Chris Brown - Intro Lyrics

Who'd thought that this little dude right here
Chris Brown
Prissy boy from Tappahannock, Virginia

I ain't think this voice would get me this far.
God pulled a fast one

V.A. this one's for ya'll baby
All my dudes in E-Town stay up
And for my team: Mark Pitts, Tina Davis.
Mom, Dad, I'm gonna make ya'll proud
WE HERE!!!!!

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Chris Brown Intro Comments
  1. Evian Mason

    Breezy$ Debut

  2. Chris Brown

    Chris Brown - Intro

    2015 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

    Released: 2015-01-15

  3. Fla 1000

    Humble ✔✔

  4. Amber Lyon

    I love this Whole CD

  5. swavey chisom

    God pull a fast one

    Aly P.

    swavey chisom right? It's crazy to see how far he has come.