Chip Tha Ripper - Kappin' On 4's Lyrics

Slab up...
Chip the ripper

We kappin (we kappin) on 4's (on 4's) [x4]

I b swagin n b swervin
My doors doin tricks
Ya already kno wut slab in dis bitch
I'm a stack chips ya dats my damn name
Pull up slow pull out doe
U broke? dats a damn shame
I b kappin on dez hoes got diamonds in my mouth
Kappin on mtv cribs gotta baseball field in my damn house
I pull out my strap leave these niggas asked out
Pulled out my dang-a-lang made your sister pass out
C me swervin thru your hood I don't give a fuck
Wut time does the movie start got 80 inch screen in my tahoe truck
I'm all about a buck?
Gettin paid but I ain't change still backin?
Ridin on 4 fast wheels 28 inches hold up listen
Stop n scoop up hoes
When they get in I charge admission
Check my 77 cuttys
Screens fallin paint drippin
My inside big enough 2 hav a livin room n kitchen
I pull up swang now all 4's complain
Cause my trunk got enough bang 2 make they oxygen tanks drain
Chip dats my name
Doors I'm a swang em
Niggaz b hatin I ain't gonna shoot I'm a get sum barb wire n hang em
4 15's in the back of my 87 grand pre
Screens on glow wen I pull up slow dez niggaz can stand me
Let my trunk bang
Drop top kelly ain't got no lid
Roll thru the park swung on all the kids
Hold up hold up stop the beat
Let me sip my drank
Wen I run outta goose I'm a get out my car & lick my paint
Doors do tha fool
My rimes stop n go
Call up sum gold digga hoes wen they get 2 my house I'm a lock my door BITCH!
Yes I'm from the slab
Yes I get that cash
No I'm not in love with a stipper sho me them breast & bounce that ass HOE!
Kappin is a habit
I'm not tryna break hoe
Let my screens fall on?
Bitch I stay throwed
Bitch I make doe
I don't spit no god damn game
Hoes fuck wen I say so
Wut u mean fuckin hater... I want u 2 hate me
Cause as long as I got haters I kno I dat I make cheese

We kappin (we kappin) on 4's (on 4's) [x8]

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Chip Tha Ripper Kappin' On 4's Comments
  1. Og Ukon

    Nocap is Cleveland slang....

  2. Baby Grain

    Call up some gold digger hoes when they get to my house ima lock my door 2k19

  3. Taylor Day

    2019 mane

  4. Sick Made Side Wayz

    #Is this Cleveland or Houston ?

    Teddy B Midwest Sports Talk

    We were heavily influenced


    Teddy B u graduated from glenville?

  5. Brandon Brown

    still black and muh ass stank ;p

  6. Free Smoke

    When I get off the goose ima get out my car and lick my paint still here 2k18 shit 1000

  7. MrHeadyNuggets Long

    216 2007-2010 teenage years goddamn i miss it

    Tyler Kolach

    Same mane

  8. brandon jones

    Still Goin in 2018!

  9. Migel Taylor


  10. MagnoliaSupreme

    Still love this shit!

  11. King Dewoot


  12. Hammer Gut


  13. DarkSoulja3323

    king chip. cus chip is da rippaaa!!!!!

  14. deadmeatmall5

    Shit still be hittin my subs hella dope

  15. henry mahome

    Still bang this shit

  16. darnell williams

    This shit still GO

  17. han solo


  18. KornerCats

    somethin wrong with picture anyone else seein it?????

  19. mizjenkz

    remeber this chip?

  20. Patrick Roberts

    I'm from Pittsburgh, and as much as I love to hate on Cleveland, i give mad props to chip.

  21. polodfrmcle


  22. damien jamar

    Pulled Out My Dangalang Made Yo Sista Pass Out

  23. H2sFoRsAkEn

    Chip FTW

  24. bates69696969

    Pulled out my thang alang and made your sister pass out !


    you crazy fam cleveland rekon shit 216 in this bitch

  26. stilltexas5

    chip showin love to tha H-town awwready bro kappin on 4's

  27. Tate Hedrick

    @MacSauce913 That's what your mom said

  28. SPARTONmAn

    shit dope.

  29. rookie juliogonzalez

    @thisthatdude like he said wat u mean fuck ahater i want u hate me cuz long as i got haters i kno i make cheez

  30. thisthatdude

    You know Chip is gettin big now. Got haters on here relating his lyrics to Mike Jones lol. Keep doin your thang Chip.

  31. Tee Shit

    dis my shit

  32. rookie juliogonzalez

    @Xmoto16 nigga u trippin u on that stuff chip the man Ohio in this bitch Toledo back to Cleveland

  33. Craig Crouch

    @Xmoto16 wtf thats disrespect, how can you even put mike jones and chip tha ripper in the same sentence none the less on the same level i would bitch slap your ass if i knew you.

  34. Triplicity Damystery

    no offense he kinda remind me of wale......he just fat and got no dreads. but he kinda look like him. he kind remind me of mike jones lyrically

  35. omg itsdaveamigo

    i still bump this to this day

  36. Napsmack

    I can say that I hate just about all rap. Hip hop as well. I listen to metal all the time (Pantera/Metallica/Megadeth/SOAD). I find it hilarious that I actually fucking love this song...

  37. Mike Papaleo

    call up some gold digga hoes when they get to my house imma lock my do' BITCH!!!

  38. Jacob Ludewig

    im all about a buck, said that on my last tape, gettin paid i aint changed, im still black and my ass stink.. KILLIN IT DAYUM!

  39. omg itsdaveamigo

    doesnt matter how much i play this song, i still bump it, its soooo addictive

  40. alberts1985

    All Men Are Brothers o vpp

  41. polodfrmcle

    hood classic

  42. jmlicb

    Let my screens fall on wade park and they saw em on LAKESHORE!!

  43. ohiomatt33

    gentleman, can't we all agree you're both whack as Mark Wahlberg's rap game? :D

  44. R S

    @runningb3ear your funny hahahahahaha keep up the hate thats the new love you in the closet fan thanks

  45. Ceaser G

    @Rimestrike hahah so what i dont have a pic, my life doesnt revolve around youtube. ran out of shit to say so u diss my profile name? your whack bitch., if you were any good you wouldnt be on youtube arguing with some guy about how shitty your music is

  46. Ceaser G

    @Rimestrike It means your whack and nobody likes you you fucking suck, your shit sucks your rhymes are generic your beats are overdone and your hooks/choruses are too long. but you can call a decent rapper like chip whack? i know 10 year old kids with more skill than you, your a fucking hack. I took the time to listen to your shit before i made that fiirst comment, you record your videos with a webcam you fucking loser

  47. Ceaser G

    @Rimestrike your whackasfuck. thats why you record in your livingroom

  48. ohiomatt33

    My stars this orchestration goes feloniously hard

  49. Samuel Haiman

    you already know...what? S.L.a.B IN THIS BITCH!

  50. R S

    this wack check me out Ohio's finest Rimestrike

  51. Steven

    chipp is way better then any other rapper

  52. Sandman2222

    Whats happenin..whats up..

  53. Blck 7

    what song did he take this beat from

  54. Kyle Kalinka

    @xXFr0gXx lmaooo dude he thought you were serious.

  55. ohiomatt33

    haha it's all good playa playa i've been jokin since the beginning, i don't really care about anybody's grammar as long as i know what they're sayin

    no more hate on this bangin song's page, word?

  56. bret.mccleary

    CHIP always do it better than soulja boy.....even on s.b.'s own beat.

    fuck soulja boy he isn't making good music.

  57. bankheadnigga really IS a jackass if you think I was serious with the mistake in my last comment, and if you dont realize that it was a joke on your mistake then please pull the trigger because you have no more use on this planet.

  58. ohiomatt33

    People are unaware of this

    Ronnie Morg

    I love this song

  59. ohiomatt33

    @xXFr0gXx Yes sir, I am quite capable of utilizing proper grammar when I feel the need to. It should be "ARE you able to...." by the way

  60. bankheadnigga

    Is I stupid ignorant?

    Is YOU able to use proper grammar?

  61. ohiomatt33

    that fo sho that fo sho this song GO HARD

  62. ohiomatt33

    Is you stupid ignorant? Soulja Boy is the joe grady of rap. If you don't know joe grady, you best be searchin youtube for him fo real!

  63. bankheadnigga

    WTF this would have been a good song if he didnt snatch soulja boy's shitty song and remake it.

  64. ohiomatt33

    I quite enjoy this lyrical swag. THIS STUFF AIN'T BOO BOO THAT FA SURE

  65. ohiomatt33


  66. monkeyguy899

    heard that