just be kind
You never know 'til you try
Go ahead, go ahead (Go ahead)
Huh, just spread 'em for me now (Me now)
I don't mean your legs
Girl, it's time to let your wings out

'Cause you won't take a risk with me (Yeah)
You won't jump off the bridge with me (No, you won't)
You don't wanna live free-fallin'
No-no-no-no-no-no (No-no)
Let go of my hand (Ooh)
You don't wanna fly, live with me
No-no-no-no-no-no (No-no-no)
Let go
You don't wanna fly with me
'Cause you won't take a risk with me
You won't jump off the bridge with me (Hey, no, you won't)
You don't wanna live free-fallin'
Let go of my hand
You don't wanna fly, live with me
No-no-no-no-no-no (No-no)
Let go
You don't wanna fly with me

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Chris Brown Take A Risk Comments
  1. Rachelle

    Its sounds like two different songs.. the song starts and when the chorus hits its completely different. I LOVE IT!!!

  2. Vanessa Louvres

    I only want positive experiences for us.
    I want you to make it better, if you can.
    Maybe we can get together, it'd be nice to talk to you.

  3. Cash Bloodz


  4. Thando Mbele

    January 2020 I was here, Chris Brown the G O A T !!!

  5. Toon™

    This is the type of song that could fit the Fast & Furious soundtrack

  6. Kenny Salvodon

    this song gives me straight graffiti album vibes and I love it!

  7. DirtyJohnJones

    I don't like the chorus, everything else is fire tho. The chorus beat is just trash.

  8. Amy Geist


  9. Amy Geist


  10. Amy Geist

    SHUT UP and let the girl think

  11. Amy Geist

    SINCE he makes you so wet you cant take it and all

  12. Amy Geist

    I bet he'd marry you UNDER a waterfall....

  13. Amy Geist

    Do you like BAZIL RIRI?

  14. Amy Geist

    THAT WAS HIM BTW....I don't know what he's talking about but I think I do...

  15. Amy Geist

    Tick tock BOO BOO LUV U

  16. Amy Geist

    HOMECOMING is SOOOOOOOON dot 4get.....

  17. Amy Geist

    IMHO I would like to see you 2 reconcile....JUS SAYN....

  18. Amy Geist

    Your call BOO

  19. Amy Geist


  20. Amy Geist

    FETTY needs a wife...

  21. Amy Geist

    Riri + Fetty Wap?

  22. Amy Geist

    Riri + Chris Amy + Fetty Wap

  23. Amy Geist


  24. browardmade monte

    This song so ass

  25. Miss Supreme


    Step 1. Turn up the bass

    Step 2. Blast in your Car

  26. Masked Financial Hero

    Hit like 👇 if you’re watching this in 2020!!!

  27. Aziah 4Life

    chris has never made a bad album yet on god. 🙏🙌💖

  28. Liciara Aguiargulart

    O pai e foda feio, mano sério ele e foda pra cassete mano ,sério 💯por%

  29. Kendra Durham

    His songs give me life... PERIOD .LET GO OF MY HAND

  30. Who Cares

    2:30 Pure Darkness

  31. Who Cares

    Man, all of that money, should've spent that on his favorite porn model

  32. Alberto Sartor

    WOW fantastic Song

  33. YE TV

    R&B🤖👾👽 & 🐐

  34. 김성국


  35. Darrius Patton

    Ooooooo this is nice😜

  36. Jaymin Smith

    Do ur thing Chris🙌🏾

  37. Alfred Kalery

    Trop bien

  38. jay2kd XD

    I have dance class in my school and when we get ready by doing stretching my dance teacher always puts that song

  39. Gi Santinie

    My favorite <3

  40. Ace Scafe

    Chrisbrown has been unleashed find shelter.. Chrisbrown is a earth quake and heart attack at the same time..that's how fiyyyaaah his muzic is #Teambreezy #world Wassup 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙀👊🏿👊🏿

  41. Super_boy

    I really love this song. I listen to this at least 10 times a day😁

    Nick Drozd

    Super_boy same. Lol

  42. It's donald cheadle

    Chris Brown put the hit out on biggie

  43. Rachel Andres

    🔥 AF!

  44. Jada Barley

    This songs needs more views its so good

  45. M Love1


  46. LuRhonda Hendricks

    I like your song Chris Brown

  47. Mannetjie Dikuwa

    See me clearly

  48. Eunique Nicole

    I had an amazing time at his concert last night in Nashville!!! He is so talented!!! I had to come back and listen to his album

  49. Brenda Washington

    Nice song 🥳heat! Who wrote that song?

  50. Mirabel Lebarim

    Im just a bratt throwing tantrums Give me you hand dam it...lets go...😂

  51. Kiikii Mulan

    I found this song at the perfect time -

  52. Darshen Jason

    This song is absolute fire :D

  53. Ystal Almario

    All the beat was lit 😍😍😍

  54. moofasa king

    U gotta make a music video to this song breezy this song go hard

  55. Tiffani Smith

    E3 r v v

  56. Bernard Gibson

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🧨🧨🧨🧨antha banga

  57. Lavonia Fowler

    Team Breezy

  58. Echely Araújo

    I love you Cris brown♥️

  59. Maricela Magallanes


  60. Darius Tiggle

    If a person say this ain't his best album they smoking crack swear this the best album of the year👌💯

  61. Samui Fishing Game

    Is it Chris Brown who sing on this new song ????????

    Tell me please 🙂

  62. Earnestine Hardy

    Chris stop singing about your love of pussy because they will use that AGAINST you and try to destroy you with it stop thinking about women and females so much you wait on OUR HEAVENLY FATHER to send you your wife and be careful of the women that the illuminati send in to you to try and destroy you they are not worth it okay just work on yourself and consult with GOD about your needs and wants and not out loud because SATAN can't hear your THOUGHTS okay


    He has TONS of songs where he talks about real things, go listen to em

  63. swizzyce

    I like this song it makes me think of the lions

  64. Shanay Guitar

    That fucking beat

  65. Jordann Myers

    The beginning of this song (like the first 5 seconds) sounds like another one of his songs, can anyone remember it? it's killing me that I can't remember, thx :)


    Jordann Myers No BS might be the song you’re thinking of

    Jordann Myers

    10bjrowland Yes, thank you!

  66. Carrie Allison Tejol Larson

    As soon as I wake up a song of yours pops up and sets my day's mood lmao.....

  67. Relebohile Nkosi

    550K views, seriously? Are people seriously sleeping on this track?

  68. 10bjrowland

    Chris Brown’s bridges are underrated. This one, Forever, I’ll Call ya, Gimme Whatcha Got, Wall to Wall, any more?


    Stuck on Stupid

  69. Gorillo

    Brown was driving a vehicle with Robyn F. as the front passenger on an unknown street in Los Angeles. Robyn F. picked up Brown's cellular phone and observed a three-page text message from a woman who Brown had a previous sexual relationship with.

    A verbal argument ensued and Brown pulled the vehicle over on an unknown street, reached over Robyn F. with his right hand, opened the car door and attempted to force her out. Brown was unable to force Robyn F. out of the vehicle because she was wearing a seat belt. When he could not force her to exit, he took his right hand and shoved her head against he passenger window of the vehicle, causing an approximate one-inch raised circular contusion.

    Robyn F. turned to face Brown and he punched her in the left eye with his right hand. He then drove away in the vehicle and continued to punch her in the face with his right hand while steering the vehicle with his left hand. The assault caused Robyn F.'s mouth to fill with blood and blood to splatter all over her clothing and the interior of the vehicle.Brown looked at Robyn F. and stated, 'I'm going to beat the sh- out of you when we get home! You wait and see!'

    The detective said Robyn F. then used her cell phone to call her personal assistant Jennifer Rosales, who did not answer.Robyn F. pretended to talk to her and stated, 'I'm on my way home. Make sure the police are there when I get there.' After Robyn F. faked the call, Brown looked at her and stated, 'You just did the stupidest thing ever! Now I'm really going to kill you!'

    Brown resumed punching Robyn F. and she interlocked her fingers behind her head and brought her elbows forward to protect her face. She then bent over at the waist, placing her elbows and face near her lap in [an] attempt to protect her face and head from the barrage of punches being levied upon her by Brown.

    Brown continued to punch Robyn F. on her left arm and hand, causing her to suffer a contusion on her left triceps (sic) that was approximately two inches in diameter and numerous contusions on her left hand.

    Robyn F. then attempted to send a text message to her other personal assistant, Melissa Ford. Brown snatched the cellular telephone out of her hand and threw it out of the window onto an unknown street.Brown continued driving and Robyn F. observed his cellular telephone sitting in his lap. She picked up the cellular telephone with her left hand and before she could make a call he placed her in a head lock with his right hand and continued to drive the vehicle with his left hand.Brown pulled Robyn F. close to him and bit her on her left ear. She was able to feel the vehicle swerving from right to left as Brown sped away. He stopped the vehicle in front of 333 North June Street and Robyn F. turned off the car, removed the key from the ignition and sat on it.

    Brown did not know what she did with the key and began punching her in the face and arms. He then placed her in a head lock positioning the front of her throat between his bicep and forearm. Brown began applying pressure to Robyn F.'s left and right carotid arteries, causing her to be unable to breathe and she began to lose consciousness.

    She reached up with her left hand and began attempting to gouge his eyes in an attempt to free herself. Brown bit her left ring and middle fingers and then released her. While Brown continued to punch her, she turned around and placed her back against the passenger door. She brought her knees to her chest, placed her feet against Brown's body and began pushing him away. Brown continued to punch her on the legs and feet, causing several contusions.

    Robyn F. began screaming for help and Brown exited the vehicle and walked away. A resident in the neighborhood heard Robyn F.'s plea for help and called 911, causing a police response. An investigation was conducted and Robyn F. was issued a Domestic Violence Emergency Protective Order.


    even rihanna said that this was fake lmao

  70. Trapbby nana

    He deserves to have Grammy he is amazing‼️ which is why he inspired me to dance and sing and get out there more 🔥 he is an icon

  71. Breezy Gang

    Chris brown I will jump of a bridge FOR U not with u

    Chris u stay alive and make u BEST. music while I will listen to ur songs and I will DIE FOR U CHRID

  72. Diego MT

    Beautiful Song😲

  73. Diego MT

    Wow, Chris!

  74. Kizzy Thompson

    Favorite song @kizzy7435

  75. IndigoJack

    The fuq. Every fucking song is a banger

  76. Edward Williams

    lov this song so🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 should have been a single sounds amazing and give off a Pop vibe my top favorite songs from the album #Indigo

  77. Wesley Willian

    This song is beautiful but a bit ironic

  78. Buenrostro 2020


  79. Melli shine

    Damn this song is 🔥 Can‘t wait to do a choreo to this😏

  80. esdras rian

    Puta q pariu a voz do CB combina com qualquer gênero músical. Caralho🙊👏👏!

  81. Tammara J

    Top 3 songs:take a risk,dear god,part of the plan

  82. Diogo Andrey

    Esse álbum tá MT foda!!! Breezy como sempre quebrando as plataformas digitais!!


  83. Natrell Foster

    This is 🔥

  84. will holman

    These views cant be real

  85. Dev humagain


  86. kate caddy

    I don regret loving Chris brown.... #teambreezyforever.....

  87. vetnam01 TYG

    ... 🤔🤔how does it feel to have an artist that drops Bombs💣 after Bombs💣.... 💜💪#NiceWorkBreezy.. can wait for what's to come... ........

  88. Franck Dove

    the King r&brown 🔥

  89. Geralda McNab

    I miss you💋❤

  90. JMUSICKS Productions

  91. Anita Jones

    I haven't heard a bad track yet.

  92. Atomic x Beatz

    Produced by the homie DiMuro !!!!!!!
    follow him on Twitter/
    First #1 Album Billboard chart!
    Congrats dude! Only up from here!

    DiMuro Beats

    thank you bro

  93. Julian Mpia


  94. Daspan Shishi

    Album of time