Chris Brown - Biggest Fan Lyrics

You would think we in a waterbed
All the sheets are soaked
I'm glad that I ain't gotta work today
'Cause last night I did the most
Girl, you would think I was inside your head
'Cause I know everything you want
And no one asked you if you got a man
And do I care, I don't
That's when we started sexing
It's getting loud got them feeling like they in the clouds
Got them screaming like they in the crowd
I make them scream, baby, baby, baby, baby

When you scream I need
To pull your body closer, let me sex you babe
Girl, you better not change your mind
'Cause girl, we got one night only
One just to love right baby
You're my biggest fan girl, I want you to holler

Wooaaaaahh [x2]

2 girls, I'm watchin', no is not an option
Girl, I'll be the captain, of the ship
They gonna have my motor rocking
Singing to them like Lionel Richie, all night long
Getting these bitches, and play in my song
And switching positions, I got the money so
I'm granting they wishes
I'll be their sugar daddy
It's getting loud got them feeling like they in the clouds
Got them screaming like they in the crowd
I make them scream, baby, baby, baby, baby

When you scream I need
To pull your body closer, let me sex you babe
Girl, you better not change your mind
'Cause girl, we got one night only
One just to love right baby
You're my biggest fan girl, I want you to holler, for me yeah

Wooaaaaahh [x2]

Come on girl, tear it up
You can make it clap, for me girl, give it up
God damn, you're fine, I'm about to stand up, stand down
I just came do you just to make you holler
Doing it for hours, even in the shower
Over and over again
Baby I'm all up in your garden, kissing flowers
Are you ready, I'm a take what's mine
You get comfortable, slow and easy
I'm kinda tipsy off this wine
So what I say might be a little confusing
I got a magnum in my wallet
I'm a pull it out I bet that I'll use it
I'm gonna make you scream

When you scream I need
To pull your body closer, let me sex you babe
Girl, you better not change your mind
'Cause girl, we got one night only
One just to love right baby
You're my biggest fan girl, I want you to holler [x2]

Wooaaaaahh [x2]

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Chris Brown Biggest Fan Comments
  1. Drea Nicole

    2019 🥰

  2. Ayo Fabricio

    song so underrated , but throwback . miss fortune days

    Vnika Thomas

    We will see the video boo I'm l up she you

  3. sikhumbuzo chikai

    You were my biggest fan mom 😢😢
    Dad didn't get to realize how blessed he was to have u in his life no wonder he messed up the marriage. RIP.
    You the only woman who hve ever truly loved me

  4. Naomi James

    Chris Brown you are my biggest fan.💚💜💛

  5. Maria Morales


  6. Kirsty Fox

    2019 🔥🙌

  7. Esha Brown

    Love this song still in 2019

  8. wolf old ass Thug

    Chris brown is vampire!

  9. Kallejah Rollins

    My favorite still 2019

  10. DeeAllmy a

    Just words!!

  11. Crystal Torres

    2019 🔥🔥

  12. Dorothy Harden

    2019???🔥🔥🔥💓💓😥😍 #memories😥😥💓

  13. Virdaryal Thomas

    Still here in 2019

  14. Moïse Beugre

    Am not particurlarly a fan of his but i'm a big fan of that tune

  15. Sahi Meikle

    This song is beautiful

  16. Siera Henderson

    still listening to this 2019

    destiny fredricka

    Siera Henderson right, I don’t know why but this song makes me cry😥😳😂🤷🏾‍♀️

  17. Afeni

    I wonder does he even preform his old hits ??? Ik if I was at his concert I'd like him to.

  18. Patrick Twumasi

    I love the rhythm of this piece of music

  19. Ajruddin Qureshi

    breezy nothing like you man nigga shit the best wishes

  20. Urban to'cali

    I could never stop listening to this song ❤

    destiny fredricka

    cali loveubabe Same!

  21. Zaee DhaKhidd

    2018 here we gooo!!!!

  22. Afeni

    It's gettin loud, got em feelin like they in clouds, got em screamin like they in the crowd.. that's my fav part his voice gets to a nice tone. 😍💖 #chrisbreezy

  23. Benje Erasme


  24. Janiera Turner-Frazier

    I Love This SONG ^_^

  25. Lashawn Favors

    I'm glad I ain't gotta work today cause last night we did the most

  26. Jas Graves

    Shower bangerr 🔥

  27. curly head


  28. Janina Freeman

    Dis my shit 😍😍😍🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  29. Invincible Speaker

    2018? 🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏽‍♂️

  30. Osama Al Harbi


  31. Lyric Lewis

    I love this song 😚😙😙💋👄👄

  32. Noell

    love this song so much

  33. Lady Nyree

    Doesn't Get Old 😍 2018

    Ansley Thompson

    2019 lol

  34. Ebony Jones

    "Gone girl tear it up , you can make it clap 👏👏 for me girl give it up 💦😝"

  35. Armani Williams

    Who else is still listening to this in 2k17

  36. Rach B

    I love you Chris !!!!! <3

  37. Patryck Anderson Breezy

    Época da escola, ouvia direto imitava o Breezy kkkk, nostalgia do caramba essa música é foda!

  38. Laya

    I like his old songs the new ones I haven't been feeling like these

  39. Jane Doe

    I Used To Be Addicted To This Song! 💕💕

  40. Kimmie T

    Naw, Fame was... but he's damn talented

  41. stacey wiltz

    2 Girls I'm watching
    No is not an option... lol riggght

    stacey wiltz

    such a true statement

  42. stacey wiltz

    one of my favorites foooreveerr

  43. Sudani Sudani

    smh I remember one day karrueche tweeted "baby I'm all up in your garden kissin flowers" ... she was Chris's BIGGEST FAN (after rihanna of course) 😐😘

    destiny fredricka

    Sudanese Doll when did she tweet that?

  44. Janiera Turner-Frazier


  45. Troy Jones

    Favorite Chris brown song is no BS but this is right behind brah. This dude is a genius when it comes to music, people may hate on em but he's talented af!

  46. Nahor Brown

    I love my Bae-B 💯

  47. Justice Thomas

    This song definitely should have blown up big af 😆👌😍😍😍

  48. Aaliyah Ford

    in love wit this song ❤

  49. starquasia perry

    My song😍

  50. valencia Hall

    2k17 still listening yessss 💦💦💦

    Fideliya Hernandez

    valencia Hall Same here

  51. Tye Slim

    I make em screeeeeeeeam

  52. Angie Slay

    c.b remains slaying for days

  53. Evelena Thomas

    I'm soooo your biggest fan Chris Brown

  54. Rage Man

    the ending in this songs get me all the time how Chris is humming ..... that is dope.

  55. K Bowens

    the harmonies in this... >>>

  56. Decebian Hunter

    After that whole Rihanna thing went down, every last one of Breezy's albums have underrated af. This album here I liked every song except for a few, but Fortune, Graffiti, X, Royalty, F.A.M.E have all been jamming.

    Kayla Duarte

    Decebian Hunter b b nsbdbgb

    O K

    Decebian Hunter what about "in my zone 1&2"????


    Decebian Hunter FAME got a Grammy, but I feel you.

    Desmond Lindsey

    Decebian Hunter you right tbh. His Albums should be praised more than they are because his projects been solid and it's kinda like another artist that just release an album without much notice

    JermondC. WilliamsJr.

    @SC_YoungBoy864✔️ Yea F.A.M.E was crazy nice. He entered A new prime with that album

  57. Lynn Princess


  58. Trisha Paytas' Kitchen Floor

    That "Imma be they sugar Dadaaaay" Line is just beautiful.

  59. Keyshell Renee Conner

    my favorite song


    daamn best breezy's song
    i get caught in mah feelings everytime i listen to this

  61. The Harsh Reality Truth

    Great track been awhile since Iv listen 🏆🏆🏆

  62. Wolfiester

    i'm no longer the biggest fan...

    now i'm an air conditioner.

    Silver Knight

    More like a copycat nutella jar.


    @Silver Knight
    ok fam

    Theresa Tyrell

    Wolfiester 😭😭 same.



  63. stacey wiltz

    theee shit!! always

  64. Robyn Hood

    Love this song 😻💦

  65. Jay Diaz

    chris brown is a beast! who agrees?

    Isaiah Adams

    I strongly agree

    Teja Hayes

    Jay Diaz ..i agree

    Jaden P

    Jay Diaz Sevyn was on this song.

  66. Donta TV

    i wish had a girlfriend right now


    probably the best Chris brown song

    Decebian Hunter


    Jaird Turner

    Josuah Leger actually it's party

    O K

    Josuah Leger iv never decided to listen to this song until tonight and it's good no lie but it's equal in ranking to many other songs in this album like calypso free run tell somebody and a couple other I can't think of right this second. 👍🏼👊🏽👌🏾

    Popcorn Butter

    Josuah i know you fukkin lyn

    JermondC. WilliamsJr.

    Arguably the best CB song too smooth

  68. Jaaliyah Murry

    When u scream i need to pull your body closer, just let me sex you baby!!!! Ok breezy im "scccrreeaaammmiimn"

  69. Paris London

    lets get loud got them feeling like they heads in the clouddd my shyteee!!!

  70. Rondal Moore


  71. Inge Doeses

    We got one night only😍😍😍

  72. Inge Doeses


  73. Vane 17

    I love that song I can't stop hearing it thanks so much for puting that song on youtube

  74. Ariyana Jackson

    Two girls I'm watching not two girls and one champ

  75. jodarling peguero

    My baby😍😍throwback

  76. Bestpest


  77. Ariana Myers

    I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove this to

  78. Simplici-T's Temple

    looooooooooooooooove this!!! mmmmm u don't even know

  79. Lorena Songcayawon

    Love this song  love love!

  80. Eyi Adepegba

    love this song. the song to play at the end of your slowjamz playlist. all day, everyday its breezy. i love this man and his music even more!!!!!!


    Still my fab song

  82. Ellycia Moore

    Lawd have mercy princeton grunting brought me here I mean I new the song and all but I never like listened to the whole thing #TeamBrezzyForLife

    Ellycia Moore

    I ment grinding

    Ellycia Moore

    Ment breezy

    Dounia Valery

    @Blaxican Queen

    Jaaliyah Murry

    Lol i was gonna say huh "gruntin" ??¿

    N. mindless

    +Cici Love same here sista. that video was AWESOME AND THE BOMB ;]

  83. Jennifer Hamilton

    Got me feeling like I'm in clouds!!!!

  84. Crystale Jones

    Team breezy

  85. 52 RK

    Chris songs are the best! this is of my favorite songs of him

    YsL Savage

    HaansGaarzaa RapG it's not my favorite I just like it 💯💯

  86. nyda.

    breezy forever

  87. Sharon Jarrett

    I love you Chris brown and I am your biggest fan know that))))))

  88. Rahjze Offord

    Lawdd I love this #teambreezy forever maynee

  89. Kimberly Meadows

    Best Chris Brown song

    Nick Da Dancer

    I thought I was the only one

  90. flybullbam1

    Team Breezy .. This music is incredible.

  91. nanda phillips

    team brezzy i love this song

  92. Juan Moreno

    He is my future boyfriend: * * * so stay away from him he is only mine :-)

  93. Ree Brooks

    over in over again

  94. Angela Taylor


    Het Heru

    lmao what ?

  95. kynai


    MyNameIsCoco Brown


    Dajia Michelle

    December 1 IsMy Birthday And Yahh