Chloe x Halle - Happy Without Me Lyrics

I remember we were on the bleachers sharing secrets when we look up, it'd be "Where did the time go?"
I remember you would hold my hand and call me baby while we dancing in the parking lot so slow

Bittersweet, those memories
And I see, you with her now
And it breaks my heart, and it breaks my heart (yeah)
And it breaks my heart to see you happy, without me

Oh I remember we would stay up late after the game and look at the stars up in the sky at nighttime
And I remember when you used to call me in the morning just to see if I was good and I slept right

Bittersweet, (Bittersweet) those memories (those memories)
And I see, (And I see) you with her now
And it breaks my heart, and it breaks my heart (breaks my heart)
And it breaks my heart to see you happy

[Joey Bada$$:]
Yeah, I remember when we would cut class
Go to the park, just sit in the grass
Send me the spark 'cause I light up the gas
Telling you that I'm ahead anyway
I wish the feelings would just go away
I still be thinkin' 'bout you to this day
Sometimes I call you from private and just remain silent 'cause I do not know what to say (yuh)
I know you stuck with the pain (yuh)
I feel so f- ashamed (yuh)
Girl let's be honest I told you, I promise that I wouldn't do it again (yuh)
I know you stuck in your ways (huh)
So much just push me away (huh)
Now that I got a new flame
Glad that we're feeling the same yeah

[Halle (Joey Bada$$):]
But the summer comes again (yeah)
Maybe one day in the future (yeah yeah)
You come runnin' right back again (come again)
Maybe one day in the future (one day in the future)
(Yeah), (yeah)
But I feel a little bit dumb, a little bit strong, just a little too light
And you call out some other chick
I can't help thinking this fame is for you anyway

[Chloe X Halle:]
And it breaks my heart, and it breaks my heart (breaks my heart)
And it breaks my heart to see you happy, without me
Oh and it breaks my heart, and it breaks my heart
And it breaks my heart to see you happy, without me
I feel a little bit dumb, just a little bit strong, just a little too late
And you call out some other chick
I can't help thinking this fame is for you anyway
Without me
Without me
Without me

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Chloe x Halle Happy Without Me Comments
  1. Nancy Wang

    I didn't know I would love them so much omg.

  2. Mario Guilherme

    amo demais

  3. SweetTee. _ .Vibes


  4. Out of the Bleu TV

    This is like one of my most fave song ever!!! Their voices are so real.

  5. Anderson Nascimento

    Just 2 quens

  6. Chi-Chi Monroe

    This song hit my heart so hard right now

  7. Sky N Doughgirl

    That does not look like Chole at all.

  8. Niqui H

    They are so Magical.. Like Minnie Riperton💜

  9. Barbara Hardison

    the beauty of a Black girl 😍 ❤

  10. Jaden Clark

    They don’t get that much views but their music is so good. I feel like after Halle’s roll, they will, without a doubt, become so much more popular

  11. Adilyn Tan

    One word for this amazing song: UNDERRATED.


    Queens 🌹🌹

  13. Jhudiel Bendaño Enoy

    Its 2020 and i am still here listening the song anyone are you with me?

  14. Raquel Evans

    I doubt if tht blonde angel is with another woman. Love the song tho.

  15. Honor Taylor

    Effortless. Magical. Passion.

    I love it❤️

  16. Tunechi Redd

    Director :How much glitter do you want ?

    Them: Yes

  17. Queen Mercy

    I love this song

  18. Queen Mercy

    If I was this beautiful inside and out I would thank my mom and daddy everyday.

  19. Karrionn Smith


  20. T Martin

    Whew...Just got hip to this song..They Killed it!! Whievwr dis the vocal arrangement is like a mad scientist to blend the overlapping runs and the chorus....Beautifully done by these young ladies too!! I been sleeping on them I see. My apologies and praises!!

  21. Brie Flyyy

    Why were people so against her playing Ariel???? I'm not black and I can see her potential! her vocals sound so light, airy, and classic. I can see her singing like snow white 😍 her and Lana Del Rey should make a song together cuz Lana's deep melancholy voice suites Halle's light sweet Melody of a voice ❤️ nothing but love for these sisters ❤️

    Niqui H

    Her Sister has a great Voice and blends very well with Halle's Jazzy vocals..

    Brie Flyyy

    @Niqui H I just said that her singing style is classic and reminds me alot of Lana's style cuz they sing somewhat vintage, her and her sister sound amazing together but I'd definitely want to hear something with Halle and Lana

  22. F F

    E 5 meses depois elas ainda encontravam glitter na cara

  23. Alyya Nabila J. Z.

    "how many times have you watched this video"

    me: "idk i wasnt counting"

  24. Steveee

    That glitter is gonna be hard to get off

  25. Georgina Jarrett

    I love this!!!!!
    Both their voices are enchanted, but there's something about, Chloe's that gets to me! 😍

  26. AffordableREI

    Ya'll know their re-incarnated mermaids, right? Right?! Beautiful babies

  27. kea roma

    Halle's voice bro 😭😭😭

  28. Naritunge Shiimi

    they should do a collaboration with Daniel Caesar

  29. Harry Smith

    This Song Is A Fucking Banger Period 🔥🔥🔥

  30. Wanderous

    I’m loving this song

  31. Daniel Amorim

    My Ariel

  32. vaphillips

    My 22nd comment on this beautiful song🎶

  33. Mother Golden

    333 🙌❤️

  34. Mother Golden


  35. A D

    I need them to do a collaboration with 6lack :((((

  36. sonya kerley

    You guys are good at sing

  37. javiera Ahumada

    Love us girl

  38. Sarai Chaverst


  39. herovids119

    lmao... who disliked this??? You've got to be miserable. Even the deaf are lying on the floor jammin to this!

  40. Nevaeh

    Ugh I love them so much!😩 this is such a dope song.

  41. Olivia Jerome

    i love this song but this music video thooooo......needs some explaining.... Because i was expecting something else

  42. Emanuel Santos

    2:16 Guys, She *IS* Ariel!

  43. Moormores

    Now get in here you Snacky Bitches... Now that is a Grow-ish moment. These kids are alright

  44. Polina Kot


  45. Bey R

    Slept on omg. Sooooo good

  46. SoundsByJaye

    I will this song went on and on forever and ever .

  47. God's Sunflower

    This song 🔥🔥🔥

  48. Kuki Gorret

    I got idols for my future babies 😘😍

  49. Beauty from within 88

    I Listen to this song on repeat 💜💜

  50. Alessandra Calle

    Congratulations girls you made me listen to R&B for the first time. One of my favorite songs this year for sure. Such great music.

  51. 83706Rachel

    They remind me SO MUCH of the sister duo Les Nubians! I would just die of happiness if they would colab!!

  52. Kiki boo

    Luv both them....Authentic/own style/personality

  53. Angel LaTricia

    First of all their voices are everything. They have grown women voices with young girls faces and bodies. I love them in grown-ish because it shows their age. As they mature as women I can appreciate their music because it will be theirs. I don't think they are writing their songs and if they are someone has a heavy impact on how they are being put out there. Like I saw in another comment their voices are so different their careers are about to be lit when they walk into who they really are... I can't wait!!


    They write all their songs... Their dad taught them how to😊

    Niqui H

    They write their own music

  54. linoy ayenow

    The HARMONY !

  55. Lizandra Barboza

    When the color pops out of the sudden its so magical... the whole video being BW is very artsy and calming but yet the glitter makes it festive and energetic... then, the color brights the screen up, showing their beauty enhanced by the spectrum, but somehow it still calming and sweet, the colors were placed so suddenly, but yet so smoothly, the vibe still the same. maybe given the almost sepia scheme... that moment was just so magical, I can't <3

  56. 극끅긘

    what a voice!

  57. Slay Everyday

    My Ariel 🤩❤

  58. anthony ruiz

    Its people like them that make me proud to be a part of a minority even if im not african American

  59. Brandon_4th Ave

    I love Halle Bailey!

  60. Destiny Brown

    I need someone to do those live concepts for this album like they do with Ariana little mixs tours etc I know someone would kill it.

  61. Sameika Mitchell

    They always give me CHILLS 💕

  62. fiona jiona

    I absolutely LOVE THESE GIRLS!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 I hope they COME TO GERMANYYYYY!!!!! <333333333333333

  63. Ms Me

    Joey Badass looks like young bobby brown


    That's Ashton Sanders as the angel.

  64. Gvantsa

    I like Halle as Ariel <3 it will be amazing #WhiteGirlThoughts :)

  65. Samantha Wood

    Halle is going to make the perfect mermaid🧜🏽‍♀️ so excited! And this song is so angelic and beautiful omg

  66. Jashina Brown

    2:29 I hate how he can still smile after breaking her heart 😭
    Took me long enough to find this beautiful me missing a man I don't have 🤣
    With this voice Halle is the perfect little mermaid for me..

  67. Allan Kev

    My Ariel...i love you baby!😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  68. Hadou Khai

    Chloe is like Beyonce and Halle is Solange. Their styles are so dif

  69. Jude Paolo Gloriana

    Pls dont split, both voices compliment each other.

  70. Danielle H

    Beautiful angelic voices! Love them!

  71. Itslizza allen

    I just cant stop dying bout dc young fly roasted justian saying these are real black queen

    move like a snake move like a snake

    Itslizza allen I remember😂😂😂😭😭😭🌸🌸🌸✨✨✨✨

  72. Cesar Bratz

    Hermosas ❤️❤️ halle mi Ariel🧜🏾‍♀️❤️

  73. Hillary Mélo

    não canso dessa música, pqp

  74. Tasha D

    2:03 - the end is my fav bit 🤭😍

  75. Ash M

    2:17-2:30 gets me everytime its golden voices💫

  76. José Yáñez

    OMG my soul is cured!

  77. MS Forbes

    Everytime I listen to this song, it gets better..... keep it up you guys... I wanna cry so bad

  78. daisy bear

    I started singing along and then I got emotional

  79. Jevon Curry

    Someone give me a good reason why Halle can't be Ariel like a good as reason,not because of skin tone

    Niqui H

    There are none. Ignore The Haters and The Bigots..

  80. Nanna Mary Bernabas

    2:47 ooooo I love that ❤️😍

  81. Royalty Crown

    I can't wait for her appearance as Ariel. At first I was against it because it isn't like the original, but I'm willing to make an exception.

    Niqui H

    It's a revamp Live Action and Disney has The creative license to change it up a little. And I think its Great she will get to play a version of Ariel. An Asian lady played Ariel on Broadway.. Now let this sista bring this character to life😀😀

  82. Diana Perfect

    2:14 love it!!!

  83. Tiago

    Vocals!! 🤩🤩 true singers

  84. Pariz Pretty

    The angel on the ground symbolize a falling angel

  85. bosourd

    HEY Y'ALL Check out my remix to this gem :)

  86. Theresa Matambo

    Love the interlude ❤️

  87. AMadi B.

    I really like their songs

  88. Bella Darla

    people are annoyed that Disney won’t create a character with dark skin! There’s no doubt she will kill the role, she’s stunning and an angelic voice! But Ariel has been white with red hair for 30 years. Disney need to create new diverse characters.

    Niqui H

    And she bout to be Black now. So move your life the fuck along grown person

    Alaina Howard

    bruh Disney don't gaf fuck off

  89. Yossy Rada

    Here for Ariel ! 💓💓💓

  90. Bêllā The Bêāuty

    Halle Bailey as Ariel is so awesome I think she fits the role perfectly

  91. Hidden Gem

    How did I not know about this song 🤦🏽‍♀️. I truly was 😴.I love the way they say”And it breaks my heart,yeah it breaks my heart”.Now,I have to go listen to their other songs ❤️

    Edit:Idk how many times I listened to this song.That Ay,Ay,Ay at the end gives me chills 😍🎧👸🏽👸🏾

  92. Felipe Luis Villa

    This song is playing in my phone the whole day! 🥰 i love it

    Felipe Luis Villa

    Cant wait for the next album @chloexhalle

  93. S G

    I love them.... Period!

  94. Jeff Baril

    This video looks like a little mermaid audition. Halle is a no-brainer as Ariel but I hope Chloe also gets cast as sister. Ariel had several sisters to choose from.

  95. Demi Games

    The more u listen this song the better it becomes

  96. AngelPlayz

    1:14 *me in church*

    Jessica A

    AngelPlayz 🤣🤣🤣

  97. lazygamertv

    I'm a white girl and I'm so happy for her to play my favourite Disney Princess because she's stunning😍 and that voice👌 edges gone😳


    @Shayla De Negra Aww thanks laquisha ☺

    Elle Marie


    Niger Nelly

    What u being white has anything to do with liking the film?

    aciest rose

    Because a lot of white people were publicly shaming her for being Ariel.


    @aciest rose exactly I'm just happy for her that's all 😩😔❤👌

  98. Tureleft

    2:15 I always got chills at this part