Chip Tha Ripper - Supa Swag Man Lyrics

My chevorlet be bangin bangin
Dubs in tha trunk with tha doors wide
Screens glow so bright
Chromes shinin when tha 4's glide
Windows tinted so I, Blow my, Oh my
Bubblegum kush I'm so high
Slab up that is all
We shall never stag or fall
Super Sayan man so please stay off my Dragonballz
All about a stack G
24's run like track meet
You can keep King Kong in yo trunk cause I got Godzilla in the backseat
Big dog shit, Jungle in my Closet
Red Monkeys pissed off cause the Bathing Apes keep startin shit
Runnin ma city like I'm run yo block
Run up on me & tha gun go POP
Ran through tha red light in my drop
Big money so never runnin from tha cops
Put niggaz on in tha hood so when I'm sleep I still get money of Klutz
Got a couple Puerto Rican hoez in tha west side
Everytime I come they toss me bucks
I got niggaz everywhere so tha paint job really ain't cost me much
Black on Black with tha 20 inch Sways
Same car as them niggas Starsky & Hutch

[Hook: x2]
Supa Swag Man
Supa Swag Man
Supa Swag Man
S-Supa Swag Man
Supa Swag Man
Supa Swag Man
Supa Swag Man
Call Me Supa Swag Man

Check my fit I'm so clean ho
9 in m Phee Coat
I feel like a million bucks or should I say 25 Kilos
What u mad at me 4
The whole world think we zeros
I'm showin these niggaz how 2 really get money
You should call me tha C-Town Hero
Gettin all dis money what tha fuck I need tha Beef 4
But everyone of ma niggaz b strapped
Fuck around we put u 2 sleep hoe
Gotta little fetish 4 Puerto Rican hoez or I'll jus go 2 Puerto Rico
Look up in tha sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, oh no wait that's a G4
It's obvious I'm on some other shit take a look
How can me & u b on tha same page if I'm in a different book
Look at ma Fit
Look at ma Bitch
Look at ma Regal 76
Look at ma dick it must b long cause when I'm gone they on ma tip
Like Swag up, Slab up, Cash up, we got dough
Land Rover, Range man best believe we got 4
If I was u I'd hate me 2 cause yo baby mama think I'm hot tho
Maybe cause w e young, black trendsetters who got dough

[Hook: x2]
Supa Swag Man
Supa Swag Man
Supa Swag Man
S-Supa Swag Man
Supa Swag Man
Supa Swag Man
Supa Swag Man
Call Me Supa Swag Man

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Chip Tha Ripper Supa Swag Man Comments
  1. Jason Rorex

    This song is one of my top three favorite Chip songs.

  2. Charlie

    Chip lives in 2019!

  3. Justin Braymiller

    Wish he would upload his stuff to Apple Music.

  4. Alexander Pettersson

    They removed this from streaming platforms im heated.

  5. Chris Carbaugh

    This is not the Chip the Ripper song I was looking for, but I’m glad I found it.

  6. Johnny Bravo

    First chip track ever tooo filthly

  7. trzeci

    troche fajne ale bardzo slabe sorry to jest glupie no co

  8. bmgag19

    some good usa v portugal pre game music right here

  9. Cory Vanderboegh

    This is my f ing jam yo

  10. Alex Jay

    Check my fit, i'm so clean ho', 9 in my pea coat....c'mon bro

  11. Clap ya hands everybody

    No but Super Saiyan MAN so please stay off my draggonballz might be

  12. KinG FitZ

    This is what Cleveland makes....rappers with legendary bars

  13. HeyMelhorn

    Chip is the filthiest out. Can't be fucked with

  14. datdude330330

    If u like this listen to I'm fitted

  15. datdude330330

    Shit go hard use to listen to this all the time in high school back in 2007

    Tyler Richards

    this came out in 2011 not 07

    Topher Wyatt

    Yeah this did come out in 2011 dumb fuck

    Jason Rorex

    @Topher Wyatt, prolly shouldnt be calling people dumb fucks when you're wrong. I mean shit, even this specific upload of "Supa Swag Man" we are commenting on currently was uploaded summer of 2010. It came out before the upload as well. I didn't look up the release date, but it was def out in 2007.

    Jason Rorex

    Jason Rorex

    There ya guys go, morons. Why comment some stupid shit about 2011 when the upload we are on predates that by a year. Anywho, the link is to an upload of this song with the publish date of late 2007.

  16. Everything's Chill

    Couldn't have said it better myself chip. Every line is a history maker... TREND SETTA

  17. Phat_Man210

    what album this off of

  18. Braden Hilliard

    ROOF!! Big dog shit

  19. Erik Hernandez

    nigga dis nigga day stfu hot does xD

  20. st8lion

    love how he mentions chamillionaire u can keep king kong in the trunk cause i got godzilla in the backseat

  21. cflood12

    @KingdomHearts39824 which one

  22. ckpetersen

    aye this song go hard, i dont care what none yall say,

  23. ModdedDuck

    You can keep King Kong in yo trunk cuz i got Godzilla in the backseat

  24. Everything Is Rigged

    start from 1:48 to the end so sick