Chipmunk - Moment 4 Life (Freestyle) Lyrics

It's been a good time
I got a good team
Good friends
Good family
Good food
Good drink
Good life man

It could be worse
That's what I tell myself everyday
It could be a lot worse

(Ah) And what I tell a sket: head, head, head
Now drop down to your knees
Chain ain't enough, baby slurp me till I freeze
V-Neck T, Inky arm sleeve
Superstar shit, I am not an MC

Yeah, I came for the cream
Me, I want the whole film
Give a fuck for the scene
It's only broke pricks that mention and pre
It's only in their neck gas and they want it with me
(Yeah, ah)

I'm back on my ting, my new vids wire
Girls back on my dick
Oi, what, you can't stand me cah I'm taking the mick?
I got some urine for your face
Taking the piss

I'm just living out my dreams kid
The other night I was kissing up my dream chick
I hit the show room checking out my dream whip
So when I get my licence you know that's me, kid

(Oooh, mmm)
I'm loving the game
It's good to know a lambo isn't outta my range
So if I buy both just to rub it in your face
Swag, swag, swag
The haters will hate

20 now, I'm on my grown stuff
New hits I ain't living off my old buzz
I got a old ting saying I look grown up
I ain't got a beard, it must be the dough love

Straight swishes no roach 'cause
Skeppy came with the crust, I put my throat up
North side, yes, everybody knows us
And we put over the cities and they show love

I do it big, yo!
Attitude stinks but my shit don't
I used to be in Hornsley doin' kick ups in the road
Now the world's at my feet, I do kick ups with the globe
Can't wait for the day when I'm filthy rich
Flow young gunner, Jack Wilshere tip

90's baby and I'm repping
Gimme 10 years and I'll be a legend

That I could have this moment for life, for life, for life
This is my moment, I just feel so alive, alive, alive

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Chipmunk Moment 4 Life (Freestyle) Comments
  1. Jodie Watson

    Always supported chip. Back from day dot and still here. Keep doing your thing. The real supports will back you for life 👌

  2. Jason Holder

    Y so many haters doe?

  3. DreApollloMusic VEVO

    one of d wickedest spiteer

  4. Jayceon Stewart

    Ten year's later I'm gonna be a legend. Chip wasn't lying.

    Gabriel Peters

    Jayceon Stewart deffo ain’t been 10 years but okay

  5. DO7

    he said give him ten years and he would be a legend.It isn't even seven years and he already is.CM

  6. Shreyans Patel

    Does your mum know your a sket?

  7. Sam Birchall

    I can't stand Chip uno, Yungen bodied him

    oG BeAsTLYz

    not anymore

  8. Musa Ibrahim

    no one comment on the chain he is wearing

  9. J Aff

    These times when people hated man for being successful and now they're all back on his dick, big up Chip

    Miz Destiny Bowler


  10. pdottj

    Was expecting to see a comment saying "SMART CAR"

  11. Emmanuelle Haxhikadrija

    yeah ur lucky man, but ifeel like ur not telling the whole truth. pleaese ytry to next time.?

    Reimendt M.ehmeh

    U kno the truth or what?

  12. Skskskdk Eoi


  13. original 98

    "superstar shit, i am not an mc" hahaha man started at grime, went to pop, they didnt want him so he's back to grime and we dont want him either!

    MM7 Games

    +original 98 can u say that now?


    Southpoor 455430 he Is in his prime

    Gunner Ss

    Are you dumb, he did it for money, look at chip now, bro the man always kills it, just because he’s not on the road ting don’t make him a shit artist..

  14. Akaash Patel

    Mans a weapon

  15. Joe Mac

    Justin beiber of grime world

    Mutiny Signals

    +Dylan perry lol Chip has A LOTTTT of stupid ass deluded haters, trust me.

    Joe Mac

    I like chip

    Joe Mac

    Justin beiber is one of the most successful artists, he's currently got number 1,2,10 and 40 in the charts right now.

    He also has a cute smile

    Mutiny Signals

    @Joe Mac lmao just stop.

    River Daly

    😂😂😂 thanks for the laughs


    " I tell a sket head head head now drop down to your knees , chain aint enough baby slurp me til I freeze"

  17. Zim first Kings

    i wonder what nicki said about this song better than the one for nicki

  18. Safaa Khan

    I came here bc he's a arsenal fan AND he's says 'jack Wilshere' in it but I'm glad bc I like the song!!!

    louis hart

    +Safaa Khan he supports tottenham

    louis hart

    +BlacklistedUK fair enough


    louis hart he supports arsenal

  19. Endtimer91

    fake ass rap artists like this... fuck the illuminati fuck this fake brainwashing music.. you will answer to god someday


    What's fake about Chip tho? The mans made it people just love to hate

    super Ant

    Your aware. That's very rare. Keep banging on em. Your not hating, you just see that they are record label slaves/Mercnerays for hire.

    Mutiny Signals

    +Endtimer91 You know Chip reps god in like the majority of his music right? like wtf is with you idiots and the illuminati?

  20. D.n.a. Da Naughty Ave

    hahaha "down girl" boooooom... ah u dat?   big!!! then  "20 now on your grown" yeh! keep it up chipy

  21. elijah aduu

    ok now pick up ur damn rent money  (y)

  22. Dave Gordon

    sick instrumental from YM producers. pretty ordinary verse from Mr Chip. I would listen to the Nicki version instead, but I hate it :)

  23. Super Jetuh

    good shit

  24. Squintz

    you guys keep comparing chip to underground rappers? this guy blew went mainstream for couple years to get his money up. now hes back on that wavey shit one of the best in the uk straight.

    james winser

    Squintz rate that

  25. alex gerling

    throwing about £100 in the air wow! how you've changed and know i don't know you personally but you hear it in your lyrics  


    yeah kool £100? you go buy a chain with your initials lool.

  26. fleetlordavtar

    zzzzz, no wonder 41% of people cared enough to vote this down!

  27. Sam Griffiths

    real young gunner, jack wilshere tip

  28. Nancy Mupinga

    love it

  29. Awal Dut

    killing it nigga

  30. Deacz95

    real gunner

  31. D-Boy

    "Its nice to see a Lambo ain't outta my Range" jheeeeze!

  32. rachidizere rachidkhamlichi

    chip killed it haters will hate 1:17

  33. trusty1011

    wanna hear a real dude look up LowKey or Immortal technique

  34. trusty1011

    thiz dude fake as hell can see it in his face his boys too, they'd get stomped round here

  35. Wattz Music

    so many dislikes?? chip goes in your mad


    i new chip when he wasnt famous used to come round to my block all the time cos his cousin lived der plus he went my secondary school aswell. when u become from a normal boy to a millionaire please tell me u aint gonna change.

  37. Caution Lew

    instrumental to this? :)

  38. Louis Barham

    Love it

  39. Lucy Furniss

    Love this XD

  40. angel rivera

    he got berrr tattos now hes going for the big fame dat we all rememba how it used to be bck in da old days fam keep it up G

  41. MrTehShlong

    Yeah all that money and fame must be horrible....

  42. Martell Thomas

    I bet none of you lot hat are hating couldn't even walk a day in his shoes

  43. Martell Thomas

    Stop hating and starting rating!

  44. Beuge Master420

    fucking hate how he changed so much

  45. MrTehShlong

    Wow...someones butt hurt

  46. TunechiGamer

    Is fucking shit!

  47. k. Royce

    ha he looks like Ice Cube at .45

  48. Borris Johnson

    50 likes and i will book a song with Chip!
    I Can't sing but as you people say, YOLO!

    - Borris

  49. Josh R

    this dude is whack rofl

  50. RezAIIDay

    if you actually give a fuck and read all of this, then thank you.

    i work my ass off 2 make it in the music biz, but its impossible 2 make it if nobody

    ever hears you, and its hard to get people to hear you when you have no

    exposure....i dont have the money for amazing music videos or big youtube all im left with is spam.

    if you could take two seconds to give me a thumbs up just so people know i

    exist.... you dont have to like me, just gimme a chance to be liked

  51. Shane Bennett

    id like to see you battle akala..... fake ass industry slave

  52. Shane Williams

    Don't see what the hate is for Chipmunk tbh! You lot are gassing over his music 4 years ago!

  53. Critic

    sick this..

  54. Billy

    Throwing £120 in the airrr wooooo

  55. #Onelife

    hard check out tvd4w

  56. gymaddiction

    This track go's hard chipmunk owned it

  57. TheEsteemOfficial

    Check Out My First Track On My Channel :D It Would mean the world to me if you guys could share it about

  58. Ciara Booker

    I love him ...

  59. AT Lucky

    Lool He shouldn't have had those other guys in the video.

  60. callum holl

    Yes, Old Chip Is Coming Back, Back To When He Was Good!

  61. Ryan Yardley

    i just poo'd. there was alot of steam

  62. Flippa6

    Everyone download London Boy

  63. MrGhostMan Zaz

    Chipmunk's Back On His Real Music No Dumb Chart Music

  64. KingfromKush

    "Superstar shit I am not an MC" Wouldn't he be rather labelled an MC?

  65. Natasha R

    waiting for u to come to US......whats gooody CHIP.....luv ya

  66. half pint

    hes clearly made it though hes fucking loaded

  67. Jack Hughes


  68. Jack Hughes

    you know youve made it when you have to pick up the money youve just thrown, to throw it again.......

  69. infamusdevine

    'i came for the cream, me i want the whole thing give a fuck about the scene'
    'I'm just living out my dream kid'
    'cant wait for the day when I'm filthy rich'

    so his dream is for cash to rule everything around him? don't get me wrong, his flow and delivery suit this beat, its got that uplifting feel, but the lyrics are polar opposites - its a shame he ruined what the track coulda been with such empty penmanship

  70. Jay O'sullivan

    finks hes sumthin he aint.. NEXXXT

  71. Jack Jones

    young gunner on some jack wilshere tip jheez

  72. DecentCaps

    He's sick but top # in uk are Lowkey, wretch and righteous

  73. BrandNew Concern

    jus the name chipmunk says it

  74. Mo Hajjar

    Good food good drink looool

  75. Luke O'Gorman

    Chip actin like a yank. cringe.

  76. Vaneh Hartoonian

    "give me 10 years and i'll be a legend" i wouldn't be surprise hes amazing.

  77. rich homie

    just a personal opinion, i think mostly everyones shit but who am i to talk lol

  78. corey pine

    EMINEM batters him

  79. MonstarENG

    Meek Mill is probably one of the best freestylers out at the moment, goes hard on everything. I don't even know how that type of sentence could form in your head... it's so fucked up.

  80. rich homie

    meek mill is shit

  81. AbdullahYasinn

    compare this freestyle to Meek Mill's ahahahahahahha

  82. Jake Rudman

    Both good in their own ways. Lowkey pisses me off because he always goes on about how he gets badly treated because he's 'different'. After the first song it gets a bit boring ya know. You want a true lyrical genius?.. Akala.

  83. Holden Gault

    whats wrong with that?

  84. Jude sarfo

    man said his shit dont stink

  85. MrDailyDank

    haha what, he used the first verse from drake's version

  86. Amy Louise Plummer

    (a), the old chip is backk, wooo.

  87. RezAIIDay

    if you actually give a fuck and read all of this, then thank you.

    i work my ass off 2 make it in the music biz, but its impossible 2 make it if noone

    ever hears you, and its hard to get? people to hear you when you have no

    exposure....i dont have the money for amazing music videos or big youtube all im left with is spam.

    if you could take two seconds to give me a thumbs up just so people know i

    exist.... you dont have to like me, just gimme a chance to be liked

  88. Jamila Falak

    A love chip

  89. TeHCorXz

    Chippy turning back into old chipmunk! (Y)

  90. Kanthan Ravel

    lyrical skill isn't measured by your income

  91. Eman150

    mad rapping g

  92. Balotelli Geodude

    get back to grime!

  93. Sçintilla Sçinty

    PORKODIO K FIGO DELLA MADONNA OOH !!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 sto sbavando *Q*

  94. GBM Crew

    hes deeench!!

  95. Jat Singh


  96. satpal jheeta

    Lol, even after i put 'THE SHIT' in caps to remove confusion, i still somehow get a dumbass reply

  97. Cameron

    How in anyway is this song 'hood' ?