Chris Brown - Party Next Door Lyrics

[Chris Brown:]
Baby you be on that old shit
I don't need that commotion
Got me heated in the oven
Don't play with the chopper, it's fully loaded
Yeah, driving me crazy, driving me crazy
No one but you, I feel so used, set up
You supposed to be here in this foreign
But you just disappeared like I’m not important

Eh, you're what I need, I need you
Heart on my sleeve, I need you
Oh, you know I need you
You fucked up cause you partying next door
You partying next door
You partying next door
You partying next door
Said you partying, yeah

[Young Blacc:]
She got 4 friends, I hope they go
Double up and bring 4 more
Hennessy and the Patron shots
Make the white girls wanna get low
HoodyBaby, my kin folk and OHB, I kill for
That other party that's next door, we don't fuck with niggas that save hoe
Spanish chicks, they can take dick, black girls love to talk shit
White girls love the foreplay, handstand, make them turn tricks
She took my proposition 'bout the pimping
She know how to flip it, ain't come with interest
She telling a nosey nigga mind his business
Always hating cause they know we winning
Grown man shit, I don't need permission
I don't give a damn if they real sisters
Nigga, I only fuck with them freak hoes
Beast mode, eat the pussy

[Chris Brown:]
Eh, you're what I need, I need you
Heart on my sleeve, I need you
Oh, you know I need you
You fucked up cause you partying next door
You partying next door
You partying next door
You partying next door
Said you partying, yeah

Downgrade, don't feel the same
Got another say a nigga change, really?
Only motherfucker put you in a gang
How the hell you think they know your name? You trifling, you silly
But I keep hoes on deck, what you know 'bout me?
I'm the nigga take your page, yelling OHB
Overhand biscuit, you ain't out my reach
Bitches wanna kiss dick every time I preach
Got the Staples Centre, floor seats
And it's 500 blocks with my OGs
A nigga did a lid in the county
A 100 million dollars, my niggas gon' eat
I stayed fresh, I don't need no stylist
A man the mean on mileage
I don't need co-pilots
OHB, we popping, nigga who gon' stop us?

Eh, you're what I need, I need you
Heart on my sleeve, I need you
Oh, you know I need you
You fucked up cause you partying next door
You partying next door
You partying next door
You partying next door
Said you partying, yeah
Eh, you're what I need, I need you
Heart on my sleeve, I need you
Oh, you know I need you
You fucked up cause you partying next door

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Chris Brown Party Next Door Comments
  1. Heru Yardrat

    Who here in 2019?

  2. cheria norris

    2019 still that shit!!

  3. Carrie xyoung

    I didn't mean to disappear

  4. Dominik Juris

    0:35-0:42 best

  5. jason lashawn

    Cris kills it singing or rappen!

  6. Jeanwilkens Jay-v Le Sage Officiel

    Who else know that Breezy is a real legend??? On every beat a he does a miracle! Successfully lit!!! 🎤🎤🎤🎤👍🇭🇹

  7. Lola Empress

    Don't know why I keep playing ▶ this song over and over.. Beat da P^SSY up.

  8. Abdullahi Guya

    Breezy da🐐🐐🔥🔥🔥

  9. AERILH Palmer

    Hoes!!. Duh .

  10. Tevarious Tyner

    LEGEND 👑

  11. Iloveprettyfeet Women

    Heart on my sleeve I need you,awwwhhhh

  12. Ursula newson


    Streling Owen

    Chris brown is not fuckinh pop but rnb , and he fuck has more hits and fame and more record than r kelly

  13. NFSU2Mihai

    This is killin even after 3 years...

  14. Lovely Feather

    Chris brown is that nigga he is amazing at everything he does

  15. Mac Scrilla

    put quavo song down duck head ass nigga he aint even to mane to make dat song lowkey ya fans mad we aint chris brown we wanted Chris Jackson aka Va'Chaing Don'Aire ,,, yall dumb n ok who made it pop tho n made a world wifde thing from chris brown standpoint I jus wanted my follwers n name up u did it chris well u owe me 500million dollars for what chris brown ,, u ever seen black lesbians get nasty too well look it up n look for aryanna star in the opening credits n den see wassup

  16. Iloveprettyfeet Women

    2018 anyone??🔥🔥🔥

  17. Drizzy J


  18. Hanan hanita

    Woooooooooow wooooooooow

  19. Jay Miller

    The rapper features dissed partynexydoor the ovo artist

  20. Vanderson Will

    Brasil nessa porra !

  21. Ladii Henry

    You possed to be here in this forgien but u jus left me here like I'm not important .....ayyeee 😂😂😂

  22. Nicole Rogers

    I wonder if party next door heard this shit! Lol my baby😍

  23. reneperezz

    Breezy killin 🔥

  24. Justin Armstrong

    best intro

  25. cayla riley

    I love this song

  26. Vanderson Will

    Mestre Chris brown

  27. Rob bzy

    hit but beginning kinda

  28. coco

    I can’t 😭❤️❤️❤️

  29. Arthur Williams

    Love this Mixtape!!! and this one right here is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  30. The real Lexii

    Still lit in 2018

  31. Tierra Triplett

    🔥😘😍my song!!!!

  32. missingyouluv

    Ain't this on spotify this and substance go hard. He needs to do more of these. Breezy is so fn talented.

  33. Justin Cooke

    This youngster is the truth with MUSIC ....REAL TALK.

  34. Deano Breket

    This Go Hard !!! One of the best songs on the mixtape. Fire 🔥 !

  35. liney,louise Smith

    plz chris would u sing me a lullaby to rock me off to sleep😦😮 u the fuckin best baby 😍

  36. Holmes dr


  37. Melanie Williams

    I love Chris nice songs


    SO DOPE !!!!!

  39. Mariah Leach

    Rlllllly good I can't stop listing to it

  40. ogMamaRed 380

    good drink good weed get money man get throwed by pimp c welcome lol

  41. thicccuxms

    How does this have dislikes!! i'm shook, I LOVE THIS SONG.

  42. edna maria Silva

    Essa música é foda

  43. jessé santos

    muito foda

  44. Eli Santos

    o mais foda 😍

  45. Alayzah Palmer

    aye youre what I need I need you heart on my sleeve I need you ah u know I need you but fucked up cause youre partying next door

  46. Michael Robinson

    chris has a lot of children, the only artists fucking with him vocally, consistency, are so nice they don't make music no more or are underground so to speak, sammie, lloyd, mario.

  47. Alexander Lloyd


  48. Ky Mariee

    i love it . he did good on this track

  49. Khaleeah Davis

    Love it

  50. mechanicaldummy

    a hater dislike this before they even listen to it now they lost they job and live in a box # stay classy

  51. tawanda madziwa

    Ooh yeah

  52. Cody Morrissey

    came here for a pnd & Chris Brown song I guess I was fooled

  53. Klay Vision

    alot of people don't know that this is a diss song and a damn good one at that.

  54. Soul Mia

    words cant describe this song mannnnn

  55. Pink Tea

    proud of you. stay proud of you 💪💪💪

  56. DillDoughNut

    Chris Brown has more talent than any other Artist out here, love all of his music

  57. Brodie


  58. Christopher M Brown Biggest fan

    who else know the whole song after a few days of listening to it. ME✋✋❤❤❤❤❤💯💯💯💯💯💯

    Mikayla Prince-Brown

    right here lit asf 🙋🙋🙋


    Christopher M Brown Biggest fan me cuz

    Papii Smoov tv

    I’m a huge fan I know all his songs he my idol

    Russia Barnes


  59. Rai Day

    "black girls they can talk shit" he literally dissed his mum sister cousins aunty etc... foolish rapper

  60. deja smith

    i love himmmmm😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥

  61. Reem Aman

    Omg I thnk my replay button is broken :}. THIS TRACK LIT!

    Suave Temper1

    Reem Abbas YouTube has a repeat button??

    Reem Aman

    +Cardinal Falon on my laptop :) 0 is the reply buttun

  62. desmond clark

    girl you be on that old shit I don't need no commotion

  63. Woke

    who ever tf dislike this song kill ur self

    Terri Lynn

    right! but not literally

  64. Kid Goku

    this is my shit

  65. Team Dan

    essa musica , parece um ponto de equilibrio , mais ou menos isso , escuto todods os dias ... e quando escuto parece que ... nao sei mto , me identifico , canta e dança mto chris brown , parabens .

    Camila Neto Ferreira

    eu tnbn chris é foda amo demais as músicas dele

  66. TyrinTaylorVEVO

    I'm thinking partynextdoor and Chris Brown did a song together lol got tricked

    deja smith

    SoiréeTV rightt 😂

  67. dvaea panoa

    brezzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy isssssss litttttt

  68. Amber Smith


  69. Keymon Thomas

    this song will either make you turn up, think about your ex, or turn up while thinking about your ex
    disclaimer: do not listen and sip henny!!!!

    Love Is Everything.

    Keymon Thomas Or Smoking A Blunt

  70. Hilma Simon22

    breezy I love you:)

  71. Pablo Vieira


  72. OG RON


  73. Dezmen Pares

    drake dont need to fuck with CB, brezzy just to nice idc what anyone says..

    Arlenia Henderson

    this us a mix tape not an album,Chris released this mixtape for his real fans,drake released his album for money

  74. Janaya Hazley

    damn I just realized Chris is a lowkey fuckboy😂

  75. HangOutLate

    Chris killed it...

  76. angelique vandjour

    ta une trop belle voix Chris Brown je Kiff , bravo pour lalbum aussi !! et bon courage pour la suite !!

  77. Rodrigo Salazar


  78. Rodrigo Salazar


  79. Fille vs Garçon

    right now love me

  80. karel scuka


  81. Charko Birdman II

    Rihanna : bet you never could imagine. Never told you, you could have it.
    You neeeeeeeeded me....
    Chris brown : you supposed to be here in this for real. But you disappeard like a magic bullet.
    Eh, young well i need, i need you. Heart on my sleeve i need you....

  82. Connor Zammit

    Best song in the mixtape! So fuckin' lit

  83. Jae Morena

    boy you be on that bullshit😓

  84. Kya Smith

    that whole mixtape is it

  85. Erin Mitchell

    love this

  86. Vitor Modesto

    Escuto 24h por dia!

  87. Shannon Lofton

    favorite song on the mixtape

  88. JosephIsHere

    who else think Chris is killing every song he's in ?

    Mariah Leach

    joseph maary I'm in

    Sarah Fayad

    Do u mean like he’s doing good or ruining it if it’s that he’s doing good I agree but if he’s doing bad I HATE U lol no I’m joking but I disagree

    BETO MarZ

    2019 🔥👍🏼

    Ursula newson


    Paige Barnes

    LOVE THIS SHIT......

  89. 0801hector

    Is it me or is this song the only song that sets my car on fire?

  90. Armeshia Narcisse

    jamm 💕💕💕💯💯🙌

  91. Jessica Lawrence

    Love it

  92. yessami monzon

    Chris Brown I Love 😍

  93. SafidinyareVEVO

    overhand biscuits you ain't out my reach
    bitches wanna kiss dick every time I preach
    got staples center floor seats
    it's 500 blocks with my ogs🎧😎

  94. Vivian Destiny


  95. Jay W.

    Vibin. #OHB💯

  96. Am Cha

    best song